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Sue Bohlin offers a quiz covering Bible basics rather than trivia. That's because we're not reading and studying the Bible. Who wrote the first five books of the Old Testament? .. Probe fulfills this mission through our Mind Games conferences for youth and adults, our 3-minute daily radio program, and.

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However, Paley knew that what he was doing was not science. He called it natural theology.

Onward, Christian Soldiers

Paley could do natural theology in a way that even Darwin could find interesting. But the advances of science have made natural theology a very risky enterprise. Consider the work of the 19th century dilettante with the unfortunate name of Thomas Dick The Sidereal Heavens , ; Celestial Scenery , He argued that every celestial body must be inhabited by some intelligence; otherwise, he said, there would be no point in the celestial body having existence.

If one wants to believe in God, that God designed and created the universe, and that God creates souls in humans, that is their right, but such beliefs do not become scientific by issuing a fiat claiming you hereby redefine science to include such beliefs. Your philosophical beliefs do not become scientific simply because you have couched them in convoluted and obscure mathematical jargon and formulas that would make any scholastic philosopher proud. These are matters that transcend the boundaries of empirical knowledge. They are about beings and processes that transcend the boundaries of space and time, and hence, they transcend the boundaries of science.

Modern natural science became what it is today by developing its insights independently of philosophy. God truly is an unnecessary hypothesis--in science. But that only means that our understanding of the laws of nature and the causal mechanisms we are capable of discovering must be couched in naturalistic terms.

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It does not mean that the supernatural does not exist. Both materialistic atheism and dualistic theism are coherent metaphysical positions. Science as science must exist without reference to either. Scientists may be materialistic atheists, dualistic theists, or idealistic polytheists for that matter. We can respond to their articles in newspapers and magazines with articles of our own. We can attend lectures by ID advocates and ask pointed questions and make pointed comments that are not disruptive but which reveal the philosophical assumptions being made.

Others have suggested we have scientists debate the ID folks. But putting an ID arguer on the same platform with a scientist gives the impression that the ID arguer is not just philosophizing but is doing science. The fact that a scientist is trying to refute ID gives the ID folks more ammunition: They can now claim that they must be doing science, since scientists are trying to falsify their theory. The title of the session was Evolution and Intelligent Design ID , but the first thing the audience saw was a very large overhead screen with the words Evolution vs.

Intelligent Design ID.

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Was this going to be a contest with a winner and a loser? If so, then we can skip the debate and declare ID the winner because 'vs. ID bears almost nothing in common with any scientific theory except that it is explanatory, but so are the lies people tell their children about how the presents got under the Christmas tree during the night. Much good can come from such debates, but such debates should be framed so as not to pose a false dilemma to the listeners. I think there should have been at least one other person in the debate between Dembski and Miller, someone who represented the history and philosophy of science and whose job would have been to make it clear that ID and evolution are not competitors since those views are not contradictory but compatible with each other.

The third debater would have made it clear that the notion that modern science is unfair because it limits itself to naturalistic explanations of phenomena could only be made by someone ignorant of the history of science. To complain about modern science being biased in favor of naturalism is like complaining that Christianity is biased in favor of supernaturalism. First, ID folks should be allowed to criticize anything they want. It should have been strongly argued that it is logically impossible for ID to ever provide scientific evidence without redefining science to include philosophy and theology.

We need to educate citizens about the history and nature of science in our efforts to get them to oppose policies that aim at including ID in the science curriculum. We need to make it clear that there is a lot at stake here, namely, the quality of science instruction in our public schools, which, I believe, is already at risk. We need to explain why allowing ID in the science classroom will cause even further degradation of our science education. There are many obstacles to getting this message across. We can blame the politicians and the media, but ultimately the blame has to rest upon the overall poor quality of education in this country from grade school through high school.

We require that they pass standardized tests that, for the most part, measure low-order cognitive skills. Also, the textbooks we provide our students, selected by local school boards, are often woefully inadequate with respect to science. It is no wonder that there is vast scientific illiteracy in this country.

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What is a wonder is that despite this system of education, we continue to produce some of the best scientists in the world. There are good teachers out there, and good schools, and they do make a difference. There are also good skeptics out there who are making a difference.

The idea is to create an inquiry-based curriculum that would focus on scientific methods as applied to specific scientific concepts while investigating paranormal and fringe-science claims. Unfortunately, her proposal was rejected. But it seems to me that this is exactly the kind of education a national science organization would want to support. And we need to be reminded that atheists and agnostics make up from 5 to 8 percent of the population. The chances of our defeating the ID army on our own are slim and none. The chances of our convincing those who believe in both creation and evolution to assist us in keeping ID out of the classroom diminish in proportion to our insinuations that anyone who is religious is irrational and incapable of critical thinking about anything.

