Wundervölker, Monstrosität und Hässlichkeit im Mittelalter (German Edition)

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I was called by a company that says they offer amazing splash pages and that they wanted to give me a 30 day free trial. They recorded the whole conversation and sent one email saying.

Our Guide, Your Success!

No contact info, nothing else besides a company address in Canada. Fast forward 5 months later. I had no idea what she was talking about. Then I said to call me back. I searched my email and like I said before. When she called me back she played the recording and for the layman, they would pay immediately but all they get you to agree upon is the free trial. These people have probably scammed thousands of dollars from people that are too scarred to say something.

I told her that if I get turned into collections that she will hear from my attorney. At that point she got frustrated and said fine and then hung up the phone. Bunch of A-holes! That is how I found you Neville and I am incredibly grateful that I did as you saved me an absurd amount of money and frustration! I know exactly who you are talking about…..

Oh geez, I see these all the time, even on sites like CNN. I think the same happens in a lot of apartment complexes. One tenant with the same apartment as another will be paying far less. Often times you go and complain to the management and they will reduce your rent. How about this one?

Poster for a movie that got a 2 star review from The Guardian newspaper. They put it in plain site. Great example! I feel like this happens all the time with any kind of reviews. Yeah but it was the Guardian.. Great Film.. The tactics they use on the phone are all quite nasty including: — being vague or pretending not to hear so that the person on the other end will fill in the blanks and give them contextual information they can then use and make the call sound more credible, or — describing brutal injuries and situations to scare people into thinking irrationally.

In Mainland China who would go up to a car and tell them to scan a QR code to win a prize. When they take out their phone to scan the code, the guy would snatch their phone and run. What would you do if someone snatches your phone like that? You first reaction would be to run after them to try to catch them, right? So another thief would be waiting out of sight until the driver is far away and run to the car and drive off with it. I can go on forever. I can go on for hours, at least. There are ones with the money counting machines and luggage at the back of a car etc.

No, what they actually sell is a piece of paper and accommodation, clothing, outings, team building etc which says you studied with them. Some sort of Diploma or Degree. They also go around telling everyone that studying with them is more important than learning the information elsewhere. Those who paid for their piece of paper also want others to suffer and pay for the same piece of paper or they will look silly for having done so themselves.

Sometimes they these institutions even arrange to loan you money to get these pieces of paper from them with interest charges to follow for a number of years. I think what you mean is some of those online universities like University of Phoenix and Devry that tend to do whatever they can to get people to take out giant federal loans. I know the Phoenix one recently had enrollment cut by HALF almost overnight after the laws started preventing these practices.

I think formal education is still super important, but also doing self-education alongside it is just as important. Of course, everyone buys into this scheme and subscript to this grading system and gives out jobs and salaries accordingly. If you want to talk about scams, I think this comment section will be endless. There are just too many scams out there. This super-resonated with me because I remember knocking out a college English credit for UT University of Texas where I went to school at a community college in Houston when I was home for a summer.

However when asking questions to the class, it was dead. I was literally the only one who read the assignments and discussed things in class. The students were a sad bunch. And then they introduce about this place called — Meena Bazaar. The hidden gem of the Taj Mahal area. That place doesn not exist on the map and every thing you get there is completely made up by the people for the tourists. The sales men tell amazing story telling techniques to close a sale. For ex — I got 2 bed sheets from a handicraft store. He claimed that they were hand made by the prisoners in Agra Jail, made out of banana leaf threads, and had mosquito repellents huge problem in India on it.

While I was at the store, I did research on the web to see if it was a scam. Unfortunately, the connection was weak. I said in his face that you sound like a scam. And then he opened up his books of all the people who had bought it from him. After spending an hour or so to get 2 bedsheets, he closed the deal. I had paid 3X the retail price. In the end he won. But the fact that that shop still exists and has been doing it for 2 decades now is just fucked up. Check the place out. And learn about the near psychological sales technique those guys use.

Hey Neville! I saw the demo and looked interesting. The course had a value of usd and it was offered today for only 15usd. I was a bit skeptical but for the price I thought it was worth trying. I am not sure if this was a real scam because if it was not for them I would have not know about this offer, so I basically paid 15 usd to somebody just because they sent me the information….

I suppose if the course is of value and you actually finish it it was worth it. Generally the sales videos are the best videos, then all the rest are boring and terrible. Had a look at some videos, and switched over to take a shot at the NevBox. And I was exactly in the same situation as you when I read through the comments. Small world, huh? I checked the course out before clicking on that link! My aunt and uncle run a farm and they make most of their annual income during asparagus season. Turns out they bought a box from my uncle once, and have been using cheap import produce ever since.

Ugh, I can see why that would suck. Bad branding for sure. I was looking at a website that sold products that sounds very very enticing and risk free! Sounds like an awesome deal, right? Risk free to try out? I almost hit the buy button but decided to check out the product review and see if it really works. It turns out that they do send you the products for the cost of shipping but will keep sending you the products and charge you full price and shipping without telling you.

At least they will stop sending you the product if you ask them to. All emails requesting response or refund are ignored. This reminds me of those teeth whitening scams from a few years back. She had the best copywriter ever! Thanks for helping with and understanding a little more about the world of copywriting.

Some are shadier than others. These people exist everywhere because it works. It totally works for getting people in the door which is why I guess people keep doing this. Immediately thought of state lotteries. Lotteries are generally honest about the risk, but they definitely use some of these tactics.

It happened in Easter Europe some years ago. My uncle had. So people hired him to take them to places like hospital, visit relatives etc. Also this village had lots of gippos lived in, they were like pimps, smugglers, robbery all that kind of thing. One they a gippo called my uncle if he can give them a ride to the city close to the border.

