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Helpline Member login Not a Member? Join now. Email address Password Forgotten your password? Show Menu Home. Popular posts Most views A coeliac? Or a person with coeliac disease? I sadly envisioned my future without tiramisu or meatballs.

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And when she showed me the sample list of gluten-free foods and their prices, I discovered that I had an expensive disease—the Prada of auto-immune disorders. I realized I'd have to become very rich to support these new lifestyle demands. To make matters worse, three weeks before my diagnosis, I'd quit my full-time job partly due to exhaustion and had lost my medical benefits. Now I wondered if it was all related—had I been too fatigued to keep working because of my disease? It seemed like my very unhealthy disease was about to spur me into a very healthy lifestyle. I've learned how eating wheat for a Celiac can be not only physically damaging, but mentally damaging, too.

I hope this is helpful to you in your journey to wellness! Skeptical Susie that I am, I had a hard time believing my diagnosis. Just because my bloodwork came back positive, did that really mean I had Celiac Disease? Was I just gluten-intolerant?

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Or maybe I had a wheat allergy? Besides, how could I be genetically Italian and be predisposed to Celiac Disease?!

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Turns out that Celiac Disease, unlike a food allergy or a gluten intolerance, is an inherited condition. When a genetically susceptible person eats a certain type of wheat protein gliadin , the body's immune system starts attacking normal tissue. The condition does not improve once the gliadin is out of the person's system, and won't improve until it's removed from the person's diet. The symptoms of an intolerance are similar, but they do not cause permanent damage to the GI tract.

Symptoms will pass once the gluten is out of the person's system. People who are allergic to wheat may also experience reactions within the GI tract, but the branch of the immune system that is activated during an allergic reaction is different from the branch responsible for the autoimmune reactions of Celiac Disease. If you're chronically exhausted or depressed, you might have Celiac Disease. If you've ever eaten Thanksgiving dinner and slipped into a food coma, then you'll understand how I felt on a daily basis.

Little did I know that every meal was a delectable little tranquilizer. There is conflicting research out there regarding whether a wheat-eating Celiac will become fatigued due to the disease. From personal experience I can say this: Whether it was because I wasn't absorbing nutrients properly to give me energy, or because eating gluten makes someone with Celiac tired—I was chronically exhausted!

I'd sleep through weekends and wake up exhausted. But it wasn't only a physical problem. Going through the motions of depression started to make me feel depressed. Ever stand up straighter and feel better about yourself? Well the opposite is true, too. I lay prone to depression, too tired to get up, only dragging myself to work and back home so I could sleep again.

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According to Celiac. Weeks after I took the grudging and exhausting leap into a gluten-free lifestyle, I started to notice a difference in my bedtime. My body didn't constantly feel like I was telling it to run a marathon at 3am on no sleep. Finally, my year-old self could stay awake long enough to see 11pm.

Months into "kicking the wheat," I even stayed up until 1am. Once I had energy to do things, I did. I'd go out and stumble upon street fairs, where I used to sample anything that I'd never tried before. My first street fair as a Celiac was bound to be traumatic—limited to juiced beets and macaroons naturally gluten-free!

Again, even these could be avoided without much difficulty or impact on enjoyment.

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But gluten-free? On one of our standard tours, for example, which aimed to showcase some of the favourite everyday dishes of the north, our itinerary went like this: stop one, northern-style xiao long bao steamed pork-filled dumplings ; stop two, pan-fried dumplings; stop three, Lanzhou beef pulled noodles; stop four, rou jia mo a flatbread stuffed with tender pork, beef or lamb ; stop five, northern-style spring pancakes; and to finish, in a nod to the south, egg tarts. This is how it can go for a gluten-free foodie exploring China.

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  • If a Chinese person was allergic to gluten, how could they survive? Gluten-free products — and a general understanding of gluten-free diets — can be hard to come by. Shannon Aitken.

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    • Of course there are people in China who do know about gluten and its potential effects, but they are relatively few, and this is something that concerns food scientist Sanna Luoto. Instead, they remain suffering from even a serious co-condition of coeliac disease. I wanted to collect all the China-related gluten-free information in one convenient place.

      Then WeChat became popular, so now we have online support groups in Beijing , Shanghai and Guangzhou. On a positive note, Chinese staff are usually very keen to accommodate when possible and, as a lot of food is made to order, substitutions and omissions can usually be made on the fly.

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      Wednesdays at 7. Meet Helen Tzouganatos: a hungry, fussy cookbook author with coeliac disease Helen Tzouganatos, 42, was diagnosed with coeliac disease while investigating the cause of infertility at an IVF clinic. Eleven years and three children later, the gluten-free cookbook author shares her food story with SBS.

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      CoeliacAwarenessWeek 5 really helpful tips for coping with a coeliac diagnosis Adapting to a gluten-free diet can be difficult for coeliacs — and their family and friends — but that doesn't mean easy, delicious food is off the table. Blogger and baker Jasmine Ann Gardiner shares her tips to coping with a coeliac diagnosis and being a great gluten-free friend.

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