Wundervölker, Monstrosität und Hässlichkeit im Mittelalter (German Edition)

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Read more about the PowerV Word Selector. A magical story of how a young boy's everyday world is transformed into a snow-covered wonderland through the force of In a style reminiscent of the master storytellers of yore, Charless Caraway recounts the story of his life, as a Please note that the Lexile measures for a small population of books have been recently updated.

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Menu Find a Book. Probably the product of an indistinctly seen seal or fish, the Sea Monk was a creature of north European legend which supposedly lived in the seas around Denmark and resembled a monk superficially. Although the Salamander is a real animal, the medieval descriptions of it are sufficiently fantastical that they are often treated as being about a separate fictitious creature. In appearance, it has been everything from a dog to a bird to an actual salamander, frequently with wings of other animal parts added on. They were generally regarded as having power over fires though the specifics of their interactions with fire could vary.

Are These the Creepiest Creatures to Ever Be Seen?

Monopods made their way into European folklore through the work of Pliny the Elder. As the name suggests, they are one-footed creatures. According to Isodore of Seville, they:.

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In the Middle Ages, Unicorns had strong religious symbolism. Like much of European folklore, Unicorns were originally described by the Ancient Greeks who believed them to live in India. The Origins of the Vegetable Lamb are unclear although both Jewish and Celtic folkloric traditions feature similar plant-animals. The Vegetable Lamb was believed to be attached to the plant by its umbilical cord and to graze the area accessible around the plant. The legend became popular in England in the 14th century thanks to the travel writing of John Mandeville.

The Wyvern was a large winged reptile similar to a dragon — except for its having two rather than four legs. Pliny is also responsible for the appearance of the Yale in medieval myth. This creature is described either as being like an antelope or a goat; except that in either case its horns are larger. The Basilisk was purportedly the king of the serpents and could kill in many different ways. Various authors believed that its breath, gaze, bite, touch and voice could all prove instantly fatal.

Strange Creatures : the Story of Walter Rothschild and His Museum

In the writings of antiquity, the Basilisk was described as a small snake. But the Basilisks of medieval writers were larger, more intimidating creatures, often partially bird-like. Present in Mediterranean folklore since the Bronze Age, Centaurs were a widely known part of medieval folklore throughout Europe. They continued to be associated with the wine god Dionysus even in Christianised Europe and were a feature of Romanesque architectural motifs.

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Headless men were frequently included by classical and medieval accounts of distant lands. Africa in particular was believed to be home to these creatures and the name Blemmyes derives from a real group of north African nomads. Possibly the result of exaggerated tales about hyenas, the Crocotta was variously part dog, part wolf or part lion.

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