Wundervölker, Monstrosität und Hässlichkeit im Mittelalter (German Edition)

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Francis, ich kann nicht wieder gutmachen was dir die Schwarzen Ritter dir jetzt… und damals angetan haben. Ich kann dich nur um Vergebung bitten. Here is some of the cast of characters:. Oh wow, awesome! Thank you! Looking forward to the English translation! Narrator: Hundreds of years ago in the early medieval period Tarenta was an especially unreal track of land.

The wide barren valley surrounded by steep mountains and filled with treacherous bogs and crossed by rivers was a dangerous place. Because of that the few inhabitants and traveling merchants only had to expect bears, wolves and bandits. High above the land stood two impressive castles. All of them guarded the large treasure of the king Richard. But there was not peace between the knights, a feud has driven the two castle lords who used to be friends apart. And then there was also the Wolfpack in Tarenta, who had a bad reputation as trouble makers and bandits. Their thieves den lay in the middle of the swamps and it was not advisable for any strangers to go there.

Michael: Put down that lance and tell the Great Wolf that the horsemen are here. Michael: I have come to remind you of your promise. You can show us the secret passage tomorrow, so be prepared. Michael: You will get it when you have earned it. Last time I saw you, you were still able to run straight underneath a horse without ducking. Do you need a camp for the night? The swamps are dangerous in the dark. Great Wolf: Ride away horseman, maybe we are lucky tomorrow, maybe not. Dickens: Me? The treasure is of no interest to me.

Michael: Ha haha, you have to be the only one. Ha ha, even at the risk of being torn to pieces by that Dragomil. And then there is also the magic wand. Did you know anyone who the dragon has torn to pieces? Michael: Some, and he is said to sleep on their bones. A horrible beast, just as horrible as it looks. I have personally never seen the dragon fly, but it is said to be a fear inducing sight. Dickens: Ha ha ha, and that is why the treasure still remains in its chamber untouched. And I thought it was because of the clumsiness of the robbers. Keep to the right of the great oak.

Narrator: A few hours later the sky reddens to the east. Squeaking, the portcullis is pulled up and the drawbridge rattles while it is being lowered down over the moat. Somewhere laughter sounds. Up on the highest battlement the young Rusty is jumping back and forth impatiently. She has untied her hairband and lets the fresh wind play with her fiery red hair. Occasionally she peaks over the wall, but it seems that her father is not riding out today.

Instead she spots a single horseman who is riding toward the castle, he thunders over the drawbridge and quickly jumps off his horse in the courtyard. Swift like the wind Rusty tied her hair together and ran down the spiral staircase. Rusty: A courier? To the horses Good morning my dear Isabel, good morning Blackie. Have you been sleeping well? Walter: Ha ha, right about that, little miss curious. A courier. Walter: When you father finds out what brings you to the stable so early in the day I would not want to be you. Rusty: I wonder why you are just a stable boy, with you smarts, you should be a king.

Walter: Ho ho ho, yes. He is in the stable in the feed chamber, with a bad hernia. Walter: Ha ha ha, So, well, you have been ridden pretty hard. Let me take a look at your hoof. You were in quite a hurry, with your message, or what? Courier: You can say that out loud. Sir Finnegan, the lord of the Black Knights, sent Sir Francis a message about that the Wolfpack will storm the castle sooner or later. Courier: Soon. Very soon I think, judging from how quickly Sir Peter wanted the message to get here.

Walter: Huh, the Wolfpack wants to steal the treasure from us?

Huh, they have to get in here first. Courier: And? Everyone knows that they are sneaking around everywhere. Why should they not have found the right passage by coincidence? Courier: Sorry about that, it was just an idea of mine. Are you done? I have to go. And who will now go out for a ride with me? The old sorcerer must give me an ointment that will get rid of the hernia. Has the courier now told you what kind of message he had? You spoke with each other. Walter: Yes, about his horse. And about the Wolfpack who again is making this a dangerous place.

Walter: ha haha ha, and how do you know that? Master Karl would have told me long ago if you had met the Wolfpack. And you are not to ride off on your own. Rusty: Ha, I do as I want. And then you had to use the magic wand so the wall would move a bit to the side to reveal the door. But no one besides the castle lord and the sorcerer even knew of the brick, they were certain of that. Cerlin: Wake up. You have slept enough, I have been awake since the first roosters cry. Quickly, wash your neck, and take our new invention off the fire.

