Wundervölker, Monstrosität und Hässlichkeit im Mittelalter (German Edition)

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When I saw Mario, the man in today's photo, making mozzarella from scratch I had to go meet him and take his photo. When it was ready, he personally brought me the first dish of tiny knots of exquisitely delicious - and fresh - mozzarella. Unfortunately, my personal waiter saw me eating it and threw a fit It was like having a food bodyguard In the end, we got the misunderstanding worked out. But, my waiter remained ever-vigilant Posted by Saretta at AM 13 comments:. Dressing to the nines is the rule at your southern Italian wedding High heels and elegant dresses for the women; suits and ties for the men At least some people were cooler than others Posted by Saretta at AM 11 comments:.

Labels: fashion , La Perla del Doge , wedding. One of the rare moments during the day when the cameras were not pointed directly at the bride and groom! There were two official photographers and one video guy recording every single moment of the big day. Yesterday I spent the day at the wedding of two dear friends. The ceremony in church started at 11 a.

Italian comics writers

The wedding party then moved to La Perla del Doge click on the name for more photos and info , a wedding reception hall on the sea. The aperitifs began at on the roof terrace and continued until about 3 p. We then all moved down into a different room where appetizers were served. Three first courses pasta, rice, etc. All of this eating was broken up by dancing and various photo opportunities. Just when everyone felt they could eat no more During this phase, we were entertained by the bride and groom arriving "by sea" on an elaborately decorated rowboat and, later, fireworks.

Then more dancing. The party was still in full swing at 11 p. Yesterday was the first anniversary of Molfetta Daily Photo! I just realised now! Posted by Saretta at AM 19 comments:. Thursday, July 23, Gommalandia. Gommalandia is a popular children's summer birthday party site. There are about 5 of these inflatable slides, a "swimming pool" of plastic balls to dive into, a jungle gym in the form of a castle, mini Flintstone-style cars to ride around in In a perfect world, there would be an adult-sized one for me to play in!

Posted by Saretta at AM 4 comments:. Labels: children , Gommalandia. Wednesday, July 22, Porticciolo di Giovinazzo. Another nice summer evening stroll is through the historic center of nearby Giovinazzo 6K south of Molfetta. The old town, "porticciolo" small harbour and seafront promenade are dotted with restaurants, pizzerias, bars and ice-cream shops.

Posted by Saretta at PM 14 comments:. Labels: fishing boat , Giovinazzo. Tuesday, July 21, Cathedral in Ruvo.

The town of Ruvo di Puglia has a lovely Romanesque cathedral which dates back to the 12th century. It was built on top of the remains of an older church. Excavations under the church have also uncovered urban remains dating back to the Roman era. Posted by Saretta at AM 7 comments:. Labels: Ruvo. Monday, July 20, Sunset over the Port.

A red summer sunset over the port, including a view of the lighthouse to the right, the cranes being used to build the new commercial harbour in the center, the very small and distant outline of the Madonna dei Martiri church to the left, just in front of the church are a rowing team practicing for the ongoing Trofeo dell'Adriatico Molfetta is currently in 3rd place , and, in the foreground there is one of the large stone posts that boats tie onto when docked in the port.

Labels: lighthouse , port , sunset. Saturday, July 18, Abbracci - The Exhibit. The centerpiece of the art exhibit by Gaetano Grillo was the title sculpture, "Abbracci. The use of only beige on beige writing with white outlines is somewhat new for Grillo, who has often used bright primary or pastel colors. Posted by Saretta at PM 5 comments:. Labels: Andria , art exhibit. Molfettan Faces - Gaetano Grillo.

The inauguration of the most recent exhibit of paintings and sculpture by Gaetano Grillo , a Molfettan artist, was held Thursday evening at Lorusso Arredamenti in Andria. The exhibit is entitled Abbracci, which means "Embraces" in Italian. Grillo works a great deal with techniques of collage and what is called "contaminazione" in Italian.

Rather than having the negative connotations that the word "contamination" has in English, this artistic concept refers to a fusion of art forms, cultures, languages, etc. Labels: Molfettan Faces. As promised, a close-up shot of the Madonna and Child carved in stone above the main entryway to Palazzo Nesta. Many noblemen's palazzi have the family crest above the doorway, while some have a rendering of the Madonna, perhaps in a sign of piety.

Thursday, July 16, Palazzo Nesta. Palazzo Nesta was originally built in by the Nesta family of noblemen. It maintains traces of its late-Renaissance style facade. The walls of the facade are a bugnato , which was a popular style at the time. Bugnato means that the stones are not flat, but raised, in this case in the form of a pyramid, as can be seen in the bottom right corner of the photo.

