Wundervölker, Monstrosität und Hässlichkeit im Mittelalter (German Edition)

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Das Restaurant am Sportboothafen wurde am NZA urteilt: Klabautermann ist schuld am Rosenmontagszugausfall. Hier gab es Klabautermann [online]. German words that begin with k. German words that begin with kl. German words that begin with kla. Load a random word. Ein flotter Zug von euch. What I still wanted to report to you is that I received copies of your five novels from Ptaah, which I could not refrain from reading and I find them very good. And because I know very many things from your life, I have naturally also established that you worked various experiences and events out of your life into the novels, whereby you have certainly undertaken alterations and stylizations standard to novels.

I've known for a long time, as I just said to you, that you have led a very adventurous and often dangerous life. Also, in the course of your younger years, you were bound three times with female companions in an open and unofficial matrimonial form There's nothing to be said against it, my friend, also when old memories thereby break through, as has already happened through your words and releases aching in me.

I have overcome the sorrow and the sadness, therefore only an ache still surfaces when the memories come. Ah - how - I would ask you Ah - wie - ich wollte dich fragen The first time it happened in Algeria, as I sealed an open union with Samira, an Arab girl, and hauled through the desert with her, away from her family, in order to return to Europe. It then happened that in a small oasis Samira was bitten by a poisonous snake and died from it a short time later.

In the small nameless oasis there was neither a doctor nor any people, only three palm trees and some scrub as well as a moist area in the sand that I grubbed out, thereafter some water collected in the trough.

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I spent some time yet mourning in that place, thereafter to press on further and return to Europe, where I was not, however, held long, so consequently I made my way again on unknown ways in the Middle and Near East, therefore to Arabia and later to India. A year and a half after Samira's death and entombment I got to know Nadja in southern India, an Indian girl who belonged to the Hindu religion, which was in stark contrast to Samira's religion of Islam.

Achim Reichel Klabautermann

Then it happened - the time of the monsoon just came -, that somewhere a severe storm raged, whereby in the shortest time the river swelled and raged loose and indeed just as I climbed high into a tree on a hill to acquaint myself with the nearer and further environs. At the same time Nadja found herself in the hut and preparing a meal as I saw out from the tree how the foaming flood of the river raged about with monstrous gurgling and roaring. Being openly attentive thereon, I saw how Nadja stepped in front of the hut and let out shrill scream.

That was the last that I saw and heard of her because two or three seconds later the raging water shot away over the little hill where the hut and Nadja stood to tear them along with, and let them disappear into, the flood Therefore you don't have to recount more, as it's enough for me to know that your third companion, Angela, lost her life through murder in a small oasis in the Iraq desert, as you have described it in one of your novels.

Somehow I find it good that you have partly written out these events, also when you had to partly alter them into a novel. Thereby it helped me very much to process everything if it's not also the case that I could forget it, as I could not forget many other things, situations, occurrences and events. So you are certainly correct when you say that mourning and pain are always still present, yet they are even no longer in the manner as at the time of the events, as I fell into the deepest abyss.

Whereto unfortunately still further pain and mourning as well as disappointment will come into being because you cannot avoid the coming things and events, [being] much betrayal and envy, falseness, lies and deceit, as well as the betrayal of love and trust and other things, as also not your obligation, because you must bear everything so you can fulfill your mission. But I want to say to you, whereby you must already be prepared from today on, so that you are armed and will not fall to pieces, because there will be hard events and situations that you have to face.

Ich will dir aber sagen, worauf du dich schon von heute an vorbereiten musst, damit du gewappnet bist und nicht zerbrichst, denn es werden harte Geschehen und Belange sein, denen du zu begegnen haben wirst. But meanwhile, for my part, I know you very well and know that you will withstand everything, because, through work, you have achieved skills to confront the things rationally and always to step out against things with logic and reason, and indeed as well then when you know in advance what is coming, as if it encounters you unexpectedly.

Alright — enough about that. May I still ask you something? Unofficially, his sex-sect, which it is in truth, calls itself the Neo-Sannyas movement.

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This, after his sect movement broke apart, when his long-standing confidante and mistress, Ma Anand Sheela, whose other name is Sheela Silverman, left Raijneeshpuram and America with a few followers in , so more than a year ago, but after this, she was already extradited to the USA this year and was charged with an offense. The question now: what does this sex-sect wether [1] continue to do? Darf ich dich noch was fragen? Er funktioniert ja mit seinem Rudelsex herum, womit ich Gruppensex meine.

