Wundervölker, Monstrosität und Hässlichkeit im Mittelalter (German Edition)

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This sophisticated restaurant — named after its founding family — is one of the oldest in town, and the French-Russian menu is as traditional as it gets. Picture aristocratic treats such as foie gras, truffles, and black caviar, as well as signature classics from cabbage soup to lamb on the bone. T he Astoria enjoys a stellar reputation thanks to an illustrious roster of guests comprising celebrities and politicians hailing from near and far.

The rooms are stylish and highly comfortable, decorated in bright red-and-white, blue-and-white or green-and-white palettes. A lexander House is set inside a building originally constructed in for a prosperous St. Petersburg merchant. O ne of the best-known and most reliable hostels in St. It offers a mix of dorms and private rooms, all spotlessly clean, and service is friendly and fun. The most idiosyncratic room is actually the family room, Pop Art; it has a round double bed and two single beds as well as reproductions of pop-art masterpieces on the walls, and skylight.

Getting there:

N othing yells St Petersburg more than a Raketa "rocket" wristwatch, which have been produced in the eponymous town near Peterhof since the 18th century. Soviet themes are available and can be found in the Nevsky Atrium mall. A nother great gift with a connection to St Petersburg is amber. At Exclusive Amber Collection Passage shopping centre, Nevsky Prospekt 48 you can find elegant necklaces and bracelets as well as fossils and even paintings containing the precious stone.

S t Petersburg has several different characters, depending on the season. Winter ostensibly lasts from October to May, and as well as being somewhat chilly, is also romantic, cheaper and less crowded. May and June are warmer — and famous for the White Nights, when visitors descend to enjoy the slew of cultural offerings and enjoy the extra sunlight. Needless to say, prices climb and the streets and hotels are fuller, which continues to be the case throughout July and August, as the mercury climbs and the city plays outdoors.

Autumn is short but glorious, while spring is mostly a matter of navigating through melted snow. Petersburg's oldest buildings, this charming mansion, built for Peter the Great's closest adviser, has been fully restored to its original glory, drawing on the Hermitage's vast stocks of applied art from the early 18 th century. Museum of Porcelain. Part of the world-famous Imperial Porcelain Factory, this modern museum has recently been taken under the wing of the Hermitage, and traces the history of porcelain and glassware manufacture in Russia and the Soviet Union.

St Petersburg

Storage Facility at Staraya Derevnya. This extraordinary facility, which is still being developed, gives public access to the Hermitage's enormous undisplayed collection using innovative 'open storage' techniques. A chance for connoisseurs to delve even deeper into the Hermitage's remarkable collection. Permanent Exhibitions at the Konstantinovsky Palace. President Putin's pet project, this recently renovated suburban palace is not only the Russian Camp David, it is also used by the Hermitage to display exhibitions on heraldry and awards and decorations.

Explore the Hermitage: A tour of St. Petersburg's greatest museum. An alternative to booking a tour guide, this introductory tour of the Winter Palace State Rooms and the main masterpieces of the Hermitage's European art collections will take at least three hours to follow, and should satisfy all but the most erudite and inquisitive visitors to the Hermitage.

Daily am to 6pm. Last admission is at pm. Unwind and relax with vodka-tasting like-a-local and then take it easy on a private canal boat tour that will become a perfect ending for the day. If you feel like it, do some bar-hopping afterwards or just roam evening streets of St Petersburg. Use your imagination and create a truly unique masterpiece to cherish forever! Paint your own matryoshka doll under the guidance of a professional artist in art-center "Matryoshka".

Treat your kids and family to an exciting hands-on experience! See the best of St Petersburg in winter! Visit the Catherine Palace and the Hermitage Museum in one day. Retro St Petersburg: Leningrad Walk. Discover St Petersburg in a retrospective way. This tour highlights the architecture, significant places, and lifestyle of Leningrad the former name of St Petersburg as a cradle of revolution and Soviet Intelligence. This tour is perfect for visitors whose cruise ships stop in St Petersburg for just one day. Various itineraries are available depending on the day, taking into account days when the museums are closed.