This building is located on Via Morte in the old town. For more information about the Nesta family and their palazzo, click here the info. Posted by Saretta at AM 8 comments:. Labels: Palazzo Nesta , Via Morte. Wednesday, July 15, Gelateria San Marco. The San Marco Gelateria has some of the best ice-cream in Molfetta.

I think it is THE best, but personal taste and opinion are crucial in evaluating such an important food group and everyone has their own opinion about the quality of ice-cream in the various establishments around town. If, in fact, one uses the pleasure of being entertained to facilitate the learning process, and if words are not only the chosen tool to develop intelligence and to liberate consciousness, but also instruments to create a playful environment, then laughter will spring naturally and unre- strained, a positive force that enables children to learn.

On a social level, laughter facilitates communica- tion, reduces stress and encourages dialogue. Such an effect can be experienced in any relationship between adults and children, at home as well as in school. By no means is laughter a simple tool. On the contrary, it is a subtle and complex one, and to use it productively one has to know it well. It should never be used as a weapon to ridicule any initiative taken by the child that goes against the norm, to punish the courage of nonconformity.

Instead, laughter should be used as a tool for the development of critical thinking and creativity. In a relationship between adult and child, the complicity and trust will be heightened and enriched by a certain ironic playfulness, if the adult will commit mistakes on purpose, modifying gestures and words with the intent of letting the child experience the pleasure of correcting him.

This experience will leave the child feeling empowered, having given him the chance to laugh at somebody older than he is, and making him eager to repeat the experience. Tickled by the idea of being challenged, the child will naturally pay more attention and will be an amused protagonist of the learning process, not a censored subject. Wanting to surprise the adult, he will experiment with words, creating new and original puns and verbal connections. This is already an example of practical teaching: you learn faster and better because the game is immediately transformed into research.

Even spelling mistakes can be corrected by making up a story that uses them as inspiration. It is clear then that we are once more faced with the issue of the courage to change. Laughter aids innovation; as it lowers the fear of rules, it allows one to be critical of old ideas and stereotypes, to dispel bigotry and ridicule the powerful, to break from conformity fearlessly. A Difficult Path Rodari died in The most difficult aspect in this process of emancipation was getting rid of the pedagogical structure into which most literature for children was confined. It was considered essential to raise children who would adapt to, or even embrace, the dominant political model.

Their characters display a practical intelligence, the ability to solve problems and to emerge victorious. When the characters resort to transgression, it is not by mistake, but through a conscious choice that includes the use of fantasy to solve problems. The weaknesses and hypocrisy of the world of the adults are exposed. The role of this world is lessened through the use of irony and criticism, which leave an open door to rebellion. Change is always difficult, developing as it does slowly over time, at the margins of the dominant ideology.

Synonyms and antonyms of omino in the Italian dictionary of synonyms

The techniques for stimulating fantasy presented in the book show once again how to invest creative writing with the gusto for playing and the courage of nonconformity. Even traditional fairy tales can be a source of inspiration. Many have selected only certain aspects of his work; the majority has written some work under the inspiration of Rodari; all of them have their own ideal vocation, their own creative voice, and their own poetics. In summary, Rodari did not inspire mere imitation but pushed other authors to explore new frontiers—a goal in keeping with his own desire for autonomy and nonconformity.

New narrative styles and literary groups are establishing themselves. The right to independent initiative and autonomy of girls is not based on the imitation of male behavior and tends to reflect female identity. We see stories that deal with the crisis of the family, social hardships, loneliness, eating disorders, and drug problems. Other issues to be dealt with are the sexual curiosity expressed by children and the importance of multiculturalism. In , when I introduced a class on creating puns in my school.

It testifies to the quality of results that can be obtained by playing with words according to well-defined criteria; it is a very useful reference point for those teachers and educators who want to follow the same teaching method. Rodari warned us against the apparent wisdom of platitudes and proverbs, which are the essence of platitudes.

Here it is: I apologize to the ancient fable, But I do not care for the stingy ant. I am partial to the grasshopper Whose lovely song is a present for all. Pitzorno is not only a long-time contributor to Italian public television, having worked on numerous programs for children, she is also a songwriter and illustrator, and has written influential essays. An example is her Extraterrestre alla pari , a story that is at the same time rich and innovative, passionate and funny. The main merit of this book is that it makes reading poetry accessible, not intimidating.

It unveils the possibility of a playful process of poetic creation, and it provides the instruments for a competent yet entertaining reading of poetry. Pictures and symbols that aid the reading and under- standing of the logical structure of the poems, perfectly in keeping with the spirit and intent of the book, accompany the text. In , he published his most famous book, Quieto Patato. If you want to cry, Read a sad child. If you want to learn, Read a wise child. If you want to investigate, Read a secret child.

