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The nucleus accumbens is associated with other kinds of longing — for alcohol and drugs — and is more dense in the neurotransmitter dopamine than in serotonin. That raises two interesting questions: Could memories of a loved one have addictive qualities in some people? And might there be a more effective treatment for this kind of suffering than the usual antidepressants, whose target is serotonin? Experts who question whether complicated grief is a distinct disorder argue that more research is needed. Paula J. Clayton, medical director of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

Visions at the Hour of Death

George A. Bonanno, a professor of clinical psychology at Columbia known for his work on resilience the reaction of the 85 percent of the population that does adapt to loss , was skeptical at first. But, Dr. Regardless of how complicated grief is classified, the discussion highlights a larger issue: the need for a more nuanced look at bereavement. Studies suggest that therapy for bereavement in general is not very effective. But Dr. Even if clinicians did identify people with complicated grief, there would not be enough therapists to treat them.

Despite Dr. The issue is pressing given the links between complicated grief and a higher incidence of suicide , social problems and serious illness. In an age when activities like compulsive shopping are viewed as disorders, the subject of grief is especially sensitive. Deeply bereaved people are often reluctant to talk about their sorrow, and when they do, they are insulted by the use of terms like disorder or addiction. Grief, after all, is noble — emblematic of the deep love between parents and children, spouses and even friends. Shear said. Tell us what you think.

Please upgrade your browser. See next articles. Newsletter Sign Up Continue reading the main story Please verify you're not a robot by clicking the box. I had to spend the last few months with the indignity of erasing her name from the world- taking her off accounts and all-banking- life insurance that was for her-I felt like I was wiping what was left off the planet.

Thats all on us to do. Wasnt it bad enough that while she was dying for 2 months -I also had to leave her side to plan her funeral? I hate my life- who I have become and who I will be. Its over! Before the breakup, he stopped eating my food, he even brings the other woman food to my house store in the refrigerator and eat, he abuses even in front of the kids n visitors, he belittles me and see me as good for nothing and anything i do he get mad, i felt as if i was cursed. So i had to seek for help and i saw so many good testimonies about this man Dr MACK and i decide to contact him and explain my problem to him and he assured me of solution.

After 4days of my contact with Dr MACK my husband came back with apologies and love that he had never show me before. Today i am also sharing my testimonies and experience about Dr MACK which is so amazing and i will never stop testifying his good works because that is the much I can do for Dr MACK…so that whoever that is going through breakup and problem in their relationship should also contact him so he can also help and be a blessing to them.

Why am I here, now? What has happened? My wife of 45 years had a sudden cardiac arrest late last winter. Was it expected? She had been struggling with COPD for the previous 15 years and slowing getting worse everyday those horrible cigarettes ruined another family. But, the death was sudden and unexpected and I am a health care provider; someone who has saved numerous lives in emergency situations- my best efforts for her were fruitless-ems arrived and we were not able resuscitate her.

Her demise had been expected some day but not then; we had just been out to dinner the evening before. You know, 45 years is a long time and not all of it was great, but we loved each other deeply and persevered and worked hard to make the best of it during hard times and lived the best of it when it was great times. And, we were fully faithful and dedicated to each other- particularly as I took on the role of care giver.

What her death did to make the remainder of the family situation dysfunctional was and is profound; children and teen aged grand children all going through different and difficult stages and varying degrees and at times turning on each other. I had seen too many issues in my medical practice and sought professional guidance because I knew this was the correct thing FOR ME. It seemed to work well and I assumed that I had learned to deal with the grief, anger and guilt aside from missing her immensely particularly looking back to the times when she was healthy.

The sessions ended late last summer. I did find a wonderful women who compliments me well and understands and can be a good sounding board; but I purposefully try to isolate her from the daily issues yes I still think about my wife every day- often more than once. I thought I held up well until the past few weeks. All of a sudden all of the deep grief and misgivings I had in the early month or two following her demise have come rushing back in torrents- sans the anger its finally gone. Not to the point of being frozen, but strong enough that I am concerned. Triggers and past memories?