As the money was good he sad OK. The meating was in a busy market place and turned out the russians brought smuggled in a boot load of cigarettes. The two cars just parked side by side when they started the negitiation. The russians opened the carton and showed the good american brands. They also had a watch man if any uniform would show up. They quickly closed the boot and waited. Few minutes later the russian said they are gone. They asked the gippos to pay the money, quickly load the boxes to my uncle car and they should got off from here ASAP.

They were on there way in minutes. The drive home was about 2 hours. For some reason one of the wanted to check out the stuff so asked my uncle to pull over. When they opened the boot and opened the box what the russians showed them the were a few packet of cigarettes nd the rest of them were cartons, wrapping papers and bricks. They opened the rest of the cartons too and all of those were bricks and shredded newspapers. They went mad and throw everything out. There was no way to get in the police and also the russians were long gone.

They were quiet at the rest of the time. So the only one in the car who actualy made money on this trip was my uncle who requested the money upfront. That was in January Like 5 times. Which looks like this:. Since then, I still have the RMB bill. China is still really damn ripe with fraud. Maybe you should scam one of your friends that visits….. Maybe if the same bank atm allows deposits, you should deposit it back into their bank and see if it gets accepted :. It will still happen of course, but the people making SERIOUS money in the end will be the ones providing some useful service or software.

Like your website Rachel. Will definitely seek you out for my travels…and yes nevillle brings me so much joy! Yes…all cool…But where do I buy this product?! Once I saw a video where they shown a trick meant to learn how to pronunciate a word in a foreign language perfectly, and it goes like this:. We should record a word with our accent and immediately after listen to a RIGHT pronunciation of the same word pronounced by a mother-tongue speaker..

This article does the same by comparing two different uses of copywriting, an evil and a good one. So glad you liked it Renzo! It was fun to make, and I think proves a pretty good point that you need to teach substance rather than just promote the supposed end result. Few months ago, here in my country, one organic bread brand advertised as a bread that can help curing cancer and few other health conditions, and that they have certificate from Russian national science academy that proves that.

One food blogger contacted Russian academy, and they said that they only gave certificate that the bread is organic or something similar , not that it has health or curable properties. It turned out that that brand was false advertising its product. Which is shame, because the product is really good. Oh wow……in some countries they can get away with A LOT!

Waaaay back in high school I did a report on deceptive advertising. First, what does that even MEAN? There is no measure of quietness, only of loudness. Second, compared to what? Really nice post. Then one week they have an emergency and they cant pay. They fall behind with payments and the company recovers the items. Then they get charged again for missed payments, admin fees etc. In the U. I was working as a systems analyst for a big manufacturing company, and was brought in by the factory to evaluate vendors for a real-time quality monitoring system. I was 24, blonde female waiting in the lobby when vendors arrived and discussed their sales strategy openly, not knowing I was the customer.

In the meeting, after being startled to see me as the decision maker, they explained the real-time quality monitoring their system provided. They snuck in a sentence about a 15 minute lag between events and showing on monitor. So you mean that you display events in the same chronological order that they happen, but with a 15 minute delay?! It used to bother her, then she realized that she could reverse the situation into a huge advantage. It would catch them off guard and end up being extremely good for her. He looked stressed and really in trouble, and although spoke terrible english, I gave him the 10 rs no big deal in India anyway.

I said you wont get bus here, you should go to next junction, which 3 stops after. So he said thanks and started walking towards the junction. After a few minutes, I got my bus, and when crossing the next stop, I saw the same guy using the same tactic on other people standing there. I bet he got quite a lot of 10 bucks! Apparently when a poor beggar asks for money, we feel declined to give him anything, but if someone asks with a shining syndrome tactic, so easy to get anyone in.

Damn it!

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Sounds like a good small-time scam. I see this crap on Facebook groups all of the time now:m. Scamming people out of money must be contagious. Even though your article was satire, I did see lots of golden nuggets on the psychology of persuasion. I actually meant for this article to be useful, not just entertaining. So you DID see some good persuasion talk hidden under the jest. I live in Bangalore and worked as a consultant for startup call centers. Show these desperate investors a few requirement documents, this and that and ask for a shit load of money up front.

If you pay you get the project. You need to hire someone to validate that kinda crap? Build your company from ground up, start small, get and build an amazing team, a few years of hard work and detail obsession later, the big guys will come to you but no! Some time into the distant future there will be a mechanism to report the sites for fraud, lighting up fake skylines and putting lipsticks on pigs. A Web patrol authority who could act on mass complaints is desirable. While human emotions for greed, easy money and lazy ass bingo have always been there and will surely continue till eternity, the freedom afforded to scumbag fraudsters by internet should have some reasonable check and balance in place.

Great Article Neville. Hmmmmmm……I wonder if anything like this exists? I know there are scam message boards and such. FREE Seminar on how to fix and flip houses in your area! We have 37 times and locations to chose from! We never spent a dime, and it worked like a charm ; ]. Lastly, I go home and research the company on BiggerPockets.

Having received something for free, you feel the need to be fair, to even out the score. I am pretty sure he mentioned reciprocity. It is the same in supermarkets, when they let you have a taste of the product of the day. That in itself is not scammy — we use freebies all the time because it is nice to have a sample of the thing before making up your mind. But with an aggressive sales pitch, with borderline pressure tactics, it can become scammy. I thought that was unusual for a salad.

But no. See what they did there? Not technically. Telling the truth? I believe the law here in the U. I want you to be a gratefull to me. I see that one all the time! Michael Jordan has a coach. You can often get better advice from an experienced mentor over coffee once per week. All the leg work was done by me, and all the high-level guidance was given by him. Another side-note is that as a student you MUST be willing to do what the coach says. No actionable advice. Read a book a day like its no thing. Sign up for my mastermind. Missing opportunities is the most deadly thing in life. Which is a good touch.

