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Sue Bohlin offers a quiz covering Bible basics rather than trivia. That's because we're not reading and studying the Bible. Who wrote the first five books of the Old Testament? .. Probe fulfills this mission through our Mind Games conferences for youth and adults, our 3-minute daily radio program, and.

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This clarity of purpose is consistent throughout as each author seeks to open up discussion and equip readers to participate in their own critical work. No previous knowledge of the topic is assumed, making the collection ideal for undergraduate students; the Introduction starts by discussing the terms religion, ideology , and popular culture.

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However, only occasionally does a commitment to clarity lead to repetition, and the tone is such that more advanced scholars, who may be new to either field, would find the book equally insightful and compelling. The collection contains high-quality critical investigations over a broad range of topics as well as specific works: film Saved! Rather than solely seeking to offer definitive interpretations of individual texts, chapters seek to open up conversations and equip readers with tools to perform their own interpretations by illustrating how such criticism is done.

Christianity and Judaism are the main religions discussed though essays additionally explore what else in popular culture fits with definitions of religion Scholes on Coca-Cola or how religion is depicted in alternate worlds McDowell on Star Wars and Cowan on science fiction and horror.

Taken collectively, the book suggests the broad possibilities for the field though each individual chapter could productively be used by itself. Each chapter includes the same heading format. As a result, the coexistence of American religion with popular culture has created a fertile yet caustic environment for new religious belief structures, new texts, and new worldviews that are uniquely American. This work considers ways in which American television, advertising, music, and video games have played a significant role in creating, representing, and influencing contradictory religious identities.

What they mean is that people understand their religion though the popular culture interpretation. TV, movies, novels and blogs now serve as the official narrated version for the religion means. They serves as a new scripture.

Star Wars to Lady GaGa - How Pop Culture Stole Religion

This creates a huge gap between the official interpretation and the popular interpretation. Popular religion gives its order and meaning and shows the tension between the religion of the ordinary person and the theologians priests and other religious professionals. There are learned presentations of the doctrines and practices, yet for many believers the most important parts of religion are those offering emotional security and personal relationship. American religion is bi-directional between popular and established religion. Lay people interpret the faith in its unique ways and influence the clergy.

M Lawrence Moore has suggested that our post-secular era is an era of the commoditization of religion. The Bible becomes objects and forces of power mightier than a sword. There is action and heroic virtue but not textual significance. If you have faith or commitment then you vanquish your spiritual enemies. The authors stress that popular religion is the religion of the laypeople By definition, they treat popular religion as having an extra institutional status, non-elite practitioners, immediacy and informality. It draws on behaviors both participant and observer recognize as religious even if not condoned by the religious elite.

Think of the person who works in a corporate cubicle and defines work as cognitive, so religion is his emotional redemption. So hearing a rock star in shul is emotional and therefore Rav Nachman and Roger Daltry both say the same religious message to oppose his workplace rationalism. You cannot tell pop culture Orthodox that they misunderstand the halakhic world. They have already reached a point where there were rabbis and authority figures who supported their opinion.

They think Biblical history is the most important event in world history but they interpret it through pop culture.

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Modern version of story is more real than the original. Popular culture rescues religion from the bonds of the institutions that one grew up with. Come to think of it, how different is that from the religion of the simple Jew of 18th century Eastern Europe? They also knew relatively little text, and lived their religious experience arguably through the power, as opposed to the text of the Bible.

Understanding Religion and Popular Culture

But yet, I wonder, could that book not have been written without influence by cultural osmosis from evangelicals? Upon reflection, I find much of what the book argues for to fit perfectly in a Jewishly informed Jewish world view. I dont think that this is a new phenomena. As I stated in one of these popular culture posts.

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We need a study of the religion of the laity in Judaism. We dont have to go to the 18th century Eastern Europe, even in Western Europe and during every age and place. The differences are the specific forms of that period.

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Since, I have been blogging in this decade, I am taking note of the current versions. I do not think everything is Evangelical. Art Scroll or Feldheim is not but they do show an Americanization and a suburbanization. Some of them do show step, American pop psych and new age. On this blog, I have been looking at the Evangelical ones. I do not think Fine is evangelical.

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The construction of self and the emotions is also tied to specific periods. The language shows the age as well as the theories of emotions. I think that this conflates to an extent popular culture representations of religion and popular religion itself. For Christianity there are copious popular culture representations of religion.

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For modern orthodoxy -not so much. Modern Orthodoxy by comparison is rather impoverished by comparison. How many modern orthodox novels or TV programs are there? Has it been optioned yet? So while there is obviously popular religion within Modern Orthodoxy it is not as much refracted through a plethora of popular cultural products. It is a bit harder to detect what Modern Orthodox popular religion is drawing on in constructing a popular religious self conception.

Is it the Maccabeats — self- conscious appropriations of popular culture that are essentially devoid of religious content? Is it a shul rabbi who adopts corporate new age team building strategy to engage his congregation? Also , the East Coast MO official narrative is primarily still one of texts, a culture of learning, and elitist aspirations. What does the disjunction between the narrative and the actual culture tell us?

What are the consequences of having a narrative that does not match experience? Does it set educational institutions up for massive failure? Does it result in defections to other streams of orthodoxy who present more convergent narratives and experiences? View all copies of this ISBN edition:.

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