We need to knock off the gratuitous insults that some atheistic skeptics feel compelled to hurl at anyone who has any religious convictions. There are creationists who recognize that the stories the Jews told their children thousands of years ago, like the stories the Greeks and every other ancient tribe told their people, should not be taken as science lessons for the 21st century.

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However, the vast majority of those pushing for ID as an alternative to natural selection are young-Earth fundamentalists posing as neutralists on who or what the designer might be. In short, the ID movement is a hypocritical movement designed to destroy evolution and replace it with Biblical creationism. Nevertheless, it is still logically coherent to believe in both evolution and a designer of the universe. Such questions are metaphysical, not scientific, and I agree that it is not the business of science to answer such questions. However, science does answer another kind of why question, e.

Or, more accurately, why does the sky appear blue to us? Scientific theories are explanations: They are explanations of how things work. Natural selection offers an explanation of how, in part, evolution works. It does not try to explain why there is evolution in any ultimate or metaphysical sense. It explains why some things are as they are in an ultimate or metaphysical sense.

Whether natural selection is a good explanation or not depends on many things, but they are not the same things that determine whether ID is a good explanation or not. I took him to be implying that being testable is not essential for a scientific theory. I am willing to do that as long as the ID folks are agreeable to teaching ID in the metaphysics classroom, not in the biology classroom. But if there is nothing empirically testable in a theory, I fail to see how that theory could be scientific in any ordinary sense of the word.

Finally, this same scientist noted that some scientists are working on theories of everything, which he seemed to think implies that there really is no hard line between philosophy and science. If, on the other hand, one is searching for the ultimate ground that explains why there is something rather than nothing and why everything is as it is rather than otherwise, then the search is for a metaphysical theory. I know that some skeptics might consider it bizarre to call for atheists and theists to work together to stop the crusaders, but it is no more bizarre than the call of some conservatives to join in left-wing demonstrations opposing the Bush administration plan to invade Iraq and overthrow its government.

Atheists and theists who believe in evolution may not have many common interests, but they should have this common objective nonetheless. Web sites. Answers in Genesis - Ken Ham. Discovery Institute. Center for Science and Culture. Michael Behe - Darwin's Black Box Jeb C.

Macosko - Discovery Institute foot soldier. Critical thinking requires skepticism. A critical thinker must be willing to question and examine any claim and not just accept things because they are set down by an authority or have been part of a long tradition. Critical thinking requires fairness.

They also falsely characterize science as not being fair for not allowing them in the science classroom. Critical thinking requires that one recognize and follow basic logical principles, such as the principle of contradiction. Print versions available in Dutch , Russian , Japanese , and Korean. They provide an answer on their Science and Culture Web site: Materialistic thinking dominated Western culture during the 20th century in large part because of the authority of science.

As John Allen Paulos says: When one is dealt a bridge hand of thirteen cards, the probability of being dealt that particular hand is less than one in billion. At the very least, a critical thinker must not begin an inquiry by declaring its beliefs are infallible. Critical thinking requires intellectual humility. A critical thinker must be willing to admit that it is possible that his or her currently held beliefs are wrong and must be willing to give them up if the evidence requires it.

Critical thinking requires that one recognize the difference between scientific and non-scientific theories and that one not try to control an argument by controlling the definition of key terms. Ordering information. This page was designed by Cristian Popa. The song has been sung at many funerals, including at the funeral of American president Dwight D.

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Eisenhower at the National Cathedral, Washington, D. An attempt was made in the s to strip "Onward, Christian Soldiers" from the United Methodist Hymnal and the Episcopal Hymnal due to perceived militarism. Outrage among church-goers caused both committees to back down.

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In some modern Anglican hymn books, it is replaced with Onward, Christian Pilgrims set to the same tune. Largely because of its association with missionaries of various types, the song is sung in a number of movies and television programmes. The film, Stanley and Livingstone , depicts Dr. David Livingstone played by Sir Cedric Hardwicke spiritedly leading a choir of African people in this anthem. The piece appears in several other films, including Major Barbara , Mrs.

Onward Christian Soldiers is the title of a album and song by the British anarcho-punk band Icons of Filth. In Christopher Webber 's play Dr Sullivan and Mr Gilbert , the hymn is used with new words about Sullivan's rise to fame, and the artistic compromises that entailed.

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