Inoffiziell nennt sich seine Sexsekte, die sie wahrheitlich ist, Neo-Sanyas-Bewegung. Die neuen Verantwortlichen der Sekte werden Rajneeshs Lehren systematisieren, die aus rund mitgeschriebenen Lehrreden bestehen werden. At the same time, a practice of piety will be introduced, which will also include a calendar of festivals and have a systematic development of a centralized organizational structure. While Rajneesh has been preaching a spontaneous teaching until now and will also do so in the new movement, those who are responsible for the continuation of the sect, however, will make it a form of institutionalized religious community and teaching.

Thank you for your explanations. But now, another question in reference to the GDR. In what year will this be? Jetzt aber nochmals eine Frage in bezug der DDR. In welchem Jahr wird das sein? The peaceful revolution will begin in October of and will lead to the "Fall" of the Wall on November 9th. Die friedliche Revolution wird im Oktober beginnen und am 9. On the 31st of August, the Unification Treaty will be completed, which will lead to the final dissolution of the GDR.

Am Also dear thanks for this information. The originator should be a namesake of the Indian sitar artist, Ravi Shankar. What comes from this? Was ergibt sich daraus? It concerns the Indian guru Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, as he likes to be called, who wants to have had an enlightenment in , but this corresponds to an untruth. Es handelt sich um den indischen Guru Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, wie er sich zu nennen beliebt, und der eine Erleuchtung gehabt haben will, was allerdings einer Unwahrheit entspricht.

Nevertheless, the method is good and wholesome, for the breathing exercises have preventive effects; for example, the risk of stroke and the risk of neurological diseases and diabetes, etc. A sect remains a sect, and every sect is founded on false teachings, to which unstable and irrational people fall victim, who, unfortunately, are very often found among the academics, officials, and artists, etc.

But for this, he will be called to account around the turn of the millennium by the so-called International Court of Justice. You actually tell me more than I wanted to know. Du hast mir aber nicht gesagt, wo das eigentliche Center der Sekte sein und wie das genannt werden wird. The country is India, of course; however, up to the turn of the millennium, about countries around the world must come to terms with the fact that they are overflowed with more than 1. That's a lot. Thus, erroneous teachings are the best props to find followers and believers of all walks of life and to bind these to themselves.

Aber das ist ja mit Sekten immer so, denn Irrlehren ziehen besser als die Wahrheit, Logik und Vernunft. What is actually with the beast , which functions in a form of prophecy as an evil dictatorship, which should come from Belgium? In addition, what will eventually be strived for later is a common foreign affairs policy and a common security policy of the Member States, as well as a common defense policy.

Also the areas of the military and the judiciary, as well as road transport and agriculture, as well as the industrial economy should ultimately be determined by the powerful figures of the EU, which will have its residence of power in Brussels, Belgium. But the whole thing will be democratic in no way but will assume dictatorial forms, where the powerful ones negotiate and make decisions among themselves, by what means many still remaining freedoms of the citizens and countries will be limited or will even disappear. Both the EU Member States and their citizens will lose many freedoms and will have to fall to the dictatorial oppression of the mighty EU, but what will especially be evil is that even the powerful figures of the EU Member States will completely and consciously howl injustice with the wolves.

And these will also be the ones who, with false and misleading pro-propaganda, will entice many citizens of their countries to join the EU. And since the citizens will be misled, they will no longer be strong in their own logical and sensible decision-making; consequently, there must be talk of a dictatorial compulsion, when in the coming years and decades, the citizens become enticed to an EU-accession.

The old confederates, who gave their blood for the freedom of Switzerland and the Swiss people, would probably turn over in their graves if they knew all these things. But what lies ahead with the economy, etc.? Unerfreulich, was du da sagst. Wie geht es nun aber mit der Wirtschaft usw. The coming time will bring that very many enterprises of large and small style will be dissolved or be driven into bankruptcy by mismanagement and over-indebtedness. Unfortunately, this will also apply to the long-established firms and enterprises because their irresponsible ones will remove themselves from their leadership in order to arrive quickly at exorbitant wealth, which they will pay to themselves as compensations and settlements, and more and more, these compensation payments will be in the millions.

