Wundervölker, Monstrosität und Hässlichkeit im Mittelalter (German Edition)

Sue Bohlin offers a quiz covering Bible basics rather than trivia. That's because we're not reading and studying the Bible. Who wrote the first five books of the Old Testament? .. Probe fulfills this mission through our Mind Games conferences for youth and adults, our 3-minute daily radio program, and.

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Mitchell delivers one of the best analysis of the preparation and creation of the Westminster Documents.

Puritanism in New England

A must read for lovers of Puritanism and the Westminster Confession. Everyone needs to understand where their beliefs came from in the history of the church. This work in the "made easy" series, covers all you need to know about Historical Theology in an easy to understand format!

People have asked, "What is Ramean Logic? This turn of the century work highlights the educational reformer Peter Ramus and his contributions in logic to the Reformation and Puritanism.

Articles of John Owen (1616-1683):

Visit old England and the preachers of the day. Brown chooses choice selections for you to read about those who made Protestantism possible just before the time of the Reformation, up and through the time of the Puritans. The history of the covenanters is heart wrenching and faith affirming.

This is one of the only works available that comprehensibly deals with that period of persecution in the time of the Covenanters in Scotland. Awesome faith-building reading.

Hetherington's work is a classic. It is one of the best histories of the Assembly available. Now in an updated format, and available in both eBook and Print! What is the Biblical Gospel? Is an Evangelical today the same as an evangelical during the time of Luther, Calvin or the Puritans?

Suggested Reading - by Dr. C. Matthew McMahon

If the magisterial Reformers suddenly walked into your church today, would they be pleased with the Gospel that is being preached from its pulpit? The Anglican Bishop J. I am not a bit ashamed to say that I often read the sermons of Mr. I like to gather hints about preaching from all quarters… Now when you read Mr.

How easily you grasp the meaning! My acquaintance with and love for Spurgeon began in , when a somewhat disillusioned friend offered me the complete set sixty-two volumes of his sermons, which he had just purchased and had found wanting!

Sermons from the Halls of Church History: The Writings of A Puritan's Mind Volume 2

I have used them over and over ever since, sometimes with great delight and admiration, and sometimes it has to be said with dismay at his handling of the text. His intent was always to be expository; in practice , he could sometimes introduce matters into the sermon that did not properly emerge from the text, and he never engaged in consecutive expository preaching.

Sanctification, Perfection, and Scripture - Puritan Thomas Manton Audio Sermon

Those who favor what is called redemptive-historical preaching tend to be deeply critical of expository preaching styles of the past. They regard the homiletical styles of Augustine and Calvin as guilty of mixing Judeo-Christian theology with classical pagan methodology in their use of the grammatico-historical hermeneutic.

Classic Sermon Library Builder (100 vols.)

Sermons of this sort spend a great deal of time detailing the flow of redemptive history, which, on first hearing, can be breathtaking if done well. Indeed, in its fear of moralistic exegesis biographical preaching is particularly criticized , application is noticeably absent from these sermons.

There is much appeal to the mind, but little if any to the heart. Indeed, many sermons in this school of thought have no discernible application whatsoever, apart from the informative, that shapes the way we think. The mission, passion and purpose of Ligonier Ministries is to proclaim the holiness of God in all its fullness to as many people as possible. Your gift enables our worldwide outreach.

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