Cerlin: We must not waste any more time, even the old stable master has noticed the burns on my hands, we are making fools of ourselves. Give it to me. Five: Uh, yes master. Master, the wand, something is going to happen, it glows, it is glowing all red. Cerlin: How am I supposed to know yet? Cerlin: Magic wand, magic wand, give me the dream, let me see into the future.

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I see horsemen in front of the castle. They are bandits. But they are not attacking. They want to get inside the castle and get the treasure. But Rusty, what about Rusty? What is she doing? Something is wrong. But what is wrong?

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Cerlin goes into the other room to Dragomil the dragon. The dragon can be heard roaring. Cerlin: Honey, wake up. We have to be alert right now, bandits are coming who want to steal our treasure, watch out my kitten. We are still working on the fireproof ointment. Until it is done you have to be a little careful.

Listen, we have to keep an eye on our little Rusty. Yes yes, good boy. Of course they want the treasure, everyone wants it. But no one gets past you my kitten, I know. Rusty: Why are you making such a racket Dragomil? Look, I have brought some delicious pancakes. You really liked those, or what?

I take a look at it every morning. Magic wand, magic wand, please come here, and open the door to the treasure chamber for me. What are you doing with my wand? It only gets orders from me. And where do you know the stone that opens the wall from? Five: Better go away Rusty. If you need a cure for hernia, the witch Yokka will give you one. Tell her that I sent you. Cerlin: Ah, I fear that you have gone too far Rusty. I have to tell this to your father. Narrator: And a few minutes Rusty joyfully rode off from the courtyard on Isabel. But after a while she heard hooves pounding and steered her horse behind a thick bush.

This time her caution was unnecessary. Five was approaching on the back of Blackie. Where are you? You have to be here somewhere, I heard you giggling. Five: Yes. I had such a bad conscience because I sent you out into the forest alone. Rusty: Oh, no problem. Rusty: And what did you tell your lord and master about why you are riding around the countryside in broad daylight? Five: Nothing. He was so angry about your visit in the treasure chamber that he got his migraine. He was pretty happy that I rode off to visit my aunt.

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Rusty: No, not until now. I was wondering about that. Michael: That was what he said, at sundown. I hope he comes, but you never know with bandits. Michael: Just good enough to lead us into the castle. Luckily no one will ever know of this. How we became rich will be our little secret. What do you think, should we wait here for the Great Wolf to show up? Rusty: Quickly, we have to get back to the castle immediately.

We have to warn them! Five: They came back, they noticed that we were listening to them. Rusty: Oh no, it is looking at the horses. Dickens: Hey, hey, go away! Dickens scares of the bear. You can stand still. Rusty: Thank you, you saved my life. It almost got me. Dickens: Yes, it almost got you. That was very careless of you. It was probably upset by the dead bear over there.

Maybe it was his mate. By the way, my name is Dickens. Rusty: Uhm… yes, so, I have to get back home immediately because of that. Thanks a lot for your help. Dickens: My pleasure. Where did the boy go? Everybody worked hard and knew exactly what they had to do. Some of the squires gathered arrows and spears together and prepared crossbows, others sharpened the swords of the knights or rolled barrels with sewage close to the walls. The women cooked food and baked bread for storage, because when the fighting forces first were at the door every hand was needed for fighting.

The sorcerer Cerlin though lay in his magic lab on a bench and was taking care of his migraine. Surprised he looked up as the castle lord entered his room. Francis: Ha ha, good day, great sorcerer. Is there something wrong? You look pale. Cerlin: I already made an unpleasant discovery this morning; it was quite hard on me.

Francis: Earlier there was a courier with a message from Sir Finnegan. He warns us from an attack from the Wolfpack. Cerlin: A warning from the Black Knights? How do they know about the plans of the Wolfpack? That is unbelievable. Very nice of them, but still unbelievable. Francis: That was also my first thought. But maybe Sir Finnegan finally wants to burry our old feud?

Maybe in the next few hours. Cerlin: The Wolfpack… I had a vision. Our castle was under siege, but there was something strange about the men. I was not able to decipher it. Well, in an emergency Dragomil will still be able to scare the attackers off. To scare the Wolfpack? No, no, it has to be something bigger than that. That is out of the question. Cerlin: I would rather talk about the wand, but it is full moon, at that time it has its quirks.

