Wundervölker, Monstrosität und Hässlichkeit im Mittelalter (German Edition)

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How are the binary pictures being selected. How do you keep the process double blind?

Home Sign up How it works Help Sign in. Try searching for locations, campaign titles and names. Explore Category Medical. Who are we? Besides doing groundbreaking research , the Rhine offers educational programs and workshops to help people to learn more about psychic phenomena and the scientific work that has been done to explore the paranormal.

To continue to offer these programs, the Rhine must raise funds to sponsor speakers and allow us to simulcast our events live through our website. How it works This project will use experienced psychics to make predictions to raise money for the Rhine.

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Using a technique called Associative Remote Viewing, psychics make a prediction on Monday about what will happen with an investment on Friday. Based on the prediction the Rhine makes an investment on Monday and resolves it on Friday, hoping for a profit!

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It's a complex and time tested experimental method that has been successful for psychics in the past. This is a way that psychics can raise money for psychic research using psychic abilities. What we need to get started To start this process, we need to have an investment fund. Today, we are asking you to join us in this important mission to raise the initial funds for our investment so that we can continue to do research and present programs about psychic abilities and the paranormal.

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The Reality of ESP: A Physicist’s Proof of Psychic Abilities

This is a very important project because it will help us to demonstrate the practical value of using psychic abilities in a way that can help everyone in their daily lives. These skills have been scientifically demonstrated in the Rhine labs, and now it is time to show the world that we not only believe in these skills, but also that we are willing to make an investment in people to show these value of these abilities to the entire world. Can you help us today? This project is scheduled to begin in June, and run for about 3 months, but the funds are needed for the initial investment.

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If you join us in this effort and help us to make our goal, not only will you have the gratitude of the Rhine and our world-wide community, but there are also a number of gifts that we would like to offer our contributors. So, click donate and join us today! Read Latest Update. Help spread the word!


Update 2. Posted by Rhine Research Center. We are just a couple weeks from our project beginning! Help us to boost our funds in these last 2 weeks. Share and post when you can. Update 1. There is only a month left before this project begins!

Telepathic and clairvoyant experiences were also a major focus of research at this time. The term 'Parapsychology' was adopted in the s by Duke University researcher J. Rhine to distinguish laboratory-based experimental methods from traditional psychical research. In recent years, both Psychical Research and Parapsychology have broadened their approaches so that a clear distinction between the two disciplines is no longer possible.

Productive relationships have also been established with related disciplines, including consciousness studies and transpersonal psychology. Some modern researchers prefer to identify their approach as the study of 'anomalies' rather than 'paranormal' phenomena, in order to avoid the assumption that such phenomena cannot be explained scientifically.

At one end is the devout believer who will not consider any counter arguments and often shows an unwillingness to look at the evidence. At the other end is the aggressive sceptic who dismisses or seeks to debunk any apparent evidence for the paranormal. Somewhere between these two extremes is the open-minded inquirer who has no particular axe to grind and is willing to consider the evidence on its own merits. Psychical Research and Parapsychology operate somewhere in this open-minded middle ground, although adopting Occam's razor the burden of proof always lies with those who would make paranormal claims.

Most alleged paranormal phenomena can be categorised in terms of whether they are primarily mental involving the obtaining of information in paranormal ways or physical involving paranormal influences on physical objects, events or processes, or on living systems.

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In practice, however, this distinction is often blurred e. Additionally, there are varieties of miscellaneous phenomena that do not fit neatly into either category. Many parapsychologists do not accept some or all of these miscellaneous phenomena as the legitimate study of parapsychology. Case Studies Bearing on Survival.

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