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Logging a Calf roping horse. My father, Bob, Logs our horse Maybe, teaching her to work more rope.

His traveling partner Houston Hutto had to get on the phone and tell her that it was true. When asking Houston what he thought about it, he jokingly likes to say "I thought they missed his time!

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He currently has passed on but will be remembered by the best cowboys of this generation. Ricky also has been fortunate that other competitors have allowed him to ride their horses as well.

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Growing up that is all they did. They would work all week just to have the money to go and compete on the weekends. As a kid in the summer he would go spend time with Stephen Perry who helped and taught Ricky as well.

Roping the Daddy (Kester Ranch Cowboys #3) by Tori Kayson

A great roper and friend. Roping in Ricky is also a true family man. He also started producing his own ropings in They started out as just a Saturday fun night of roping and now have turned into some of the biggest and best ropings in Texas. He held his First Annual Jr. Roping this past spring break and it was a huge success. Last year he and his family produced 38 ropings.

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The Good family of New Mexico quality ropers all has been frequently mentioned in these columns. And with apologies to Dr. Fathers, sons, uncles and brothers have been making swift horn catches on high-tailing steers for years. This summer at Cheyenne, the trend continued. Two brothers each won some money.


Charles Good of Elida placed in a pair of steer roping events, the regular rodeo PRCA event and the senior tour event, and his younger brother, Ike, split third and fourth in the first go-round of the regular-way contest. There is another brother, Billy Frank, who also ropes steers.

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But Charles is the man of the hour. He is the first steer roper ever to place in the two-way competition.

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There was then just one event at Cheyenne for the steer trippers. On the yonder side of 50, he secured three steers in the open roping last July in Healso secured three steers in the closed roping in And Cheyenne must like what it sees, for the group has been invited back next year for the third time. Cheyenne, called "The Daddy of 'Em All," is big in numerous ways, including numbers of contestants.

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  • The open steer roping attracted cowboys, and 44 veterans were invited to rope, trip and tie. Charles recalls his open runs this way: He secured his first steer in He turned all three steers over on their sides for a right-hand tie. Tom, a bay gelding that weighs 1, and stands