Francis: I know. I just wanted to tell you personally. Five: But I have been looking for her everywhere. She is not in the castle, he must still be outside. Cerlin: What are you saying? Rusty is still outside the castle? Then we have to look for her before she falls in to the hands of the enemy. Nobody would let the drawbridge down for Rusty, the first attacker had just appeared.

Walter: They are coming back there! This will end badly for them. Roll the sewage barrels close! Leave the arrows, they are still too far away. Narrator: Without Dickens Rusty would certainly have disappeared into the mud on this way through the bog, it had been a dangerous and exhausting ride. Now the swamp and the dense forest was behind them, and the light between the trees was getting brighter.

At the edge of the forest the girl jumped off her horse scared. The only option that was left now was getting inside the castle under the cover of darkness. Dickens: We still have to wait a little. We have to cross quite a bit of open land. Once you are inside no harm can come to you. Dickens: In a moment we can go.

We must make it before the moon rises. You have to feel your way along the wall. There you have to kick firmly against the second lowest brick, against the second lowest, do you understand? Dickens: Then the wall will swing back and you will be inside the castle. Well, there we are, the entrance is here. Can you feel the rock? Narrator: Rust had only disappeared into the passage for a few minutes as the moon rose behind the forest and shone its pale light on the castle, the planes, the attackers and all of Tarenta.

It was a peaceful image. But suddenly noise came from the castle, then the drawbridge rattled down. Meter long flames spew out of his mouth, his eyes rolled, the attackers were paralysed with fear, a few panicked and ran away. But it was of no use because now the dragon spread its wings and rose into the air.

Its huge body even eclipsed the moon. He landed high up on a rock plateau and looked into the night. He was on the way searching for Rusty. Michael: Good god, how horrible. He is even more horrible than I had imagined. We should leave as long as we are still able, it is going to return at some point. Peter: Leave without the treasure? We have jeopardized our reputation and our honour. Sir Finnegan will know no mercy if he ever hears of this.

I just wanted the treasure and getting rich. When I look at that beast I would rather stay poor. I for my part will be riding back to our Castle. Good bye, come Brauner. Narrator: But Sir Peter endured. He still hoped that the Great Wolf would lead him to the treasure. Great Wolf: Ha ha ha ha. Cerlin: You could see the fire blasts from his mouth from the battlements. He has been sitting a night and almost an entire day on the mountain without anything to eat. Cerlin: I hope. I hope no harm has come to Rusty. If she was just hiding she would already have returned last night after the Wolfpack left.

Five: Sir Francis will surely find out. He will probably help our lord. Cerlin: Yes yes yes, I advised him to do so myself. It can take a few days before he returns. Courier: Sir Francis lets you know that Sir Finnegan has been traveling for weeks. He asks you to stay alert. Do I have to ride back? Cerlin: What a chaos. No, maybe later. What kind of horseman was that? Cerlin: Should I? Do I have to? Reads the letter. Set up a burning torch next to the Blue Spring, we will come in the third night from today to embrace the treasure.

You will then get your daughter back. A horseman. They have kidnapped Rusty. What do I do? The stupid thing is silent, absolutely silent. Cerlin: You? Five: I will ask my aunt first. She is always out during full moon, maybe she has seen something. Cerlin: Yes, that is a very good idea. Maybe it will come around to doing its duty. Narrator: As Rusty awakens she feels hunger, thirst and fear. She looks around, but except for the daylight from a small barred window, which is place high out of her reach, she is surrounded by darkness. She feels the bricks and the straw that she is lying on, underneath that is just the naked ground.

She cried and screamed, but it was of no use, no one was coming to help her. Rusty: There was someone else in the tunnel. A man, and then there was another one. Oh, where am I? And for how long have I been here? And thirsty. Oh man. Narrator: And if Dickens had known, or Five… When Dickens returned to the horses he heard something that worried him. He ran back to the passage immediately, but no one was there any more, not even Rusty. At first he was happy, because he thought she had managed to get inside the castle. But later when the Great Wolf made some remarks it was clear to him that there was no way that Rusty had made it inside the castle, and he started searching for her.

But when Sir Francis and his men arrived he misinterpreted it. Dickens: Yes, just make a scene up there, someone will come to bring you back to the castle. I greet you from Cerlin the old sorcerer. Do you remember the bear that tried to eat you? Five: Where could she be? I was already at my aunt, she saw how in the night a horseman had a bundle in front of him on his horse. He wanted the wand. It glows, it works again. Can you see it glow? Jump up on my horse. It probably knows where she is. Five: We just have to follow it.

