Wundervölker, Monstrosität und Hässlichkeit im Mittelalter (German Edition)

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The interventions were mainly focused on recovering or equipping museological or interpretative spaces. Since these spaces were rooted in local and regional memories, the exhibitions bridge the gap between the global, which the Sephardim helped to create, a modern, open and innovative Europe and the local: the connection to smaller social structures, families and local history. In the Central Region of Portugal, related to the Rout of Sepharad, the following monuments can be visited and enjoyed:.

Decreto-Lei n.

Artigo 3. Portaria n. Artigo 1.

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La Caixa? The real worlds of welfare capitalism? Origins and development of the Welfare State ? Balancing flexibility and security in European labour markets? This course allows students a to have access to updated knowledge on key issues, concepts and theories of this sociological area; b to train comparative analysis on specific questions of contemporary societies particularly the European context resorting to conceptual and interpretative tools of this area; c to contribute to developing skills and capacity to articulate theoretical, empirical, and methodological knowledge from different sociological disciplines and theoretical perspectives, including other social sciences, so as to enlighten the issues and focus of this sociological discipline; d also to contribute to developing other general skills, such as the ability for individual research, interpretation of sociological literature and data, to correlate theory and empirical data, and applying theories and methods of sociology to concrete social issues.

Peasantry, agriculture and modernization. The social structure of peasant rurality; 1. The concept of peasantry: family and "peasant economic rationality"; 1. Peasants and farmers: the "end of the peasantry? Agrarian structures in Portugal: agribusiness, family farming and multiactivity; 2.

Rurality, Agriculture and Rural Development. The Common Agricultural Policy and rural development; 2. Rural industrialization: rurality and industry in Portugal; 2. The contemporary rurality: functional diversification, heritage, and symbolic reconstruction; 2. The ecological and social contrasts of rurality and the sustainable rural development. Focusing on specific topics addressed in each chapter of the program, they get the support of tutorial guidance by the teacher.

Alternatively, students have to pass a final exam previous registration is required. Baptista, F. Ramos coords. Cordovil, Francisco et alli Lima, Aida V. Agricultura e Ruralidade em Portugal. Moreira, M. Portela, J. Castro Caldas org. Shanin, T. Baptista, Fernando Oliveira e Ricardo T. Santos Oeiras: Celta Editora, O Voo do Arado. Lisboa: Museu Nacional de Etnologia. Bradley, T. Lowe eds. Brower, F. Trinta anos de uma comunidade alentejana. Carmo, Renato Miguel Entre as Cidades e a Serra. Mobilidades, capital social e associativismo no interior algarvio. Lisboa: Editora Mundos Sociais. Rural Restructuring?

Cordovil, Francisco e Manuel Rosa coord. Desenvolvimento Rural. Novas Realidades e Perspectivas. Lisboa: D. Sustainable rural development. Aldershot : Ashgate, p. Images and realities of rural life : Wageningen perspectives on rural transformations. Assen : Van Gorcum, p. Vida no Campo. Porto: Dafne Editora. Gray, John In Michael Redclift and Graham Woodgate ed. Jervell, A. Moxnes Jollivet, Marcel ed. Vers un rural postindustriel. Paris: L'Harmattan. Lima, Aida Valadas Lima, Aida Valadas e Manuela Reis Lima, Aida Valadas e alli In Phillip Lowe ed.

Lowe, Phillip ed. Marsden, Terry Mendras, Henri XXVII 1 , pp. Mormont, Marc Newby, H. Buttel eds. Newby, Howard. Sevilla-Guzman Madrid: Alianza Editorial. Pahl, R. Pahl ed. Redfield, Robert , The Little Community. Ribeiro, Orlando Lisboa: Liv. Silva, Joaquim Sande ed.

Floresta e Sociedade. Sorokin, Pitirim A. Winter, Michael In Tony Bradley and Philip Lowe eds. Locality and Rurality? The program in Urban Sociology course asks students whether contact with the main problems faced in that subject area or learning theories and concepts that serve the sociological approach of urban space.