Shows more authority and social proof. Everyone hates on him, but they keep talking about him which in turn makes him more famous. In our last monthly leadership meeting we were watching a TED talk about this Harvard study that showed how great relationships are the most important key to happiness in your life. Bwahahaha I love that his ad popped up in your meeting….. I had some people immediately after college graduate and work for insurance firms that pretty aggressively tried to sell insurance as some sort of investment.

It sounded good on paper….. The whole article is fake? They said they lost their way and were desperate to go back to their hometown. They have this 50KG bag of rice they are willing to sell for a cheap price — so train tickets can be booked from the money they receive. This is the tricky part. One of the two scamster puts his hand inside the bag, takes out the rice and shows to you. It looks like quality rice, so these guys paid and those scamsters went away. Then while transferring rice from the bag to the container, the truth was revealed.

The bag was filled with stones. Only the top part of the bag was layered with rice. Rest of them are heavy stones. And they were duped. Scam 2: My friend was traveling in a bus. And a guy sits next to him, and sweet talks. Like a friend. That same week, this guy calls my friend and says to meet at a cafe. He is also willing to pick him up. So this scamster guy comes in a luxury car and picks up my friend. You should also join. My friend paid the money. And joined. Scam 3: This happened recently with me and my family. There is a Pizza place nearby, and we went to eat there assuming it is going to be cheap.

It was heavy expensive. And the worst part? The menu was really weird. A cheesy bread pic was at the top of the page, and a pizza pic at the bottom. Price was in the middle. We thought we will get both the items for this prize. Family hated it that we went there. We were scammed. Paid double the amount. And will never ever visit that place again. I think the sheer population density of India makes it a good target for scammers. Premium digital cables. Take 2 TVs. Truth: any provides equal signal quality.

Yeah this was a huge thing with Monster Cables. The outcome: The project it about 14months late and it has to be recharged via a wireless charging pad. Great scam, huh?! Kickstarter projects have like a HUGE percentage that never make it to production the way they claim. Car dealers and their humongous, brightly colored ads promising great riches if your number matches.

They send you a brightly-coloured brochure in the mail, along with a fancy-looking plastic key. Good times! Not a real product. I think being an entrepreneur is like the new cool thing, so a lot of accounts about the subject post quasi-motivational BS like above. Neville hates this! A commenter makes a better scam tactic in 3 steps, the third step will make you rich.

The Underpants Gnomes Profit Plan. I want you to help me scam because I have been scammed so many times. When I was 15 I stumbles upon a website that promised me if I joined and made 2 other people join then if everyone did the same I will financially free in less than 2 years, it was pyramid scheme business, they had very similar copy to what you wrote. I leaned my lesson the hard way. Oh geez…. A lot of MLM multi level marketing companies still use this as their underlying business. I was in Bangkok in with my girlfriend at the time, and we had heard awesome things about a restaurant called Sombun.

We hailed a tuk tuk driver and asked him to take us there. He drove in the opposite direction of where we thought it was, but we finally arrived at a restaurant called Sombun. The prices on the menu were misleading, though, and the final bill was about 4x higher than we were expecting. Never heard of that exact scam, but it sounds scary and honestly…..

Haha, my office is near that restaurant in Bangkok and the stream of tuk tuks delivering unwitting marks mostly Chinese tourists for this scam is unending. This made me crack up Nev! I was in Italy and took a cab alone, the cab driver oh-so-conveniently happened to not have any change on him which I found odd for a cab driver. Thanks for the great post!

Ha, thanks Rina! My story will win over all the scam stories here. My hubby made a new friend, ex mafia soldier. At that moment my husband did not know who the guy was. We own a small jewelry repair and design shop, and had a stock that was not really selling as we specialize in custom designs. So, the crook offered my husband to sell few rings 94 to help out and generate some cash. And… my husband just gave them to him. Without my knowledge, hiding things from me, even after i found out. Then the crook threatened us that he will get us killed by his ex mafia friends who now are all old and have no money, and actually this powerful mafia seazed to exist in the early 90s.

Police came and pulled out so much other things on the crook. I felt like i am part of some bad action movie. Now, we are waiting developing of the story with detectives. This most likely was not a scam actually but more a precaution. Think about it.. Err should I say the Comorra and associates. In other words the REAL mafia. Also, even here in the us plenty of drivers.. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. How to scam people for money Updated October 30 th , The real key to success is making great products and putting a lot of hard work into them.

Show pictures of bank accounts with random numbers in them…. Target psychological emotion: Proof and credibility. Target psychological emotion: Desire to belong, desire for freedom. Target psychological emotion: Proof. Just send them some crap-tastic eBook about working hard or something. Spam them!

Lie to them! Pander to their emotional hot buttons! Make them feel really stupid for not buying! Or are you ready to be your own boss and finally start calling all the shots? Want to learn the scammy tricks of advertisers, and learn to apply it to your business or making money?

Signup to the email list to start learning every week, all for free:. Before you leave, did you know we make a great training course and even help you write copy whenever you need? Our trainings are quick, actionable, and even just picking up one new concept can make back your entire investment quickly. It trains you and colleagues on: Writing website copy that makes sales or signups. Creating high converting blog posts. Writing autoresponders that automatically sends marketing and makes sales. Writing emails that bring in sales and attention.

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Pingback: Text playlist 8 — Marketing reading list — — Jegor Nagel. Talking about scammers. Can you explain how marketers think when they promote stuff this way? What about whats started to oil men can secure oil fields for their own accounts? I can on an on…but you get the point? I thought if he could do it, so could I. I could fax for dollars. Who is worse? The scammer or the fools that do no D. Not sure. This tactic are super super effective on poor information niches, or for poor educated people. Pingback: La guida definitiva per truffare le persone e diventare ricco con il web marketing - Riccardo Secco.

Google will surely love this posts haha :P i am going to scam people now after reading :D. Thanks for the article Neville! Thanks for a great article. Hi Neville No scammy tales from me. Nice one. This was a fun read. Oh wow…. I wonder if anyone fell for it? And yes, I realise how naive I sound haha Well, there was this one time taking the underground in NYC and my fellow-foreign friend and I are having trouble figuring it out.

