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In Star Trek , usually the warp drive either works or doesn't work. But in Star Trek: The Motion Picture , a malfunctioning drive creates a Wormhole that, in addition to being difficult to shut down, also sucks dangerous debris into the ship's path instead of deflecting it away. In the film Supernova , hyperspace travel is visually terrifying. It's easy to imagine the energies involved destroying the ships and everybody in them. And what hyperspace does to living tissue if your suspension pod is not functioning perfectly is not something you want to think about.

The montage is interspersed with quick cuts of the astronaut's various horrifying facial contortions, just to drive the point home. When the sequence is done and the astronaut is in the "hotel", his face is covered in wrinkles, and he looks as if he's going insane. In the novel , the latter effect is explained as the result of Dave being kept in a kind of "alien zoo" until he falls asleep, and then they run his memories backwards while transforming him into the Starchild.

It's only in the movie that he goes through the process of aging a couple of decades every time the camera pans around to show him looking at an older version of himself in the next room, then becoming that older self when in the next shot. Yes, it's just as surreal as it sounds. If anyone was being weird in the movie, it was Kubrick. Marvel Cinematic Universe : Tom Hiddleston has implied that this is part of what pushes Loki from The Resenter of Thor to the full-blown Big Bad of The Avengers : his previous Freak Out was exacerbated by things he saw between universes after trying to commit suicide by wormhole at the end of Thor.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.

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In moderation, they're fine — doing 50 at a time is about the limit a human body can take, and most locations are never more than a few jumps away — but when you do at once like Rocket, Yondu, Groot, and Kraglin do , things get really weird. In Lost in Space , hyperspace travel requires a stable conduit or passage to keep ships on-route, it's impossible to determine where you're going to come out. But terrorists sabotage the mission and send their craft hurtling into the sun, forcing the crew to use the hyperdrive to the other side of the galaxy.

In WarCraft , the journey from Draenor to Azeroth can only be described as floating helplessly through water-like, black void between two points of light, with nothing but trees falling as they crash into the portal from Azeroth's side, and orcs rising upwards from Draenor. The experience almost kills Draka's unborn child. In Interstellar , both the wormhole and the interior of the black hole are incredibly freaky. Both places cause the spaceship's internal electronics to go haywire, and both render the ship's maneuvering thrusters completely useless due to both places not being physical space.

The black hole takes it Up to Eleven with the Tesseract, a three-dimensional construct at the center that manages to represent all instants of time for a given location simultaneously. Star Wars : In Star Wars : A New Hope , Han Solo invokes this trope by explaining to Luke Skywalker why it's impossible to just blast into hyperspace and avoid Imperial ships: it's too dangerous due to the risk of accidentally hitting something or going off course.

See Quotes page. As described in Literature below, however, the dangers are more mundane and along the lines of "Planets and stars are still in the way, and traveling fast enough to cross the galaxy in hours means that you can easily smash into one and vaporize. A ship in hyperspace doesn't properly exist in realspace, but can be brought out by gravity wells.

In the case of planets and asteroids that means appearing in realspace in time to safely change direction and go into hyperspace again; in the case of stars, black holes, and powered-up Imperial Interdictors it doesn't. That's why it's considered dangerous to stray out of established hyperspace routes, and mapping new ones is hazardous.

Going through a gravity well of sufficient size overloads your hyperdrive motivator what you need to get in and out of hyperspace and kicks you out of hyperspace; when you over load it, it can explode possibly taking the ship with it, so there's actually a safety feature that kicks you out before you run the risk of exploding. That's how a fleet of ships got most of the way through a system-wide interdiction field around Centerpoint station but still had to conduct repairs.

One of the ships ended up damaged beyond repair because it tried to go a bit too long with the safety turned off. It's also noted that getting Thrown Out the Airlock is instantly fatal when in hyperspace, unlike in realspace when it might take a bit. The victim's body is instantly and utterly destroyed. Luke Skywalker and the Shadows of Mindor goes into considerably more detail about this, when Cronal has his ship disintegrate while in hyperspace This results in him being disintegrated on a subatomic level while fully conscious of every second of it.

The whole thing is described from the victim's perspective. One novel describes "Hyper-rapture", a form of madness caused by staring at hyperspace for too long; because of this, starships usually have windows that go opaque while in hyperspace. Staring into hyperspace for an extended period of time, if it doesn't give you "hyper-rapture", is said to make most people increasingly uneasy.