Unhesitatingly and irresponsibly, the managers and directors of the firms, enterprises, and corporations will boundlessly get into debt and ruin these, whereby megalomania will be owned by these irresponsible ones just as much as extravagance, unpredictability, ignorance, and incompetence. Also white-collar crime will greatly increase, while the offense amounts will rapidly skyrocket into the millions and hundreds of millions and will even exceed the one billion mark, as this will also be the case with the mismanagement of the firms, enterprises, and corporations.

Can you tell me one or two names of the enterprises that, in the coming time, will fall under your predictions? Kannst du mir einen oder zwei Namen von Unternehmen nennen, die in kommender Zeit unter deine Voraussagen fallen? There will be very many that will suffer major damages of a financial form and that will go bankrupt, dismiss many workers, fall hopelessly into debt, or that will simply have to close the enterprise.

But probably the most impressive, which will happen in the year , will be the financial destruction of the Swissair, as well as several of its affiliated foreign airlines and several suppliers. But these two upcoming events will only be a drop in the bucket, as you tend to say, because it all looks very bad for very many enterprises, firms, and corporations, which will also have reference to the federal fiscal house, because even in the Upper House of Parliament — like already for a long time — there will be no authoritative power that will make the fiscal house profitable and that will be able to lead it to a reduction of its debts; consequently, the Swiss government will continue to fall more heavily into debt.

Nice outlooks, but as an individual, one cannot change anything in these precarious matters, not even if one would go to vote for certain things. That is correct because the members of the parties determine the ballots according to the proposals, pleas, and orders that are given to them, for they are manipulated by the party-superiors and are robbed of their own free opinion.

Thus, the parties also determine who will exercise a dictatorship over their members, what will be voted yes or no. But what all will still happen in the future, I mean specifically for Switzerland? It will be in the years after , when Switzerland will be confronted with old events of World War II, which will then also carry into the third millennium.

A security guard by the name of Christoph Meili will find old data papers in a bank, which will be destined for the shredder and which will show account details of the Jewish people from the last World War. The security guard will steal these papers and hand them over to a Jewish organization in Zurich, which will then cause serious consequences for the banks and Switzerland, whereby billions of sums will be demanded, which are supposed to be paid to the surviving relatives or to those who are still living, who will still have a right to the accounts.

This Meili will flee to America during the course of the negotiations, even though the Swiss courts will have nothing on him. Dieser Meili wird im Laufe der Verhandlungen nach Amerika fliehen, und zwar obwohl ihm die schweizerische Gerichtsbarkeit nichts anhaben wird. The true reason for his escape will be money, which he will then hope to receive from organizations for his treason against Switzerland.

The whole thing will be but the prelude to ensure that the Swiss government and banks, as well as various economic enterprises, will be attacked several times for financial reasons of lawyers, especially by a lawyer Fagan of American origin, who will be out for money and fame.

This, indeed, had to come. Just think of the fact that in , for example, these lunatics wanted to test atom bombs in the Gotthard region, especially just the powerful military figures, or that the Swiss Red Cross operated espionage during World War II at the war fronts, or that people were sentenced to death and executed by the Swiss military, whereby even innocents were simply gunned down.

Das musste ja einmal kommen. This, however, not only refers to this story with Japan but also to America, Israel, Palestine, and Iraq, and otherwise to all nations whose criminal elements act in the way you mentioned or in a similar manner and bring death, suffering, murder, destruction, and annihilation over the people and entire nations and can still be praised high into the sky for it and think that they are magnificent, humane, just, and infallible.

Die Menschen der Erde sollen wissen, von welchen bestialischen Kreaturen ihre Welt bewohnt wird. And secondly, are the distant descendants of these Sirians in a position today to penetrate into other space-time configurations? And actually, this still gives rise to a third question that is related to this: why, actually, was a solar system searched for, which only had a few inhabitable planets?

Und eigentlich ergibt sich noch eine dritte Frage, die darauf bezogen ist, warum eigentlich nach einem Sonnensystem gesucht wurde, das nur wenige bewohnbare Planeten hatte? The danger of the pursuit of the refugees, or rather their distant descendants, by the distant descendants of the former inhabitants of Sirius is no longer existent because over many thousands of years, the disposition of the Sirians has changed for the better, and so now, they live in peace and without ambitions for power. But still, they also developed their technology further in every form; consequently, they also became capable of changing from their space-time plane into another.

