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Not holding back, the flight attendants, who asked not to be named, revealed what happens when customers annoy them and how "lost" luggage may have not been an innocent mistake after all.

13 Secrets About Air Travel All Passengers Should Know

However, among the confessions, they did share details about upgrades - and, more importantly, how to make sure you do not get one. While some of their stories are amusing, other will make you realise just how hard being an air hostess is and how demanding passengers off on holiday can be. One former employee revealed how, following an argument with a passenger who disputed the cost of adding a bag onto the plane, the worker made sure his bag wouldn't be returning to him after the flight.

In another shocking confession, a former employee revealed four passengers had their booking confused at the airport which mean staff put them on the wrong flights. Both aircraft had taken off by the time anyone found out. She said: "Please do not stack them up, or take everything off the trays for everyone on your row and pile it all onto one tray. Please, if it didn't come out of the meal trolley, it can't go back in, there is no room, literally.

Another employee said she is constantly hearing phrases such as "looking empty through the curtain today". This one really goes without saying but, just in case you thought this was acceptable behaviour, we can assure you it is not.

8 Secrets of Air Traffic Controllers

One air hostess was forced to wake a passenger up after he decided to fall asleep with his bare feet resting on the armrest of those in front of him. Adding to the previous point, the worker said: "I mean, except for one man who had his bare feet through the gap between the seats in front of him, right between a couple.

Anyone who is travelling with a medical condition, even if it dates back years, is warned by cabin crew workers to travel with your medication. One has also spoken out to the Huffington Post, revealing the closely-guarded secrets of their industry. A flight attendant recently wrote a blog for the Huffington Post, and here are four things we learned from it.

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Flight attendant Kelly Payne says, if you are delayed, you should "call the customer service number to the airline. This is because airlines have to factor in everyone who won't make it to the airport on time, "because they are lost, overslept, or changed their minds.

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This, of course, depends on first class not being sold out, and if there aren't too many premium frequent fliers to upgrade. See latest deals on flights with Skyscanner here. By Catherine Murphy. Not only will the diaretic effect of coffee and tea have you making extra visits to the tiny plane bathroom, the water used to make your drink may be pretty gross. However, the water systems on some planes are only cleaned and tested once a year.

Stress-free travel, the secrets of an air hostess | Air France - Corporate

You may have noticed an odd feature in the airplane lavatory—an ashtray on the back of the door. But ashtrays can still be found even on brand new planes—why?

  • 15 Secrets Your Pilots Know—But You Don't!
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  • 13 Secrets Only Air Traffic Controllers Know?
  • Given that there are some people who are going to try to sneak in a cigarette no matter what the law says, no matter what kind of hefty fines might be assessed, it makes sense to make sure the cigarettes can be put out safely, and not tossed in a trash bin full of flammable paper towels. The legally mandated presence of ashtrays on planes has its roots in the tragic case of Varig Flight in An onboard fire, possibly started by a lit cigarette tossed in the lavatory trash bin, killed most of those aboard via smoke inhalation before it could make an emergency landing, prompting the FAA to ensure that all commercial aircraft were equipped with ashtrays going forward.

    On long-haul flights those over With some flights like those from LA to Singapore and from New Zealand to Qatar clocking in close to 18 hours , it makes sense that more than one crew of pilots and flight attendants would be needed to staff the plane, rotating between work and rest. These sleeping cabins are either above or below the main passenger cabin, and are accessible by little staircases or, in some cases, via an overhead storage bin.

    Some babies make their entrance earlier than expected, and occasionally, these surprise preterm births happen at 36, feet up. When babies are born on international flights, determining citizenship can be quite a tricky matter. Usually, the child will be accorded the citizenship of one or both of its parents.

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    Some countries, including the US, will also grant citizenship to a baby that is born within national airspace. Flight crews may receive some pay for long delays at the gate, but the pay gets much better when the plane pushes back. While some airlines only pay the flight crew for the time they are actually in the air, most pay them once they leave the gate. Pilots have ways to communicate, both verbally and nonverbally, that their plane is in distress.

    Squawking signals hijacking, stands for loss of communications, and is a general emergency signal. In , on a flight from Chicago to Frankfurt, a United pilot spilled coffee on the communications equipment , resulting in an accidental squawk of code Another in-air distress signal involves flying the plane repeatedly in a triangular pattern , a maneuver that indicates to radar stations that the plane is unable to establish radio contact.