Wundervölker, Monstrosität und Hässlichkeit im Mittelalter (German Edition)

Sue Bohlin offers a quiz covering Bible basics rather than trivia. That's because we're not reading and studying the Bible. Who wrote the first five books of the Old Testament? .. Probe fulfills this mission through our Mind Games conferences for youth and adults, our 3-minute daily radio program, and.

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Eighteenth-century England was a place of both the enlightenment and progress: new ideas abounded in science, politics, transportation, commerce, …. In addition to letters sent home, Norwegian-Americans often included photographs …. Why did creative writers in early modern England write so forcefully about the relationship between aesthetics and morality? How did they imagine …. That the Roman leader Gaius Julius Caesar is so well remembered today for his achievements as a general is largely due to his skills as a writer. Paul J.

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Guilds were prominent in medieval and early modern Europe, but their economic role has seldom been studied. The identity of this woman, but more likely women, has been disputed since the early days of …. In the information age, knowledge is power. Hence, facilitating the access to knowledge to wider publics empowers citizens and makes societies more democratic. How can publishers and authors contribute to this process? The Indian caste system is an ancient, pervasive institution of social organization within the subcontinent — or is it?

Join me as I speak with Dr. The Lied is one of the most important genres of nineteenth-century Romantic music, and one of the most intriguing. Balanced between public and private performance, an expression of both poetic and musical meaning, …. Alexander Langlands is a British archaeologist, historian, writer, and broadcaster. Chet Van Duzer , an accomplished historian of cartography, trains his sight in this book on one uniquely important map produced in early modern Europe.

Moving across borders, time, and …. Matthew Bingham , who teaches theology and church history at Oak Hill College, London, has written what must be one of the most startling accounts of …. Daniel Unowsky's book isn't about a genocide or other incident of mass violence.

Instead, The Plunder examines a series of riots against Jews in …. Jeremy is one of the best-known and …. Stefanos Geroulanos pursues just such a project in the 22 chapters of Transparency in Postwar ….

Rebecca Erbelding, “Rescue Board: The Untold Story of America’s Efforts to Save the Jews o…

Music lovers and researchers alike have long been fascinated by the story of Ludwig van Beethoven who became profoundly deaf as an adult and could …. It was a delight to catch up with Kevin Ingram , professor of history at Saint Louis University, Madrid, to discuss his very impressive new book. Who gets in to top professions? David L. Hoffmann focuses on the myriad ways in which Stalinist practices had their origins in World War I and Russian Civil War era …. George R. The creation of the postwar welfare state in Great Britain did not represent the logical progression of governmental policy over a period of ….

Elizabeth A. Fraser 's Mediterranean Encounters: Artists Between Europe and the Ottoman Empire, — Penn State University Press, takes its readers on a journey through six illustrated travel albums covering …. What can the lives of journalists under Hitler and Adenauer reveal? How did they navigate the Third Reich as "internal emigrants"?

How did the …. Charles de Gaulle is one of the greatest figures of twentieth century history. By the third century BC, the once-modest settlement of Rome had conquered most of Italy and was poised to build an empire throughout the Mediterranean basin. What transformed a humble city into the preeminent power of …. John Witte, Jr. After years of being overlooked, there has been a growing interest among academic historians in the history of Turkish Guest Workers in West Germany.

The world that Alexander remade in his lifetime was transformed once more by his death in BCE. Just when you thought that you knew everything and anything pertaining to the Cold War and the ending of it, along comes University of North Carolina …. Lumbering late Tsarist Russia and international finance? Is there anything there? The Bolsheviks and finance? How can there be anything there? At a time when trade between China and the outside world is rarely out of the news, it remains important to remember that in centuries past global commerce moved in directions very different from those which dominate ….

How has European culture changed since the s? In Enter Culture, Exit Arts? Apocalypse and Reform from Late Antiquity to the Middle Ages Routledge, is a rich, comparative study, drawing on the scholarship of eleven …. Harry O. I had the opportunity to catch up with Harry O. Eric D. What can the Weimar Republic teach us about how democracies fail? How could the same vibrancy that gave us cultural touchstones spawn Nazism? Although bluegrass music is typically associated with the bluegrass state of Kentucky and Appalachia, the genre is actually played in many pockets all around the world.

