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But the Picmonic crew is positive that with the right prep, and some free NCLEX help, you can definitely pass the first time. This will only increase your anxiety over this challenging test.

Instead, look at it as an opportunity. This is your opportunity to show yourself — and the nursing community — what you know. And the time and study you put into preparing for the NCLEX will make you a better, more qualified nurse. You may have aced all your exams in nursing school, so you should be totally prepared for the NCLEX, right? Unlike nursing school exams, which test for knowledge, the NCLEX tests your ability to apply and analyze situations using the nursing knowledge you gained in school.

A year-old woman is brought into the ER by her friends who told you she collapsed at a nightclub. They tell you she took some MDMA, and you suspect an amphetamine overdose. What symptoms would you expect to see?

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Select all that apply. Another thing that some nursing students confuse is what to expect for the test. Additionally, you will be given 15 experimental questions; these are being tested by exam administrators to possibly use on future exams. You have a maximum of 6 hours to complete the exam, meaning if you are required to answer all questions, you will only have an average of 1 minute and 21 seconds to complete each question. Many nursing students make the mistake of preparing only for the minimum 75 questions. In your test exam prep, you must subject yourself to practice rounds with more than 75 questions.

Otherwise, you may lack the mental fortitude to concentrate for the 6 hours the exam may last.

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Remember, you can answer any number of questions between 75 and , and it could be a pass or fail. The important thing is to stick with it.

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A mistake many nursing students make is assuming that any kind of studying is worthwhile. Instead, you should strive to make every moment of study count. Passive studying, while it has its purpose, is not the most effective method for people who have to master large quantities of information — such as nursing students. Here are some examples of passive vs. Other forms of active studying include self-testing and creating flowcharts of related concepts.

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Kaplan recommends choosing a formal preparation method for your studying, rather than just preparing for the test on your own. There are many ways to diversify your study methods and make your study time more deliberate, including:. Remember how Eeyore was always expecting his house to fall on him? More than just expect, you should visualize it. Picture yourself as a registered nurse. Make this mini-meditation a practice, and you might even find yourself doing it during the exam to calm any test anxiety. Picmonic nursing content is designed by actual medical providers and then rated by nursing students who have actually taken the NCLEX.

Picmonic also allows you to custom organize content by subject area, search for a topic by keyword, and create a custom playlist of topics you want to focus on. Check out Picmonic for Nursing , and learn how this researched backed study system can help you remember information and retain it for longer in order to ace your NCLEX exam and be the best possible nurse. The key issues are:. Vital Signs: Usually given in the chart but essential to document in the note. If one is abnormal, check for yourself and comment in the note.

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In specific cases, additional vitals may be required e. General Impression of Patient: Lots of individual variation in how this is recorded. Keep this brief but comment on:.

NCLEX RN Nursing Mnemonics

Pertinent System s Exam: Systematically record the pertinent positive and negative findings for the systems s examined using subheadings to organize your findings. Both textbooks give the expected components for each body system "First Aid" book p. In conditions like diabetes and hypertension that cause systemic damage, prioritize the target organs like fundi, heart size, peripheral nerves and circulation. Any Specific Exams: Special items may be appropriate to individual cases. If the patient does not consent but you still think the data from the exam is necessary, document "refused" or "declined" and put "arrange pelvic or other sensitive exam" in the diagnostic plan.

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The other specific exams are especially common in elderly patients e. In the exam situation, relevant screening instruments may be provided in the room. Specific items of physical exam include peak flows in asthmatics. Hint: Any unusual piece of equipment or paper in the room usually has a purpose! Use your judgment about where to best record items such as CAGE, developmental, and domestic violence screening.

They may be best in the HPI, RoS or their own heading in the history - but do remember to do and document them when appropriate. If only performing a focused physical makes you really nervous and you don't want the reviewer to think you just forgot to do something, finish the PE section with a deferred statement e. Note: The focus is always on your patient communication and assessment skills, not your ability to guess "the right diagnosis".

Focus on the most probable explanations for the case and don't try to impress the examiners with "exotics". In the clerkship, a specific diagnosis may not be clear and the patient may have more than one condition to reflect the realities of primary care and geriatrics. Don't forget to list important comorbidies like hypertension. Diagnostic Plan. In the clerkship formative sessions, you are required to propose BOTH a diagnostic and a management plan.

You are limited to the five priority items to obtain necessary diagnostic data for the case. Your ability to logically develop a diagnosis and to discriminate between all the possible tests is being assessed. The items listed above for differential diagnosis also apply to testing. Also see advice on page 54 of "First Aid" textbook. In primary care, a management plan can include:.

Remember to do PE only on those systems pertinent to the case. You do not have time to do a complete physical examination and attend to all the history and communication aspects of the case. The " Mastering the USMLE " textbook has very little on the notes but a comprehensive guide for review of systems page Probably the best information on notes in this book is in the individual cases.

Department Home. The reasons for this include: Good notes are essential in primary care to document changes over time that can be crucial to diagnosis and management Thinking about the note ahead of time can improve the patient encounter Notes are legal documents that are taken as the formal, complete record of the encounter. The lawyers and insurance companies don't believe that additional things happened during the encounter - and going back to change a note is regarded as very suspicious of fraud.

Students consistently gather significant amounts of important information during the encounter they don't enter in the note. Strong Hints: based on feedback from students and faculty Practice talking to patients in order to collect all pertinent data for each section at the same time. This will aid in a smooth transition between sections. Look at your videos and practice, practice, practice until you have comfortable phrases and sets of questions that work well for you. As you finish the patient encounter "think SOAP note".

Mentally scan the expected SOAP note sections and check you have all the necessary data. You can't go back and ask the patient for missing information once you leave the room! Organize your thoughts before starting the note so your writing time is used efficiently. Using the same phrases each time can help. A "telegraph" style is acceptable but the note must be understandable and professional. Be very careful about abbreviations.

Nursing Mnemonics

USMLE has an accepted list but abbreviations risk being misunderstood. Avoid "NAD" - "not actually done". Always be truthful - never record anything you did not do or ask.