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Serving from to , Eisenhower presided during a post-war period of great prosperity for the nation. The Cold War Era caused growing concerns for the country, and the activities of the Civil Rights Era were just beginning.

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He was the first president to appear on color television and the last president born in the 19th century. Eisenhower was the only general to serve as president during the 20th century. Eisenhower spent his remaining years at his Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, farm. His body was returned to Abilene and buried at the Eisenhower Center.

Numerous public middle and high schools are named for him. View primary sources related to Dwight D. Eisenhower in Kansas Memory. Author information: The Kansas Historical Society is a state agency charged with actively safeguarding and sharing the state's history. Our online collections contain more than , images of photos, documents, and artifacts, which grows daily. In February , he was named the supreme commander of the Allied expeditionary forces in Western Europe.

He oversaw the successful Allied assault on the coast of Normandy in June and the Allied liberation of western Europe. In November , Eisenhower returned to the US as army chief of staff. In , the popularity which Eisenhower had gained during the war helped him win the Republican nomination for presidency and then the presidency itself. His time in office was dominated by the Cold War.

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In July , he agreed to an armistice to end the fighting in Korea. He also guaranteed US protection for South Vietnam. In , Eisenhower surprised Britain and France by refusing to back them in the Suez crisis.


At home, Eisenhower expanded social security provision and instigated the interstate highway system, the largest construction project in history. He was criticised for failing to publicly condemn Senator Joseph McCarthy for his anti-communist 'witchhunt'. The administration again came under fire in the fall of for an economic recession that lasted through the following summer. For fear of fueling inflation, Eisenhower refused to lower taxes or increase federal spending to ease the slump. Following the death of Dulles in the spring of , Eisenhower assumed a more vigorous and personal role in the direction of American foreign policy.

Khrushchev toured parts of the country in September and held private talks with Eisenhower. Another summit meeting was planned, and a new era of personal diplomacy seemed at hand. Eisenhower admitted that the flights had gone on for four years and shouldered much of the blame for the ill-timed affair. In January , during the last weeks of the Eisenhower administration, the United States broke diplomatic relations with Cuba , which for two years had been under the control of Fidel Castro.

Although his administrations had a great many critics, Eisenhower remained extraordinarily popular. When he left office, Congress restored his rank as general of the army. He retired to his farm in Gettysburg , Pennsylvania, and devoted much of his time to his memoirs. In he published Mandate for Change , which was followed in by Waging Peace.

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Eisenhower , was an immensely popular war hero with great personal charm and no political record, making him extremely hard to attack. Although he disliked their methods, Eisenhower allowed Republican campaigners, including his running mate, Sen. Nixon of California, to capitalize on…. Then the Americans tired; Eisenhower accepted a stalemate in Korea, cut defense spending, and opened a dialogue with Moscow in hopes of putting a lid on the arms race. Khrushchev then launched a new Soviet offensive in , hoping to transform Soviet triumphs in space and missile technology into…. Chinese torture of U.

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Dwight D. Eisenhower

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