Too many to itemize. Why am I here? There is some solace, at least for me, in this. Thank you for being so eloquent in writing about such a bummer. Many of the 29 items you listed above really hit home with me, but not all. Thank goodness not ALL of them.

But there might be. I could definitely see that possibility. But I think the author is just trying to be all inclusive. Trying to mention all the ways the loss of a very close loved one, spouse, partner, significant other can prompt one to feel. Finally words that describe exactly what I was feeling.

Words I could not come up with myself. We can feel something very deeply but yet not be able to say what it is we are feeling. That is until someone speaks it or writes it. Then it becomes clear. With that in mind I think you missed one. The moment at which an individual questions if their life has meaning or purpose…or even does any life have meaning. Does existence itself have any meaning? ANY existence? I think many people might mind you MIGHT have such a feeling after the death of someone significant enough in their life.

In my humble opinion, you have to recognize it, so that you can confront it, come to terms with it and then with apologies to all the followers of Kierkegaard and Nietzsche and Peter Zapffe out there you need to get past it. I went through that as well as some of the others things listed about. Maybe that was because I had lost some others my parents not too long before losing my partner.

And then I lost another best friend suddenly and all this with a 2 to 3 year period. For me, I got past it in two ways. Reading about the topic, and the ideas of the existentialists, the Nihilists, the Anti-natalists. These are groups of rather smart, but ultimately very depressing bunch of dudes. This is just me…how I often deal with things. Searching for answers in the writings of the sages, scientists, intellectuals and ,philosophers of the ages. For ME this resulted in a revelation. At some point reading this stuff one afternoon on Wikipedia made me just start laughing. Something just hit me ….

My sense of humor saved me from this path of thought. That and the fact I was letting my smart phone app read this stuff to me and that software, for reasons unknown, began mispronouncing everything such that it became really funny sounding babble. I saw that software fail as a sign from God. Remembering something my Father God rest his soul said to another senior citizen just about his same age who was having a problem, worrying about death all the time. Believing that there will always be a tomorrow has always worked for me in the past.

No reason to give up on that now. Just make me miserable. Anyway, I hope that helps anyone who might be feeling the same way. What we need is help on how to deal with them! There is no easy way to deal with the death of a love one,if there were,this post would not exist. People who post in here,all have one thing in common,the loss of their loved one.

After reading all of these most touching posts, I certainly grieve with all of you. I was married to a very loving woman for 34 years. We had just celebrated your anniversary just 2 months before in February I came home from work that day and she was lying on the couch.

I walked over and gave her a kiss and she asked me how was my day. She asked me if I wanted her to fix me something to eat. I said no, you look comfortable, I just fix my a sandwich. We were talking to each other while I was in the kitchen, and suddenly began hearing strange gasping sounds from her.

Went to her and immediately knew something was horribly wrong. Called and tried to give her cpr till help arrived. Doctors call it instant death. Like turning off a light switch. After 34 years of marriage to her, she was gone in an instant. I know and feel so much of what everyone has said here. A friend of mine gave me this website that has given me tremendous comfort on what really happens to a love one when they die.

Go to JW. Been going through hell on earth for 15 months. My husband had a vfib cardiac arrest, I cpr and they did revive him, they said I saved his life, for what, 21 days later he passed in NICU, he never spoke again after that horrible day at pm on Friday the 13th. I question everything these days. HI, I lost my husband of 28 yrs He was my soulmate, childhood sweetheart. We grew up together as neighbors.

I still long for him to come back to me. He died in a house fire. I literaly lost everything and have had to make a new life. Nothing is the same. Greif classes have really not helped. I am always thinking of what I could have done. Hi Rebecca, I agree about the Greif classes. When I was going though, I got to see a piece of me in the other peoples stories when it came there turn to speak.

I heard the same story over and over. Now, I do see a Therapist at least once a month for one on one sessions. Its helped me a little. Much better than group. Its been a year now for my tragedy. I to have the same issue about letting go. Its sooooooooooooooooooooo hard to. My wife is special to me and will be for eternity.