Edward J. Despite enduring for nearly five centuries, the Roman Republic ended in a series of crises and wars that discredited the idea of republics in the West for centuries. Rozenblit and J. How was Jewish life affected by the First World War? How did Jews around the world understand, engage with, and influence the Great War and surrounding events? And why has the impact of World War I so often overlooked …. Exactly five centuries after Martin Luther posted his 95 theses to the door of the Castle Church in Wittenburg, Christians continue to debate the best approach to the reading of their sacred book.

The Reformation and …. While the history of the Second World War and Jewish persecution in France has been widely studied, the return of survivors in the aftermath of deportation and genocide has not received sufficient attention. Dirk H. Today we spoke with with Dirk H. This is a very accessible text for those interested in discovering how monetary …. Michael G. Sara J. To be quite honest, I had no idea there were any Spanish prisoners at Mauthausen. But it …. Larry E. The failure of democracy during the Weimar Republic is currently at the center of public discussion due to the global populist wave of the last few ….

Among the many personages associated with the Peloponnesian War, none are as colorful as the Athenian general Alcibiades. In Nemesis: Alcibiades and …. How do social movements remember the past? How do collective memories affect their current strategic choices? In his book Social Movements, Memory …. The relationship between neoliberals and the state is one that has been endlessly debated. Are neoliberals anti-statist? Or are they advocates of a …. The downfall of the Weimar Republic in Germany has long fascinated historians, but this catastrophe gained increasing prominence as a touchstone for ….

In the 6th century CE, the Roman emperor Justinian embarked upon a series of wars that seemed to herald the restoration of the Roman empire in the western Mediterranean. In his book Rome Resurgent: War and Empire in the …. Artificial intelligence and Victorian literature: these two notions seem incompatible.

AI brings us to the age of information and technology, whereas …. Richard S.

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Beginning in the mids, Paris experienced an unprecedented growth in the development of parks, squares, and gardens. This greenspace was part of …. Ever go backpacking through Europe? This entertaining, enlightening, and humorous graphic narrative tells the exciting story of the seventeenth-century thinkers who challenged authority and contemporary thinking—sometimes risking excommunication, prison, …. William D. During the 17th and 18th centuries, Austria established itself as one of the dominant powers of Europe, despite possessing much more limited fiscal resources when compared to its counterparts.

In The Sinews of Habsburg …. Frank L. Most studies of the Macedonian conqueror Alexander III focus on the military aspects of his life and reign. July 5th, Jennifer A. This program ….

The Law of Mind in Action by Fenwicke L. Holmes

How can political modernization reinforce authoritarianism? What brought middle-class liberals and conservative monarchists to make common cause in …. What sounds like the title of a Hollywood movie is actually a result of meticulous historical research. For decades the implementation of a single European currency was seen by its advocates as a vital step in the post-World War II movement toward …. Though Germany was convulsed by violent unrest in the weeks following the end of the First World War, one of the few places where a new republican ….

What sort of inequalities characterize classical music today? To date Stephan Zweig is a contentious …. Did capitalism exist in ancient Greece, the cradle of democracy and western civilization? I was joined to discuss this and other issues with Donni …. How do transitions to democracy affect the shape and participation of social movements in the present?

Why is it that Italy is known as the Axis power that was benevolent to Jews, despite a scholarly consensus …. Gillian B. Yet in the classical world it was one that was often used not as a …. A comprehensive survey …. Less clear however, is how and when those ideas developed. In his latest book, …. Jewish ultra-Orthodoxy, in its numerous manifestations, continues to exert profound influence on the Jewish world, even as it undergoes pressure to …. Hasidic Studies: Essays in History and Gender is a collection of essays that spans over 40 years and challenges many received notions about the ….

