Wundervölker, Monstrosität und Hässlichkeit im Mittelalter (German Edition)

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The Erotic Mind

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NOOK Book. Challenging accepted theories about what makes for terrific sex, The Erotic Mind is a breakthrough exploration of the least understood dimensions of human sexuality—the psychology of desire, arousal, and fulfillment. Nationally known sex therapist Dr. Jack Morin offers a bold new perspective that celebrates the joys of Eros without denying its risks. Based on an in-depth analysis of over 1, provocative stories of peak sexual experiences, The Erotic Mind offers clear, accessible guidance on how anyone can utilize his or her own peak encounters and fantasies as powerful tools of self-discovery.

The Erotic Mind: Unlocking the Inner Sources of Passion and Fulfillment

The Erotic Mind explains the many paradoxes of erotic life, such as: why we're most excited when we must overcome obstacles; how anxiety, guilt, and anger—generally thought to have a negative impact on sexual arousal—often turn out to be aphrodisiacs; how we use unresolved issues from our early lives to intensify passion; and why the best sex is dynamic and unpredictable, rather than static and safe.

These and other insights, combined with concrete suggestions for increasing our enjoyment, overcoming our problems, and revitalizing our relationships, will change forever the way we think about our eroticism. Jack Morin has been studying the mysteries of Eros for nearly two decades, often exploring uncharted territory.

He is the world's foremost expert on peak erotic experiences, including real-life encounters as well as fantasies. He has studied these remarkably revealing and fulfilling experiences with the help of his patients in therapy and also by analyzing anonymous responses to his "Sexual Excitement Survey," a powerful tool for self-discovery which you'll find in the book. He is a diplomat of the American Board of Sexology, a board-certified sex therapist, and a licensed psychotherapist in the San Francisco Bay Area.

He speaks regularly to professional and lay audiences across the country. Unforgettable turn-ons are windows into your erotic mind. During these moments of high arousal the crucial elements-your partner, the setting, perhaps a tantalizing twist of luck-all mesh like instruments of an orchestra, producing a crescendo of passion. Look closely at a peak turn-on and you'll undoubtedly sense that something close to the core of your being has been touched. And because everything is accentuated during such moments, they reveal an enormous amount about how your eroticism works.

As a young psychology student in the s I was influenced by Abraham Maslow, who called for a "psychology of health" to counterbalance the overemphasis on problems that he believed was distorting our view of human beings.

The Erotic Mind: Unlocking The Inner Sources Of Passion And Fulfillment, Books | Show Me, Tim

Self-actualizers are still largely ignored by psychologists, even though they have much to teach us about emotional well-being. Even though peak experiences aren't "productive" in the usual sense, participants invariably describe them as profoundly positive and sometimes even life-changing. According to Maslow, self-actualizers have peak experiences more frequently than the rest of us, but nearly everyone has them occasionally. Among his most provocative observations was that during and following peak experiences we temporarily take on many of the characteristics of self-actualizers.

In other words, peaks offer us glimpses of our most authentic, healthiest selves and thus can serve us as guides to growth.

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Maslow saw peak experiences as crucial sources of "clean and uncontaminated data" about who we are and might become. When I began my formal studies of eroticism as a practicing psychotherapist I approached the challenge with Maslow's insights in mind. I was convinced that if I devoted as much attention to peak sexual experiences as I did to problems, I could eventually discern truths about eroticism that would otherwise elude me. My first discovery was rather discouraging: even in the nonjudgmental atmosphere of therapy people rarely bring up their peak turn-ons spontaneously.

And when I started asking I quickly learned that most clients required a high comfort level and a significant amount of courage before they were willing to disclose details about this extremely intimate material.

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  • I began encouraging clients who were grappling with sexual problems to explore their peak turn-ons, hoping the potential benefits of doing so would be obvious to them. In most cases I was wrong.