Wundervölker, Monstrosität und Hässlichkeit im Mittelalter (German Edition)

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Hints from Heloise

Although this passionate love affair took place nearly 1, years ago, it still makes for a powerful story today. Heloise was a bright, gifted student in 12th-century Paris who wanted most of all to answer the question of human existence.

To help further her studies, her uncle Fulbert, canon of Notre Dame, enlisted the assistance of Peter Abelard, an outstanding philosopher. Abelard began to tutor Heloise, and although he was 20 years her senior, the two fell deeply in love [source: Abelard and Heloise ].

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Soon Heloise was pregnant. Heloise travels around the country sharing her consumer information and advice with charity organizations, businesses and civic groups.

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She supports pet- and literacy-related causes and speaks to military families throughout the U. Her website, www. Heloise and her husband are high fliers — being hot-air balloonists, owning the Heloise Hot Air Balloon. She and David also are Ural motorcycle enthusiasts, riding theirs around Texas. Search for:.

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Blog Press Room Contact Us. Heloise had already been very well educated by her uncle, Fulbert, a canon of Notre Dame, when he hired his fellow canon, Peter Abelard, to tutor her in exchange for a room, c. She was trained in the classics, with a good knowledge of Latin letters and rhetoric and Abelard advanced her knowledge in philosophy. She also knew some Greek and Hebrew. The love affair between tutor and pupil might have been expected to end such a dream, but instead it seems to have made it possible.

Recently an argument has been made for ascribing Latin love letters between an unnamed man and woman to Abelard and Heloise.

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Leiden: Brill, , and now they have been reproduced and translated by Neville Chiavaroli and Constant Mews, and Mews makes a strong case for authenticity, though it is of necessity based on circumstantial rather than on absolute evidence, Constant J. Martin's Press, Whether or not they were written by Heloise and Abelard, the letters are an interesting example of a contemporary male-female exchange.

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There was an interest in Hebrew studies among some Latin scholars of Scripture in this period which Heloise may have profited from, and there was always the possibility of access to some kind of Greek through contact with the Byzantine world though how much she knew is impossible to determine.