Lol, wow…if not for moral I would be all over this shit. Another awesome one Neville. Thanks Kate! Cab drivers on the other hand……. Thanks for sharing Marie, good luck getting some sleep! Great Post Neveille. Reminded of the cheque scam from my favourite movie Lock, Stock and two smoking barrels. And this is when things got fishy. Reading between the lines. All evidence went up in smoke and is lost in time… So we have a conman, X, getting together with the heirs of the property which may or may not have been acquired through dodgy means in the first place -organizing a fake sale to himself, getting a fraudulent mortgage against it and then selling the house again to a third party.

Initially i was pretty freaked out since my parents had literally just gone through a six month audit with the CRA and maybe they looked into me at the same time… So i went nuts! Ok, my shot at the NevBox. Modern life! Although in the end you actually own the thing. I remember visiting Singapore and noting that the housing and cars! Whoa that sounds just plain thuggish. I really feel sorry for the ladies who get victimized. Never their own fault :.

Interesting scam. Thanks for sharing! Very scammy. I think it saved her a few bucks at first but turned sour quickly. Great post…as always. As always dope post Nev… I think one of the scammiest albeit smart sales tactic is what the phone companies are doing to sell MORE phones. Guilty as charged. Charge backs leading to shut down merchant accounts, complaints leading to have to spend even more money producing content to offset the new negative footprint online, customer service staffing… Integrity and honesty do keep customers happy. NevBox-worthy post SG! So, on Facebook, I messaged him.

Him: Oh..? Him: Awesome! Him: We are presenting a lot of their campaigns and results. They are awesome. Him: I can assure you the event will be amazing. Him: And you will learn a ton. Him: Have a great day and good luck! I got scammed a few months back and trust me I thought I was unscammable. Checked 2 days later when I heard nothing back.. So they processed it for me Lesson Learned! Once inside the only guy in the place lets you in on a gem buying deal of a lifetime.

Boy, it must be your lucky day. This post was absolutely brilliant. Oh gosh, I have a few to share. Thanks Shirley! So we gotta go get it! Smart kid btw :. Great post… loved it. So sick of these idiots. Thanks for sharing Thomas! Awwww this was the most heartbreaking one! I met a few friends during that event who signed up. Sweet post, Bro, though no laptop at Burning Man…slacker! Take care! Well, good thing you learned from it. Seems like an honest mistake.

I too see this a lot in that industry, pretty shady practices to just maximize revenue. Good concept! Bahahhaa, we showed those cats! The Best Asian Scam Man marries gorgeous wife. Wife birthed an ugly baby. Man sues wife for ugly baby because wife had plastic surgery. The end. I remember hearing this story, is this actually real??

It sounds fake! Laughed all the way through the komments, too! Then I was sad. Very shady. This definitely sounds like cable companies or insurance companies. Possibly NevBox-worthy find :. Oh man, now THAT is some really scammy stuff of the lowest sort. Double whammy! Sad little scam which too many people buy into. I got me some of those pieces of paper. Hey Zak, good point. Good scam, Nev. If any one of you ever get to visit Agra, this one is a very common one. But then they start their story. That how the State is helping them by giving them the rickshaws. The best part of this post was — N-evil-lle..

Evil Ka-Neville ;. Thanks for the story Ankurman! What a coincidence, isabella. By the time most people figured it out, they were already hundreds of dollars in the hole. A very deceptive practice. Great story Gabor! Yes, a bank. Maybe if the same bank atm allows deposits, you should deposit it back into their bank and see if it gets accepted : After all, they gave it to you in the first place.

You described almost every product launch I see in the internet marketing space. Once I saw a video where they shown a trick meant to learn how to pronunciate a word in a foreign language perfectly, and it goes like this: We should record a word with our accent and immediately after listen to a RIGHT pronunciation of the same word pronounced by a mother-tongue speaker..

Thanks Neville. Just make up huge numbers! Made me LOL Dave :. You caught them red-handed! Cool that you turned the tables on them! Did I just get scammed? Or inceptioned? How do I buy the money making system? I hate those people! Sadly this scam works on a decent percentage of people which is why they continue to do it.

Maybe you should build it :. Laughed all the way through this. I decided to read a few introductory pages in bed before I fell asleep later that night. Hours later, I was still reading! Truly absorbing, and entirely revealing, Christine lays out the full system that she used to create a cash torrent that filled her bank account. At the end you have a blueprint to publish and market niche information.

Many Internet marketers promise this formula in competitor publications. I have read dozens of them. So many times, I have been let down by the vital magic being alluded to, but left out. Online marketing books are almost always lacking. But Christine Clayfield has avoided that mistake. As a full-time professional online marketer I can spot the fakes, frauds and scammers from a mile away.

My confusion has now turned into a very clear view on what Internet marketing is all about and I am ready to start earning money I hope. The author has inspired me so much that I will be following in her footsteps. It is all explained plain as day. But everybody is entitled to their opinion. However the fact is that there is a wealth of information in this book that is relevant today, for example there are literally dozens if not hundreds of links to other websites which will help you with all sorts of issues such as SEO, keywords, and getting help with just about anything by hiring freelancers — something I never would have thought of — and a whole host of other things.

Others have described this book as a dictionary, encyclopedia or bible of information and there is no question whatsoever that this book is a superb resource. Now this might sound strange in the middle of a review but the truth is that I have actually only read the first pages of this book, but I have already picked up so many tips and tricks and ideas to incorporate into my website that I would never have thought of previously. Having read only a third of it so far I already know that this is going to be of great benefit to me.