Adriana M. How do immigrant populations navigate between ancestral ties and connections to their new homes? How do their plural histories create layered …. In the Catholic Church stood staunchly against religious freedom and the secular state. By the s, that position was reversed and Catholics …. She has authored seminal …. Though he never enjoyed the fame of his contemporaries Mozart and Haydn, Antonio Rosetti was a successful composer whose works received a wide ….

Daniel B. Excommunicated from the Jewish …. How did the Nazi regime respond to protest? Nathan …. Historical debates about the actions of the Roman Catholic Church in relationship to the Third Reich have never been restricted to academic presses …. Nor was the system of internment camps it spawned. In his new book, Colonial …. Historians, writes Dagomar Degroot , rarely feature in discussions about global warming. Described upon his death in as the ideal diplomatist, Richard Lyons served Great Britain in a variety of roles over the course of a long and ….

What does it mean to be a citizen? Every country has its own legal codes that confer a set of rights on official members. But full citizenship is …. Benjamin R. Sedgwick …. The French-Algerian War that erupted in ended with the emergence of an independent Algeria in , but it was not until decades later that a …. Music is frequently connected to leftist politics and seen as the soundtrack to social protest movements, most notably the civil rights movement. But …. January 23rd, In December of , four men robbed a representative of the diamond company Cartier of eight diamond rings in the Hyde Park Hotel.

What made this crime unique was the identity of the perpetrators: all four men were …. Two and a …. The German youth movement of the late Kaiserreich and ill-fated Weimar Republic has been a subject of controversy since its inception. The longing for community that drove the movement, and a sense of shared experience ….

Anthony J. Steven P. Georgia Press, December 12th, When the nations of Latin America fought for their independence in the early 19th century, they commissioned privateers stationed in the United States to attack Spanish skipping. In Privateers of the Americas: Spanish …. Eine historische Typologie—. Chicago Press, November 30th, Andrew S. Hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets in western Europe over the s. Nuclear …. Kathryn Brown.

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Edgar Degas died in the fall of One of the defining characteristics of the Nazi regime that ruled Germany from until was its attention to presentation as a means of …. The categories religion and race share a common genealogy. The modern understanding of these terms emerges within the European enlightenment but grasping their gradual production requires us to investigate further. It seemed that everyone wanted Bosnia in the late nineteenth century: Serbian and Croatian nationalists; Ottoman, Habsburg, Muslim and Yugoslav movements.

At the same time, they all felt frustration with the Bosnian …. What convinced young intellectuals to join the SS and perpetrate genocide in pursuit of a racial utopia? Find out in our conversation with …. At the close of the nineteenth century, Europe was teeming with apocalyptic dreams of destruction and renewal. Pieter M.

Pieter Judson established himself as one of the top scholars of the East Central Europe with his first two books Exclusive Revolutionaries …. Illinois Press, October 11th, When Charles de Gaulle issued his famous call in June for the French people to continue fighting Nazi Germany, among those within Occupied …. People study atrocities and mass violence for a variety of reasons. When asked, many offer thoughtful intellectual or political explanations for ….

In the 10th century, a succession of Byzantine rulers reversed centuries of strategic policy by embarking on a series of campaigns that dramatically …. Food is a hot topic these days, and not just among the folks posting pictures of their dinner on Instagram. A growing number of scholars in many …. Dominant social norms and expectations shape how individuals and their public activities are understood.

In Roman antiquity, various shifts …. The majority of the books we profile on New Books in Military History are traditional research narratives, monographs written by historians and …. Until the early modern era, however, it was a region of wetland marshes. In the popular imagination, heresy belongs to the Christian Middle Ages in much the way that the Crusades or courtly culture do.

Non-specialists in …. Did the Protestant Reformation Have to Happen? July 21st, In the second podcast of Arguing History, historians Peter Marshall and Alec Ryrie address the question of whether the Protestant Reformation, an event which transformed Christianity in the Western world, was an …. Jennifer T. The Peloponnesian War was one of the first subjects of historical inquiry, and one that has been the subject of many works ever since Thucydides wrote his famous account of the conflict.