It doesn't look "right". This is mentioned when one of the most evil villains in the Expanded Universe is given a Fate Worse than Death : by being locked in an escape pod and ejected into hyperspace. One escape pod has enough food and water to keep him alive for months, non-opaquing windows, and a very small area; he'd either go stir-crazy, get hyper-rapture, or survive those long enough to die from lack of supplies.

Not to mention that rescue is literally impossible. Very, very bad indeed. As the person who inflicts this punishment on the villain puts it: "I don't know how long you will survive there. I do know that you will die there. Die slowly. In the Lone Wolf series, the Shadowgates allow travel between other dimensions and other planets.

However, actually traveling through a Shadowgate is completely inimical to mortals, ravaging body and soul alike. The two times Lone Wolf travels through a Shadowgate in the Magnakai series rob him of Endurance points. In the Grandmaster series, Lone Wolf can eventually learn how to shield his body from the worst effects of Shadowgate travel. Live-Action TV. Andromeda 's Slipstream network isn't particularly scary, but it's like an ever-shifting maze that requires insane amounts of intuition to take the right path and incredible reflexes to steer in.

An early episode showed what happens when you put a being who can predict probable futures into the pilot's seat. Trance ends up screwing up so bad, that it throws the ship years back in time. Later on, though, she can be seen piloting without problems. Given what is revealed about Trance's nature later on, it's entirely possible she meant for the time jump to happen. Another episode involves a probe sent centuries before in order to prowl slipstream and map it out.

Supposedly, a complete map of the network would allow efficient, safe passage to any ship, whether piloted by a living being or not. Dylan Hunt: Slipstream - it's not the best way to travel faster than light, it's just the only way. A group of astronauts attempt to use Faster-Than-Light Travel to explore the cosmos, and when they finally break the light barrier, they enter infinite nothingness, losing all sense of time and awareness, unable to return to reality as we know it. Tabletop Games. Warhammer 40, is very explicit about the "scary" part.

The most common way of FTL travels utilize a kind of hyperspace known as the Warp. It is a parallel dimension where there is no time as we understand it so one can reach destination hundreds years into the future — or into the past , but more importantly, it is a sink of all emotions and ideas and probably souls for all races of the galaxy.

Guess what? The mix isn't very nice, it is downright nasty. Traveling through the Warp means traveling through a very literal hell, complete with demons, dark gods and so on. Gellar Fields maintain a pocket of "normal" space in and around the ship, but sometimes natives leak through. In the setting the Warp also fuels magic, so local mages psykers are always under risk of being possessed and often hear voices, offering For bonus logical headaches, there's a story about accidental time-travelers who were responding to a distress signal also sent through the Warp from a ship that was surrounded by enemy vessels It was mentioned a few times that Gellar Fields can only protect from small predators.

The only thing that saves the ship from bigger fish is that they don't notice or don't care about puny humans. Occasionally they do take notice, and then a lifeless husk will join thousands ships that were lost in the warp. The Tau, due to lacking a strong Warp presence, don't have psykers, and thus no analogues for the Imperial Astropaths and Navigators.

This leaves them with very limited access to the Warp, and next to no way to explore its nature and applications. Despite having advanced technology otherwise, the Tau are very primitive when it comes to psychic and warp-based technology, including their FTL drives. The Tau are restricted to the "shallows" of the Warp, "skimming" it instead of immersing their vessels any "deeper" apparently Space Is an Ocean metaphors are plentiful when describing the Warp, but metaphors are the only effective method of describing a realm of illogical thought.

While this means painfully slow FTL travel, even by the standards of the setting, it's a much safer and more reliable method of travel, although it still has its dangers. Unfortunately this also means that the Tau have less understanding about the dangers of the Warp than just about every other faction too, and even less understanding about the forces in it.

Supposedly, they tried to duplicate the Imperium's Warp technology, but eventually decided "Screw this. Too many tentacles. It's never a good idea to be on any planet caught anywhere near one of these. While the exact effects vary on a case-by-case basis , the gist of it is that the rules of physics take an extended vacation , creating a lovely little World of Chaos in which denizens of the Warp can freely manifest, leaving them with plenty of time for Fun.

As luck would have it, warp storms sometimes have beneficial effects as well. At one point the Imperium of Man found a Stone-Age alien species on an uncharted world, and as per normal procedure tasked forces to exterminate them. A warp storm blew up and rendered the star system off limits for about 6, years. Then the storm dissipated and the Imperium tried again, only to discover that in the interim the aliens in question, the previously mentioned Tau, had become a spacefaring culture more technologically advanced than the Imperium and fended off the incursion quite handily.