All we can do it take one baby step at a time. Hang on and push forward with them and enjoy the rest of your life. Our loved ones would want us to. Someday, someone will mourn for you and as I. I Would want them to move forward and have some happiness. Its been to long for you. Dear Surat, I want to encourage you to not give up. I lost my wife of 26 years 6 months ago. She was the center of my life. It has been very hard, but it has gotten better. Your wife loved you and is still with you watching out over you. My life changed it 10 minutes, my wife of 40 years just left out home to take my son and his wife home after a Christmas Eve party Less then 10 minutes later my son came back yelling moms been hit.

It took me 1 minute to get to the street only to see here dead. She was walking across the street in a cross walk when a 16 year old kid hit her doing over 45 miles an hour. I pray the unpack killed her she was in bad shape. At the hospital they told me she was dead. I was num all over we have been with each other since and have 3 kids. My younges son was looking her in the eyes seeing her smile then she was hit.

I greave for him having the memory for the rest of his life. She was everything to me, she took care of me, protected me, cared and loved me, now she is gone. She was a grandmother and soon to be great grand bother, she was born on the 29th. My wife was a preschool teacher for 26 plus years, and impacted the lives of many people. For my kids I will try hard to cope it hurts so much. This grief is the worst hollow, empty, senseless form of existence.

The only positive about it is knowing that we are certainly not alone with this emotion. I lost my spouse 25 years ago. Was busy raising 7 children and trying to help them with their grief. Life has certainly not been easy.

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  • Visions Before Death: 13 People Share Their Stories!

Yet, somehow those who now grieve have a depth, a wisdom, that others simply can never understand. Listen up. We are stronger than we think. We are survivors here reaching out and writing to one another from that rawest part of ourselves. And he is still the first thing I think of in the morning, and the last as I try to sleep. I will never get used to being alone.

But, it is what it is and I must choose life for the sake of my children. I send comfort to all who are mourning. I wish I could add wisdom to help. No, time does not heal this wound. But, a person learns to live with a huge scar across the heart. We will see them again. We will hold them and look into their faces.

And they will look into our faces with that recognition of just how very much they know that we love them. The only constant is time. Time passes, far too slowly some days. It does pass. One second at a time. In the mean time…we have all earned the right to be just a bit crazy. I am so very sorry you have lost your wife. And in such a terribly sudden and tragic way.

I understand because I lost the love of my life 20 yes should leaving me with teenagers to care for. Nd it was sudden as well. Let me just say that although it seems so unbearable to endure this pain, it will lessen day by day. For a while it is intense but you will be okay.

One comfort I had was the thought that my gorgeous man would never have to lose me and go through the same pain. Another thought was that the deep physical pain of grieving is the price to pay for having been lived. Moment by moment day by day. Take care. Thank you for the message. I agree I would not want my wife to go thru this. But my extreme depression overrides every think.

Hi David, I lost my spouse of 37 years and yes I am heartbroken. I am not even able to pass a store without thinking we were together in the very spot last6 months ago. My entire life ended with my husbands death. I wish that I had gone first as the darkness I am living in now is not healthy.

Maybe time will heal me but I honestly do not know?

My Love died suddenly on August 4th of a rare type of stroke. She was only It happened in the middle of the night. She had been fine when we went to bed. I am 8 years older and always thought I would go first. We had celebrated 30 years of marriage just 2 months previously. I had just retired. I told my sister that I had decided to live, but if I had been 10 years or more older, the decision might have been different. Even 5 months later, I feel completely different about death.

I have come to grips intellectually; if she had somehow survived, she would have been an invalid; but I am still in shambles emotionally. I have cried more in the last two months than in my entire lifetime. My world fell down on Sept. My girl died that day, her 55th birthday and my life has been inside out and upside down ever since. She was everything to me. I dated around and the. In I met the love of my life. I never wanted kids until we met and then I realized, much later, that this was the woman I was supposed to have married and had kids with. We had everything in common and we were so in love it was like nothing I ever experienced.

