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Psicologia della Salute. View on francoangeli. Save to Library. Since the borders between natural life and death have been blurred by technique, in Western societies discussions and practices regarding death have became infinite.

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The studies in this area include all the most important topics of The studies in this area include all the most important topics of psychology, sociology, and philosophy. From a psychological point of view, the research has created many instruments for measuring death anxiety, fear, threat, depression, meaning of life, and among them, the profiles on death attitude are innumerable.

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This research presents the validation of a new attitude scale, which conjoins psychological dimensions and philosophical ones. This scale may be useful because the ontological idea of death has not yet been considered in research. The hypothetical difference results in a greater inner suffering caused by the former idea. In order to me Publication Date: Publication Name: Omega. View on pepsic. Guglielmin, M. The mother who cannot provide liberation: family atom analysis of women victims of domestic violence. La camera blu Journal of Gender Studies, 10 more.

View on camerablu. Psychometric evaluation of the German version of the revised spontaneity assessment inventory SAI-R more.

Essentialism between social psychology and gender studies: Italian paradoxes in the discussion on difference more. View on rivisteweb. Deumanizzazione del paziente oncologico nei contesti medici more. Representation of death and social management of the limit of life: between resilience and irrationalism more. Codato , and Ines Testoni. Deprivazione relativa e psichismo mafioso. Contributo per un modello integrato more. View on narrareigruppi. The Italian situation of lesbian women-parented families seems to be trapped between a deprivation of public and legal acknowledgment and the reality of everyday lives of lesbian women having children in a same-sex relationship context The Italian situation of lesbian women-parented families seems to be trapped between a deprivation of public and legal acknowledgment and the reality of everyday lives of lesbian women having children in a same-sex relationship context experiencing this ambivalence in their personal, familiar, and social existence.

The aim of this study is to analyze the narratives of 17 lesbian mothers 10 biological mothers and seven social mothers in order to outline the construction of their identities as parents, their affective relationships with the partner social mother , and the relationships established with public agencies school, neighborhood, family networks. Results show that lesbian maternity has strong political and social implications. In particular, our analysis underlines the libertarian extent of lesbian maternity paths, often based on equal roles and promoting the enlargement of the concepts of family.

Our findings suggest that the lack of legal recognition has a threatening effect on the sense-making processes that social mothers perform during the development of their parental role. Doi: View on tandfonline. Le rappresentazioni dell'ecstasy in giovani frequentatori di discoteche more. Publication Date: View on unicri. Psicologia sociale more.

This article is the continuation of a previous research carried out on immigrant women forced to become street prostitutes in Italy. The research showed that, notwithstanding their violent exploitation, those women had maintained their The research showed that, notwithstanding their violent exploitation, those women had maintained their trust in men.


The current study has analyzed the representations of immigrant and non-immigrant women from northern Albania to determine their convictions about and descriptions of male and female roles. Particular importance has been given to the traditional Albanian culture associated to the Kanun code. Results have been linked to those obtained by important investigations carried out by some NGOs working in Albania to promote the culture of equality between men and women. Publication Name: Studi di sociologia. Empower agency.