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It was in the s and he was with a skeptical police officer at a mansion in Iowa. When it began to materialize, [the officer] said, 'What is that? I said, 'I don't see anything,' and the guy was actually reaching for his service revolver, to shoot at it. That's when I said, 'No, that's what we're here investigating.

Ghosts of America

These things are real. To me, it was like seeing someone through a fog -- you could distinguish features. It was very dramatic. Henry Bailey, an aerospace engineer, has investigated ghosts and paranormal subjects for 50 years.

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He told HuffPost of his encounter with a spirit in Germany in the early s, when he was staying in an apartment above a local tavern. What I learned after seeing this ghost was that one of the prior tenants -- a man -- was found dead, propped up against the bedroom door, and it was exactly what I had seen.

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While Bailey said he believes enough anecdotal evidence points to the possibility of life after death, he's not optimistic that the whole world will finally accept this. Highly doubtful. You've got a better case for UFOs.

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There are so many things in life that are hard to explain, and that's why we tell stories and have myths," said New York City-based psychotherapist Jonathan Alpert. If we're afraid of death or what happens after we die, we might create these stories or ideas about if there's an afterlife or ghosts. So, I think it helps to calm down people's fears and anxieties.

Even after so many years of personal investigation and reported close encounters, Steiger said he isn't surprised, with all of the available technology -- like paranormal phone apps that supposedly aid in detecting ghosts -- that there's a lot of doubt about the existence of ghosts. I think this explains the vast majority of hauntings where you cannot interact with the ghost any more than you can interact with the figures on a movie or television screen. Very rarely do you hear about a happy ghost.

Alpert suggested that a belief in ghosts may be potentially harmful.

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I think if people are avoiding certain situations or are reckless in their lives because they think there's an afterlife and they can take such risks, that could be a problem," he said. Go to tour schedules. This tour is not appropriate for children. Part of the tour is walking.

Ghosts of America

Wear comfortable shoes or you will be dead on your feet. For more information, go to our official San Diego Ghost Tours website. Reservations are required. Guests must check in 30 minutes prior to departure. Late check-in may result in forfeited reserved seat. Reservation based tickets are non-refundable. You may reschedule up to 24 hours in advance of tour time by calling For an undisclosed reason, the project was shut down and the files were archived in the society's basement never to be seen again.

Did something go wrong? What did they bring back from the spirit world? Tonight we will try and rediscover the mysteries of that experiment. Three members of your audience will be required to take part in this paranormal experiment.

Not only will two of the spectators select the same haunting from the spirit realm, the third spectator will have already predicted which of the hauntings they will choose in advance. The two volunteers are placed into a semi hypnotic state while a third volunteer, known as the 'control', merely uses conscious intuition. By combining theses two methods they try and locate a spirit from one of the 24 hauntings depicted on the cards.