But unfortunately, this was to the advantage of a small group of diehards who had taken over the old hatred and thoughts of revenge as well as the retaliatory desires of the old Sirians from generation to generation and also further maintained them. But today, these are now just 63 of their human beings who continue in the traditional hatred and try to cause harm to the most distant descendant of the Sirius refugees, even in the way that they try to transport you from life and thereby make your mission and the teaching of the spirit impossible.

Der Wolf - Gibts doch gar nicht 2k16

Unfortunately, they also arrived into the possession of the technology that enables them to change into the most diverse space-time planes, so even into this one, in which the SOL system exists, which they have, indeed, found after centuries of searching. They try to cause harm to you as well as to all those around you and to the teaching and the mission and elsewhere, namely by intimidating and threatening the Earth people who have observed our beamships or the ones of other extraterrestrial visitors to Earth or who have found any proofs of their existence.

Through these hateful elements that cooperated with the Giza Intelligences, human beings of the Earth were also injured or kidnapped, etc. Moreover, these renegades and "Men in Black," as we also call them, and these have nothing to do with the so-called "Men in Black" who are of earthly origin and, thus, who are secret service-driven Earth people, strive to induce real visions and hallucinations through apparatus-driven, suggestive impulses in Earth people who are susceptible to these.

Since these Sirius renegades are too small in their numbers to inflict really major damage on Earth and its inhabitants, they have invested in their hatred, in order to create confusion in manifold forms all over the Earth among the people. Moreover, as I already said, they try to destroy the teaching of the spirit and your mission, and indeed, even by instigating unstable Earth people to kill you or to make it impossible for you through lies, deceit, and slander and to represent you as a liar, swindler, forger, and fraud, which you will still experience, unfortunately, even in your own family, as I have seen through a look into the future.

In addition, the elements are extremely vigilant and clever, so it could take years or decades before we get them on track and dissuade them from their actions. We have to wait until they make a mistake or until our scientists find a way to decipher their coordinates upon the disappearance of the renegades into another space-time plane. Then we can still exercise some patience. As Ptaah said and showed to me, there is a lot of water on and also under the surface Mars in the form of ice, mostly very close to the surface of Mars, whereby the South Pole is of special importance in this regard.

As Ptaah explained, however, not all ice consists of water but also of other materials. Now, the question about this is whether you have foresight as to whether this water can one day be used by the Earth people, once they eventually colonize Mars and can, so to speak, bring it back to life.

And in the coming time, will the fact of the presence of the enormous canyons and black sand dunes and water on Mars be discovered by probes, if such should be sent to the Red Planet and reach this at all?

Das gibt's doch gar nicht!

Reden wir also von etwas anderem. That will be the case several times in the coming time in reference to the water, namely that large occurrences of water in the form of ice and snow can be proven by probes on Mars. But the final certainty will first be attained at the beginning of the third millennium, and to be sure, by a Mars probe that will be called " Mars Odyssey," as our look into the future has revealed. And, will it also become clear through this then that Mars once supported life and that, in fact, exotic life exists on the planet? I mean microbes and the like.

Mikroben und dergleichen meine ich. And how does it stand with the storms on Mars; will these also be investigated then, and will it also be discovered that there are something like flashes of lightning up there? Is this a specific feature that only appears on Earth, or does this phenomenon also occur on other planets? This likewise applies to other worlds, both those that are of the same nature as the Earth and those that are of a different nature.

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You mean in terms of the various planetary spheres, if I understand you correctly? By that, I mean the atmosphere or troposphere, stratosphere, stratopause, mesosphere, mesopause, thermosphere, exosphere or dissipation sphere, the neutrosphere, homosphere, heterosphere, and ionosphere, as well as the geosphere and biosphere, the lithosphere, respectively the Earth's mantle layer and the Earth's crust, and the inner asthenosphere, etc.

But tell me, you recently said that around the turn of the millennium, a new space station would be built, which should orbit the Earth at a high altitude. How high should this float above the Earth or all around the Earth? And how high and low will the temperature be up there? Und wie hoch und niedrig wird dort oben die Temperatur sein?