Pete: Central and Petrogradskiy districts. More lovely peaceful well yards, hidden cafes with cheap Russian food, view from 50 m. A Russian Cossacks folk show is the best concert experience you can have during your stay in Russia. Nature Hike in the Suburbs of St Petersburg.

Spend a day exploring the nature of the Leningrad Region and getting to know the local culture on an enriching hike in the suburbs of St Petersburg. Explore the main sights of the northern capital of Russia on this sightseeing tour. Discover the city, enjoy a ride by Segway, the machine of the future.

This 2-hour small group Segway tour around the city center is perfect for fans of city history and architecture. To get real Russian experience you need a Russian friend! We are always near to help you find the best places, avoid tourist-traps and boring excursions.

Famous Landmarks of St. Petersburg - The State Hermitage Museum

The most complete city tour ever! Comfortable, entertaining and educating. All sights, history of the city, photos and understanding of city planning included. Notable buildings and courtyards of St. We invite you to join our Notable courtyards tour in St. Explore the city through its history and architecture. Vacation photoshoot with a professional Photographer.

Enjoy a photoshoot with scenic St. Petersburg backdrops and have stunning photographs from your trip to cherish forever! Russian Designers and Prosecco shopping tour with personal stylist. See the ornate baroque cathedral, the burial place of Russian Emperors, a grim, former high-security prison for political prisoners including Dostoyevsky and Tito , and the mighty star fortress — all in one place!

This full-day tour will cover 2 summer residencies of the Russian emperors. Get to know the best of St Petersburg during this visa-free shore excursion in a small group max. Professional and friendly guide, comfortable air-conditioned minibus, and skip the line tickets make this tour a great experience. Let's mix traditional sightseeing with escaping to the hidden places! You'll see lovely yards of the city, know about real life in the city and of course we'll try some delicious food and local drinks! Take this private tour to discover the sights of St Petersburg with a professional guide and driver.

Choose this essential one-day tour of St Petersburg with a private guide to obtain the full understanding its history and character. Visit the most fabulous palaces of St Petersburg just in one day. You will not have to wait in lines or walk long distance. A professional guide and a driver are at your service.

Skip-the-line tickets are already included. If you only have a couple of days in the city, use your time wisely to get the maximum of your stay.

Traditional Russian dinner in a local home. We would be happy to host people from all over world for a traditional family dinner at our home. You will try home-made Borsch and Pelmeni or Stroganof, get to know Russian hospitality, family traditions, stories and everything that you wanted to know about Russia and that you couldn't find online. The main event of the evening is a concert-show of classical music.

The program includes a collection of outstanding compositions written by Russian composers, you will hear an extraordinary vocal of Mariinsky theatre soloists and unique performances by young talents of Russia. You will have a detailed sightseeing tour to enjoy the best panoramic views and the hidden monuments. Your private knowledgeable guide will tell you many interesting facts about the history of this place and lives of its owners.

Choose this private tour with an expert guide to immerse yourself in Russian culture and enjoy a delicious traditional lunch. Enjoy a day in a company of a professional guide who will show you the must-visit sights of St Petersburg. You will have a city tour in the historical city center and visit the iconic Church on the Spilled Blood and immense St Isaac's Cathedral. In the second half of the tour head to Tsarskoye Selo. Private tour to the russian banya- females only. Experience all the procedures of Russian banya bathing and have a lesson of using one of its most important feature — a birch tree whisk.

Find out the secret recipe of Russian beauty. Enjoy an alternative and affordable tour programme while cruising the Baltic region. See the highlights of Russia, Estonia, and Finland, and swap the sequence of cities to suit your itinerary. Yards and local life of St. During this tour I will show you the most popular area in St. Petersburg among local people - the area around street Rubinstein. The Hermitage! It is one of the largest museums in the world, and one of the most beautiful, because previously some of its buildings were used as a residence of Russian Emperors, who collected so many renowned masterpieces in their time.

