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It's hard not to have a really great book store or craft store with good books nearby. I'd never buy a knitting book sight-unseen, and since there is not much of a selection available very locally it would be hard to know where to even begin for what would be good especially since so many of the books call for much fancier yarn than I ever use Mar 21, AM. My favorite reference is The Vogue Knitting Book. I have a copy of the previous edition, it has the best left handed illustrations I have found.

Great basic patterns and instructions that go beyond scarves. I particularly like her advice on how to make your knitting look less homemade. I am a collector of sock and lace knitting books. Maybedog new. Mar 22, AM. I have a short attention span so I like small projects but I hate knitting socks. I love the Stitch 'n Bitch books, too. And lastly, I just got World of Knitted Toys which is chock full of adorable patterns. World of Knitted Toys is utterly charming - I got it two Christmases ago as a gift from my father. Great way to help bust a stash, too! Sep 23, AM. Hi all, I'm new here.

Knitting for Time Travellers

Been knitting for almost a year now, and absolutely love it! Very few things in this world are more relaxing than popping in a good movie and picking up the latest knitting project. One thing as good I learned to knit out of Stitch 'N Bitch The Knitter's Handbook , but am perusing this for more ideas of books to read. In particular, I'm looking for some good pattern books with an ability scale of projects like, easy to advanced.

Any ideas? I really like the second 1-skein wonder book Designer One-Skein Wonders which I got earlier this year, and has some great patterns in it. It's a scarf knit from striping sock yarn - I love sock yarn, but don't knit socks, so was excited to see this pattern. I've been knitting about three years, and have six bags of knitting stash I have other stash, too, but I've been doing embroidery, cross stitch, and needlepoint since about World of Knitted Toys is categorized by difficulty level, from easy a snake to difficult elephant, I think.

Sep 29, PM.

Knitting Books for Advanced Knitters

My new favorite knitting book is Fitted Knits. I am currently working on two of the sweaters and just love the patterns. I am also learning to adjust patterns so the sweaters fit perfectly Dec 05, AM. I love Scarf Style too and have made several of the patterns in that book. A keeper for sure.

My current fave is Victorian Lace Today.

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I'm currently working on my 4th shawl from that book. I think I've gotten my money's worth! Dec 10, PM. Dec 11, PM. Itty-Bitty Hats by susan b. Dec 18, AM. I have made so many items using the "recipes" from this book. Dec 18, PM. It's so good. I just made a pair of her cable rib baby socks from Knitting Daily and perhaps published elsewhere. Ann Budd just has a knack for writing good, easy-to-understand and appealing patterns.

Dec 20, AM. I really need to explore it more. Thank you both for the reminder!

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Jan 16, AM. Fitted Knits and anything else by Stefanie Japel are books I am trying to knit cover-to-cover. I had to frog the one I made from Glam Knits to make some sizing changes, so hopefully I'll finish that soon. Jan 20, PM. Anything by Elizabeth Zimmermann. I love all her books! I think I love most that she doesn't give patterns but formulas that you can use as-is or take it further and explore. I learn every time I read through one of her books. Apr 05, PM. Learning more about the fiber got me excited about trying it out on new projects.

I just completed my first pair of socks using this method. Way fun! Apr 10, PM. It's impossible to choose just one.

Yarn Standards

I think the spinner in me likes that book because of all the wonderful information on various sheep breeds. I also like Knitting Rules. I honestly don't think there will ever be just one favorite for me. Apr 16, PM. I find the most inspiring books are those that have garments you'd want to wear.

Stephanie Japel's two books: Fitted Knits and Glam Knits are also delightful - with patterns that are "friendly" for new knitters too. I recently discovered the book Haiku Knits by Tanya Alpert, which has some lovely pieces. Apr 17, AM. Dawn's wrote: "I find the most inspiring books are those that have garments you'd want to wear.

It is a beautiful book, so artistic! The use of different textures of yarns in interesting ways makes this book really stand apart! Apr 30, AM. The Knitter's Book of Wool is really interesting.

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Jun 04, PM. My sentimental fav is Glorious Knits. I have knitted since I was 8, but in my late 20's is was not really doing much. I saw this book and it caused me to start knitting seriously again. I will always love this book.

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  • Jun 06, AM. I've just started knitting about 1. Jun 21, PM. I just got from the library and it is really good. Probably going to have to buy it. Love it. It's my go to pattern book - you can make almost anything out of any yarn in any size. Jun 23, AM. Before you cast on, here are a few things you should know…. The UK switched from imperial measurements in the s. On-line conversion charts will help you calculate metric lengths and weights, otherwise remember that one inch is 2.

    Pres, people were shorter and slighter, and garments were tighter fitting, so double check the chest, back and sleeve lengths carefully. Use the chart below to find the right pair for your project. Instead of giving a specific brand name and number of balls, vintage patterns are quite vague when it comes to yarn. Take the needle size as your guide to find a suitable weight and work up a tension square, using larger or smaller needles to get the right number of stitches.

    Your local knitting shop should be able to find the right wool if you get stuck.