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Phil also runs a separate label Coffee Beat Records and puts on regular gigs at his studio with bands from all over the world. He also makes a lovely cup of tea. All starting amidst the tiki turntables at the Central, for a bottle of Jack Daniels and a jazz cigarette, good taste lady! Video Mat is our go to guy for design projects needing a Hollywood touch. I liked the mystery that this added to the story and I liked how this forced Miranda to become her own person! But she never stop looking for her best friend!

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There is also the sweetest love story in this book between Miranda and Nick, nothing like first love! I loved how tender and true this relationship was A beautifully told young adult book that will appeal to people of all ages, absolutely recommend! Feb 27, Weezie rated it it was amazing Shelves: Oh my god. I am so deeply in love with this book. I'll have a full review closer to pub date but this is the PERFECT book for anyone who has had their heart broken by a best friend or fell embarrassingly in love with their crush.

I am in awe. View 2 comments. Jul 04, Samantha WLABB rated it really liked it Shelves: ya , arcs , contemporary , romance , , diversereads , debuts. After a display of bizarre behavior, Miranda's best friend, Syd, disappeared. I'm gone. Syd was her guide, her best friend, and supporter, and now Miranda was left to navigate the world without her. This was such a beautiful story of love: platonic love between best friends, familial love, and first love.

The friendship between Syd and Miranda was built After a display of bizarre behavior, Miranda's best friend, Syd, disappeared. The friendship between Syd and Miranda was built on a foundation of shared pain.

I'm Not Running

Both were abandoned by their mothers at young ages, but their circumstances were quite different. While Syd lived in a home devoid of love, Miranda was lucky to have a father, who adored her, and attempted to fill in those holes left by her mother. Though I do believe Syd held Miranda back some, I never questioned her love for Miranda at any point.

Like I said, Miranda was fortunate to have a fantastic father. He was forced to grow as a parent, when Miranda's mother left, and he more than rose to the occasion. They had an incredible relationship, which was so genuine and heartwarming. Despite all the affection, Miranda still struggled a little with her identity, because she looked more like her Latina mother, than her white father, and this was something that burdened her throughout the book.

I saved my favorite "love" for last, because I am such a sap and love a good romance, which Fountain so wonderfully delivered. Watching these two navigate their feelings was such a treat. They were terribly adorable, and the way they fumbled through many of their interactions was so endearing and realistic. I adored that they talked to each other, like really talked to each other about important things, and I was especially pleased with the way Fountain navigated the physical side of their relationship. Consent was explicitly discussed, and I think it was extremely important in the context of this story.

There was a lot of exploration of different kinds of love, but there was also a little mystery infused via Syd's disappearance. Miranda searched for Syd on and off throughout the story, and she stumbled upon clues, which eventually revealed the real reason why Syd fled. But, what I enjoyed most was how Miranda found herself as she was searching for Syd. Without Syd running the show, Miranda was forced to rely on herself more, and as a result, she grew a great deal.

She came to terms with some things from her past, which had been haunting her, and because of this, was able to look forward to her future. Overall: A heartbreaking and heartwarming story of first love, facing change, and finding yourself in the wake of huge losses. DNF skimmed to the end For me to enjoy a story with friendship as a central theme, I have to buy into the plausibility of the friendship. Aside from both girls having been abandoned by their mothers, I saw no affinity between Miranda and Syd. All I could feel was that Miranda was lucky to be rid of Sydney after Syd ran away.

The positive aspects of the story were race, especially when Miranda, who resembled her Mexican mother, was DNF skimmed to the end For me to enjoy a story with friendship as a central theme, I have to buy into the plausibility of the friendship. The positive aspects of the story were race, especially when Miranda, who resembled her Mexican mother, was constantly questioned if her blue-eyed Caucasian father was her biological parent.

I also liked her college decision making process in relation to her boyfriend. Jul 28, Julie rated it it was amazing Shelves: finished-copies , favorites , debuts , arc , on-my-shelf , pub-flatiron. I devoured the second half of this book and I can't stop thinking about it. The conversations around grief and friendship and agency this book inspires are just. I loved it so much. View 1 comment. Jul 18, Karen rated it really liked it Shelves: author-is-a-poc , protag-is-a-poc. Jan 28, Lauren rated it it was amazing.

I loved every minute and recommend it to everyone! May 28, Elsa rated it it was amazing Shelves: all-time-favorites.

Joyner Lucas - I'm Not Racist

This book was I absolutely loved it. Even though it centered on Miranda's relationships with Sydney and Nick, the aspect that really did it for me was the emphasis on and focus given to her relationship with her father. Without getting too into it, both Miranda and I lost our mothers- not lost as in she died, but lost as in she became lost to us. To see that sort of experience reflected so accurately and in such a raw way affected me much more than I expected. Insofar as her dad This book was Insofar as her dad, I've never seen that sort of relationship reflected in a book: Miranda and her father both mourn her mother, even years later, and she has to watch him mourn and feel a pain that is different from her own.

I know that feeling. And I know Miranda's feeling when she finally just says "for the first time in so long, I missed my mother". When someone is gone, you never really stop mourning. And Miranda being able to acknowledge that and say that, and me being able to read that, just hurt and helped me so much. Her dynamic with her father reminded me so much of my relationship with my own dad, whom I love so much, so I absolutely loved every scene and every sweet discussion they had together.