The Eldar Webway is a labyrinthine set of tunnels and passages through what is essentially an artificial dimension between Realspace and the Warp. While the Webway is nicer than the Warp, it's still quite nasty and host to its own brand of weirdness. Whereas the Warp is pure chaos, the Webway is more akin to Alien Geometries ; rational and internally consistent, yet utterly alien. One of the Primarchs was lost trying to navigate it, and Commorragh, capital city of the Dark Eldar hidden deep within the webway, is an Eldritch Location with architecture that makes Inception look reasonable.

Of course, being 40K , some factions just don't care about the mind-breaking horrors inherent to the Warp. The Orks coat their vessels in "teef" to scare off daemons which works because Orks believe it should , but even if that doesn't work, daemonic incursions are treated as a way of breaking up the tedium of long trips. Chaos followers have a much easier time navigating the home realm of their patron deities, but they still need Gellar fields to prevent daemons from coming to collect on their pacts. And the sheer might of the Tyranid Hive Mind plays havoc with the Warp and its denizens, meaning only the most powerful daemons can go anywhere near them, and they can't fight an entire hive fleet by themselves anyway.

Last but not least, the Necrons utilize impossibly advanced technology so they can simply ignore the Warp. Their take on FTL works by actually going faster than light rather than taking a short-cut, plus as a civilisation whose people are made of living metal, they have much less problems related to warp sickness.

Of note are their attempts to get the warp to influence their bodies and flawlessly combine metal and flesh something only Chaos has managed yet which seldomly go lucky. However, it seems easier for them to just use the Webway. The Warp used to be a relatively peaceful afterlife dimension called the Realm of Souls. A somewhat niche wild guess is that humans also had some influence, and if they didn't, they definitely did as the 40th millennium came to a close.

Nobody fed the Dark Gods like humanity did, and the 13th Black Crusade proved this. Abbadon's destruction of Cadia produced so much chaos that what was once a few pockets of concentrated chaos turned into a Great Rift tearing across the entire Milky Way from one end to the other, spawning a new age dubbed Noctis Aeterna. Warhammer features the Paths of the Old Ones, a series of pocket dimension "hubs" connected to each other and to real-world gates by "tunnels" through the realm of magic.

Since the Old Ones disappeared, the Paths have been tainted by Chaos. The tunnels are even worse, containing "reality bubbles" that travelers can be trapped in. These may vary from alternate timelines to a daemon's personal playroom. And if you take a wrong turn in the Paths, you may just end up in the Realms of Chaos. Or worse, the Warp. The game Fading Suns uses an inversion: hyperspace what is between the Stargates actually is the safe way. The real problem is that interstellar space the traditional boundary is the orbit of system's Stargate is filled with shapeless Cthulhoid monstrosities going by the lovely name of Void Kraken.

Something about the star, at least for some part of the star's life cycle repels the Void Krakens. The size of this safe zone varies with each system. Still, spaceships jumping through hyperspace need to be protected by special shields, because otherwise people experience a strongly addictive quasi-religious epiphany.

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And fun stuff: before the discovery of Sol System's gate, there were several sleeper ships sent out. One of them was referenced in canon. The rest Well, the general assumption is it's better not to think of what could have happened to the passengers. Within this dimension, voices try to persuade or trick the sorcerer into opening their eyes. It's assumed that the sorcerers who never came back made the mistake of opening their eyes. No, surely not.

The Shadow Being of Hyper Space by MR Patrick W Graney | | Booktopia

Among them, Vilani dim their lights from when having enough power to go into jump was an issue , Aslan clans light a sacramental candle, Vargr, as the violent types , beat up one of their crewmates chosen for the honor, and the Droyne use special coins. Jump space is not so much feared as it is weird. If a jump works wrong one could be misjumped to a random point, which could mean anywhere. If it works really wrong, one stays in jumpspace, and no one knows what happens. Technically, one only stays in Jumpspace for a few trillion subjective years. Long enough for protons, stable as they are, to decay and, objective hours or so later, all that emerges is a flash of hard radiation.

And the utterly forgotten 80's RPG Space Quest had N-Space filled to the bursting with Voidsharks, "Temblons" think kraken with tractor-beam tentacles and other horrors that all seemed to find carbon based life a tasty treat. Rifts : Regular FTL travel is fairly simple and straightforward, if somewhat anemic as regards speed.

