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Written with panache and a well-rounded cast of characters, All The Difference is a "must-read" I recommend without hesitation. Kaira Rouda never disappoints and All The Difference is no exception. Sep 14, Julie Baswell rated it really liked it. Have you ever considered who you would be, or where you would have ended if you had made different choices in your life?

There was plenty of greed and selfishness to keep me guessing who the murderer was, or if it was just coincidence. One thing is for sure, whichever way you see it, it made for an interesting read. Jul 23, Chris rated it did not like it. I cannot understand how this book managed to get so many good reviews, I'm not convinced I was reading the same book. Characters very one-dimensional; uninteresting and drawn-out plot-line using the word "plot" loosely. Sorry, not for me. Mar 02, Dori rated it really liked it.

I think this was just a bargain ebook download I came across. It was pleasantly surprising!

I loved the mystery and the fact that it kept me guessing right to the end even though I was pretty sure who the guilty party was. There were enough times throughout the book that left me thinking Apr 10, Laura Kay Bolin rated it really liked it. We are introduced to a number of new residents and someone has a secret. Three women entangled with the same two men makes for some pretty interesting reading.

There is Laura, a tv anchor who has no intention of sticking around Grandville. Last there is Ellen. Ellen is making a home for her and her husband and wishing for a baby of her own. Ellen realizing her dreams might not come true decides to go back to work and find happiness. The only thing these three women have in common are two men—two men that will change their lives! Kaira has written another great book! I really enjoyed All The Difference. I will say at the beginning there are a number of characters and situations setting up, I did struggle with getting everyone straight at first.

I hope Rouda continues to visit Grandville and we get to see more and more out of these characters! I loved the dual mystery going on in the story. Who is having the flashbacks and was there a murderer? The more I read the harder I found putting the book down. A recommend! Feb 14, D. Kaira Rouda has a gift for engaging storytelling. All The Difference was a wonderful weekend read, that had me turning the pages to find out what happens next. I was captivated by the intertwined story lines that seamlessly wove adultery, betrayal, deceit, jealousy, murder, and reinvention in suburbia.

All The Difference had me guessing who the murderer actually was until the last page. Although looking back, subtle clues were cleverly laid throughout the story, the twist and turns kept me guess Kaira Rouda has a gift for engaging storytelling. Although looking back, subtle clues were cleverly laid throughout the story, the twist and turns kept me guessing until the last page.

Kaira Rouda brilliantly captures the drama and scandals of suburbia, where nothing is quite as it seems. Her cast of characters, were rich, diverse, and beautifully developed. I loved the running theme throughout the story of choices and consequences, and how the each choice can make All The Difference.

I find myself eagerly awaiting her next book. Yes, there's a tantalizing preview at the end of the book. Nov 26, Linda rated it really liked it. I love a good twistie-turner on film, but a suspense novel is not what I normally chose to read. Still, Kaira Rouda kept me going in All the Difference with her clever plotting and crisp writing style.

What a wicked web she weaves with believable characters whose lives intersect in fascinating ways. A waitress on the prowl for the prince who will save her from a dull reality; a hard-driving news anchor cat-fighting her way to the top; and the house- bound wife of a womanizer are the lynch pins o I love a good twistie-turner on film, but a suspense novel is not what I normally chose to read.

A waitress on the prowl for the prince who will save her from a dull reality; a hard-driving news anchor cat-fighting her way to the top; and the house- bound wife of a womanizer are the lynch pins of the story set in a smallish town in Ohio. The under tow of a dark tale told simultaneously in italics gives many clues to who is behind the multiple murders that take place.

I think this story renders itself nicely to film adaptation. Many less deserving stories have made there way to the silver screen. Apr 22, Brian rated it really liked it Shelves: first-reads. First, I have to say that I won this book through the Goodreads giveaway contest, and I am very glad that I did. Thank you to the author for the autographed copy. It is an excellent book. It is the story of 3 women in one town that is filled with lies, sexual misconduct, cheating and eventually, murder. It is a real who-dun-it.

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The book keeps the reader guessing, right up to the end. Both my wife and I both enjoyed this book greatly. If I have one pet peeve with the book, it is the number of chara First, I have to say that I won this book through the Goodreads giveaway contest, and I am very glad that I did. If I have one pet peeve with the book, it is the number of characters in the book.

There are a lot of people to keep track of, but this is strictly a personal problem with me, not the book.