In definition of the object:the city and the urban;The origins of urban sociology in the context of the processes of industrialization and urbanization; Modernity, urbanization and metropolisation; Thinking about the city:theories of capitalist industrial city in the 2nd half of XX century;Post-Fordism and theories of post-Fordist city; Globalization and Theories of global city;Post-modernity and theories of postmodern city;The new urban economies: economic structure and labor markek;Housing market,housing policies and social housing;Gentrification, urban redevelopment and new urban lifestyles;Social exclusion and new urban poverty;New modes of regulation of territorial basis: globalization and urban governance; Policy interventions in the territory:renovation,rehabilitation to and revitalization;Metapolisation and mobility; City, sustainability and quality of life.

An individual work which consists on a development of a set of questions previously given. One of them will be answered on class, the other ones will be developed as a autonomous work. Students may alternatively, or in case of failure, attend the final evaluation which consists on an examination on the subjects included in the syllabus. The end of the city? The future of the European city? Gentrification and the middle-class remaking of Inner London ? Motility: Mobility as Capital?

Les Presses - Lees, L. Desenvolvimento urbano de Lisboa? Sassen, S. New frontiers facing urban sociology at the Millennium? City-regions: economic motors and political actors on the globalstage? Franco Crespi , Manual de sociologia da cultura, Lisboa, Estampa. Richard Florida. The flight of the creative class: the new global competition for talent, Nova Iorque, Harper Collins, Alexandre Melo , Arte, Lisboa, Quimera.

Nick Stevenson , Culture and citizenship, Londres, Sage, Andrew Tudor , Decoding culture: theory and method in cultural studies, Londres, Sage. Focusing on the analysis of the role of information and networks on social change, this seminar aims to explore and analyze the interaction between information technology, society, economy, politics, and culture in an interdisciplinary and cross-cultural perspective.

The classes will be built on the discussion of the technological, cultural and institutional transformation of societies around the world in terms of the critical role of electronic communication networks in business, everyday life, public services, social interaction and politics. It is expected that the students enrolled in this seminar will be able do attain knowledge on why the network society is the new form of social organization in the Information age, replacing the Industrial society and analyze the processes of technological transformation in interaction with social culture in different cultural and institutional contexts.

Themes of Presentations chronological sequence 1. Theories of the Network Society 2. Mobile Communication and Society: 8. Power and Counterpower in the Network Society 9. Culture s and Identitie s in the Network Society. Each Student is responsible by the following: 1 Performing the required readings 2 Develop two papers The evaluation will consist of two different moments, autonomous or interlinked. Benkler, Yochai. The Wealth of Networks. New Haven: Yale University Press, Northampton, MA: Edward Elgar, Teorias da Sociedade em Rede Daniel Bell. The Coming of Postindustrial Society.

Basic Books, , , Focus on the prefaces to the and to the editions. Frank Webster. Theories of the Information Society.

Opções de acessibilidade

London: Routledge, Frijof Capra. Hidden Connections. New York: Doubleday, Network Power. Duncan J. Princeton: Princeton University Press, Anna L. The New Argonauts. Manuel Castells and Pekka Himanen. Oxford: Oxford University Press, Jack Linchuan Qiu. You-tien Hsing. Ken Ducatel et alter eds. The Information Society in Europe. Work and Life in an Age of Globalization.

Lanham: Rowman and Littlefield, Ernest Wilson. The Information Revolution and Developing Countries. Cambridge: Harvard University Press, The Internet Galaxy. Eric Brynjolfsson and B. Understanding the Digital Economy.

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Don Tapscott and Anthony D. Howard Davies and David Green. Global Financial Regulation. Cambridge: Polity Press, Frank Levy and Richard Murnane.

Bachelor (BSc) in Sociology - ISCTE-IUL

Roger Waldinger and Michael Lichter. Berkeley: University of California Press, The Polycentric Metropolis. London: Earthscan, William Mitchell. Cambridge: MIT Press, Stephen Graham editor. The Cybercities Reader. Pages Anthony M. London: Springer Mark Abrahamson. Global Cities. New York: Oxford University Press, Ananya Roy and Nezar Alsayyad eds. New York: Lexington Books. Lisa Servon. Oxford: Blackwell, Robert Neuwirth. In International Journal of Communication, volume 2, Accessible online: www. The Political Economy of Media. New York: Monthly Review Press, Henry Jenkins.

