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More Details Edition Language. Erik Ead Trilogy 1. Other Editions 4. Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Baby Girl , please sign up. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. It's self-explanatory. I'll be ruthlessly candid, coz I have nothing positive to say about Baby Girl.

In a nutshell Here we go again! Erik is buying a new BMW yes, the man is kinda loaded in every sense of the word and he enjoys buying new cars on a regular cycle , when he meets the oh-so natural beauty Kelli who is the daughter of the car shop owner. One intent 1 star. One intent look and Erik knows what he wants. Erik is determined to break Kelli's spirit. He is not arrogant, he is just confident and knows his capacities and abilities. Baba: As if! Provide you with feelings and levels of satisfaction that you have never seen, and will never, in my absence, see again.

This level of satisfaction, this degree of feeling…it will ruin you. Ruin you from ever being satisfied by another man the way I satisfy you. Once you realize that you're ruined, I will own you. Erik has never been in a relationship. He claims he is not a man-whore since he is very selective on who he is seeing fucking.

To be honest, the talk about breaking her spirit and ruining her was kinda OTT. Well, I guess when your opposite is such an immature, needy and susceptible girl then it's a piece of cake after all. I love great dirty talk but what I got here was a turn off. Also, I really get it that you can call each other weird names during a play scene.

However, Erik calling Kelli baby girl all the time creeped the hell outta me. When Kelli was 15 and realized that she had no gag reflex, she started to suck cock as often as possible and she loved it.

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So, when Kelli met Erik she was pretty much awe-struck. She wanted to please him all the time and she hung on his every word. She thought that Erik was a dream come true. In fact, he was larger than life. From her perspective that might have been true, but mine differs greatly. Let me summarize. I think that Kelli is a shallow slut and a dumb twat. And Erik came across as a pompous ass with a huge ego.

As I see it, he is also a slimy creep. And here comes an absolutely needless self-advertisement that annoyed me tremendously. I always liked knowing what types of books people read. It told a lot about them. It's a freaking masterpiece. This is the third time I have read it. I'm highlighting quotes in it," she responded as she powered the Kindle on.

And I will be ready," she responded. In this context it's pretentious and a no go. Erik indulging himself in playing psychologist oops, sorry, he is a bike-riding "qualified" shrink and philosopher regarding the aspects of upbringing, sexuality, relationships and love did not sit well with me, because his behavior came across as patronizing, condescending and unappealing. BTW, Oepidus complex is called Oedipus complex.

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I guess the proofreader took a little break on a regular basis. I find that incredibly embarrassing. Anyway, back to the topic at hand. Erik is so full of himself, it's not even healthy anymore.

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He loves verbal self-masturbation. Instant gratification guaranteed. The writing felt very stilted. It was also repetitive because certain things are mentioned several times their upbringing and the consequences thereof, issues with their parents, relationships and love. Besides, I couldn't for the life of me connect with the characters. I'll be honest, even a simple fuck must evoke some kind of emotion in me, otherwise a story won't hold my interest. With that said, it is very unfortunate that not even the sex resonated with me because that's the heart of an erotic story after all.

Hard as a rock. My ass felt so good in my hands. I got another dab of lotion from the bottle, and slid both my hands in between my cheeks, allowing my pinky fingers to slide against my pussy. I loved the smell of lotions and soaps, and this lotion from Bed Bath and Beyond almost brought me to climax. I could remember what public places had the best soap, based on the smell. I always smelled my hands after I washed them in public. Uh-huh, must be a very special lotion. There is a lot of information that didn't interest me in the least. Baby Girl is in dire need of better proofreading!

I must say it was irritating to no end, even appalling how many mistakes I have found. And I'm not even a native English speaker. Here are some samples. Critical acclaim from around the world. It was, and remains controversial. Baby Girl is also a masterpiece. It is, however, real. A masterpiece riddled with plenty of errors. It's incredibly shoddy! I'm actually pretty sure that the blurb has been edited since I started reading the book.

