Wundervölker, Monstrosität und Hässlichkeit im Mittelalter (German Edition)

Sue Bohlin offers a quiz covering Bible basics rather than trivia. That's because we're not reading and studying the Bible. Who wrote the first five books of the Old Testament? .. Probe fulfills this mission through our Mind Games conferences for youth and adults, our 3-minute daily radio program, and.

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The origin of the city of Jerusalem is lost in antiquity.

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He was the one to whom Abraham paid a tithe of all he possessed. When Joshua crossed the Jordan the Jebusites, a Canaanite tribe, possessed the city. David wisely chose this city as his capital, for Jerusalem was a city between the northern and southern tribes of Israel but it belonged to neither of them because it was still held by the Canaanite Jebusites. The word most likely designates a channel or a shaft, as it is similarly used in Mishnaic Hebrew. The shaft running up perpendicularly from a water conduit cut into the rock fifty feet west from Gihon, discovered by Sir C. Warren in , would have given people inside the city walls access to water in time of siege and would have made a possible avenue for invaders to enter and open the gates of the city from within.

About midway between present-day Beirut and Haifa in Israel was the port city of Tyre, one of the ancient and most important cities of the Phoenicians. The name Hiram appears to have been the family name for a king or series of kings of Tyre who were contemporaries of David and Solomon.

David did not count his men, meaning to rely on the size of his army, but rather he relied on the Lord. To touch the ark or its contents was strictly forbidden by the Lord. Only authorized Levites, and they only under certain specified conditions, could handle the sacred instruments see Numbers Uzzah may have exhibited some bold presumption when he sought to touch that which God had forbidden to be touched.

While much of the story is not known, it is an excellent example that the commands of God are sacred and must be observed precisely as the Lord decreed. There are many modern-day implications see Reading Michal possessed teraphim, and in David she only loved the brave hero and exalted king: she therefore took offence at the humility with which the king, in his pious enthusiasm, placed himself on an equality with all the rest of the nation before the Lord. His playing and dancing referred to the Lord, who had chosen him, and had rejected Saul on account of his pride.

He would therefore let himself be still further despised before the Lord, i.

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For whoso humbleth himself, him will God exalt [ Matthew ]. This verse is an example of a dualistic prophecy, that is, a prophecy with a double meaning see Reading G But it is clearly a Messianic prophecy as well.

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Clearly, only one person can sit upon the throne of David that is, rule over the house of Israel forever and ever, and that one is Christ. He came into mortality as a descendant of David and as an heir to his throne both physically and spiritually. The rights of the royal Davidic family were unrecognized; and the ruler of the Jews was an appointee of Rome. Had Judah been a free and independent nation, ruled by her rightful sovereign, Joseph the carpenter would have been her crowned king; and his lawful successor to the throne would have been Jesus of Nazareth, the King of the Jews. Once David was secure on the throne, he sought to heal old wounds.

His desire was to be kind to any of the house of Saul. The only person left was Mephibosheth, whom David took in and treated nearly as a son. Many homes in the Holy Land, both then and now, had flat roofs.

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Leisure and lust led to adultery and then to murder, which sins had eternal repercussions, as well as tragic earthly results. It is one of the shocking and serious warnings of the Old Testament that a man may be ever so good and great and eminent and still have weaknesses which can lead to deeds that entirely overshadow and defeat the better self! The figure of Nathan boldly accusing the king to his face by an allegorical parallel is impressive, though not as surprising in Bible stories as it would be in accounts of other peoples where the will of God was not such a recognized factor in determining the morality of men and in specifying the results.

Though he later hoped and prayed that his soul would not be left forever in hell the spirit prison , yet the eternal destiny of doers of such twin sins does not look good.

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Removal from this earth by the hand of the Lord must come at one time or another and can be a blessing to an individual, brought about for his best interest at whatever time the Lord sees it to be optimum. The parents did suffer remorse over it.

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Some of the Psalms portray the anguish of his soul; yet David is still paying for his sin. He did not receive the resurrection at the time of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The answer is not a simple yes or no for either alternative. Certainly David must be viewed as one of the greatest royal administrators. He never took to himself authority that was not his nor practiced unrighteous dominion. He never lost his perspective, as Saul did. Perhaps Jesus, in His office of Messiah, is constantly tied into David and his reign because David did three things for temporal Israel that typify what Christ will do for spiritual Israel.

David united the twelve tribes into one nation under the ultimate leadership of God. For the first time in history, David succeeded in winning the whole extent of the promised land for the covenant people see Reading And David established Zion or Jerusalem as the spiritual and political center of Israel. Nevertheless, no success can compensate for failure in our personal lives or in our families. Consider that David was destined for exaltation, destined to rule in heaven forever and ever as a Creator and a God to his future children. David had it within his grasp, and then, in a foolish attempt to hide his sin, sent a man to his death.

It would have been difficult, but not impossible. Kimball indicated that there is no restitution possible for murder. He may give his own life as payment, but this does not wholly undo the injury done by his crime. He might support the widow and children; he might do many other noble things; but a life is gone and the restitution of it in full is impossible.

Repentance in the ordinary sense seems futile. Those who lose their possessions may be able to recover their wealth. Those defamed may still be able to prove themselves above reproach.

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  • Even the loss of chastity leaves the soul in mortality with opportunity to recover and repent and to make amends to some degree. After they have paid the full penalty for their crime, they shall go on to a telestial inheritance. David was a great example in his fulfillment of his calling as king, and a tragic example in his falling from glory.

    We can learn from both aspects of his life. It seems so harsh, when all he was doing was trying to save a holy object from being harmed. They show you how life works best. Other people think the Bible is a book of heroes, showing you people you should copy. The Bible is most of all a Story. The earth was without form and void, and darkness was over the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God was hovering over the face of the waters. If the claim of one, unipersonal god is true then love cannot be at the core of who that god is.

    Power can be at the core of that god. Selfishness can be at the core of that god. But, love cannot be at the core because if there exists one, unipersonal god then there is no one for that god to be loving towards before anything else existed. If If the claim of multiple, unipersonal competing gods is true then love cannot be at the center either.

    Again, power and selfishness and competition can be, but love cannot be at the core of those gods because the very pursuit of those gods is to claim their own jurisdiction, their own demands, their own ultimate reality. If the claim that there is no god is true, then obviously love cannot be at the core. If this is the case then love, good, evil, right, wrong, and truth is whatever we define it as. Not only can love not be at the core, it is actually impossible for love to exist at all. Without someone who can define what love is we cannot have love at all.

    But, if the Creator of all things is a God who exists as One God in Three Persons who have eternally existed in a perfectly loving, unified, selfless community then not can love be at the core, love must be at the core.

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    This results in Christianity having a completely different motivation than every other faith system. What are the implications on our design and purpose if we are made in the image of this Triune God? The implications of a Triune and loving Creator, and of us being formed in the image and likeness of this God, are that at the core of our purpose and design is love. As Jesus answered, when asked what the greatest commandment was, loving God and loving our neighbor as ourselves is what God desires most. This is the motivation of Christianity.

    Our pursuit is not to prove ourselves, or to impress God in order to gain some ultimate end result. Our pursuit is not to dominate or rule over others. Our call is to love our enemies and pray for those who persecute us. This all culminates in our ultimate purpose being to image and reflect this loving and Triune God to the world around us.