Two and a half hours is just enough for a good overview. During this tour I would love to share one of my greatest passions - passion for food. I will take you to one of my favourite markets at downtown and let you taste all of my favourite specialities over there. On our way I will tell you some funny and interesting stories about traditions in Russia. Once the cradle of the Russian Revolution and headquarters of the Bolsheviks, today it operates as the Government of St Petersburg. Create your own pendant in the form of a small Faberge egg! A great way to take home a unique souvenir to remind your trip.

Gifts or Fashion Shopping with a Local in St. Enjoy a fashion shopping getaway with a local to the most popular shopping destinations of St Petersburg. Treat yourself to unforgettable photo memories of your stay in St Petersburg. Private Evening Canal Cruise in St. Slow down after a busy day and enjoy the views of the city on a private 1-hour canal boat tour.

Segway Tour: Downtown St.

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Petersburg Overview Tour. Enjoy the fun of riding a Segway in the cultural capital of Russia! Tea ceremony at Rasputin's apartment. You will get the unique access to the apartment where Rasputin lived and have a chance to meet those people who are engaged into investigation running today. This tour will help you in a short time to visit all the main sights of St. Petersburg, walk along Nevsky Avenue, visit inside the 3 main cathedrals of the city, learn how this city was turned into marvellous St. Petersburg — the most western of all the Russian cities!

St Petersburg — The Village

A day in St. Back to the apartment. Lunch - traditional Russian cuisine with drinks, coffee, tea, desserts. We are going to visit the Yusupov Palace. During the first part of the tour, we will visit gala halls and private rooms of the palace. And then we will go to the basement and visit the place that had become a witness to one of the most famous assassinations in Russian history.

Top attractions in Saint Petersburg

You'll see two of the most interesting, massive and rich religious buildings ever constructed. On our way from one to another you'll have an opportunity to see the best part of Nevsky Prospect, the main avenue of St. Petersburg, and a few picturesque streets adjoining it. Museum of Amber - see the works of The Amber Room leading restorer. This Amber Museum introduces the work of Honoured Artist of Russia Alexander Mikhailovich Krylov, who has been revealing secrets of mystical solar stone for almost 40 years.

Krylov was a leading figure of 24 years long reconstruction of the famous Amber Room, which resulted in great success. Rusputin Apartment and Yusupov Palace Tour. Tour the unique interiors of Yusupoff Palace in a company of a local guide. Visit Grigory Rasputin's apartment which was rented for him by the Empress Alexandra as well as the basement of Yusupoff Palace where Rasputin was murdered in December One of the most famous museums in the world is housed in the former tsar's residence the Winter Palace and a few adjacent buildings. The collection contains over 3 million exhibits including some of the world's greatest masterpieces.

How many churches are there in St. Why were the churches closed in the USSR?

What are the differences between Orthodox and Catholic christians? Why Russians do NOT smile? What happened to Pussy Riot? How Russian church is related to 'Pokemon go'? We know the answers! Cathedrals of St Petersburg private guide. Discover with your guide two of the most famous monuments of St. Petersburg, and of Russia in general: the Cathedrals of St.

Isaac and St. Savior On Spilled Blood. You will enjoy the beauty of St. Petersburg in the most unique way: sailing in your kayak on the canals of the city center. This unique kayaking excursion acquaints you with architectural splendor of the cultural capital of Russia. This Kayak tour is a unique way to discover the Venice of the North and the cultural capital of Russia. Saint Isaac's Cathedral Private Tour.

Visit one of the most famous Russian cathedrals with a guide and learn all the secrets of its construction and history.

Hermitage Museum tours and tickets

With a guide, discover its unique mosaics and history during this must-do tour in Saint Petersburg. Alexander Nevsky Lavra Private Tour. Visit the monastery of St. Alexander Nevsky and its cemeteries where some of the greatest Russian writers, scientists, and artists are buried.