Phase drives, however, are derived from the same technology and magic that the Prometheans use. They use this technology to shut portals and gates down on top of ships that are coming in, a fairly horrific action. But then there are the Rift drives. Though they normally travel through a dimension called the Flux Dimension, anyone who has played Rifts know that they're prone to all sorts of horrible things happening Given a nod in BattleTech , where the Kearny-Fuchida jump drive is occasionally poorly looked upon.

This is, of course, thanks to a long track record of damn near epic foul-ups that have happened. Time-lost ships, ships that have emerged with massive holes that look like they've been bitten, ships emerging without crew, ships that jumped too close to another ship and were fused, ships where the same happened and the still-living crew were found literally embedded in the bulkheads, and some ships just plain disappearing.

Never mind the fact that the Word of Blake apparently figured out a way to keep a ship in hyperspace so their recruits have a more interesting environment to learn in. And it has already been established that looking out a porthole during a jump is just plain stupid However, the understood mechanics of jump travel are almost as bad as the parts that aren't understood. Every single time a ship jumps, heat is manifested at the destination prior to the ship showing up. The more mass being jumped, the longer and hotter. It basically builds from the time the ship starts its jump to the point it emerges.

Contrary to popular belief, jumping isn't instantaneous. Although still faster than light speed there is a lag depending on the distance and mass involved. A huge, fully-loaded battleship jumping the maximum about 30 light-years needs about 6 minutes to complete the jump. Problem is, due to all the Lost Technology from centuries of warfare, jump knowledge is either sketchy or kept secret. It's said there are two type of Jump Scientists. One who can recite the theory backwards and forth but make little headway in it And those who are completely insane but in-between their ramblings they make discoveries.

One of the most dangerous things about the KF drive is what happens when a ship jumps: Any other ship within a radius of about one hundred kilometers will be shredded, at various levels of completeness from "kind of intact" to "on a molecular level" with the higher end being the norm.

The Shadow Being of Hyper Space

Though the process is instant, it's been noted that on occasion a destroyed ship will continue to transmit for several seconds after the jump flash ends. Also, because of the physics involved, you can't jump in the presence of two jump cores, whether active or not. If you want to transport a jump core, you have to either use the core itself to make the jump or painstakingly break it down into basically gravel and then reforge it at great expense once it gets to the destination.

The SLDF discovered that any trip via K-F Drive made all of their attempts at drone warship AI suffer what is described as a "paranoid psychotic break" in which they would lock out all communications and see everything that moved as a hostile that was actively attacking them. Any K-F deployment of drones had to be conducted with the AI powered down, then reactivated by a caretaker crew on arrival.

The Hedge in Changeling: The Lost can serve as a means of more expedient travel between long distances, provided one is willing to enter an ever-shifting maze and brave the dangers therein. True to the warped logic of its owners , the time it takes to get somewhere depends more on what happens along the way than on actual distance, meaning that getting from Miami to Tucson might require more time and bloodshed than from Miami to London.

In the Infinite Macabre setting, it's made explicit that yes, the Hedge can be used for interstellar travel, though the base time for navigation is longer. Oh, and getting a ship back out requires finding a portal that said ship can fit through, which is implied to be a rare occurance. Eldritch Skies lives and breaths this trope.

True 10D space

As it turns out, the reason why people tend to go mad in the future of the Cthulhu Mythos is not because of secrets man was not meant to know. Rather, it's due to exposure to the hyperspatial entities , and hyperspace itself is The Corruption. As per Eldritch Skies , however, the expected role this would play is averted: the mental effects don't get really bad until Level 4 exposure, Level 1 gives you Psychic Powers and anything lower than Level 5 is treatable. The canal network in Heaven's Reach, one of the alternate Exalted settings in Shards , is a sufficiently nasty place that it contains The Fair Folk , who dwell in the crazy-world that is the Wyld in the core setting, and all ships come with anima circuits to keep them from meeting horrific and bizarre fates.

While most of the heavily travelled routes have had the evil kicked out of them over the years, the routes that were forgotten after the Malfean War have not. At all. In the Spelljammer setting, the space between the Crystal Spheres is called the Phlogiston. While not as disturbing as other examples on this page, it's still dangerous. Besides some nasty creatures living in "The Flow", the multicolored "matter" that pervades it is extremely inflammable.

Even a candle will cause a small fireball; any form of fire magic is extremely unadvised there.

