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The following figure shows some of the scripts loaded by the Dashboard page the list appears if you click on the dojo. For example, the my-sites.

This is because the Spring Surf framework includes a checksum in the file name so it is more stable during upgrades of the software. For more information about this see the following article.


Finding out what Web Script s that is behind a page One common task during Share extension development is to find out what Web Script that is used for a specific functionality in the user interface, such as file upload. You should now see the following window: With Firebug enabled click on the Upload toolbar item. Firebug should now provide the list of script used by the upload page.

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So if we are using Flash upload then we could start searching the file system for matching Web Script files. Debugging JavaScript files Another common task during Share extension development is to be able to debug out-of-the-box and custom JavaScript files. This is quite easy to do with Firebug: Load the web page that refers to the JavaScript file. In the script list select the JavaScript file so the source for it is displayed.

Set breakpoints in the JavaScript code by clicking to the left of the line number Refresh the web page so the debugger stops at first breakpoint The following is an example of how to debug the file-upload.

Getting started

Download Firebug. Once you have downloaded and installed the Firebug extension, right click anywhere on your website and click Inspect Element. You can use Firebug to inspect which CSS style declarations affects different elements.

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  • It also displays which style sheet contains the CSS code and what line number the code is on so you can easily locate it. Generally your parent theme will contain one style. Localization Part IX. Activable Panel Part V. Domplate Part VI. Search Part VII. Net Panel Listener Part X.

    Debug and tune applications on the fly with Firebug

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