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Adding water and shampoo to a wind knot will likely leave you frustrated, the wet mane is likely to make the hairs snap easily and the hairs will not be as slick. Slick is what you want for detangling.

The Mane Attraction – Tips for Achieving a Beautiful Mane & Tail

Keeping the mane detangled is key to prevention of these knots. If you can't attend to the mane every day, consider keeping it shorter or heavily conditioned.

How To Properly Brush Your Horse's Mane

You can also try the loose braids once you get the knots out. Wind knots take lots of time to happen - so plan on a bunch of time to get them out You will probably want to work on them a little at a time! Lots of patience and reward for your horse as you work them out. What types of grooming products could you use to prevent breakage and remove tangles? Sheen products are usually silicone based.

Some of them also have tons of additional alcohol, which eventually dries everything out.

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Magic Sheen skips that step, so the product isn't drying, and you use a lot less of it. Grooming oils are deep conditioning and detangling in one step. You can use them as a tail hair mask, letting the oils soak in for hours or even overnight. You will likely need to do a mild shampoo to remove the excess if you use a lot.

Conditioners act like they would on your own head. You will need to rinse a conditioner out, but you could leave it in for a longer time and rinse later.

Both breeds have an abundance of hair, with enviable manes and tails. How do their owners, trainers, and grooms keep these voluminous, lush manes and tails up to par?


With a consistent and thorough grooming regimen. Andalusians and Lusitanos, famous for their romantic, flowing locks, have a rich history, dating back to 15 th -century Spain. They have been meticulously preserved over the years, and many owners still adhere to the historic mane and tail standards. Keeping these voluminous, lush manes and tails up to par is a considerable task, requiring a consistent and thorough grooming regimen that can help promote strong, healthy hair in horses of all breeds. Always flip the mane over to scrub the underside, as that is usually the dirtiest part of the mane.

Don't ignore it just because you can't see it. This is important when you scrub it and when you rinse any product out of the hair.

Shapley’s Original M-T-G Oil

This helps keep the conditioner from being missed in the rinse process. The oils from the conditioner attract dirt, so it is important to rinse well. Peet highly recommends using a leave-in conditioner once the hair is dry to replenish any natural oils stripped in the cleansing process. This helps enhance the health and luster, she said. This treatment can also be applied to tail care. April 3. March 6. February 8. January December 9. November October 9.

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Trimming Tips for Banded Manes

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Pro Tip: Mane and Tail Care | US Equestrian

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