She was the world to me. And on top of her dynamic personality and beautiful soul and a heart of gold, she was drop dead gorgeous on top of everything else.

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She had long brown hair down to her waist and she was a little taller than me with legs up to her chin. And ice blue eyes that changed color with her mood. Everyone used to ask me how I got so lucky. And I used to tell them it was cuz I waited. There is a song that came out in around the time she died by a band called Highly Suspect. My husband and I were high school sweethearts, best friends, and lovers together we shared 3 beautiful children our youngest just 3 years old, it was supposed to be forever.

The pain I feel runs so deeply! To have him here one day and in the blink of an eye taken away from me and away from our children who has never been more than a day without Daddy is unbearable. My heart aches so badly I can hardly keep myself together. I do realize I have to be strong not only for my well being, but for the sake of our children.

Wiping the tears from my eyes has become a tad bit easier, but to do the same for my babies is extremely difficult for me. I miss my husband so badly never have I been away him more than a week in our entire 14 years together. I just pray for the strength to just keep myself together as he would want me to and care for our children as he would want me to. I lost my fiance 1 year ago and until now I still grieving for him. I lost my fiance 3 months before our wedding day. My fiance gone without any reason. He is my other half, my soulmate, my bestfriend, my everything.

He is the best man I ever met. He is the man who I needed the most.

The Twelfth Doctor Regenerates - Peter Capaldi to Jodie Whittaker - Doctor Who

Everyday I miss him. I feel very depression. Sometimes I wish my time has stop. Lost someone in your life is never easy, they will always haunted you with every memories that you had together. Our life never moving on because you will never stop loving them. We just try to life day by day. Noone can replace the person we love.

I am going through a similar pain. I lost my husband unexpectedly to a heart attack while he was working out age32 , they couldnt revive him. We have a 2 year old and 7 month old. My heart hurts so bad knowing I dont get another day with him. I still wait up for him to come home from work. The pain is awful. I dread raising my children without him. You are in my prayers as well. No one our age should have to go through this. My first husband of 24 years died of cancer, Charlie and I were married for just short of 18 years. My boyfriend and I had been together for 4 years, 2 months and 10 days.

He laid down for a nap and never woke again. The emptiness I feel is overwhelming. He was 45 and I am Neither of us have ever married. Prior to our relationship, we both never saw marriage as something that needed to happen in our lives. I was never that girl who planned it all out in her head.

That was until I fell for him. It scares me when I think about how it will feel when the true impact of his loss hits me. I am blessed to be surrounded with love and support from my family and friends as well as his. I was fortunate enough to be included in planning his services and helping to do all the things that need to be done. Is that shock? Am I trying in some strange way to protect myself from the pain? The holidays were hard. I used to love saying Merry Christmas to any and all I came in connect with.

Not now. It felt wrong. There is nothing merry about anything. There are no words. Hey Kathie C. I am responding to you because of something you wrote in your post about seeming to be ok. The same thing happened to me after my husband of 24 years passed away in Oct. I planned his service, shopped for something new to wear to the wake and the service.

I was shopping with my sister, nothing was working out. I had tons of clothes in the dressing room. I was frustrated. We were in line, waiting to pay…. I handed her all my items and had to run from the store. I had to get out of there. I realized I was having a panic attack.

It was October, so it was cold outside, but it really felt good to me. I stood outside on the sidewalk and cried…. I made the clothes work…. Also, I managed to make it through his service and several weeks after that…. I was starting to doubt my love for him.

Then, it hit me…. I am still grieving…. I have isolated myself from as many people as I can, including family. I am so stuck! I am afraid of everything and everyone, even family. This is where I am. For me, it is. Also, to add more grief, 6 months later, May 5, , my mother passed away…. Lost my wife almost 4 months ago, she was just shy of turning We were childhood friends and our life was like a fairy tale how everything happened leading to us starting a family years later after college. We were just married 5 weeks before her passing, 3 weeks after a dream honeymoon in Maui.