Convergence Culture. Eric Klinenberg. Fighting for Air. New York: Metropolitan Books, Hernan Galperin. Pablo J. Digitizing the News: Innovation in Online Newspapers. Lev Manovich. The Language of New Media. Tarleton Gillespie. Cambridge: MIT, Danah Boyd; Ellison, N. Social network sites: Definition, history, and scholarship. Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication, 13 1 , article Lange, Publicly private and privately public: Social networking on YouTube.

James Katz editor. Handbook of Mobile Communication Studies. Wireless World. Social and Interactional Aspects of the Mobile Age. London: Springer, Richard Ling. San Francisco: Morgan Kaufman, Andre Caron and Letizia Caronia. Montreal: McGill-Queen? Bedford: St. Martin's, 2nd edition. Bruce Bimber. Information and American Democracy. Technology and the Evolution of Political Power.

New York: Cambridge University Press, London: Demos Pippa Norris. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, John B. John Arquilla and David Rondfeldt. Peter Ludlow ed. Crypto Anarchy, Cyberstates, and Pirate Utopias. Dan Gillmor. We the Media: Grassroots journalism by the people, for the people. Sebastopol, CA: O'Reilly. Global Cultural Industry.

Banet-Weiser, Sarah.

Isabel Cristina dos Guimarães Sanches e Sá

Kids Rule! Durham: Duke University Press, Cable Visions: Television Beyond Broadcasting. Philadelphia: Temple University Press, Daniel Solove. The Digital Person. Douglas Thomas. Hacker Culture. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, Ben Anderson. Information, Communication and Society. Katherine Bessiere, et alter.

Van Zoonen. Gendering the Internet: Claims, Controversies and Cultures. European Journal of Communication, Vol. David Couzens Hoy. The Time of Our Lives.? John Thompson. Books in the Digital Age. Castells, Manuel. Communication Power. Hampton, Keith. Neighborhoods in the Network Society.? Information, Communication and Society, vol. Shiller, Robert. The Subprime Solution: How Today? Weber, Steven. The Success of Open Source. Himanen, Pekka. The Hacker Ethic and the Business Environment. New York: Random House, Stallman, Richard?

Free Software, Free Society. Selected Essays? Lessig, Lawrence. New York: Vintage Books, Rice, Ronald; Katz, James. Social Uses of the Internet. Wasko, Janet. Understanding Disney: The Manufacture of Fantasy. The study of health and illness as multidimensional subjects interrelated to the discovery of its social determinants and the promotion of its displacement from the ethnocentric perspective of the European medicine. Show the importance of which covers the intersection of health sociology and sociology of the body and emotions, in that the body is a relevant entity to analyze the complex relationships between cultural change and identity restoration.

To understand the Portuguese health system, its policies, its forms of regulation, at national and international levels, as well as the role assumed by the state, the market, the communities and the families in the delivery of health care. To inform about the specific features of health organizations and the respective professional dynamics, taking into consideration the perspectives of knowledge, power and the strategic action. Sociology of Health and Illness: constructing a field 1. Health in Portugal: the system and its policies 2. Health Organizations and the professions of medicine 3.

The organization of a working paper about the themes specified above, according the following modalities,whose preparation will be made with the support of the teacher through a calendar defined in three phases It is possible to prepare the analytical design of aproject, without adding any empirical stage of work;It is possible to make a project,whose preparation can be adequate with the time duration of the semester.

BURY Michael. ADAM P. BECK U. Le raisonnement medical, Paris, Seuil, Coll. BURY M. The lay perspective, Londres, Tavistock. CANT S. Fatalidade ou Utopia? Pode o Estado Social recuar mais? COE R. Critical Perspectives, Nova Iorque, St. Martin's Press. A Home Away from Home? COX C. DIAS M. Lisboa, Monitor.