I can't remember that I have read such an extensive blurb. They are horny all the time. The day I don't have to hear cum for me anymore cannot come soon enough. Cum on me. Cum all over my cock. Cum for me, baby girl. I want you to cum. Cum for me," he whispered into my ear as he continued to push himself deeper inside of me. I never liked the heroine in the first place. When this was on her mind Kids--I fucking hate kids I was so done with her. It's all right to not want kids. You may say you don't like kids in general. But you don't say or think I fucking hate kids.

Erik said: " … No lying. No trying to tell me what I want to hear. I can't stand kids. Kids make my skin crawl. The thought of children makes me ill. I lied. I hate kids too. They make me sick, and that will never change," I said, relieved. Kelli Kelli, here comes a friendly advice for free.

Oh, and Erik, you should strain your ears too coz you kinda make me ill as well. Hatred is a very strong word and before you open your mouth to spill your stupid remarks you should think twice. You're a dumb little slut. Yeah, baby girl, you still have a lot to learn; you are immature. Two people loved each other enough to procreate you. You were a beloved baby a long time ago and I doubt that your parents thought or said that they fucking hate kids!?! Kids are our future. Kids are future payers of our tax-financed pension system, at least that's the case where I'm living.

I feel bad for saying that because kids are so much more. They are love, life and happiness yet at the same time I know they mean a lot of responsibility and they are the source of more than a few sorrows and problems. Even though they are a daily challenge, I believe they are so worth it. Let's do this the other way round. Is it all right when I say I fucking hate you???

Here is another "nice" sample. They were talking about the young clerk: "Do you know her? Guess what? She took the jeans to the clerk and said: "These fit funny," I said, handing her the dirty jeans I was holding in my hand. Hmm…I wonder why I feel so grossed out Aaaaand they bought a clean pair of jeans. Who's the bitch, huh? Who fucking owns you? You own me. You own me," I responded.

I loved this. Yep, these two deserve each other. I wholeheartedly agree. This was so disappointing. Not Erik, but me. I was so disappointed in myself that I didn't make him cum that day in the car. How stupid am I? You are stupid and insecure with a couple of daddy issues.

Amazing trains of thought… Who would have him and not spend every moment of every day wanting to fuck him? Who would not be fucking him every moment that he is around? I want to fuck him a lot more than he wants to fuck me. I wish he fucked me all the time. In the house, in the elevator, in the car, in the parking garage, in the parking lot, at the store. I love fucking him. Bobby pins or no bobby pins?

I am so fat. Erik's a doctor, he will know if they can put my thigh fat into my butt. I bet they can. No bobby pins, he can't run his fingers through my hair when I have in bobby pins. As a little reminder…life in general has more to offer than fucking your brains out. But I'm sure he would explain the psychological effects of the surgery to your full satisfaction. Another gem… I found myself, when talking to him, to be more conscious of my words, more conscious of how I said things. Not necessarily what I was saying, but how I said it. He was intelligent, very intelligent, but he did not act like it Baba: he didn't come across as such an intelligent man, more like someone who loved verbal self-masturbation; sorry for the repeat.

He dressed like a younger guy, rode a motorcycle, and tried to speak like he was just one of many other men in this city. By just naturally being Erik, he reeked of his intelligence. Baba: Hell yes, I can smell his intelligence. Sorry for being sarcastic. I felt like such an idiot around him not I, that was Kelli speaking. I tried to choose my words carefully not to embarrass him or me Baba: Uh-huh, I saw what a failure you are, Kelli. This was so unlike me. I was almost always the smartest person in the room Baba: Seriously? Around him, I felt so small, so vulnerable.

Towards the end of the story we have a somewhat melodramatic and very awkward sob party provided by Kelli. She lost her ability to speak. My arm was shaking, I was crying, and trying to catch my breath. I held my arm out as flat as I could, and opened my index finger and pointed at Erik. I nodded. Over and over I nodded, my finger pointing to Erik.