We have a two year old boy who was her whole world. Christmas this year was horrible. Now that she is gone, no one speaks our language of Brady and Amber, just Brady now. I feel so lost, lonely, miserable, heartbroken. My boyfriend of eight years was killed by his coworkers. He was my everything, my joy, my happy place, my strength, my best friend..

I sometimes think of committing suicide.. Not a single minute goes by without me thinking about him.. Life is so unfair. Get your head right.

13 People Describe Their Experiences with Deathbed Visions

I have thought of the same early on with the passing of my wife. So, its not uncommon to think that but DONT. Life is a gift and souls are real. Cry, be sad, cry more, be angry, etc… Its tough to get through the storm but you will. As far as those evil people, let GOD deal with them. You focus on healing. My adult children seem to be thriving but I need a new purpose. My husband passed away from stage 4 cancer almost 4 years ago and I to am still lost.

I understand the emptiness and loss of purpose in life one feels. My boyfriend of 4 months just passed away a couple of weeks ago by a freak accident. He was only Even within a short amount of time, we fell madly in love immediately. We had plans to marry, spend the rest of our life together. He was my best friend, we knew each other inside and our, were built on pure honesty and truth and love. I am so incredibly sorry for your loss as I sadly relate. I lost my boyfriend of one year to an accident last April.

He was only 20, and like you, we had plans early on for our future together. He was my absolute best friend and love of my life. My heart hurts for you. I just feel lost. I just loved him so much, and I know he loved me. Just trying to keep it together. I lost my boyfriend on December 6th, Im still not doing so great!!!! He was my best friend!!!! My boyfriend of 8 years was brutally shot and murdered while I was in the back seat.

Passing away early Dec I am saddened, angry, traumatized, horrified and irrevocably broken. Go on, move forward, push thru. I want to scream when people say these things to me.

Sexual love continues after death

I love, adore, cherish this best friend of mine. I want him back. I dont wish anyone to see the one they love bleeding, dying. A memory etched. I just feel lost, empty but mostly I feel alone. Because I am now. I am sorry to hear about your loss. They were together for 18 years- had 2 beautiful sons. Please cry it out — it takes time to heal, and you will. Please take care of yourself. My common law husband died on December 8th, We have been together for 25 years.

I Am Not That Strong

I feel lost. Last week marked one year of his death. His loss to me is an open wound that keeps getting nudged, hit, or rubbed up against. It is not a deep gash or hole rather more like a severe brush burn, you know the type, where your skin is missing, it is bright red and even air touching it hurts like hell. That is how I feel every moment of every day! So here I am a year later — and nothing has changed. O Christ! O Jesus Christ! Henry was the nom de plume of William Sidney Porter, an American short story writer who died in Louis B.

Nothing matters. Howard Hughes, worth 2. No one mourned his death, but he did receive a moment of silence in his Las Vegas casinos. Casinos fell silent. Housewives stood uncomfortable clutching their paper cups full of coins at the slot machines, the blackjack games paused, and stickmen cradled their dice.

The following day, very sick, he was put to bed in his home. The creation! Now if He made the world and all the rolling spheres of the universe, He certainly can take care of me. Christopher P. William Gadsby died traveled 60, miles and preached over 12, sermons. Thirty thousand people attended his funeral. Victory, victory, victory [then raising his hand] forever. Welsh Baptist preacher Christmas Evans died in Famed for his eloquence, folks called him the Welsh Bunyan. I have labored in the sanctuary fifty-three years, and this is my comfort and confidence, that I have never labored without blood in the vessel.

Drive on! Bob Jones Sr. In his biography, Builder of Bridges, R. Thursday, December 21, , D. Moody cut short a crusade and returned home ill. I want to live as long as I am useful, but when my work is done I want to be up and off. Heaven opens before me! It is beautiful. It is like a trance. If this is death, it is sweet.