If you want to sing, Read a music child. But if you want To be bored, Do not read the children. Leave them closed and speechless, Sitting In their childrary. Piumini writes: What is geography? Geography is Where friends live, The streets where you bike, The happy places. What is history? What is grammar? Grammar is Making rhymes, Playing with words Without feeling silly. What is arithmetic? Arithmetic is Me plus you plus us all, The beautiful and the ugly, The roots and the leaves and the fruits.

The difficult words bounce in the rhymes, happily mixing together cooks and angels, witches, judges, quails, wolves and bears. He transformed them into ballads,23 introduced dialogues typical of theater writing, enriched them with illustrations and added music to accompany the verses. He has also written for theater. Such a breadth of experience allowed him to develop a special ability to communicate and to innovate language.

Argilli was born in , Rodari in ; they were both members of the Communist Party and shared similar professional experiences, such as their work in the paper Il pioniere and for TV programs. The main character is a little boy made of iron, who always follows his heart in a world dominated by money and power. The tie between history, politics, and literature is well exemplified in both Rodari and Argilli. Argilli also follows Rodari in the way he mixes reality and fantasy and in the determinant role given to words and their power.

In his book Tante fiabe per giocare, Argilli uses fairy tales as characters whose personality traits dictate their behavior. Che idea!

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Alla signorina Elle con tanto affetto is a collection of short stories in which Argilli plays with the Italian language. When Primo Rebaldo, the protagonist of another story, calls something by the wrong name, the object magically transforms itself into the one he mentioned by mistake. Of particular interest is their possible relationship with the innovations brought about by Rodari. Even if the issue cannot be fully investigated in these pages, it is worth emphasizing that there certainly is a relationship: the contributions of illustrators, theater writers and television writers and producers helped advance and improve literature for children.

The different languages provide mutual enrichment, and the coming together of different vocations and competencies seem to be particularly fruitful in this field. Artists such as Bruno Munari27 and Emanuele Luzzatti28 have revolutionized the world of illustration, similar to what Rodari did for the world of literature. As is always the case for creative work, which has in itself the ability to challenge conventions and limits, the borders between personal sensitivity, ability and experience must have been extremely blurred.

These illustrators, just like Rodari before them, transmitted in their work the urgency and desire for experimenting and, by doing so, they pushed others to look for new and original ways of expression. At the beginning of the s, Bruno Munari started a series of books called Tantibambini with the publisher Einaudi, which offered, at a low price, picture books for children; they were short and funny stories that devoted a lot of space to the illustrations.

These books are designed to help children use their mind as a means to free themselves from the societal conven- tions, which tend to deny individuality. The relationship between text and illustrations is developed in a field of research that yields very interesting results. Her stories often deal with everyday issues, treated with playful yet biting irony, an approach likely derived from Rodari. In her book Merendine, published in , the author presented a collection of short stories, funny and unconventional, that deal with very serious issues, always with a light touch.

Among the problems presented, we can mention the influence of the industrial production of food in shaping the taste of the public, and the effect of television and advertising on children; the desire for independence and rebellion against parents; the natural curiosity about sex. The main character, Debbora, is a young girl, with a feisty and unpredictable personality, who happens to be very photogenic and for this reason is being sought after by TV producers, who want to transform her into a TV personality.

It is the story of her fight against submitting to their will. The book is new in its format as well, with a hard cover and a holographic- appearing text. The power of the story rests in the communicative effectiveness of the illustrations, also by Rapaccini. The illustrations express her ironic take on reality and her ability to convey mood through her playful and unconventional use of color.

In particular, I viaggi di Giovannino Perdigiorno allows us to intro- duce the topic of travels, which has been a favorite theme for authors who, in different ways and in different measure, have continued on the path indicated by Rodari. Giovannino Perdigiorno is the protagonist of a series of rhymes; his travels to several imaginary planets can easily be interpreted as wanderings through different parts of the human soul.

In the rhymes, the stories or the novels, the wandering of the character corresponds to the hard work of the mind, when faced by the main issues of life, forced to construct its own view of the world. To quote some of the authors already presented, Pitzorno, in her Extraterrestre alla pari, introduces us to the travels of Mo, the protagonist of her story, and in doing so deals with the issue of sex discrimination; Marcello Argilli uses the wanderings of Atomino as a means to criticize the destructive power of war and, especially, the use of nuclear energy for war purposes.