Regardless of the rest of the content of the book, there is easily enough information provided to enable you to recoup your investment at the very least even in the pages I have read to date. If the rest of the pages are blank I will still have got myself a bargain. If you want to get into earning money online this book is perfect for the newbie AND those of you who have a little knowledge and have set up a website already but are not sure how to go about monetizing it.

Buy this book, read it through a couple of times and have a highlighter and bookmark tabs ready. I cannot emphasise enough that there is so much information in this book that it is going to take at least two readings before it sinks in. But it is well worth it. Yes, it even includes hours of video tutorials. The author gives a link at the end of the book where you can watch the tutorials.

Some Internet marketing gurus would charge hundreds of pounds for the videos alone. And here is the perfect solution for all despairing parents of similar zombie-vampire children. Just get a ladder and look through the window! I did manage to grab a glance at a few of the topics included. Not that I am a geek, so my understanding of these things is fairly limited. But you can actually make money by putting advertisements on your website pages. Fancy that! It will provide you with everything you need in order to get started, and it will also help you to make a fortune from the Internet.

I am using a large number of the tips and strategies everyday to make my own money. Very worthwhile; you will not be disappointed! With so many books out there on making money online full of so much technobabble that you feel completely out of your depth, this book is a breath of fresh air. I would be so much further ahead now, and it would have saved me about a year of confusion, not to mention a fortune on other courses and books!

This literally will be the book that will make all the many bits of the IM puzzle finally fit together — do yourself a favour and get it! For Christine — Thank you so much for this amazing product — it really is a proper book, not one of those skinny things people sell as books nowadays!

If you are serious about making money online, buy this! It will save you a fortune and a lot of stress, take it from me! If you have ever ventured into the realms of money making on the internet — then you will no doubt have been scammed or at the very least bought information which was of little or no use or just a tiny piece of the puzzle. I am simply amazed at the level of detail that is in this book — there quite simply is NO OTHER RESOURCE like this about Internet Marketing either on the net or in print — there are gurus who are selling this kind of information probably to a much lesser standard for thousands and thousands of pounds.

No one can do it for you — but here you have the step by step plan on HOW to do it! As Nike says — Just do it!! The author makes very little assumptions and explains the technical jargons very well indeed. It gave me the foundation I needed to understand other materials I have read on the Internet since. Now that I have read and researched a bit more, it is true that most of the information contained in the book are indeed on the internet BUT it will take you a heck of a time to be able to collect it all in one place.

I have personally contacted the author a couple of times and each time she has responded promptly with and thoughtfully. It has become a reference of mine and is saving me a lot of research. Sure some of the information might be a little outdated, but that is not the fault of the author, it is the nature of the medium and the fact that the Internet is changing at break neck speed.

Part 1: Confessions from the Underground World of Kindle eBooks

All in all it is money well spent as it has opened my eyes to a whole new world and way of thinking. Refreshingly written and for the price, an absolute bargain. At last, I am on my way! This is one of the best. At this point I have to disclose that I met the author on a train a few months ago! She told me that she had written a book on Internet marketing and I gave her my business card and asked her to let me know when it was published. Buy this book, read it and most of all implement what she is teaching. It is pure gold, very practical and it works. In this case, the book has everything that you need including links to videos too to be an Internet marketing success…if you follow the instructions!

The author is truthful and does not sugarcoat anything. The author has done all the research so we do not need to re-invent the wheel she has brought all the tutorials , tried and tested countless methods and ideas. She is a brilliant example of doing what she recommends.

The book walks you through all the many steps one needs to implement. Its extremely complete. It is simple to understand, well laid out and spelt out in clear English without jargon. It gives precise instructions, which are simple to follow, and is absolutely waffle free. The author has taken a lot of trouble to ensure that ideas and information are both up to date and that absolutely nothing is left out. This is a work of art, which no home, school or desk should be without, for even experts will enjoy finding new ways to make money online.

I absolutely loved it from cover to cover and was able to use its ideas immediately — a wonderful feat for a former technophobe! Aside from that, the overall conceptual discussions regarding how money is made online are excellent. I buy quite a bit through Amazon and rarely leave reviews, but this book is just too good not to let others know about it. It was all a bit gooble-de-gook to me and so much has been cleared up in my mind after reading this book.

I have read several books about Internet marketing but this one sticks out a mile. The author deserves a 5 star and therefore she is getting it. If she ever releases another book, I will buy it. The book is constantly next to me at work and I refer to it all the time. Great work! Christine is refreshingly honest about the fact that you will have to work your butt off if you wish to succeed — that makes a change to quite a few other productions on offer who tell you it can all be done virtually over night!

It is the first book that I have bought on Internet marketing where everything is very clearly explained in a step-by-step fashion. I wish I bought it 2 years ago when I first started in Internet marketing as I have wasted lots of money on automated push button rubbish. I now understand why this stuff will never earn me any money as it is explained very clearly in the book. The traffic chapter is awesome with over traffic methods, some of which I never heard of before.

The book is a detailed guide in how to get a website online from scratch and shows you how to get traffic and make money from it. The way Christine writes makes it easy to understand and easy to follow and everything is made very clear and explained. With great illustrations and step-by-step guide to everything you possibly need to know.

Great for beginners a complete A-Z on how to make millions on the Internet, If you want to be successful buy this book! This book gets 10 out of 10 for me! This book really does teach you the A-Z of how to make money on the internet and work for yourself!! It has inspired me to really take action and follow the books system… Definitely recommend this book. It gets right to the core of the subject and deals with each part in a very thorough way. It also dispels the myth of being a millionaire overnight and puts forward, what I feel is the truth, that there is no substitute for hard work if you want to succeed.

This book has me given all the tools I need and require to get started. It gives me step-by-step guide in particular if you are beginner to Internet marketing, which has been fully explained. In addition, looking after your health whilst working online. Great stuff Christine, well done! Looking for future publications from the author, hoping for coaching or mentoring.

