Wundervölker, Monstrosität und Hässlichkeit im Mittelalter (German Edition)

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Proud moment for me always a complement from my dad and from many others! Being available all the time means you are putting them above you. You are putting your work, your own time, your hobbies below them.

Step 1: Understand the Costs of Downtime of Critical Services

You are bending to accommodate them. This means that you are disrespecting yourself. You are putting their interests above you. This is not good. You should always respect yourself. And teach others also to respect you. This means they should respect your time and interests also just as you respect theirs. You are as important as anyone else is.

Allow only those who respect you to be in your life. If you allow people who walk all over you and do not respect you, sooner or later you will become miserable. Do as much as you can for others but do not forget to respect yourself in the process. Whoever says that the person will start taking you for granted if you be there for them always…. And all. It's bullshit.

How to Build an Always-On, Always-Available Enterprise

So what if person starts taking you for granted? Don't we take our parents for granted? But they are still there for us always. And self love and self respect at some point could be the most dangerous thing that one could ever go through. Why do you want to love yourself?

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Are you insane? Humans are made to love and respect each other not themselves. At the end of all it's not about right or wrong, truth or lie, sad or happy, smart or dumb. It's just about being good or bad. So basically be wrong, be sad, speak a lie, be dumb but only if it is for good.

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Then why not to be available for a person always? You are being good. It is our personal preference, sometimes someone becomes so important to us that we start being available to them as and when required; but coin always have other side, at such times we have to watch ourselves than anyone.

So its upto u, if u can and u like it than its ok, but if u can't than than don't regret u can be there at ur own time. Never ya if they are available then it's fine. Remember give as much importance to anyone as much they give you.

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Answer Wiki. Answered Oct 21, In the original example, the outage was perfectly timed to impact the largest number of potential customers and thus have the largest business impact. What if this outage occurred at 3 a.

ET instead of noon ET? Or what if it happened on a different day? Or, what if, instead of the Website being down for 4 hours straight on a single day, it was down for 30 minutes on eight different days? Shorter duration outages tend to be less disruptive than longer ones. All of this must be taken into account when calculating the impact of an outage. Don't try and tackle the entire infrastructure all at once; break down your calculations on a service-by-service basis, starting with the most critical business services. Understanding the costs of downtime will guide the appropriate level of investment in downtime prevention for these services.

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