Freelance Astronomer & Mathematician Stephen Mackintosh

It as also some weird effects on living beings, like putting asphyxiating creatures into a coma rather than dying. Some travelers have tried using this property to spare resources while cruising the Phlogiston's currents, but there's no guarantee that the subjects would wake up. Fasa's old Renegade Legion setting was an interesting example. Tachyon Space wasn't scary per se, but normal matter wasn't capable of coping with it.

If a jump lasted too long, you'd melt into a puddle of base elements before exploding into a shower of tachyons. Stars Without Number : trying to use a spike drive without someone on duty at all times is a really bad idea. In the sense that you will likely never be seen again. Stable connections will sometimes spontaneously shut down mid-transit , objects and gatecrashers occasionally disappear and never come out the other side, and exposure to the gates themselves can cause hallucinations and psychological side effects.

And while according to transhumanity's understanding of their function, transit should be instantaneous, travelers sometimes report experiencing subjective hours or even days in a black void.

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Some gatecrashers say they heard whispering in the darkness, some recount terrifying experiences of encountering monstrous presences, and an unlucky few even come out the other side of the gate as a gibbering heap, their sanity ripped away by the transport. In Deadlands , the Hunting Grounds the astral plane or the afterlife double as hyperspace; the one and only human starship designed by Dr.

Hellstromme used it for interstellar travel. If you are thinking Warhammer 40K or Event Horizon, you are right. The ship, unlike the Event Horizon, did have some form of Gellar field, but shabby and inefficient, which makes a trip aboard it terrible but survivable. Except for the poor sod sacrificed to activate the demon-powered warp drive. While on the surface it inverts it in the same manner as Fading Suns , it turns out that just because the Portals are the less dangerous route doesn't mean they're automatically safer.

In fact, Portal jumps require the crew to be in hypersleep as whatever makes the Portals work isn't exactly compatible with human perception or biology. The book makes it clear that, if the jump doesn't kill you outright, you'll need a new character as your old one will now be too crazy and maimed to be playable. Despite some weirdness Visible color switching to greyscale, shadows taking a couple seconds to fade , ghostline jumps don't carry any odd risks in and of themselves beyond the usual risks in scifi works.

Repeated jumps in a short time, however, increase the risk for Void Psychosis Syndrome. In Starfinder , interstellar travel relies on traveling through a dimension called the Drift. Technically the Drift isn't that bad, apart from a few native critters, being completely empty. The scary part is that every time someone uses the Drift, a chunk is torn out of another plane and added to the Drift.

As a result, travelling through the drift now means your ship might run into fragments from every nasty plane there is, the most inhospitable parts of the good and neutral planes, or even hazards from the Material Plane itself. Subverted hilariously in Qui Nguyen's play Fight Girl Battle World , in which the Human is told to brace for hyperspace, which then turns out to be funky hip-hop music. Everyone bobs their head in time.

The human eventually catches on. Video Games. Although not technically hyperspace, the plot of the Doom series revolves around teleporters that work by routing the teleported matter through Hell itself — the demons eventually notice the unexpected entry and even less expected exits and come through the teleporters themselves. In Doom 3 , it's specifically stated that the Martian civilization's use of this technology nearly drove them into extinction, and it took a Heroic Sacrifice on the part of their entire species to send the demons back and close up the portals again before they could conquer the universe.

And then humans came along and Unsealed the Can. If the demonic invasion wasn't bad enough, even travelling though a portal to another place on Mars can cause paranoia and insanity. Makes sense, since the hyperspace tunnel appears to be a bloody vein-like tunnel, and you hear screaming as you move along it. Half-Life : Half-Life has a similar premise: Xen is a parallel dimension that looks as if bits of planet and atmosphere, as well as predatory xenofauna, were transported there at random.

Teleporters need to pass their signal through a Xen relay in order to return their loads to normal space. The relay is initially when the technology was first created a big machine attached to a crystal on Xen, but is subsequently "compressed" all the way to nothing; Half-Life 2 tells us that rag-tag Resistance teleporters simply swing around Xen like a dimensional sligshot, making teleportation cheaper and a bit safer.

On the other hand, Combine teleportation takes the hard way and rips a hole in the universe. It does have some advantages, like the Combine being able to go to any universe they choose and wherever in a given universe, but teleportation relying on Xen is cheaper and uses much less machinery, as well as able to perform intradimensional travel as opposed to Combine teleportation which is only capable of travel between dimensions, leaving them reliant on local transportation to get around once they're in a dimension.