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The book is written very realistically, just it would have happened in real life. I have to admire the author for being able to keep every one straight. All in all a very good read. I was immediately drawn in by each one of the characters stories. Rouda masterfully wove the stories of these compelling and, at times, ruthless women into a novel that kept you turning pages. Adultery, lies, friendship, marriage and murder mixed with the one thing that made all the difference to these women in their lives is the center of this novel.

Rouda may have left small clues throughout the book, but I was constantly thrown for a loop while reading this novel. Then came the very last paragraph and I may, quite literally, have held my breath the whole time I was reading it I rate this book 4 stars! Apr 17, Sharon rated it liked it Shelves: read-in I'd like to give this book 3. I liked how there was this mysterious back story going on that kept you guessing about who they were talking about and where it was going. You think you're getti I'd like to give this book 3.

You think you're getting chick-lit and end up with a murder mystery. There was one sentence in the book that helped me with the mystery so I had it figured out but if you don't catch that, this book is going to leave you guessing until the very end Thanks for a good book Kaira! View 2 comments. I thought that this book was entertaining and a fast read. I liked the mystery weaved throughout the book and also the short blurbs about a young girl that was abused as she was growing up and trying to guess which three women it was about.

This book shows the effect of trauma during childhood and how it could contribute to how a person is as an adult. I really enjoyed reading this book.

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Apr 08, Nina rated it it was amazing. I won this wonderful novel at Goodreads! All the Difference by Kaira Rouda is one of the best little stories I have read lately. The author cleverly combines elements from chick-lit and murder mystery. I loved it! Jun 12, Diane rated it really liked it.

Story of several women POV characters and a few men Excellent storyline. The author keeps you guessing throughout the entire book. Very well written. Good book to relax and read anywhere. Enjoy the journey. I was looking forward to reading this because I'd heard good things and it had received an Indie award but this book reminded me of why I don't usually take others reviews when considering whether to read a book or not.

You know you are probably not going to enjoy the book when you begin hoping that the character introduced in the first chapter is either killed, horribly; or is guilty and gets the electric chair. Alas neither of those things happen and she is relegated to being the red herring of the story. Make the reader feel what your protagonist is feeling. Thrillers have all these elements, too, but they also have something more. So what do you need for a great thriller? Start off with a bang. An action scene is a great way to kick-start a thriller — think of any James Bond movie. Clarice Starling is a quiet, reserved FBI recruit with the heart and determination of a lion.

Your villain had better be all-powerful, too. These guys are willing to sacrifice themselves — and each other — for their cause. What about the stakes? And the main character knows it. Like this: Like Loading About Nicole Basaraba Nicole Basaraba is a Canadian writer focusing on topics of travel Mondays , writing and literature Wednesdays , lifestyle Fridays and her experiences living in the capital city of Europe: Brussels, Belgium.

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Blog at WordPress. Post to Cancel. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. So, if you are not sure if your twist is enough to keep the story moving, Anne Brewer suggests asking yourself the following questions:. The climax is a pivotal scene in your book, so make sure you dedicate time to polishing it and make it really shine.

All the Difference by Kaira Rouda (2012, Paperback)

In particular, it may be helpful to write the climax first so that you already know where your characters need to end up. In some cases, you may want to completely tie all the threads and answer all the questions. If your plan is to write a series of books, then a cliffhanger might be the way to keep readers on the hook.

Writing a gripping thriller can be a challenge, so we turned to our top professional editors for tips to help you write your own page-turner. This tends to be either getting too wrapped up in everyday details or getting mired in plot developments that aren't exciting enough for the genre. It is important that you stay true to the genre throughout the novel — otherwise you might just turn away readers instead of gaining them.

In other words: make absolutely sure that the stakes are high for your protagonist, so that they are compelled to keep the story moving forward. Turn everything upside down — for the protagonist and the reader — with every turn and twist. If the theme of …. Ah, conflict.

Kurt Vonnegut once said that every story is about a character who gets into trouble and then tries to get out of it. A Song of Ice and Fire has held the hearts of fantasy-readers for the past 20 years, and Marvel movies have been dominating movie screens for a decade. So you might be wondering: what makes ….

Editing will always tell you the same thing: avoid repetition in your writing. In fact, when executed with finesse, it can …. Of all the literary devices that writers use to bring their stories to life, a metaphor remains one of the most popular. The act of comparing one thing to another may sound simple, but it's …. We proudly circulate our newsletter to over , authors each week. Subscribe today today for writing, publishing and marketings tips. Back to posts. What is a thriller? Thriller subgenres Thrillers are just one term for a large category of fiction that includes various subgenres.

Flesh out your characters and their motivations Characters in thrillers are usually complex. Ask yourself: Why do they what they do?