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Pump the magnification up to x and slide both planet and Moon into the same field of view. And just look at those craters! First-quarter phase is one of the best times for Moon viewing. The terminator or shadow-line that divides lunar day from night slices right across the middle of the lunar landscape. Shadows cast by mountain peaks and crater rims are longest and most dramatic around this time because we look squarely down upon them.

At crescent and gibbous phases, the terminator is off to one side and craters and their shadows appear scrunched and foreshortened. Uranus is 1. Just how did the Earth — our home and the place where life as we know it evolved — come to be created in the first place? In some fiery furnace atop a great mountain? On some divine forge with the hammer of the gods shaping it out of pure ether? How about from a great ocean known as Chaos, where something was created out of nothing and then filled with all living creatures? If any of those accounts sound familiar, they are some of the ancient legends that have been handed down through the years that attempt to describe how our world came to be.

And interestingly enough, some of these ancient creation stories contain an element of scientific fact to them. During the Hadean Eon, some 4. It was also during this time that outgassing and volcanic activity produced the primordial atmosphere composed of carbon dioxide, hydrogen and water vapor. Until recently, scientists were uncertain as to what could have caused this loss.

Saturn's Mysterious Moons (V1)

But a new study from MIT, Hebrew Univeristy, and Caltech indicates that the intense bombardment of meteorites in this period may have been responsible. This meteoric bombardment would have taken place at around the same time that the Moon was formed. The intense bombardment of space rocks would have kicked up clouds of gas with enough force to permanent eject the atmosphere into space.

Such impacts may have also blasted other planets, and even peeled away the atmospheres of Venus and Mars. Based on their calculations, it would take a giant impact to disperse most of the atmosphere; but taken together, many small impacts would have the same effect.

A series of smaller impactors, by contrast, would generate an explosion of sorts, releasing a plume of debris and gas. The largest of these impactors would be forceful enough to eject all gas from the atmosphere immediately above the impact zone. Only a fraction of this atmosphere would be lost following smaller impacts, but the team estimates that tens of thousands of small impactors could have pulled it off.

Such a scenario did likely occur 4. This period was one of galactic chaos, as hundreds of thousands of space rocks whirled around the solar system and many are believed to have collided with Earth. However, Schlichting and her team realized that the sum effect of small impacts may be too efficient at driving atmospheric loss. If these planets had been exposed to the same blitz of small impactors in their early history, then Venus would have no atmosphere today.

She and her colleagues went back over the small-impactor scenario to try and account for this difference in planetary atmospheres. Upon further calculations, Schlichting and her team found the same impactors that ejected gas also may have introduced new gases, or volatiles. The group calculated the amount of volatiles that may be released by a rock of a given composition and mass, and found that a significant portion of the atmosphere may have been replenished by the impact of tens of thousands of space rocks.

Schlichting and her colleagues have published their results in the February edition of the journal Icarus.

An Overview of Retinal Detachment

One day — and it really is only matter of time — humans will set foot on the surfaces of other far-flung worlds in our Solar System, leaving the Earth and Moon far behind to wander the valleys of Mars, trek across the ice of Europa, and perhaps even soar through the skies of Titan like winged creatures from ancient legends. But until then we must rely on the exploration of our robotic emissaries and our own boundless imagination and curiosity to picture what such voyages would be like.

And amongst these young people are scores of innovators and entrepreneurs who are looking to bring homegrown innovation to their continent and share it with the outside world. Nowhere is this more apparent than with the Africa2Moon Mission, a crowdfunded campaign that aims to send a lander or orbiter to the Moon in the coming years. Spearheaded by the Foundation for Space Development — a non-profit organization headquartered in Capetown, South Africa — the goal of this project is to fund the development of a robotic craft that will either land on or establish orbit around the Moon.

Once there, it will transmit video images back to Earth, and then distribute them via the internet into classrooms all across Africa. This mission concept will be developed collaboratively by experts assembled from African universities and industries, as well as international space experts, all under the leadership of the Mission Administrator — Professor Martinez. Martinez is a veteran when it comes to space affairs. In addition to being the convener for the space studies program at the University of Cape Town, he is also the Chairman of the South African Council for Space Affairs the national regulatory body for space activities in South Africa.

At this point, the Africa2Moon mission planners and engineering team will determine precisely what will be needed to see it through to completion and to reach the Moon. Beyond inspiring young minds, the program also aims to promote education in the four major fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics aka STEM. In addition, numerous public engagement activities will be mounted in partnership with other groups committed to STEM education, science awareness, and outreach.

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Africa is so often thought of as a land in turmoil — a place that is perennially plagued by ethnic violence, dictators, disease, drought, and famine. Further Reading: Foundation for Space Development. Skip to content. How many can you find? The two objects are separated by miles km , and they perform their celestial dance in I want to alert you to a rather unusual event occurring this evening. The farther south you live, the closer the moon will approach the comet tonight. This diagram shows the view from Tucson, Ariz.

Comet Finlay in outburst on January 20, showing a beautiful parabolic-shaped head.

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Credit: Joseph Brimacombe By the way, the father south you live, the closer the moon approaches Finlay. Familiar objects along the bottom reference light wave sizes. Visible light waves are about one-millionth of a meter wide. Large professional telescopes are often built on mountain tops above much of the denser, lower atmosphere.

UV Moon Ultraviolet : Similar to the view in visible light but with a lower resolution. X-ray Moon X-ray : The Moon, being a relatively peaceful and inactive celestial body, emits very little x-ray light, a form of radiation normally associated with highly energetic and explosive phenomena like black holes.

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Gamma ray Moon Gamma rays : Perhaps the most amazing image of all. Seattle, two time zones west of the Midwest, will see the two closest around p. Binocular view from the desert city of Tucson around p. You can see that the Moon is a little farther north of the planet compared to the view from Seattle. The 1, miles between the two cities is enough to cause our satellite, which is relatively close to the Earth, to shift position against the background stars.

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