Aha, so there can also be mistakes with you. But tell me, when I took the deep sea tour with you, there I saw life forms in the deepest depths, which will certainly still remain invisible and unexplainable to our deep sea researchers and scientists for a long time, as this will also be the case for many of the giant animals that live in higher and middle sea-depths, as for example the giant snake fish which look like giant eels, which are up to 15 meters long, as you said, then likewise the giant sharks that are up to 14 meters long and which have such large mouths that one might think that a third of the fish come from these.

But then, there were still the giant beasts, which you called deep sea eels and which had a kind of tentacle-mane and which, once they are fully grown and as you also explained, can be up to 18 to 22 meters long. I was also impressed by the giant jellyfish, whose catching arms or tentacles were about 45 meters long, according to your explanation. Also those monstrous predatory sharks were to be regarded as enormous, which you described as rapacious and predatory creatures.

And when I think that these fish, according to your data, were 10, 12, and 14 meters long, then one could learn fear if one would face these beasts under other and unprotected circumstances, than just in such a way as we were protected in your ship.

But that there are deep sea squid, which have long, delicate, and fine tentacles, several of which you also let me see and observe, of this I also knew nothing, as well as not of the existence of all the other deep-sea creatures or deep-sea life forms. And here, I wrote down the name that you told me in reference to that beast that made a strange impression on me and concerning which you explained that it concerns a distant descendant form of the "Carcharodon megalodon," as you dictated its name to me.

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Even more could be said of what was experienced and seen, but I want to concern you with a question, namely how many deep sea creatures of every kind and size can one still reckon, which have remained undiscovered up to now, if one can attach a number to this at all? Aha, also auch bei dir kann es also das Irren geben. Beeindruckt war ich auch von der Gigant-Qualle, deren Fangarme resp. Dass es aber Tiefsee-Tintenfische gibt, die lange und filigranfeine Fangarme haben, deren du mich auch mehrere hast sehen und beobachten lassen, davon wusste ich auch nichts, wie eben auch nicht von der Existenz all der anderen Tiefsee-Wesen resp.

That is also unknown to us, but we estimate that in the deep sea of the earthly oceans, about 12 million undiscovered genera and species of organisms still exist, and the number of individual species, according to their size, is probably in the tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, or in the millions with the biggest and largest creatures, and in the tens of millions, billions, trillions, quadrillions, up to innumerableness with the smallest and tiniest life forms.

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With the innumerable life forms, it probably concerns microorganisms and so on, right? And how large or tiny are they, for example, in relation to a fine tip of a hair? Und wie gross oder winzig sind die denn z. Then these are probably thermal microorganisms, i. Unfortunately, I must inquire into this, for since my breakdown in , I no longer have the memory capacity as before.

You know that I am still working up what was lost and no longer reliably recall everything that I knew before. Dann handelt es sich wohl um Thermo-Mikroorganismen resp. Thermo-Bakterien oder eben um Thermophil-Mikroorganismen, wie du und Ptaah diese Super-Kleinstlebewesen einmal nannten, wenn ich mich richtig erinnere. Also good. Then another question about the large and giant deep-sea life forms, such as the giant sharks, giant squid, giant eels, and giant snake fish, etc.

For centuries, stories from sailors wander through the world like ghosts, which describe sea-monsters and deep-sea monsters that are said to have attacked ships on the seas and that have even sunk these and that also should have killed sailors. Is this actually somewhat true, or is it all just storytelling? Auch gut. Ist wirklich etwas wahr daran, oder ist alles nur Flunkerei?

The stories have their validity, even if many things seem implausible due to a lot of exaggeration. Of course, there are also many invented stories that have no truth content at all, so not everything that has been and that will be told can be accepted as given, as this is also the case with respect to many other things. So I imagined, yes. Dachte ich mir doch. Dyslexia is inheritable through genetic misinformation or genetic deformation, i.

I was asked about the apartheid system in South Africa and about the civil rights activist, Nelson Mandela, who has been imprisoned there for many years because he made himself unpopular in the political struggle against the oppression and was condemned as a public enemy to lifelong imprisonment. How long will the oppressive apartheid system continue to exist, if it is abolished at all, and Nelson Mandela, will he ever be free again?