A great book and a great read, thanks Christine!!! She explains in easy to understand, bite size chunks some of the essentials but also some of the pitfalls of Internet Marketing. I have found her book not only to be crammed packed full of information but also tips and ideas that you too can use to create your own success. I highly recommend this book not just for newbies but for others who already have an online presence and want to develop that further.

An excellent book, so well written and easy to understand, each chapter guides you forward step by step and makes you want to get involved and go right ahead and make MONEY. Some better than others. There are two things that particularly resonate with me when it came to Christine: 1. This book itself is fantastic. Halfway through, I was moved to email the author just to let her know. She acknowledged immediately not automated which was nice. There are accompanying online videos one can buy to supplement the book I did — not essential, but I would recommend as they are also very comprehensive and will make your task even easier.

However, the book does what it says on the front: it provides a step-by-step system to follow. Even the complete newbie will be able to follow this and have a website up and running in no time. Better to buy this one book than a pile of them on the subject. This is the only one you need. I would also recommend it over many of the trainings currently available! Christine clearly has been there, done that. She does not hold back in any way and tells it as it is in terms of researching, setting up and operating an Internet business. This is an incredible learning resource and one that I come back to time and time again.

Buy it! The page book starts off with the basics, learning the language of the Internet Marketer and what it all means… to the hundreds of free websites, that will help the newbies move forward to understanding the procedures of successful marketing strategies. This book is written in a simple, easy to read style… no technobabble stuff here… Just straight talk. This… IMO … is worth more than the price of the book! If anyone has wondered about the Internet Marketing business… I would definitely invest in this book first! It has truly opened my eyes to the Internet world… and Christine has always answered all of my questions about the Internet… personally… via email… Now that is a really big bonus to me!

You could spend hundreds of dollars on books and DVDs on Internet Marketing… and still not get the same information or value that Christine has written for all us newbies out there! So check it out! The Snake Oil salespeople are everywhere. It has almost become an expectation that is the norm. While I do not know Ms.

50 Ways to Make Money Online FREE eBook! | Ukandoo

Clayfield, her IM book is anything but Snake Oil. It is a carefully laid out road map to IM success. I have begun traveling the road using her map and feel very confident following her advice and counsel; I will arrive safely without snakebites, road rash or other perils of traveling the Information Superhighway. It is not an inexpensive book but it has proven to be worth every penny invested. If you are a traveler on the IM routes, I give it a two thumbs up. Christine over delivers so much in this book, it is incredible.

A woman of great integrity, I believe, wrote this book and put her all into it. Christine is an amazing lady to share all her knowledge. We have many websites all ranking well and this book is great for me. Perfect for anyone interested in Internet marketing or even if you just have one website or business that you want to grow. I highly recommend this book. I bought it as an ebook and have printed it and am having it bound. I am studying it and putting the principles into practice.

I have been searching for sources to build an online business I can make my own with for years. After reading this book I had idea what I should do. I followed the steps and finally I built my own niche website which is ranking on the first page of Google. If you are a newbie, you will get all the knowledge in eatable chunks.

This is the best book ever on explaining the ins and the outs on navigating the Internet. You can find these reviews on www. Her approach is direct and she keeps everything simple and she has not departed from that path in her latest offering. You will need years to put together all the resources she has collected into this one volume over a period of 8 years. She takes you through the design process from the beginning and gives you everything you need to create an entirely free website, the only cost is the time you will invest to doing it all yourself.

Grab yourself a copy and start creating free websites for your business or personal use. I am dying to read her books on niches and e-commerce next. And then maybe self-publishing! Second, in the spirit of full disclosure, I received a promotional copy of this book but am not receiving compensation for this review. Finally, WOW. I tried to speed-count the number of FREE tools, sites, and resources she refers to and I lost count at !! But this book is not just a list of links. She also provides great design tips, screen shots and general instructions to point you in the right direction very helpful , AND advice on various website topics to help you avoid all sorts of trouble!

Let me just say…I had NO idea there were so many free and cheap tools out there. And more pop up all the time! Good luck with your site!! This document covers everything from the terminology used in IM to niche and keyword research, site creation, SEO, content, monetizing your site s , and a large section covering the fundamental, tried and true free traffic methods article making, press releases, video, … as well as many less obvious free methods.

Paid traffic methods are covered as well. The book also includes ways to make money with, or without a website. All the methods listed include brief descriptions of how to use them and many are accompanied by screenshots and longer explanations to help you get started. Good Job, Christine. This is the real deal, the e-book alone is over pages of gold. My plan is to take much of her info, put it into a system for my outsourcing team and let them run with it. I am slowly going through every part of this and I have yet had a chance to review all of it but I will do so today and get back to you all with an update.

After going through one fifth of your PDF I can safely say it was worth the money. It is a compendium of all there is to know about the art of IM and will benefit both the newbie, like myself, and the seasoned Marketing folk, many of which have already attested to your masterpiece. As Christine calls it — a sound investment! Brilliant stuff Christine! A joy to read! Christine is the real deal and her report is very well put together and is a huge pages of solid IM content. It would be easy to call this report … the Encyclopedia Britannica of Internet marketing. She is an interesting writer it very easy to read and understand her teachings.

As you read through, it is quite obvious that she has taken a very long time and shared her many strategies from her experience of building a successful Internet marketing business. I have never seen such an assortment of different IM businesses with procedures and details shared. Instead of purchasing a bundle of WSOs … Try this one, then pick out 1 or 2 of your favorites and take action. For those that are starting on a very limited budget, she has even included methods of earning income, without having a website.

Everyone can use more traffic, there is excellent information on finding free organic targeted traffic and driving to your money-sites. There is another section that deals with paid traffic that is very useful. There is a huge video library that is very newbie friendly however; even the more experienced Internet marketers will find some golden-nuggets that should increase their bottom line. The first few sections will get the newbie off to a flying start with topics on IM terminology, skills required to be an Internet Marketer etc.

