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Between and the United States signed 10 free trade agreements with 15 different countries. All of those agreements were approved by Congress, except for three — with South Korea, Colombia, and Panama — which were held in limbo by congressional leadership who refused to hold a vote. Congress finally voted to implement those three agreements in , after the Obama administration renegotiated them to limit the level of liberalization in certain product sectors or to impose additional requirements favorable to U. All three agreements eliminate almost all bilateral barriers to trade with the United States.

In addition to locking in low import tariffs for American consumers, the gains from liberalization will include increased U.

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The agreements also open up government procurement to more international competition. The U. GDP once fully implemented. China Currency Sanctions. Critics of trade with China complain that the Chinese government suppresses the value of its currency in an effort that amounts to a subsidy on exports and a tax on imports. Many of these critics claim that trade sanctions, or the threat thereof, are necessary to compel China to allow its currency to appreciate toward its likely higher market value.

Advocates of currency sanctions claim that the undervalued Chinese Yuan explains the bilateral U. Those relationships, however, are severely exaggerated. In fact, the deficit has increased as the Yuan has appreciated, and employment and the deficit seem to be positively correlated. Higher duties on imports from China to compel currency appreciation would not reduce U. In the U. Department of Commerce changed this policy and began to apply the anti-subsidy law to Chinese imports while still maintaining the punitive nonmarket economy methodology in antidumping cases.

S courts and the WTO for imposing a double remedy. In a federal appeals court determined that applying anti-subsidy duties to imports from nonmarket economies was prohibited under U. Russia joined the World Trade Organization in August , but because of the Jackson-Vanik Amendment, congressional action was needed to ensure that traders in the United States would benefit from increased access to the Russian market.

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The Jackson-Vanik Amendment imposed significant barriers to trade with Soviet bloc countries. The president was prohibited from granting PNTR status to any of the countries included in the restriction but could grant temporary waivers if certain conditions were met. Votes on Trade Subsidies Like barriers, trade subsidies limit the ability of American consumers to benefit from the gains of trade. Support for trade subsidies is often premised on the erroneous belief that national economic well-being depends on maintaining a sufficiently high level of exports. By redistributing public money to private interests, however, subsidies pervert market incentives and divert trade in ways that benefit a privileged few at the expense of both taxpayers and consumers.

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Export-Import Bank Reauthorization and Expansion. The Export-Import Bank provides subsidized incentives for U. However, most U. Thus the Export-Import Bank delivers no net benefit to the U. The House voted to approve Roll Call Vote Sugar Program. The federal sugar program benefits domestic producers through a system of subsidized price support loans and quota barriers against imported sugar.

The program forces American consumers to pay prices far above those in world markets for sugar. We can all rest easy knowing that if members of Congress go after each other's throats during these heated sequestration talks, that there are 5 Peace Corps volunteers in the House who might be able to restore a sense of calm during the stormy sea of discontent. Even if peace and tranquility isn't in the cards, no reason to fear, because the th Congress comes equipped with 3 sheriffs, 1 deputy sheriff, 2 FBI agents, and even a firefighter in the Senate for all the fire breathers in need of being hosed down.

It's also comforting to know that if any members of the Congress should suddenly take ill; there are 2 physicians in the Senate, 17 physicians in the House, 1 psychiatrist; and 3 psychologists all of whom purportedly will make House calls.

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And according to the CRS report, even if the th Congress accomplishes nothing of importance to email or text home about, at least they'll be fully entertained. After all, the current Congress is comprised of a screenwriter, a comedian, a documentary film maker, 5 radio talk show hosts, 6 radio or television broadcasters, and a public television producer. This House number includes 2 Delegates. S House or Representatives as required by the U.

In the House, business is first, followed by public service or politics and law. Military Academy and 1 Senator and 1 Representative graduated from the U. Naval Academy. Both of the female veterans are combat veterans. This article was cross-posted from The Morning Delivery. Do you have information you want to share with HuffPost?

Sanders held a leadership position on 1 committee and 1 subcommittee, as either a chair majority party or ranking member minority party , at the end of the session. GovTrack looked at whether Sanders supported any of 8 government transparency, accountability, and effectiveness bills in the Senate that we identified in this session. We gave Sanders 1 point, based on one point for cosponsoring and three points for sponsoring any of these bills. Sanders cosponsored S. Members of Congress who took office within the last few months of a Congress are considered freshmen in the next Congress as well.

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