Wundervölker, Monstrosität und Hässlichkeit im Mittelalter (German Edition)

Sue Bohlin offers a quiz covering Bible basics rather than trivia. That's because we're not reading and studying the Bible. Who wrote the first five books of the Old Testament? .. Probe fulfills this mission through our Mind Games conferences for youth and adults, our 3-minute daily radio program, and.

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They will take place every ThursThis will be our ninth year for Letterday evening, July 7 through August box, which gets kids out into the parks 11, 7— p. The coning—nature as they search. With a Roth IRA, you can the sound of traffic and hubbub of evyour can bring your own.

Not only are they learning Visit www. There are tax considerations and other factors onflies and frogs and birds and habiOf course, there are dozens of nature that determine whether converting to a Roth IRA tats and the wonderful world, but they programs that will be held throughout is right for you. You can pick up a program Call today to schedule an appointment to you remember as a child. Please consult your attorney or qualified tax advisor regarding your situation. And I bet you do, too.

Prizes for the first children who www. In addition to facts, there are a number of myths associated with falls that should also be taken into consideration. According to information found at www. Staying home and keeping your activity level to a minimum is not the best way to avoid falls. In fact, the opposite is true. Performing physical activities will help you stay independent, as strength and range of motion benefit from an active lifestyle.

Social activities are also good for overall health. Taking any medication may increase your fall risk. Make sure you discuss any potential side effects and interactions with your health care provider. Fall prevention is a team effort, and working together with your family and your health care provider helps reduce your overall risk of falling.

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Becoming active at any time will have benefits, including protection from falls. A brochure produced by the CDC and found online at www. When you walk through a room, do you have to walk around furniture? If so, ask that the furniture be moved so your path is clear. Do you have throw rugs on the floor? Are there objects on the floor papers, shoes, books, towels, magazines, blankets, etc. Pick them up and make an effort to keep your floors clear. Do you have to walk over or around wires or cords?

In your bathroom, is the tub or shower floor slippery? Put a non-slip mat on the floor. In your kitchen, are the things you frequently use stored on high shelves? Keep things you use often on lower shelves, close to waist level. Because the majority of falls happen within the home, SourcePoint offers free home safety checks through its FIRST First in Response to Seniors Team program, which are available free of charge to those Delaware County residents 60 and older.

We also make recommendations based on things that we think would help, such as putting motion lights up stairwells or down hallways leading to bathrooms. Those can light your path without leaving hall lights on all night. Home Safety Tips Remove furniture from high traffic paths.

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Remove objects from the floor, and tape cords next to the wall. Put a non-slip mat in your bathtub, and non-slip strips where floor levels change. Add hand rails along staircases, and clear items from the steps. Call for a free home safety check. We want to let people know that our goal is to make their home safer and give them ideas that could lower their risk of injury.

Sessions will teach attendees different non-strenuous exercises that will help improve balance and offer the opportunity to share advice with peers about creating a safer home environment and changing beliefs about falls. Briant said the program accepts up to 15 participants per session. The next session begins May 4 and additional information can be found online at www.

SourcePoint offers other classes that are designed to complement the techniques and lessons learned through the Matter of Balance sessions. Steve Gorman, enrichment center director at SourcePoint, said the Tai Chi and Brains and Balance classes are recommended for those looking to enhance their physical and mental health. And while it is more of a martial art, it is truly a balance-based program.

If there is a true cause and effect relationship, then we need to try and minimize the amount of damage, and it all starts with being stable on. The mission of the coalition is to reduce falls and fall-related injuries through community collaboration, awareness, education, and evidence-based interventions. STEADY U Ohio is supported by Ohio government and state business partners and designed to ensure that every county, every community, and every Ohioan know how to prevent falls, one step at a time.

Not one of us would inhale, because if we did, the others would laugh at you until you quit coughing. Some evenings, we went to enjoy a free movie, especially if a western was shown. About an hour before dark, we left the camp site and rode our bicycles the five miles to the theater. A train track passed a little ways behind the local drive-in. We left our bikes off the road by the tracks.

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We usually had to wait a short while for the evening to get darker and the movie to start. Then we hopped over the fence and walked through the field to the back of the theater. Since the movie had started, we turned up some of the speakers in the back row. We sat in the grass, leaned against the fence and enjoyed the movie. After a short time, we usually moved from the back row up to the concession stand. There were benches in front of it, and we made ourselves at home. Sometimes, one of us would have a few cents and we would buy and share a box or two of popcorn.

But usually, the projector operator would set a couple of boxes on the table by the benches when no one else was around. This worked out very well for two reasons. First, the manager and his wife were very good friends with all of our parents. They all attended church and school functions together.

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They belonged to the same card club. Our dads served on the local school board together, or drove one of the buses. Secondly, one or two of us actually worked at the drive-in part of the time in the summer. When we were needed, we would ride our bikes back to the theater, park at the concession stand and report to the manager. We used a stick with a nail in the end to pick up the cups, boxes and paper left there from the night before and put it all in a plastic trash bag.

This was great as we actually got paid for this job! It was a good job with nice benefits for a couple of young country boys at that time. At night, after the movie was over—we usually stayed for only the first of a double feature—we walked back to our bikes for the ride back to the campsite. Sometimes one of us thought about bringing a flashlight with batteries that worked. But normally we rode in the dark after our eyes became accustomed to it, or sometimes there was even some light from the moon.