Cerlin will be impressed that the wand followed my orders.

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Narrator: In his guest quarters in the castle of the Black Knights was walking back and forth while being worried. Occasionally he looked out of the window again and again in order to not miss the courier. Sir Finnegan had to send an answer. But then he heard several horses ride into the courtyard and instantly recognized his old friend Sir Finnegan among the men. He rushed down into the courtyard. Finnegan: Francis, I rode off immediately when I received your message. We have to…. Finnegan: And it appears to me that it has not come alone. It has grown quite a bit since last time.

Are you now always going to arrive with this fellowship? Rusty: Daddy! Hello, Daddy. You are here? Where on earth am I? All of you are here. Only the good old Cerlin stayed at home. Dickens: Yes Sir. Finnegan: You are making great accusations. Where is the evidence? This is outrageous. Dickens: But that is what happened, and we have just pulled Rusty out of the dungeon. Knights: Who did he grab? Oh boy, he is in trouble. Now he is taking off with him. He is not going to drop him, is he? From that height? Look, he is soaring higher and higher. Peter: Yes! I confess! Finnegan: You have soiled my name, and the name of all Black Knights.

I demand satisfaction. We are duking this out right here and now. Knights: Sit Finnegan, you can do this! Sir peter hat thrown his sword on the ground! He is finished, what a disgrace. His name will be removed from the records for all eternity. Finnegan: Throw him into the dungeon! I can only ask you for your forgiveness. Two estranged friends had made peace, hand that was worth all the effort. Thank you so much, Runamuck! Very cool to see a more detailed view of the castle world like this.

Cerlin is an alternate name for Majisto it seems. Also, yay, finally some proper Wolfpack characters! The land of Tarenta is interesting I forgot to say so when I posted back in the original topic, but thank you for continuing on with these beyond the Pirates ones, Runamuck! Disregarding the confusion over the apparent association of the Dragon Masters with the Royal Knights in this drama, it was great. It was especially nice to see how the different factions interacted with each other, as here the relationships between the different groups were explored a little more beyond the given fact that they are in conflict.

A few thoughts:. It is quite interesting that Dickens is the foster son of the leader of the Wolfpack, but is able to interact with non-Wolfpack people without any trouble. I noted that Sir Michael somehow escapes any blame for aiding in the attempt to steal the treasure, even though he appeared to be just as involved as Sir Peter. I wonder if the former was intended to be a recurring villain, although judging by the cast list of the second castle drama it would seem he never did reappear. As TalonCard pointed out, the description of Tarenta definitely brings to mind the catalog images from the time.

The placement of the locations was clearly made with the sets and promotional images in consideration, with the two castles upon the steep cliffs and the Wolfpack home within a swamp although the Wolfpack Tower set isn't specifically depicted in a swamp, it is on a body of water. Beeil dich, mir bleibt nicht mehr viel Zeit. Ich kann nicht sterben mit dieser last auf der Seele. Ich erweise ihm meine Dankbarkeit in dem ich seinen Namen nicht preisgebe. Dem Hinweis werde ich selbst nachgehen, weil alle bisherigen versucht unseren geliebten Sohn wieder zu finden in den vergangenen 15 Jahren fehlgeschlagen sind.

Richard: Sie ist gewehrt Sir Edward. Ich gebe jedoch zu bedenken dass der Erfolg keineswegs sichergestellt ist. Den Aufenthaltsort von Prinz Henry konnten wir nicht erfahren. Wenn ihr wollt begleitet mich nach Tarenta, dort werde ich mit meiner Suche beginnen. Ritter: Nehmt mich und mein Schwert ebenfalls mit, Sire. Habe ich auch nicht treu gedient? Richard : Nein, mein Entschluss ist gefasst. Sir Edward und eine Eskorte von 6 Knechten werden meine einzige Gefolgschaft sein.

Bewahrt mir in der Zeit meiner Abwesenheit den Thron. Noch ehe das Tor hinter ihnen zufiel waren die Reiter im angrenzenden Wald verschwunden. Es hatte eine wechselvolle Geschichte aufzuweisen, aber jetzt beherrschten 2 Burgen das Leben in dieser Gegend. Sir Francis war hier Burgherr. Clement: Dann schaut genau her und erinnert euch. Clement: Richtig.