I'm absolutely blown away that this is Carrie's first novel, and she freaking nailed it.

I'm Not Running

The dialogue is so smooth and natural, not at all like it's trying too hard. Miranda's obsessive feelings with Nick is so true to life, as is her turbulent relationship with Syd- she's her ride-or-die, until she's not, and then she's at the end of the spectrum, and sometimes that's what being friends is like. Perhaps my only complaint is that, while Syd is given ample backstory and character traits, I don't think I bought Miranda's never-ending loyalty to her, even after everything.

For me, after what Syd did no spoilers! But I also know that I've been in friendships and relationships where I told myself that that was it, no going back, but lo and behold. I guess I just wished Miranda had talked about it more, rather than just thinking about it? She spoke about it with Syd, but it didn't feel like enough justification. So there's my long and rambling review. I'm so glad I stumbled upon this book when I did, because now it will be close to my heart, always and forever. Mar 03, Abbi rated it it was amazing. Feb 20, Reggie Virus rated it it was amazing.

Loved loved loved this!!! I do wish we knew where and how her mom was doing. I love how she has her dad and how chill he is. Jan 12, Alexa rated it liked it Shelves: to-read-ya , to-read-fiction. Carrie Fountain's I'm Not Missing explores the life of a young woman in the wake of her best friend's disappearance. The protagonist, Miranda, comes to find herself as she deals with new love, lack of a mother, relationships with her family, religion, and choices about her future. One of the novel's highest points is the believable and smooth dialogue between characters and the overall tone of Miranda as the narrative voice.

I find that one of the potholes that adult authors tend to encounter wh Carrie Fountain's I'm Not Missing explores the life of a young woman in the wake of her best friend's disappearance. I find that one of the potholes that adult authors tend to encounter when writing teen characters is that they clearly have absolutely no idea how teens talk I'm thinking of James Patterson's Maximum Ride series here as one prime example , which ends up invalidating their characters' voices and sounding more patronizing than anything.

Fountain doesn't run into this problem. Not only are the characters believable, their problems, decisions, and thought processes are given ample time and seem to be taken seriously. The dialogue is fast-paced and keeps the reader interested. Another positive is the overall feminist tone throughout. Another blunder I see happen too often in YA lit is the overall disappointing lack of social awareness. Authors tend to have their characters fall into oft-used tropes such as the "not like the other girls" character and unrealistic sex scenes. For example, the one sex scene that happens is more realistic than I was expecting out of YA the word "consent" was actually used!!

This leads me to the biggest con I could find with this novel, which is in the two main female characters, Syd and Miranda. Syd is the rebellious, headstrong yet driven girl who isn't about to let anything stand in her path to success.

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Miranda is the girl whose success is largely based upon what she thinks she has to do to keep up with her friend. Both of them make choices that will hopefully lead them to success despite being without mothers to guide them through life. Syd ends up in a bad situation with an older man, and Miranda ends up falling in love with a boy she's had a crush on since freshman year.

My problem lies in the reasons behind why they make their decisions. Both, essentially, are making major life choices based on how the men in their lives are influencing them. I wanted to see more decisions being made based on who the women wanted to be and not who they want to be with. It's cute, and adds a typical YA romance spin to the story, but I found myself at best vaguely interested and at worst completely sick of their love story. There isn't much making the relationship interesting, in my opinion, but for some reason it's the main focus of the novel. There is quite a few more interesting avenues that could have been at the center of Miranda's and Syd's motives, like having missing mothers or trying to live up to their and their parents' expectations for their educations and their futures.

Instead, a sappy love story sappy enough to make me roll my eyes at the end is what drives the novel, and it's kind of a shame because the overall premise is really interesting. Overall, this novel is written well and is written in a way that distinguishes it from its fellow YA reads. While the plot driving the novel is a little disappointing considering the various avenues that could have been taken, I do think this novel is worth the read. Mar 16, Jillyn rated it it was amazing Shelves: first-reads.

I was absolutely blown away by this book. I was shocked to learn that this is Carrie Fountain's first novel. It's beautiful, haunting, and just straight up well written. However, I definitely wasn't surprised to learn that her first two publications are books of poetry.

It's clear that Fountain has a way with words. The way that the writing flows is beautiful. It's a bit slow paced, but I liked that. This book is set in the desert area of the US, so for me the tempo of the writing matched the slo I was absolutely blown away by this book. This book is set in the desert area of the US, so for me the tempo of the writing matched the slow, low heat of the setting that the author drew me into. I like that all of the characters were multi-faceted and had depth to them. You learn who Miranda is both at the side of her best friend Syd, and rediscover her along the way when Syd is no longer there.

You learn who Nick is both through the eyes of Syd, who hates his guts, and through Miranda, who yearns for him even after he makes some questionable decisions. Even her father, who isn't really a main character, you learn to see the fatherly, put together side that Miranda sees and the scientific genius version that the rest of the world sees. I like that Miranda was a little weird, and that she's relatable. She's flawed, like all of us.

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She respects prayer because of her family roots, but she isn't into the praying thing herself. So when she needs to sleep, she recites a historical speech to herself aloud instead. She breaks a romantic tension moment by laughing. Previous video Next video.

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