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The patient will sit in a comfortable chair or lie on a table, fully clothed. There may or may not be music, depending on the patient's preference. The practitioner places their hands lightly on or over specific areas of the head, limbs, and torso using different hand shapes, for between 2 and 5 minutes. The hands can be placed over 20 different areas of the body. While the practitioner holds their hands lightly on or over the body, the transfer of energy takes place. During this time, the practitioner's hands may be warm and tingling.

Each hand position is held until the practitioner senses that the energy has stopped flowing. When the practitioner feels that the heat, or energy, in their hands has abated, they will remove their hands and may place them over a different area of the body. Some Reiki practitioners will use crystals and chakra healing wands, because they find these can enable healing or protect a home from negative energy. We do not use crystals, powders or wands as a general rule. However, one of the benefits of Reiki healing is distance healing where Reiki is sent over several miles then, many practitioners will use crystals to assist with the energy vibrations.

Sessions can last between 15 and 90 minutes. The number of sessions will vary, depending on what a client wishes to accomplish. Some clients prefer to have one session while others have a series of sessions to work on a particular issue. According to practitioners, the healing effects are mediated by channeling the universal energy known as qi, pronounced "chi.

It is the life force energy that some believe surrounds all of us. This energy is said to permeate the body. Reiki experts point out that, while this energy is not measurable by modern scientific techniques, it can be felt by many who tune in to it. Reiki is alleged to aid relaxation, assist in the body's natural healing processes, and develop emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being. It is also said to induce deep relaxation, help people cope with difficulties, relieve emotional stress , and improve overall wellbeing.

People who receive Reiki describe it as "intensely relaxing.

Healing Hands: Discovering the Practice of Reiki | WW Canada

Conditions that Reiki has been used to help treat include :. According to the University of Minnesota, patients who have undergone a Reiki session may say :.

Cancer patients who have Reiki say they feel better after. This may be because it helps them relax. Another reason, according to Cancer Research U. This has a soothing effect on patients who may be overwhelmed by invasive therapy, fear, and stress. Individuals report different experiences. Some say that the practitioner's hands become hot, others report cooling hands and some people feel pulsating waves.

The most common reports are of a release of stress and deep relaxation. No prior training, education, or experience is needed to enter the Reiki training , or "attunement process. Preparation for attunement includes fasting for 2 to 3 days, meditation, focusing on nature, and releasing negative emotions. There are three levels of mastery. Those who reach "Master" level can teach others and are reportedly able to heal from a distance, like a form of prayer. While Reiki grows in popularity, questions remain.

Reiki Healing Hands

Reiki claims to enable relaxation, reduce pain, speed healing, and improve some symptoms, but few research findings support any specific health benefits. It has been criticized for claiming to heal diseases without scientific evidence. Some have described its claims as fraudulent. Critics say that it flies in the face of our current understanding of the laws of nature. Advocates respond that the benefits of wellbeing and reduced stress are real but hard to measure with a scientific study.

Scientists note that high-quality research into its effectiveness is lacking. No study has yet shown that it is any more effective than a placebo , they say.

Everything you need to know about reiki

A literature review published in concluded that there was not enough evidence to support Reiki as an effective treatment for any condition, and that its value remained unproven. In , a review of studies on Reiki and the treatment of anxiety and depression was published by Cochrane. The investigators concluded that there was "insufficient evidence to say whether or not Reiki is useful for people over 16 years of age with anxiety or depression or both.

Meanwhile, research published in BMC Nephrology has suggested that allowing dialysis patients, for example, to benefit from the "healing touch" may be worthwhile, especially if it offered for free by volunteers. Pain reduction may be only slight, but it is non-traumatic, does no harm, and allows patients to feel they are "doing something" themselves to ease their pain.

Reiki Federation currently has a "large document cataloging many research trials. Regulatory authorities sometimes ask Reiki websites to change their information to conform with legal standards. Sites selling Reiki products may carry a legal disclaimer , stating that the products are not a medical device, and not intended for use in diagnosing, healing, or preventing disease. In the U. Judy Kosovich, in a study published by Physics Procedia , calls for a "fresh look" at the regulation of energy medicine.

While accepting that regulatory bodies exist to protect the public, she argues that there is still much about how the body works that is not understood or described by science. The U. The main concern appears to be that people with serious health issues may opt for Reiki and other complementary therapies instead of rigorously tested modern medicine. However, using it alongside other treatments is unlikely to be hazardous.

Indeed, touch alone, whether with or without "universal energy," appears to have a range of benefits , from building trust to enhancing overall wellbeing. Kosovich points out that expensive conventional treatments that are currently available often have serious adverse effects, and may or may not work.

Many people, therefore, would like the freedom to choose an alternative. Reiki is growing in popularity. It appears to induce feelings of wellbeing and appears to entail little risk of harm. As a result, Reiki is now available in some major hospitals. Some medical providers, such as hospices, may offer it free of charge, delivered by volunteers, as part of palliative care. Anyone who is seeking a qualified, professional Reiki practitioner should seek carefully , since there are few regulations governing this field.

It can help to ask a practitioner about their training and experience. Reiki is not an alternative treatment for medical issues but an adjunctive therapy that can help support healing and increase a feeling of well being. Article last updated by Yvette Brazier on Wed 6 September All references are available in the References tab.

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“Hone Your Mind – Heal Your Body”

Reiki and related therapies in the dialysis ward: An evidence-based and ethical discussion to debate if these complementary and alternative medicines are welcomed or banned. BMC Nephrology. Good thinking about Reiki. How can Reiki help me? Joyce, J. Reiki for the treatment of anxiety and depression [Abstract].

Kosovich, J. The regulation of energy medicine.

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Whether you practice touch or no-touch Reiki can depend on the tradition your Reiki master comes from. As a Level II practitioner, you will understand how to practice Reiki from a distance and send healing energy to a person without the laying on of hands. Although Reiki is a spiritual practice, it is not religious in nature and is compatible with a variety of religious beliefs. However, because Reiki harnesses life force that comes from God, it is likely that practicing Reiki or even receiving a treatment will put you more in touch with God, regardless of your specific religious beliefs.

Reiki, although not religious, does promote a particular ethic. Reiki asks us to live in peace and harmony with one another and with the world that surrounds us. Reiki calls us to be compassionate towards one another and to take care of our environment. These ethics—common kindness, compassion, stewardship of the environment—are certainly compatible with most religions practiced in the world. Sofia Adamson is a contributing writer for Waking Times with a keen appreciation for matters of science and the spirit.

What is Reiki?

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