Simon: Sicher nicht. Clement: Vermutlich. Wenn wir mit samt dem Schatz wieder verschwunden sind wird man uns verfluchen. Simon: Ho! Ja, warum nicht. Und man wusste nie gerade wo sie im Hinterhalt lagen. Dickens: Ho Ice. Hier hat also der Kampf stadtgefunden. Er muss hier gewesen sein, aber jetzt ist er weg, uns seine Eskorte auch. Aber hier ist Blut. Da ist jemand gegangen, und hier auf ein Pferd gestiegen.

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Also ist einer entkommen. Komm Ice, den suchen wir, der must verwundet sein. Ich bin eurer Blutspur gefolgt. Waren es die beiden Reiter? Edward: Welche beiden Reiter? Dickens: Himmel, den haben sie ja zugerichtet. Argh er hebt ihn hoch. Vielleicht kommt er zu sich wenn ich seine wunden versorgt habe. Dazu brauche ich erstmals Wasser. Clement: So, na bitte. So ein Feuer vertreibt Gespenster. Simon: Vermutlich nicht. Clement: Na na na na, wieso wir?

Sie greifen nach der Krone, das ist ja wohl ein kleiner unterschied. Clement: Ach so dumm werden sie auch nicht sein. Ich vermute dass man ihn irgendwo zur Abgang Hut zwingen wird. Und ich kann mir auch vorstelle wo das ist. Clement: Na so genau nicht. Hier, bitte. Clement: Danke. Aber dann sollten wir uns bald aufs Ohr legen. Ah, gute Nacht. Aber auch nach dem die nach verstrichen war und mit dem ersten Hahnenschrei das Leben in der Burg erwachte ahnte hier noch niemand was im Wald von Tarenta geschehen war.

Hier ging alles seinen gewohnten Gang. Rusty: Dann ist er ja bald wieder da. Und du Isabel, mein Liebling? Karl: Geknackst, oh, da musst du sofort zu Meister Cerlin damit er dir eine Heilsalbe drauftut. Rusty: Ach jetzt nicht, du hast doch selbst gesagt das mich die Kammerfrau sucht. Karl: Ich rede mit ihr. Warte, ich trag dich hoch. Du bist ja wirklich nur ein Federgewicht. Allerdings war sein tun zurzeit nicht besonders erfolgreich. Rusty: Ach Klappe Five.

Five: Den Schatz? Das ist dir doch verboten worden, das darfst du doch gar nicht. Erinnerst du dich an das letzte Mal? Meister Cerlin war so was von sauer auf dich. Pass jetzt mall auf. So, tag Dragomilchen, ich habe besuch mitgebracht. Freust du dich? Ja, schon gut, du hast mir auch gefehlt seit gestern. Jetzt will ich Five mal unseren Schatz zeigen. Rusty: Nun hab dich doch nicht so. Rusty: Nein, Dragomil, nicht. Lass den Stein in Ruhe. Nein, nicht. Rusty: Zauberstab kommt raus. Oh nein, was tue ich nur?

Five, was machen wir den jetzt? Aber wie der wieder aussieht, ganz krumm. Und ganz schwartz, ohne ein funken leben. Vielleicht kommt er wieder zu sich? Wir sollten hier verschwinden und ihn ganz in Ruhe lassen. Rusty: Ja, eine gute Idee. Sie blieben sehr lange weg. Und da lag sie auch nicht so ganz falsch. Five: Eben nicht. Dein Vater war hier, er und Meister Cerlin wollten… Aber komm hier erstmals weg. Five: Er hat einen verletzten Lord hierher gebracht, und ich habe ihn vorgeschlagen hier auf dich zu warten. Rusty: Ach, eigentlich ganz gut, biss auf das Missgeschick mit den Zauberstab heute Morgen.

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Nun sag schon! Dickens: Nein, also jetzt mal der Reihe nach. Aber wieso hier? Dickens: Nein, sicher nicht.

Man hat seinen Sohn hier in Tarenta gefunden, glaube ich jedenfalls. Und deshalb ist er wohl selbst hergekommen. Five: Und dann haben dein Vater und Meister Cerlin versucht mit Hilfe des Zauberstabs herauszufinden wohin man ihn gebracht hat. Aber das dumme ding hat keinen Muchs von sich gegeben. Five: Ja, schon seit einer Stunde. Rusty: Das ist unsere Schuld, Five.