Some factions can even use it without machinery at all, like the G-Man, who conveniently disappears through what is either teleportation or a crapload of hidden doors before you ever get close.

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  • The Warcraft universe has the Twisting Nether, a realm that connects every world to one another. To those who know how to use its powers, it can act as a doorway between worlds. In its natural state it is the opposite of worlds, with mutable laws of physics defined by each individual and little sense of reason. Recently, however, it has become a major haven for the Burning Legion , who use it to punch holes into new worlds or intercept travelers passing through it. Wolfenstein has The Black Sun Dimension, which is basically a small-ish pocket Universe being kept from collapsing by a source of unlimited power at its center, The Black Sun.

    The Veil is a barrier between our universe and the Black Sun dimension, through which Black Sun energy occasionally leaks in the form of energy pools. Oh, did we mention that the energy has the property of horrifically There's even a sort of fauna, native to the Veil: the Geist, a species of monstrous insects that exist out-of-phase with our dimensions and can only be interacted with in the Veil Unless you're really stupid and attract their attention, at which point all bets are off. Star Control In this universe, Hyperspace is quite nice.

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    Quasispace Hyperspace's Hyperspace is even nicer! But God help you if you use "Dimensional Fatigue" technology wrongly. The Androsynth tried it, and they all disappeared overnight. There are no more Androsynth, only Orz. Strange creatures who are difficult to understand , implied to be merely projections of some greater being from Hyperspace's or Quasispace's Mirror Universe , and will happily kill you if you persist in asking about the Androsynth.

    Merely trying to research the fate of the Androsynth is enough to attract the attentions of Eldritch Abominations. Also of note is the fact that Hyperspace isn't a total walk in the park; according to the backstory , the shift between dimensions causes intense nausea, much like a hyperactive space seasickness. The eerie background music playing while your ship travels through Quasispace really helps get the "scary place" feeling across. Some of it sounds like the screams or yells of As some of the aliens describe it, Hyperspace is "above" regular space, and Quasi-space is "above" Hyperspace.

    The Orz come from "below". This was a little disturbing for everyone, as until then Hyperspace has been thought to be perfectly safe assuming you had a safe way of getting in and out of it. The Naggarok, an alien exploration vessel using an experimental form of hyperdrive, essentially went 'too deep', or something similar, resulting in it picking up a passenger in the form of a sentient biomatter virus.

    Add to Wishlist. USD Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Overview The Shadow Being is a highly evolved entity that connects with four very bright and adventuresome students. Together they participate in a bold and somewhat dangerous science experiment designed to unravel some the mysteries of the universe. The four very good friends, Dana, Cat, Bosco and Kyle put their talents to good use by competing in and winning various contests.

    The synchronicity of events that follows has these four gifted students traveling to Paris where they meet some very interesting people. Their adventures put them in contact with world famous scientists, great musicians, exceptional martial artists, members of a mysterious secret society and great chefs. They also encounter a group of people that pose a great danger to them.

    Arnaud Le Texier - Hyperspace (Affin 044 LTD)

    All adventures lead to the students playing an important part in the execution of the big experiment. This is a bold, audacious experiment that will pierce the fabric of space time and expose some of the best kept secrets of the universe. The story also offers a glimpse into some of the amazing experiments that are now being conducted by physicists and astrophysicists at the world's largest machine for conducting science experiments, the Large Hadron Collider.

    Join Kyle, alias Popcorn head, Dana, Bosco and Cat on this fast paced, page turning tale that will change their lives forever. Product Details About the Author. About the Author Patrick Graney has been telling stories literally and musically most of his life.

    He's traveled the country as a musician, interviewed and recorded great jazz artists as a radio producer and D. Patrick loves reading books about the wild world of particle physics and astrophysics. Patrick also loves playing jazz and Brazilian flavored jazz with like minded musicians. As a teacher he's created various media clubs and a live student-run TV broadcast. The videos that students create in his media classes focus on science and history.

    Three of these videos won top honors in Missouri's 'Show Me a Movie' contest. Graney uses his life experience and various interests to create stories that will interest students in science. This book offers the young reader a wild adventure and a view of today's largest and most compelling science experiment. Show More. Average Review. Write a Review. Related Searches. Cane's Break. Jake Cane was foolish to think he could drive all night. To stay awake he To stay awake he had detoured from the interstate highway and was relieving himself in a hedge adjacent to a used car lot.

    Jake had made a lot of View Product. Education in the Third Evolution.