Overall Baby Girl was a huge disappointment and a failure all along the line. I love erotica books in general and great BDSM books in particular. I must say, however, that Baby Girl is far from being a fabulous read. Therefore I can't recommend it. Again, this is my opinion and my review reflects my thoughts and feelings. Don't let my opinion put you off.

Maybe it's just me and not the book. Good luck and happy reading! Warning Baby Girl contains explicit sex and language, incl. I wouldn't classify this book as BDSM though. A couple of yes, sirs and a slap on the ass hardly qualify as BDSM. The MCs have had many sexual partners over the years. I am beyond amazed that these two did not find it necessary to talk about STDs, and it goes without saying that they didn't use condoms either. View all comments.

Baby Girl is the story of Erik and Kelli. Two people who want similar things in life. Erik is thirty six years old, a biker covered in tattoos, a psychologist, and a dominant. Kelli is fifteen years his junior. She is a recent college graduate, her father owns a BMW dealership that he plans on her taking over in the near future.

Just sex. And lots of it. When they meet, it is lust at first Baby Girl is the story of Erik and Kelli. When they meet, it is lust at first sight. They spend time together, but their relationship is purely sexual. They are both okay with that, in fact, that is what they both prefer. This is not your typical romance Could Kelli be different from all the other woman Erik has been with? He feels different with her. And for the first time, Kelli finds her self wanting to be with a man, please him, and not just sexually. Neither of them have been in a normal relationship, so they have a long journey ahead of them if they want to make this work.

Life is not perfect, ever. For me, remembering that life is flawed, people are flawed, and therefore relationships are flawed, allows me to look at the flaws and imperfections as part of life itself. A perfect life includes all of the flaws associated with what and who you surround yourself with. My life and my means of living it are no exception. I was, as all people are, flawed. I accepted myself as being flawed no differently than I accepted others as being so.

I for one, am right down the middle. This is just my honest opinion. For those of you that loved it, I think thats awesome! For those that hated it, I appreciate your opinions and honest reviews. For me, its easy to write a review on a book I hated or loved. It is hardest for me to write a review on one that is right down the middle so bear with me.

It took me a bit to connect with and like Erik, but I did. It took me even longer to warm up to Kelli, but once again, I did. I ended up liking him a lot by the end of the book. There are also a few editing issues Then there is the kids issue It works for a lot of people, especially if they are on the same page with that. But to say you hate kids in general? I guess some people do, but for some reason it just rubbed me the wrong way. So yeah, thats always a positive. My personal favorite By the end of the book, I can say I am a fan of his. He ended up being a really cool and real guy. He was also honest and I appreciate that.

I also liked Teddy and Heather, the little bit we got of them. I will give book two a chance, I think the story has potential and I want to see what happens next with these two characters. View all 57 comments. OK, now that we got the rating out of the way, I want to say that I can see how this book may not be for everyone and why it's getting the reaction it does.

Is this your average romance novel? Is the hero a sweet talking alpha who has you at "hello"? Is the heroine a timid young lady who wins your heart by being a shy, charming virgin? Part of the reason why I liked this story is because it does have that "real" feel to it. Nobody is perfect. They say what they say and do what they do because they are human and humans tend to fuck up more often than not. I personally know quite a few "Kelli"s and "Erik"s in my life so the stuff that is said and done in this book is by no means offensive or shocking to me.

You know how they say "two wrongs don't make a right"? This formula may be proven wrong in this case because I think both, Kelli and Erik, who are fucked up in their own way, may actually help each other grow and become better people in the end. I am very much looking forward to the next book in the series to see where this "realtionship" ends up going. One of my favorite quotes in this book is actually from Scott's dedication: " Be honest about who you are, and become the best you can be at being that person. View all 53 comments. This book is real, raw, and true-to-life.