Yet these works typically focus …. Patrick N. Raul Coronado provides an intellectual …. What comes to mind when you think of Paris in the nineteenth century? For me, its revolutionary politics, the circulation of increasing numbers of …. In mid-March, Europeans observed the Dutch national elections with intense interest. Onlookers believed that a victory of the Party for Freedom led …. Pittsburgh Press, July 8th, NB: An earlier version of this podcast has been replaced with a new file in which the the technical problems of the first were corrected.

Since the publication of this book five years ago, Steven Seegel has become a leading authority on map-making in the Russian Empire with particular …. David I. Penn Press, June 26th, Shyovitz , …. In the capital of the African nation of Angola today stands a statue to Njinga, the 17th century queen of the Ndongo and Matamba kingdoms.

Its …. Historically, foreign policy has been seen as a sphere shaped and determined by the concerns of men alone. How do you make taxpayers comply? Samuele F. Washington to Bruce Springsteen Dartmouth , …. Timothy D. Norton, April 12th, Caterina Corner lived a life that was composed of a mixture of adventure, power, and tragedy. The daughter of a Venetian patrician and merchant, she was married to the king of Cyprus while barely a teenager. Within two …. They were absent, however, argues Dr.

Kate Murphy from most of the historiography devoted to this illustrious …. Michael E. The prowess of the Roman empire was imbued with courage and militarism. Meredith K.

The Rise of the Centaurs: The Origin of Horsemanship. the Untold Story.

Press of Mississippi, February 27th, How did the idea of time change during the nineteenth century? Pittsburgh Press, February 23rd, Of course there are weird beasts of every sort: dragons, griffins, …. During the mid- to late s, a small but socially prominent group of right-wing Britons took a public stance in support of the Nazi regime in Germany.

Paul Benneworth et al. What is the future for Arts and Humanities in Europe? The podcast discusses these questions with Paul Benneworth , one of the authors, along with …. Was the War for American Independence really about American independence? It depends on who you ask. Scholars have long treated cities as spaces in which indigenous people have little presence and less significance.

This notion that urbanity and …. Watson …. How is the notion of the avant-garde in art relevant today? What can contemporary social movements learn from the Situationists? What is the meaning of artistic value to forms of resistance? These, and many other, …. Megan C. How did he work collaboratively? What was the influence of …. Why were German Jews so fascinated by Iberian Sephardic history? Islamophobia, both as a term and concept, has a storied and complicated history, and understanding its many layers in our current historical moment remains important for any number of audiences and purposes.

By focusing …. Paul M. The Crusades loom large in contemporary popular consciousness. However, our public understanding has largely been informed from a western …. For all of his importance as a medieval ruler, there are surprisingly few biographies in English of the German emperor Frederick Barbarossa c.

From the s onward, Beirut-based calendars and almanacs were in high demand as they packaged at least four different calendars into one, …. Biography is a genre of largely unexamined power: a literary field that preserves stories of lived lives and, through them, perpetuates notions that …. How did two right wing presidents use culture to govern France? One hundred and forty-five years ago this week, the French state massacred thousands of its own people during the semaine sanglante bloody week of ….

Most biographers writing about the life and achievements of Napoleon Bonaparte have focused on his dramatic personality or his military campaigns. At what point does the world end? More importantly, how did this idea of a whole, unified world emerge to begin with? In Worldmakers: Global …. What makes a person? What makes an act heroic? These are the questions driving the narrative in Ingrid Carlberg …. John M. Suzanne Brown-Fleming suggests that most people think the archives of the International Tracing Service is largely a list of names and addresses. I was one of these people until I read her excellent new book Nazi ….

Kennetta H. Between the late s and the early s, hundreds of thousands of people from the British Commonwealth migrated the United Kingdom with plans to settle and find work. Justin E. Charles Bell …. Timothy Snyder does just …. Italians have a reputation for being rather, well, ineffectual. Elizabeth M. Tauris, December 18th, In a West-Indian seaman was killed in Cape Town by two white policemen. By Linda Carroll. By Debby Sly. By Paul Striberry.

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