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Hit us up in the comments box and let us know. We are dying to hear. It uses a stencil effect rather than painting the picture of the whole mermaid itself. I love the use of light and colors and the lack of shading and lines allow you to use your imagination to paint the rest of the picture and fill in the blanks. This black and white tattoo has some seriously beautiful linework that echoes through the ages. How does it echo through the ages you may ask? This mermaid has fallen from grace as you can see that she is upside down in the picture above.

What does a mermaid have to do to fall from grace you may be asking? Well, there are numerous theories and now we will take a closer look at some. The first theory being they she is paying penance for all the ships she has wrecked and the sailors lives that she took while tempting them into the rocks. Another theory would be that she had sex with a crab and that is forbidden in the aquatic realm. King Neptune vanquished her to a place far far away. Another theory is that she is doing synchronized swimming.

What is your fallen mermaid theory? I love a good silhouette tattoo and the one above is nothing short of genius.

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The artist has used dots to convey the environment of the mermaid which is water. The mermaid is swimming up which can represent a brighter future and better things to come. If you know the answer to this age-old question let us know in the comment section. You may even find the answers in the movie The Little Mermaid. I might rewatch it and after I have finished this article. This mermaid tattoo has been done in the old school style made famous by Sailor Gerry. When it comes time to choose your tattoo artist make sure you get a good one.

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This mermaid is doing the famous Instagram hair swish. It is where you put your hair and in water and swish it back really fast so it leaves a trail of water in tow. Meanwhile some poor sap awaits with their phone in hand ready to capture the moment. Here is a nice and colorful sleeve featuring a mermaid with a sailors hat on. I wonder if she got tired of swimming under the sea and joined the navy to help out on the front lines. She would be good in battle as she could swim in front of the boats and detect mines providing safe passage for the ships.

This treacherous mermaid is removing the anchor of the ship while the semen is sleeping and causing their ships to run into the shore. Then they will be shipwrecked on a deserted island only to live a life of drinking coconuts away from phones and the internet. Forever doomed and never being able to see a cool list of tattoos. This mermaid tattoo leaves a lot to the imagination. It is cleverly crafted and shows a mermaid diving into the unknown.

Perhaps into this ladies stinky shoe. Wow, look at this big, bold mermaid tattoo. Back tattoos are great for getting murals as you can see from the one above. What would you get if you could get a mural of a tattoo on your back?


Hit us up in the comment box below. This is a very detailed tattoo of a mermaid. The artist has done an outstanding job of this tattoo. The color and detail are amazing and really bring it to life. If you look closely at the hair you can really see how good of a job the tattoo artist has done and they deserve some credit. It can mean the difference between having a masterpiece on your body or having an abomination. The above mermaid has no clothing on and the hair is covering her nipples.

Sometimes leaving a little to the imagination is better than showing off the whole thing. In this case, it works on so many different levels.

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The background is a nice touch and really brings the tattoo to life. This black and white tattoo is the epitome of perfection.

Best Beautiful Mermaid Tattoo Design Idea

This would have taken quite some time to complete and many hours in the chair. The tail is absolutely stunning and I love the way it flairs out. How about you? What do you think of this tattoo? This is a super cool wrist tattoo that is of a mermaid.

Mermaid Tattoos - Tattoo Ideas, Designs and Meaning - Tattoo Me Now

The silhouette makes it interesting and the mermaid is reaching for the surface of the water possibly making contact with a sailor. Will they fall in love? Only time will tell my friends. Only time will tell. This another amazing full-scale back tattoo that will leave you breathless as you admire the sheer size and beauty of it.

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Oftentimes, there may be other items or creatures from the sea riding along with her. Tribal Mermaid Tattoos — Tribal mermaid tattoos are definitely a style all of their own.

Coloring of Mermaid Tattoos

They seem to be a blend of different tribal design styles and the majority of them probably fall into the traditional or classic category as well. Mermaid sleeve tattoos — Mermaid sleeve tattoos are just absolutely stunning. The mermaid is the centerpiece and is surrounded by other sea life. Creatures of all sort are included in these underwater scenes; sharks, squid, killer whales, octopus, fish, along with seaweed, coral and shell fish.

Although they are called sleeves they are most commonly seen on the legs. Evil Mermaid Tattoos — Evil mermaid tattoos are just that; mermaids tattooed with an evil look. They are generally designed and tattooed with fangs, straggly hair; very similar to a fairy tale witch face but without the wart nose and with a mermaid body. Cartoon Mermaid Tattoos — Cartoon mermaid tattoos are designed literally in a cartoon style that is different from the Disney style mermaid tattoos. Ariel the little mermaid tattoos — Ariel, the little mermaid tattoos are specifically of Ariel.

Just find an illustration of Ariel that you like and take it with you or ask your tattoo artist if they have some to choose from. Mermaid Holding Baby Tattoos — Mermaid holding baby tattoos are typically inked in the classic or traditional mermaid tattoos style. The baby is designed with a human upper half in a traditional human baby style with the fish tail lower half; very nice design.

Mermaid Tattoo Design Ideas

Fantasy Mermaid Tattoos — Fantasy mermaid tattoos are another version of the classical or traditional mermaid tattoos with the design style altered to fit the fantasy world of your choice. Dolphin and Mermaid Tattoos — Dolphin and mermaid tattoos are very popular; the two just go together. Study some images and galleries; they fit like a glove. Most often the two of them are seen swimming under the sea together or with the mermaid riding the back of the dolphin. Additionally, they are seen in a theme setting with two or three of each. Coloring — Coloring for any of the mermaid tattoos is a must although they have been seen in simple black they are much more stunning with color.

Traditionally they are tattooed with human flesh tones for their upper body half. Hair is also inked in traditional human colors; yellows, browns, reds, blacks, whites, and grays. However, for you fantasy, cartoon and evil mermaid tattoo folks; you can use any color you want. However even in fantasy, cartoon, and evil mermaids, tattoo artists seem to stay somewhat close to traditional design; after all you do want to be able to recognize your creature as a mermaid of some sort. Either design or color or a combination of both will bring out that effect.

Talk this over with your tattoo design artist. Placement — Placement of mermaid tattoos will depend on the size you choose. They actually go from mid to large size but are also seen in small size as well. Placed on the back gives the opportunity for mermaid tattoos to be incorporated into a theme using other sea creatures. On the arm or leg, a sleeve.