We would encounter one or two cars during our homeward trek, but we just stopped and moved off to the side of the road until they passed. Once they passed, we continued on to our campsite. During the ride back, we would discuss in depth the movie we had just watched. We quickly made it back to the campsite and, having avoided any Indians or outlaws, quickly fell asleep. Those summer days and nights are filled with some wonderful memories. I appreciate being lucky enough to have grown up in a small farming community, where everyone knew everyone else and everyone looked out for and took care of all of the neighbors.

Can you imagine the kids today having such wonderful and pleasant memories? Can you imagine parents today letting their kids do what we did back then? Boy, how times have changed! The story would eventually turn into the first chapter of Slade House. The house is located just off Slade Alley, the smallest alley that guest Nathan Bishop has ever seen. Hidden between Westwood Road and Cranbury Avenue behind a tall brick wall, Slade House is much too large for the small block to accommodate but somehow manages to exist. On Open Day, Slade House must be entered by guests through a small, black iron gate located just off the narrow alley.

Welcoming guests in by whatever means necessary, Slade House and its inhabitants are distinct to each visitor. Nathan Bishop is greeted by Jonah Grayer, a young boy around his own age. Each visitor arrives in part as a result of the previous victim of Slade House, connecting the five chapters throughout the novel. The guests find their way into the house by different means, but all fall victim to the same hungry malevolence.

Slade House is a satisfying story of the supernatural and is highly recommended. Spooky and compelling, Slade House will appeal to both horror fans for the storyline and literary fiction readers for the wonderful writing. Materials reviewed are available for use at DCDL. Lincoln Ave. Main St. Contact: Central Ave.

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Contact: Bob Burr at Cherry St. Contact: Virginia Helwig at Contact: Wanda Kamler at Contact: Thom at or Ron at Meeting: 3rd TH, 5—6 p. Sandusky St. Contact: Becky Becker at Orange Township Hall, E. Contact: Connie Kimmins at Genoa Community Building S. Old 3C Hwy.

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Contact: Bill Brown at Prospect Senior Citizens Building N. Elm St. Contact: Rick Willey at Contact: Miriam Holmes at or mholmes3 columbus. Picture yourself at Sarah Moore! The Sarah Moore Community offers the finest in assisted living accommodations, including spacious one- and two-bedroom apartments, in a convenient downtown Delaware location. If you or a loved one are recovering from an illness, injury or surgery after hospitalization, Sarah Moore also provides the expert physical, occupational and speech therapies you need for a safe return home. Medicare at St.

John Insurance specialists from SourcePoint will be at St. Anyone wanting to learn more about Medicare is invited to attend. Come for lunch from a. Pre-registration is required for both. To register for lunch, call SourcePoint at To register for the class, call or visit www. Additional New to Medicare classes are held monthly at SourcePoint. For more information, go to www. Oops, I Hit Delete! I accidently deleted all the files on my memory card! While I may not be a professional photographer, I do love taking pictures, and I take a lot of them.

I use a red Nikon D camera with two SD cards. I swap them out when they get full, but recently I accidentally re-formatted the wrong card and wiped out a ton of pictures that I needed to keep and were crucial to my job. It basically scans your hard drive, USB flash drive, or memory card, and gives you the option to restore items. And guess what? It actually works! Recuva is easy to use. You can find the program by doing a Google search. I suggest downloading it directly from piriform. Once installed, just double click on the icon and follow the wizard that walks you through the steps of recovering your lost photos or files.

Now if you accidently delete a crucial file or photo which I think many of us have done , give this program a try. It has helped me recover files more than once! Press your pendant and speak with a caring professional who will contact someone to assist you. Your CareLink Attendant will remain on the line with you until help arrives. SourcePoint invites the community to join friends and family on select dates throughout the year for delicious buffet dinners and musical entertainment. Net proceeds benefit programs and services that help Delaware County adults thrive after Join us for the next dinner on Wednesday, May 4.

A harpist will play throughout the evening for our dinner guests. A live band will perform as well. The June dinner is sponsored by Interim HealthCare. Reservations are required for each dinner; please call or go to www. Questions about your Hearing? Know someone in Need of Speech Therapy? My Communicator is published bimonthly by SourcePoint and is made possible through the generosity of advertisers, donors, and volunteers. See More. My SourcePoint www. To learn how SourcePoint can help, call Find us online at www. Allen fleshed out the character of Our Millie by pulling from her own life experiences as an only child growing up on a farm near the small Ohio River town of Ironton.

All Rights Reserved. That sounds like a daunting task for many of us, but it can be more easily accomplished when we incorporate balance activities into our lifestyle. Pro To the rear Philip J Ulery Financial Advisor. She also does light home chores for our clients and acted as a tax appointment assistant, fielding phone calls and making tax appointments. Water Boot Camp Mon.

Water Volleyball Tue. Painting Group Mon. Dance for Fit and Fun Sat. Fitness Ctr. Boot Camp Mon. Quilters Rule Tue.

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Golden Marathon Hiking Mon. Reminiscence Theatre Thu. Scrappy Crafters Tue. Stone Carving with Dave Thomas Mon. Woodcarving Mon. Beginning Calligraphy Wed. Explore the Artist: Frida Kahlo May 21, 9 a. Creative Connection Jun. The Golden Notes Fri. Hand Work with Friends Thu. Aquatics 1 Mon. Intergenerational: Memories and More! May 7, 9 a. Aquatics 2 Mon. Jewelry Edition Jun. Hanson This Time Around.

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