In I viaggi di Giac, one of her most successful stories, de Hieronymis presents a double theme, which can be seen as a searching journey, the first one built on the interplay between image and words, the second one based on the adventures of traveling characters. The book tells the story of a little paper man, cut out from a newspaper, who travels to the lands of points, lines, circles, squares and colors,34 until he finally gets to know, together with Picasso, Calder, Morandi, Klee, and Matisse, the marvels of modern art.

Is included in a logical series of narrative devices. Beyond the poetic value attributed to the images, reality enters the story like the special threads made into clothing by the hard-working Lines of the story: in the real world, there are many people who work toward a better future, and just as many who only follow their own interests and pursue their own glory.

Silvana Gandolfi, a writer beloved by children and highly appreciated by critics, has more recently published a book in which the main theme is traveling. The key to the story is that all the people on the island have as much time to live as is wasted on the Earth. Lost time forms a black smoke, which fills the lungs of those who waste it, making them indifferent and foolish. All the ingredients of a story as Rodari would write it are there, from the unassailable logic of the fantastic plot, to the importance of the message of such a topical issue, the quality of time.

The initiative has become well-known and has had a most positive outcome, to encourage the production of good quality literature for children. Argilli, Piumini, and Pitzorno, among others, have been awarded the prize, and most recently, the brothers Stefano and Gualtiero Bordiglioni, for their collection of rhymes Ambasciator non porta pena, a satirical interpretation of famous proverbs. However, here he is seen as a comic figure, who has to deal every day with the conflicting demands of his diverse cargo. In the end the librarian himself will destroy the formula, but children will have discovered the value of reading and of using the library.

The story, well-crafted and deftly narrated, keeps the initial promise of originality, and develops through a series of entertain- ing plot twists. The topic of reading, so central in the life and work of Gianni Rodari, comes back in a metaphor, created as a call to commit- ment to all those who believe in children and in fantasy. Notes 1 Communist newspaper founded and directed by Antonio Gramsci. It started as a journal of political and social studies in in Turin; in it was transformed into a newspaper, becoming the official publication of the Italian Communist Party.

Accomplished professional writers Bruno Ciari and Mario Lodi were members. Nonetheless, among the different national movements, there remains a basic unity of intents, accompanied by the fruitful exchange of ideas and experiences, and by the willingness to cooperate. Among the nursery rhymes, see: Il libro delle filastrocche ; Il treno delle filastrocche ; Filastrocche in cielo e in terra ; Il pianeta degli alberi di Natale ; Il libro degli errori ; Le filastrocche del Cavallo Parlante Parravicini , and Minuzzolo , books that enjoyed a certain success.

Other books followed, including his masterpiece Pinocchio, published in installments in the Giornale per i bambini, edited by F. Early life and career As a child in the s, Polidoro was fascinated by magic and the claims surrounding psychic phenomena. Polidoro studied Randi and his publications. Randi, like Houdini, was a magician and investigator of mysteries who employed a scientific approach to his investigations.

He was invited to meet both Angela and Randi and again later to a meeting in Rome as Angela's guest in The background colour of the circle varied and also appeared as blue or red. Based in Milan, it published a series of magazines focusing on popular fiction genres—romance, science fiction, mystery—and the genre for which it was best known, comics. One of its earliest and most successful comics was the Cucciolo series created by Caregaro and drawn by Rino Anzi. Alpe became a limited liability company in with Caregaro as its managing director. Collection The museum was created by private initiative in , with funds provided by the artist Marc-Louis Arlaud, who became its first curator.

Private funds still help the acquisition process with gifts and legacies. In , the museum conserved around 10, artworks. A part of them retrace a general history of art, beginning with ancient Egypt, but the largest part focuses on art from the end of the eighteenth century to post-impressionism. Expressive figuration is extens. It is a multidisciplinary event devoted to the realms of the "fantastic", to experimental languages and new technologies in cinema, television and the visual arts. With a program rich in screenings, retrospectives, tributes, conferences and meetings with renown international and national professionals, it aims to explore the whole range of the science fiction world, from cinema to comics, from literature to stage performances.

Todd Brown describes it as "not just one of the world's leading science fiction festivals", but "one of the finest genre events in the world regardless of the genre in question",[1] while Dan Jolin lists i.

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Founded in , it was one of the earliest Italian exhibitions devoted to comics. Conceived in order to popularize and increase the importance of work done by comic authors, it was the first exhibition of its kind to display original artwork. The arms of Rapalloonia! Giuseppe Castelli October 5, — December 19, was an Italian athlete who competed mainly in the metres. He was killed in action during World War II. Sports Reference. Retrieved 24 July Archived from the original on 11 November Retrieved 30 November Alfredo Furia 16 June - 9 November was an Italian male steeplechase runner who competed at the Summer Olympics.

