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Ribowsky comments that Stevie has been married often and has a reputation for chasing women but since he has had no input from any of Stevies wives or anyone particularly close to him, there is little to back up the publicity apart from general gossip and news articles which we all know.

The book is an interesting read for motown fans to read again a largely well-trodden path rather like reading children a favourite fairy tale.

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Berry Gordy is cast as the big bad wolf who ripped Stevie off. As you mention the Supremes book is similar except that Diana joins Berry to form a pair of big bad wolves. As is mentioned elsewhere on the thread, many on this forum could have written a book on Stevie with more insight and feeling. Originally Posted by MissLish. Join Date Aug Posts 4, I've yet to read any of Ribowsky's books I did pick up his take on the Supremes, but have yet to indulge but what makes me curious: His book on the Supremes was released in June of His Stevie book was released in April of He's got a Temptations book due September of This doesn't seem like a lot of time between books to do quality research?

Is Ribowsky truly a Motown expert, or someone that is riding on the Motown bandwagon? I read that, but I don't remember the Stevie part. I do remember the very thinly disguised Miss Ross character tho.

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I may have to find it. Your right Mary -hes churning them out he wrote something along the lines of Diana "spreading her Legs"- absolutley disgusting Join Date Aug Posts 8, Have you seen how he looks Mark Ribowsky? That dude looks like a snake. I went looking on line Midnight, but found nothing. Can you share a link or a pic?

I would love to think the man even looks like a common skunk.

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  6. He's is a true parasite; he lives off the lives of others. When a biographer issues a true biography that he has put much work into, much research, even when critical, the author can be called a biographer. When they cull apparent facts from other sources, when they gossip and repeat unsubstantiated facts, when they print sensationalism because they've been told they must to sell a few books - that is a true parasite. I will say for Randy Tarraborelli - he is better than the true parasite.

    Mark Ribowsky is a true parasite and his cheap Stevie Wonder shots are to be expected.

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    It does no good to call a fill in Temptation or some background singer a cheap slut but it can catch the odd headline even 50 years late if we pin the label to Berry, Diana, Stevie, Michael or Marvin. I bought another music biography when I bought this one; I've scanned it and it is much better written than anything Mark can do.

    It is by an author who has done a Neil Young Bio. This bio is Tammy Wynette - unfortunately, another singer who died as an addict to prescription drugs.

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    I believe this other bio was pulled from the market, but I wish I had read the book that was supposedly told to an author by Stevie's mother. I neither remember the name of it nor its author. Has anyone here read it or seen it? Join Date Aug Posts 5, Originally Posted by uptight. True Hollywood Stories" of Whitney and Diana. In the Diana one, he's filmed almost closed up, and he looked scary when mentioning Flo's funeral.

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    It was eerie. Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. All times are GMT The time now is PM.

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    All rights reserved. Please notify us of uncited proprietary content. The first definitive biography of music legend Stevie Wonder. Stevie Wonder's achievements as a singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer are extraordinary. During a career that has spanned almost fifty years, he has earned more than 30 Top 10 hits, 26 Grammy Awards, and a place in both the Rock and Roll and Songwriter Halls of Fame - and he's not finished yet.

    On the verge of turning 60, he is still composing, still touring, and still attracting dedicated fans around the world. For the first time, Signed, Sealed, and Delivered takes an in-depth look at Stevie Wonder's life and his evolution from kid-soul pop star into a mature artist whose music helped lay the groundwork for the evolution of hip hop and rap.