The whole ebook is complemented with over 5 hours of video for a complete affiliate marketing system. That adds a lot of value. When given a choice, I want to know what to expect between each choice I have been given. Very comprehensive. Thanks a bunch! What I got was a very pleasant surprise. This WSO is jam packed, and by that I mean overstuffed turkey at Thanksgiving stuffed full of the good stuff. In pages yes, really , Christine goes over the basics, the not so basics, niche selection, research and content.

The real gem however, is the HUGE section on traffic generation, both free and paid. This is a killer Internet Marketing manual. You MUST own this for your own reference even if you are a veteran, I think you could learn a lot from what Christine teaches. What a find! Thanks for an awesome WSO! She may not be very well known on Warrior forum but she has been doing great work underground and very busy making money doing exactly what she teaches.

Her bank account and degenerative cervical spine are enough evidences. You stand a better chance of making million online than playing the lottery, if you are ready to work hard. Well done!! I think this book should be the only choice for any newbie who wants to know about IM because every single aspect is covered. A new standard. Having bought far too many pieces of rubbish here on the Warrior Forum, and elsewhere, and having acquired some gems, too, in the process, I believe this book stands out as perhaps the very best of the lot.

It has already been mentioned that the book is an encyclopedia. That it is. Look no further for a comprehensive reference book on the business of Internet marketing. This is the book. Yes, the author has some biases. She is very upfront in her sales presentation concerning these biases, and why she leaves out certain materials she finds useless or counterproductive. Other than that, I find literally nothing missing from her exhaustive treatment of the business. While some WSOs are thrown together in a few hours, this required months of hard work, preceded by years of thoughtful professional experience.

The writing is excellent, the organization is suburb, the editing is complete. The result is an excellent book. Might there be a 14 page, simple, magical WSO that changes your business life to a greater degree than this book? Of course. However, I strongly doubt it. Folks, this is a very high level tome. With this WSO, I guarantee that you will not be disappointed.

In my opinion anyone who has the intention to start their online business must have this WSO. Seriously, Christine have done a superb job in writing and compiling this very informative step-bystep pages ebook so that any newbies who has the heart to learn can basically become an overnight expert once they complete this ebook. If you think I am hyping, see this WSO for yourself. I am not exaggerating.

So which part of IM are you lacking? Niche research? Finally, if you are a newbie and are very serious to make money online, stop searching high and low for the educations. Do yourself a very big favor and get this WSO now and you will thank me later. In conclusion, this ebook is professionally written. Well done Christine! Qamar, Singapore. This really is a one-stop guide for anyone new to Internet Marketing to help to figure all this stuff out. This is too good to just keep as an ebook! It is packed with great information for Newcomer and seasoned marketers. Keith, UK.

It goes through the basics, but also provides great detail and some fantastic tips in niche research, etc. Everyone will reap benefits from this product. It is really geared towards every level. It reminds me of the huge set of manuals I have from Corey Rudl and his course — way back when — which as I recall I paid a pretty penny for! Thank you Christine for all the work you put into this.

I am blown away! Having started my online experience with absolutely nothing, not even a credit card or way of buying a website — I KNOW several of the techniques Christine covers do actually work — but it takes hard work, perseverence and time. She talks through all the back to basics of several methods, without hype, without fake promises and shockingly, with no affiliate links on her recommended resources! The PDF is well laid out, ideal for reference and easy to read.

It may be overwhelming having so much information in one place for a total newbie. That said, if you are looking for sound advice rather than short-cuts and secrets, get this ebook and take things one step at a time. Very well written and solid information. Most of the info included are not new or groundbreaking but they are very well presented and since they cover practically every aspect of IM most people will find at least something that will pay for this ebook multiple times if they take action. Excellent for people new to IM. Useful for more experienced IMers Although I have bought several WSOs, I believe this is my first review and this is simply because it is the first time I can actually and without any doubt recommend one.

Good job! Christine has more than over delivered with this product. This could serve as an excellent primer for the complete newbie. So that being said, if I could only buy one product to learn this business this would definitely be the one.

As Christine has noted here and within the book, there are areas that she acknowledges you may need to seek additional information elsewhere. I would argue that none of these items in particular will bar you from making the most of the information she has laid out. Overall, this is an excellent product if you are looking for a road map to get you started whether you have no cash to get started or a small budget to help move some things along. This is the best product I have ever read. Christine has covered Internet marketing from A-Z. She leaves no chance of complaint.

This is the No. You should invest your money on this course and start doing real Online Business. Thank you Christine. I am literally pages through and this is exactly what I needed. The only regret I have is honestly I just wished I would of came across your book first, so that way I would of saved a lot of money spending it on other materials that were sub-par compared to what you offer. This book is a steal at this price and it really makes everything crystal clear with the IM world. There are also High Quality Videos. So, hopefully this will lead me to get my foot into this damn IM Marketing Wonderland.

Needless to say, I purchased the book, skimmed through the first odd pages and found lots of gold nuggets. Any beginner who is at sea on how to get started will find this book valuable. I feel that Christine has trully poured a lot of time and dedication in to this book just to make it easier for others starting out in the IM business.

It is full of all the information you will need to start making money and I will be referring this to some of my friends who want to get started. This is what I have been searching for. I am a complete newbie and I am currently experiencing information overload! I have been searching and researching full time online to figure out how all this works. I was skeptical, at first, particularly as I had never heard of you, before coming across your WSO. Thank you very much for a well-presented, no nonsense tome that is jam-packed with facts, figures and tips.

This is of key interest to me because I love writing and have already published two books listed on Amazon. There is a method to suit every type of online marketer — from affiliate marketing to product development. But there are clear directions given and there are also video tutorials to supplement the information given in text format. I have taken heed about sitting too long at the PC — something I do because I become too absorbed in my writing to take a break.