Na ja, wenn ich ehrlich bin allein meine. Vielleicht hat die ja etwas gesehen. Rusty: Hmm, das ist ja eine ganz gute Idee. Aber was wird Meister Cerlin dazu sagen? Rusty: Oh prima! Du nimmst Blackie, Five. Dickens: Der schon, dem hat es nichts ausgemacht 2 Reiter zu tragen. Aber da hatten sie Pech, die war irgendwo unterwegs. Five: Ob das wirklich sinn macht hinter dem her zu reiten? Dickens: Schon, aber was sollen wir denn sonst machen? Dickens: Das glaube ich nicht. Warte mal, ich habe eine Idee. Rusty: Aber wenn der sich so gut auskennt, dann hat ihn doch Sir Finnegan bestimmt um Rat gefragt.

Dann ist es wirklich am besten wenn wir den Rittern folgen. Dickens: Die holen wir leicht ein wenn uns der Chronist weiterhelfen kann. Komm, los Ice. Guten Tag ich bin Dickens, wir wollen zu Jeramont. Wie stellst du das vor? Kommt, wir reiten zu der gleichen Stelle wie eben. Wir werden ihn doch besuchen. Jetzt wissen wir jedenfalls dass er noch lebt und in der Burg ist, der war schon damals ziemlich alt. Er hat mich erwischt als ich dem Geheimgang entdeckt hatte, aber er hat mich nicht verraten. So, da sind wir. Rusty: Nicht so schnell. Oh, hier ist es ja noch gruseliger als in den anderem Gang, aber ich bin wenigsten nicht allein.

Dickens: Und er ist nicht so lang. Leise, wir sind gleich da. Das muss hier irgendwo sein. Ah, hier. Dickens: Komm, las uns einfach rein gehen. Guten Tag Meister Jeramont, ich bin Dickens, erinnern sie sich an mich? Wer seid ihr? Ach der Junge. Dickens: Was wissen sie zum Beispiel? Die haben gar keine Augen mehr und sehen trotzdem ins Tal.

Weg, weg! Rusty: Dickens, sei vorsichtig. Du kannst doch nicht einfach in dem Feuer fassen. Hast du dir weggetan? Das da, dieses Feuermal, das habe ich schon lange. Dickens: Lass ihn Rusty, ich glaube es hat keinen Zweck. Er wird uns nicht sagen was uns weiterhilft. Lasst uns gehen. Die schwarzen Augen. Den einzigen denn die beiden nicht zu gefallen schienen war Dragomil, aber das allein machte Cerlin noch nicht stutzig. Er war in seinen Gedanken viel zu sehr bei seinen noch immer leblosen Zauberstab.

Nun beichtete ihn der Stallmeister das er den beiden schon vor stunden Pferde gegeben hatte. Besser konnten wir es doch gar nicht antreffen. Aber ihr hat Recht. Clement: Eile mit Weile. Simon: Ist ja doch gut dass wir schon ein paar Mal in seinem Stall waren. Auf dem anderen Stein ist ein Handabdruck zu sehen. Den Drachen kriegen wir immer zum Schweigen, notfalls… na ja. Er erwartet euch im Drachenstall. Kommt, ich will mir die Steine ansehen.

Sir Simon erschreckt sich. Simon: Meister Cerlin, wo seid ihr? Da sollen wir jetzt hinein gehen? Er wird uns doch wohl nichts antun wollen? Nicht wahr, Meister Cerlin? Karl: Oh, sie scheinen stumm geworden zu sein. Aber versucht es lieber, aber vielleicht klappt es ja doch noch mit der Singerei. Furcht ist Feigheit, Schreck - Instinkt. Pariserinnen sind wahrhaft elegant. Juliane Schreck, Einst glaubten sie an Frieden, ein Leben in Freiheit, eine gemeinsame Zukunft. Kerry P. Schreck, Front Cover. Renate Kronberg, Bohringenieure werden immer wieder vor neue Herausforderungen gestellt, nicht selten verbunden mit Problemen.

Christina Schreck, Lee Bacon, Organisationen Die Entwicklung von Organisationen hat im Claudia Schreck, Gerd Huber, Alexander McQueens Aufstieg verlief rasant. Vielleicht ahnte er, dass ihm wenig Zeit blieb. Mit 16 lernte er sein Schneiderhandwerk.