These people hurt. They are in pain. They have sex to mask the pain. The make progress, they begin to recover, and this novel depicts that progress. If you have ever wondered if you are truly a submissive, one read of this book, and you'll know. For those that do, it's a great read. Baby Girl tells a true to life tale, and has descriptive sexual scenes. Bring a fan. He comes from a single parent upbringing mother , and after graduating med school, his mother was killed in a car wreck, leaving him without parents.

She is the daughter of a wealthy BMW car dealer, recently graduated college, and home for the summer. She is scheduled for Grad School at the end of the summer, and agrees to be in a No Strings Attached NSA relationship with the alpha male for the summer-id he accepts her. Descriptive psychiatric element, descriptive sex, and in-depth discussions about relationships, expectations, and BDSM expectations.

This is Erotica you can actually relate to, and in the style of this author, an Erotica you can find a little of yourself in.

See a Problem?

Without a doubt, you will in multiple chapters, find a bit of yourself, and finish having an understanding of who you really are, regardless of your sexual preferences. View all 13 comments. Honesty is the best policy, so in all due respect I have to say that this book did not work for me.

Baby Girl rubbed me in a very wrong way. This was me while reading it I can't for the life of me find anything to like or relate to both Erik and Kelli. I was actually finishing this book hoping to get better understanding of their characters, why did they become who they are. Alas, I didn't get anything at Honesty is the best policy, so in all due respect I have to say that this book did not work for me. Alas, I didn't get anything at all. I didn't feel their connection, it didn't feel real to me, their thoughts were way too over the top for my liking.. Mostly they're leading to sex.

I swear these two didn't have anything to do beside fucking each other senseless. I love my smut but this is too much. Then again, please understand that this is my opinion based on my feeling when I was reading the book. Obviously it's not for me. That doesn't mean you wouldn't like it. View all 20 comments. I felt it was only fair to dislike it based on all of the content not just some of it.

Mission Accomplished! There is a fine line between confidence and arrogance. To me Christian, Gideon, James, and Jesse are all sexy and alluring men who oozed confidence and power. I think that was the target audience this author was trying for and missed it by a mile! Erik Ead is an arrogant a-hole who is painfully insecu OK, so initially I DNF'd this yesterday but then decided to go back and finish it.

Erik Ead is an arrogant a-hole who is painfully insecure and I could not find a single thing to like about him. The author has also mentioned several times in other forums that 'Baby Girl' is based on his life and that he is Erik Ead essentially. For that he received one star. The second star was because he actually took the scary step of publishing it for the public to read. See, two stars for Baby Girl right out of the gate but that's where the stars stopped. Positive stuff and yes there were some positives!

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I wonder if that's true? Both characters were extremely cocky and completely oblivious to the rules of decency. Their level of arrogance was unbelievable and beyond annoying! Ugh, I'll let her speak for herself Only if she was in a room by herself and in a room full of guys making her the only girl. There wasn't a single thing she said or did that made her seem brilliant to me. She was a very insecure twat with whore tendencies Yes I said it, let me explain Love is what people say to you so they can keep fucking you. So they keep your interest. I don't want lies; I want my ass slapped, my hair pulled and [to be] treated like a whore.

I can't there's more Once she realized she had no gag reflex, oh it was on like Donkey Kong after that A genius! Alright one last one When he came in my mouth, I felt like I had truly accomplished something. Yes, I realize that she has some very deep issues but I just can't bring myself to care. So moving on He also mentioned several times that women found him "Kind, considerate, articulate, caring and even romantic.

At one point Kelli asked him the very cliche question of "Do you believe in love? Most of his POV felt like I was reading one of my old psychology text books! Other annoying things I just gotta mention I will not mention the name. I wanted his kisses to last forever. Kissing Erik made all other things small. Our lips parted and he touched my lips with his index finger, circling around my upper and lower lips entirely.