But have started a new regime, thanks to your warnings. To those who may be hesitating, grab a copy while you can, especially at this incredibly good price. Thanks, again. It is very concise in the way it is put together and the step by step is easy to follow any body who is either new or have some experience in Internet marketing will get a lot out of this report written by Christine, I would also say that this is pages of pure gold.

It should be selling for much more. I am glad I had a chance to review this product as there were things I even learnt. I am totally impressed with your eBook and training videos. Your eBook is very well done and leaves no stone unturned. It truly may be the Bible of Internet Marketing. I highly recommend it, and for the price you are asking it is a complete steal. You have definitely over-delivered here.

Well organized and professionally written. Do yourself a favor and grab this one. But I have no choice. I must say that this product is great! He missed my important key to success. I purchased this book yesterday, and video that go with it, for the price of a meal at the restaurant.

And I do not regret it. Because this method takes work. Like all serious method when it comes to making money Finally, an important point, if you buy this method step by step and you applied it is possible that you may be the next winner of the Internet. So many people will become increasingly more dependent on it during these difficult economic times. Many thanks! I have only jumped into the middle of the ebook and read about a half chapter and if that were all of the ebook, just a few pages, I learned well worth the money that I spent; this one is seriously laden with nuts and bolts.

Christine my hat is off to you, I like your style and your stuff-your first email was even refreshing. Thanks for posting that here, so everyone can see the possibilities at their disposal, if they just take action. This post was so good, I have printed it out and put it in the notebook that houses your ebook, as well. Thanks again! And Christine — Thank you so much for this amazing product it really is a proper book.

How I wish it is available when I started IM journey early this year, then I do not have to buy so much WSOs here because the information in this ebook is equivalent to the 8 — 10 info ebooks I bought earlier. It got late. Christine tells you HOW to do it. Quickly, in real English, and easily understandable. Not only for sharing but the approach you chose to share it. I searched really intensively this last three week, I submitted to every page I could to learn more about IM, I watched a lots of videos, downloaded 10 or 15 e-books, and I even bought a product from a Guru I asked for a refund since.

I have already launched my first website using WordPress for a product I created early this year. I am now in the process of building a new site with ideas I have taken from your eBook. Many of wordpress plugins you recommend are on my present site and I will be trying a few others with my new build. Essentially you have provided a step-by-step blueprint from start to finish on how to set up multiple streams of income producing websites. I have read on Internet marketing. I have acquired some of the information before, bits and pieces, from sources scattered around the Warrior Forum and elsewhere on the Internet.

On a more serious note, having quickly perused the content of your programme all that I can say is … WOW.. It looks full of relevant content… Full of suggestions of high calibre and then add in the videos.. For anyone who is contemplating getting their I. So, all that I would say to those who are thinking.. NO let me rephrase that.. You now have all the pieces of the puzzle. You can now actually see clearly and exactly what it is you need to do to achieve success. Save yourself massive chunks of time.

You seriously do not need to bother with them. There was no up sell on the download page, and there has not been one single affiliate offer emailed to me from Christine since I bought from her. Thank you Christine for your hard work — you deserve the success that you have had. I also wish good health to come with that wealth as well! At last, here is a simple, clear, well written guide to the basic and beyond. For the first time I feel like I am getting my questions answered. This really is a proper manual on how to do it, not theory, not opinion, not waffle — just solid facts and techniques.

The only fault I have found is most the pictures seem too small and fuzzy to read, which is a bit annoying. No, scratch that. Nope, still not accurate. You have my vote for Internet Marketer of the Century! There we go, finally got it right. I WAS on that bandwagon and for too long. I would like to thank you for providing this valuable resource to the Internet Marketing community.

I realize the power of having the right tools in our digital toolbox and your eBook is the pillar of ultimate I. All of the other resources are necessary and is an expense of running a successful business. I would like to reiterate what IbbyatLytham said in post that From Newbie To Millionaire is all the puzzle pieces and the picture on the box.

Failure is not possible! Thanks again for your time, hard work, and dedication to yourself and to Internet Marketers alike. I will have to read this book, probably, times to get the most out of it there is just a lot of information to comprehend. Very comprehensive and resourceful. I had been using the scanner approach for articles content and your sharing reinforce the effectiveness of such approach. What can I say. Thanks Christine for a no frills down to earth book on how to do it and not taking advantage of the newbies and filling our inboxes with the crap all the others do.

Much respect! And I look forward to finishing the book and watching the videos! You rock!!!!! I thought I knew most things there are to know about making money online but this ebook is awesome. Some of the traffic info is incredible you can not get this kind of in depth targeted material anywhere and I mean anywhere. Still reading it again and again! I read the book and got a brain swelling. It takes a while to digest this mountain of information. Awesome organisation of a huge body of knowledge into a work that is very easy to read, understand, and most importantly take meaningful action on.

It does exactly what it says on the tin! I have been studying IM for almost 2 years now, it seemed that I got so far then needed more information. However this has everything you need to take action, all in one place! Best ebook I ever purchased. Lots of golden nuggets. I appreciate the way you outline the various paid and unpaid means of getting traffic to a site. It has the added appeal of being written by a woman with kids. The content is fabulous and the Affiliate Support, too! I felt compelled to write this testimonial on your behalf. This is a very well thought out and laid out Ebook for any reader from new to more experienced.

What I enjoyed the most, is it came from the heart and soul of you and from your trials and tribulations. Which, I can completely understand the feeling of going through! Though, personally many of the methods you have shared did not work for me before, after reading this I feel inspired to give it another try.

I really can relate to your family putting up with your long hours online and your injury-as I am dealing with sort of the same! I am anxious to get even more ahead, and will not stop putting in the time until I can walk away from this permanently and have it on full auto-pilot! I just want to say god bless you and yours. Congratulations on persevering through all of the many let downs and pitfalls! I flat out refuse to do anything that even hints at illegal or underhanded or sneeky.