O Quotidiano do trabalho de dor no hospital, Coimbra, Quarteto. Doctors and the regulation of lifestyle, Londres, Routledge. FOX N. GABE J. Sociological Approaches, Oxford, Blackwell Publishers. HOGG C. JACO E. Power, Medicine and the Body, Londres, Routledge. Essai de sociologie et d'anthropologie du corps, Paris, Meridiens Klincksieck. LOBO, E. LOUX F. Illness, disease and the body in western societies, Londres, Sage Publications. A Sociocultural Exploration, Londres, Sage. Dimensions of Suffering Londres, Sage Publications.


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Le Lien Social. Essays on the historical pestilence, Cambridge, Cambridge University Press. ROSE N. Information and the Control of Treatment in Tuberculosis Hospitals? SAKS M. S, org. Medical Sociology Towards , Londres, Routledge. Practitioners and Patients, Londres, Routledge. SIM J. Ambivalence, Reflexivity and Morality, Londres, Sage. Serpente Emplumada. Louis, Mosby. WING S. Cultural Componentes in Response to Pain? Culture and Symptoms: an analysis of patient?

Medicine as na institution of social control? Introduction to the theoretical, methodological and empirical study of the sociology of contemporary international migration. Introduction 01 Migration issues I The explanation and analysis of migration 02 Migration: conceptual issues 03 Migration: methodological issues 04 The constitution of migration flows 05 The integration of migrants 06 Migration policy II Contemporary international migration 07 The history of international migration 08 Patterns of international migration 09 Migration and mobility in the European Union 10 Contemporary forced migration 11 The impacts of migration III International migration to and from Portugal 12 Portuguese emigration before 13 Portuguese emigration after 14 Immigration in Portugal after 15 Migrants in Portugal.

Periodic assessment consists of two individual essays and a presentation. Miller , The Age of Migration. International Population Movements in the Modern World, 5. Pires, Rui Pena, e outros , Portugal. Brettell e James F.

Curriculum Vitae

Hollifield orgs. Talking Across Disciplines, 2. Helweg, A. A case study approach to understanding migrant behaviour", International Migration, 25, pp. Hollifield, James F. Wong , "The politics of international migration: how can we 'bring the state back in? Talking Across Disciplines, 3.

Portugal e a Europa, Lisboa, Mundos Sociais, pp. Zolberg, Aristide R. Ghosh, Bimal , Migrants' Remittances and Development. Hatton, Timothy J. Williamson , The Age of Mass Migration. Koser, Khalid , International Migration. Assimilation and Contemporary Immigration, Cambridge, Mass.

Sandra Cavallo and Silvia Evangelisti, - Farnham: Ashgate.

Isabel Cristina dos Guimarães Sanches e Sá

Liam M. Brockey ed. Aldershot: Ashgate. Ondina E. Albuquerque: University of New Mexico Press. In Portuguese Oceanic Expansion, , ed. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. In Os Portugueses e o Oriente. Rosa Maria Perez, 85 - Lisboa: Dom Quixote. In Portugaliae Monumenta Misericordiarum, ed. In The Spiritual Conversion of the Americas, ed. James Muldoon ed.

Gainesville: University Press of Florida. Carlos Moreira Azevedo, - Carlos Moreira Azevedo dir. In Abandoned Children, ed. Catherine Panter-Brick e Malcom Smith, 27 - Lisboa: Celta. In Os brasileiros de torna-viagem no Noroeste de Portugal, ed. Francisco Bethencourt e Kirti Chaudhuri, - Afonso c. Viana do Castelo. New Haven: Yale University Press, XLVII, n.

Madrid, Espanha: Sem publicadora definida. Em curso Ongoing 1. Henrique , David Emanuel Vieira Aguiar, D. Paulo, no Brasil. Laura de Mello e Sousa, Tese Cultura Portuguesa - Universidade de Lisboa. Tese em co-tutela. Leonor nas Caldas da Rainha, Mestrado Master degree 1. Estrela Clara de Aurora: Isabel de Portugal