He must be a beast in real life then! Kelli should be ashamed of herself. It was a dirty, nasty and skanky thing to do! You would think someone as "smart" her would know better, right? A lot as it turns out! I think we got it after the first few times, precious. I'm offended for Channing and I want to apologize to him! I missed it OK that's enough, you get the idea.

Q:Will I continue reading the series? A:Hell yes!! It was way too fun to miss out on! I can't wait to hear what new egotistical bullshit Erik the Almighty will bless us with and the continued gems of wisdom we'll get from Kelli with an i. Ah, I must be losing my mind View all 21 comments. In one way I enjoyed the book but then underneath I had such a hard time connecting with Erik and Kelli. This was especially true in the beginning of the book but as time went on it got easier and easier to warm up to these two characters.

I understand why the author did this though and felt how the character development took place through the chapters. Each Erik and Kelli had to take a journey through their personalities in order for a true relationship to evolve between them. Kelli is promiscuous and only uses guys for sex while Erik is a big bad MC guy who is the same as Kelli and doesn't believe in relationships or love. Their relationship at first is only based on lust and they can't seem to get enough of each other.

As they continue through their journey, both of them realize that something is different about this "sexual" relationship and each have to deal with new feelings that are flooding their minds. Wrap Up The sex is steamy, the feelings are real and their journey is long - It comes to a point where Erik and Kelli are exactly what each other needs even though they never wanted it to begin with. View all 15 comments. My mental health is more important. I was going to drive myself as well as my friends insane if I continued. I really tried, I did ppl.

Kelli takes the award for the biggest bimbo ever! I know what you ppl are thinking. It isn't fair. Well fuck that shit. I can never take back the days I spent trying to read this book. Kelli and Erik I was warned not to read this book.

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  4. But to warn me is like daring me. I don't hear, " Emilia, don't read this book because it's not your 'cup of tea'. I knew I wasn't going to love it but it was more of a challenge to see if I can tolerate and finish it. I lost. This was too painful for me. And this is coming from someone who went through labor pains, impacted wisdom tooth pain, kidney stones pain, and I also have endometriosis. YAY For me!!! I liked that. I had never heard about that before. It was a nice thing Erik did for charity. This particular one was for a sick child.

    YUP, I said hate. I thought about kids, and the fact that I hated kids. HATE is such a strong word. Especially when you're using it to describe how you feel about kids. BUT it is sure okay to use when describing two adults. So here are my dislikes Kelli. She was annoying, , pathetic, and just a complete idiot. Let's go over some eye rolling moments It was bad enough that he was gorgeous, and a Channing Tatum double. I am like any other male you will ever meet.

    Actually, I am considerably better. I like confident men. But Erik Scott is just plain arrogant. But, I am confident for a reason. Because I know. I know my capacities. I wanted to show Erik what I was able to do sexually. Making him happy and pleasing him more than he had even been pleased was at the forefront of my list of things to accomplish today. Covered in his cum as well as mine, I wiped several times. And there was Erik Scott who was a complete bore and repetitive. It was not fun being in his head. He reflects a lot.

    And then goes into his other book. Yup, Mr. Scott Hildreth plugs his other book in this book. Not once, not twice.. I guess if you want to plug your book in your other book, its ok. But, to go into detail about the book and describe it as a "masterpiece" and " powerful" The thought was unnerving. Erik In my opinion, It's never a good idea to plug your book. I mean constant questioning. Ride my cock. Turn on or Turn off. Been there, done that. Kelli: yes Me: yeah.. No surprise there Erik: Bondage?

    Kelli: Yes. Are we going in alphabetical order? Erik:cutting, tattoo, threesomes, foursomes, gangbangs, watersports. Kelli: Yes to everything. Me: And I am not even going to add how much Kelli loves cock. Hey, so do I. And he was soo hot, that I had to meet him so I can suck his massive cock, bc you know I can suck a cock like no other. We went on a couple of dates. And well, like now we are totally in love. He inspires me to be the biggest and best cock sucker.. EVER Is this review mean? But the author was warned and knew what was coming.