Retrieved 10 September DeepCon also Deepcon is an Italian science fiction, fantasy and horror fan convention, covering multiple ideally all entertainment forms and media e. History The last two decades of the twentieth century were a relatively difficult time for science fiction in Italy,[2][3][4][5][6][7] regardless of medium.

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For several y. He usually collaborates with his wife, Randy Lofficier born Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on February 3, , and the reason why credits sometimes read "R. Lofficier", after the initials of both spouses. The son of a serviceman, he moved several times during his formative years, spending "a goodly part of my childhood in Bordeaux, and my teenage years in Fontainebleau.

This is a list of comics creators. Although comics have different formats, this list mainly focuses on comic book and graphic novel creators. However, some creators of comic strips are also found here, as are some of the early innovators of the art form. The list is sorted by the country of origin of the authors, although they may have published, or now be resident in other countries.

Catalan Communications was a New York City publishing company that existed from to and was operated by Bernd Metz , which mainly focused on English-language translations of European graphic novels, presented in a series of high-quality trade paperbacks, or rather comic albums, a format American comic book readers were at the time not accustomed to. Despite initial struggles, the company was able to quickly establish fina. Roman cuisine comes from the Italian city of Rome. It features fresh, seasonal and simply-prepared ingredients from Roman Campagna. History Classic Roman spaghetti alla carbonara.

Rome's food has evolved through centuries and periods of social, cultural, and political changes. Rome became a major gastronomical center during the ancient age. Ancient Roman cuisine was highly influenced by Ancient Greek culture. Subsequently, the empire'. Notable events of in comics. See also List of years in comics. Fleming H. Revell establishes Spire Christian Comics. Newspaper strip Captain Kate ceases syndication.

Kinney National Company spun off its non-entertainment assets and changed its name to Warner Communications. In Italy, Renzo Barbieri founds Edifumetto, publishing house specialized in cheap erotic comics, in concurrence with the EdiGi of his former associate Renzo Cavedon. The firm launches, in the year, new cha. The museum is situated in a patrician villa, surrounded by a citrus grove, with a terrace of Belvedere that overlooks the Gulf of Naples.

The villa is owned by Pompeo and Alfredo Correale, the last descendants of the family. The museum exhibits collections of Neapolitan painters dating from the 17th and 18th century. There is also an archaeological collection. Some works date from the 19th century and the mansion displays tables, furnishings and finely inlaid jewel cases.

In the library are works by Torquato Tasso. First floor: This area hosts paintings and furnitur. Part of his Bunk! One of its aims is to use images of popular as opposed to elitist culture in art, emphasizing the banal or kitschy elements of any culture, most often through the use of irony. In pop art, material is sometimes visually removed from its known. Barbara Carle is a French-American poet, critic, translator and Italianist. She authored numerous articles on Italian and French poetry, and prefaced various volumes of translation.

Her work appeared in various European anthologies. Her dissertation was on Giusep. Trofeo Alfredo Binda-Comune di Cittiglio is a women's professional road bicycle racing event held annually in the comune municipality of Cittiglio and nearby comunes located within the Province of Varese in the Italian region Lombardy. The race consists of two significant climbs on the circuit, which are the Casale Alto, in the early part of the circuit and the climb of Azzio, which typically separates the field as it is located just before the conclusion of the circuit.

Alfredo Castelli topic Alfredo Castelli born 26 June is an Italian comic book author and writer.

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Martin's vast knowledge of the supernatural and his re Folders related to Martin Mystery: French animated television programs featuring a Revolvy Brain revolvybrain Canadian animated television programs featuring Revolvy Brain revolvybrain s Canadian high school television series Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. Characters The main characters in the comic are: The Earl, a British gentleman and also the leader of the group, Moose, an Irish strongman, Alvaro, an Italian charmer and also a master of safes, Fritz, a German inventor, Jean, the niece of the Earl Michael A Folders related to Gli Aristocratici: Comics infobox image less caption Revolvy Brain revolvybrain Humor comics Revolvy Brain revolvybrain Male characters in comics Revolvy Brain revolvybrain.

AleX topic AleX is an Italian television series. Milo Manara topic Maurilio Manara born September 12, , known professionally as Milo Manara, is an Italian comic book writer and artist. The stories include citations from The Addams Family and from classical s horror Folders related to Zio Boris: Experimental medical treatments in fiction Revolvy Brain revolvybrain Humor comics Revolvy Brain revolvybrain comics debuts Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. Castelli surname topic Castelli is an Italian surname. Italian comics topic Italian comics are known in Italy as fumetto , plural form fumetti.