    He might change his mind after this review I personally felt this was not some profound , inspiring book like I heard. A smut book. I like smut; Just not this kind of smut. Thank me later. Let's end this review with a joke from Kelli View all 23 comments. So I'll approach this from what I didn't like so much and the 3. So I'll approach this from what I didn't like so much and then what I liked and loved I found some of the dialogue to be repetitive or too descriptive of every action at times.

    I thought some of the paragraphs could have been more concise in some areas as well. At times I found Erik so clinical that it was difficult to feel a connection to him I'm not so big on the Psychodynamic approach but that's due to a theoretical preference and not a criticism. I would have liked for more of the information to be stated as the characters truth and not so much as a universal truth.

    I won't go into too many specifics because I don't want to give any elements of the story away. I just felt that some of the explanations will resonate with some and for others will not and that could be a slippery slope. Kelli was odd to me at times, as a woman I loved how he complimented her and recognized what she needed in order to feel cared for and gave it to her.

    I loved that Kelli was aware of and accepted herself as a sexual being. It was a little over the top a time or two but overall it was a positive thing that she recognized what she was good at, what she liked, and what she wanted, sexually. I really liked how they grew more open and in accepting their faults and the difficulties that they've had to overcome that framed who they were, they were able to grow together.

    There were several awesomely insightful nuggets of information that I know I will file away and ponder later. I think for someone who has no exposure or little exposure to psychology this could be very educational. Overall, I did enjoy this one and I am looking forward to continuing on and seeing how these two do or don't make things work and what hurdles and difficulties are ahead View all 14 comments. This looks VERY interesting. Maybe I wasn't open to appreciate this series the way it was intended to be appreciated when it first came out.

    Whatever the reason, I'm glad I'm reading them now. Mysteries follow super-sleuth Cam Jansen everywhere she goes…even to the school Green Day assembly. For each can and bottle Cam and her classmates brought in to be recycled, the school has earned a nickel. But when it is time to count the money, all the rolls of coins go missing.

    Baby Girl: Ruined

    Can Cam find the not-so-green thief? The Cam Jansen books are perfect for young readers who are making the transition to chapter books, and Cam is a spunky young heroine whom readers have loved for over two decades. Mysteries follow super-sleuth Cam Jansen everywhere she goes…even to the book fair.

    Cam Jansen, her friends, and their parents are at school for a book fair. Winter, is also there, signing books. Jim E.

    Aubrey Plaza is really WEIRD pefawuqa.cfD. I love it!

    Winter thinks he can solve the mystery, but so does supersleuth Cam. Who will solve it first? Cam Jansen and the Secret Service Mystery Mysteries follow super-sleuth Cam Jansen everywhere she goes…even to the school library. The governor, who is running for president, is visiting for the dedication of a new library.

    Police officers, Secret Service agents, photographers, and news reporters are all there to hear the governor speak when. A loud sound like a gunshot startles everyone during the ceremony. Was it really a gun, or a noisy cover for a crime? Click along with Cam as she teams up with the Secret Service to solve the mystery. Mysteries follow super-sleuth Cam Jansen everywhere she goes…even to the hospital. Cam and her best friend, Eric, rush to the hospital with his mom. There, in the waiting room, something valuable disappears. Click, click! Cam starts to unravel the mystery. Will Cam solve it before her Valentine sibling is born?

    Cam Jansen: the Snowy Day Mystery After nearly a quarter of a century, Cam Jansen remains a popular character, garnering new fans with each new title. When they finally arrive, they realize that three computers are missing! There are only two clues—footprints in the snow outside and a locked window. Cam Jansen and the Tennis Trophy Mystery Who could have taken it? Mysteries follow super-sleuth Cam Jansen everywhere she goes…even to school. The school day has barely begun when two policemen come and arrest Ms.

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