Wundervölker, Monstrosität und Hässlichkeit im Mittelalter (German Edition)

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Make a point to check out the best Oahu activities, events, and festivities…and we look forward to seeing you out there! Also take time to check out some of the best ongoing Oahu shows , Hawaiian Luaus, and concerts taking place in and around Waikiki! If you have an upcoming wedding and would like to see what's going on around Oahu for special venues, check out upcoming Hawaii bridal expos and events. These bridal expos usually take place at surrounding hotels and event centers, and feature everything from flower arrangements to bridal gowns, and many resources that you will need for your special day!

Watch an intense shootout from the edge of the shoreline that takes place at the famous Bonzi Pipeline. Pro surfers show up to test the limits, take some hairy drops and get buried deep into the tubes. This is a special and fun festival to kick off the New Year. See More January Events. Punahou Carnival — This is not your average high school carnival, but one of the biggest festival productions on the island, that got started back in This is a wonderful family fun event that takes place every year during this time.

More than people turnout to listen to some of the best ukulele player jam! Buffalo Bills Big Board Contest — ask any surfer around which is the most entertaining surf contest to watch, and Buffalo Bills competition in Makaha will certainly be in the running. Do not miss the SUPsquatch competition!

The competition is meant to be fun, and there are lots of fun divisions including the tandem performers! Great Aloha Run — this is one of the largest races on Oahu to start off the year. Over 12, runners turnout to compete in different divisions from kekei to elites to wheelchair.

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See More February Events. Honolulu Festival — celebrating the cultures that make up our island, this grand festival that takes place over 2 days in multiple locations. There will be close to performances taking place, along with cultural educational awareness stations and talks happening throughout.

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Waikiki Aquarium — Every year the Waikiki Aquarium celebrates their century old institution. They usually host activates planned for the kekeis. Claim a prize if your duckie come within the top 50…if not, the picture alone will be worth it! See More March Events. Join hundreds of comic book fans dressing up as their favorite character, and taking in 3 days of endless fun activities, films, creations, workshops, and social events. Walk in solidarity and help raise awareness!

Watch outrigger canoe races, SUP board races, and some ancient Hawaiian Makahiki Games on the beach, including a competitive tug-of-war. Spam Jam — this very well could be the most popular festival in Hawaii. Spam Jam Hawaii takes over Waikiki for a day with multiple stages of entertainment and endless booths serving up unique Spam dishes. See More April Events. This is a special day full of celebration around the islands with multiple scheduled events.

There will be lots of fun games, rides, food, a petting zoo, and even a circus to explore. Floating Lantern Hawaii — an evening of remembrance! Thousands of people show up to Ala Moana Beach Park to watch or partake in lighting a Japanese red lantern and floating it into the ocean in remembrance of love one who has passed on.

The Great Diamond Hoax of 1872

See More May Events. Pan Pacific Festival — get ready for the largest block party of the summer.

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The Pan Pacific Festival is a 3 day party that rocks Waikiki from the day into the night! King Kamehameha Celebration — the celebrations starts off in the morning with a special Kamehameha parade that travels from downtown Honolulu and ends up at Kapiolani Park.

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Summer Concert Series — special summer Hawaiian music concerts start this month for many popular Oahu attractions. See More June Events. Haleiwa Arts Festival — Haleiwa is known for being an art community, but once a year there is a special weekend where close to local artist come together to show off their creations in this north shore art festival.

Ukulele Festival — the ukulele is extremely popular in Hawaii, and there are a few dedicated concerts and festivals throughout the year that celebrate it. But Ukulele Festival in Kapiolani Park is one of the largest, drawing over 10, folks! He had more shares coming to him, but he must have sensed that his luck would only take him so far.

He had already moved his family back to Kentucky from San Francisco in the spring of , and by the time the affair was exposed, he, too, had left town. One of a special breed of explorerscientists drawn to the trackless expanse west of the th meridian and east of the Sierra Nevada, King had come West in at the age of 21, traveling by wagon train with a friend and joining the California Geological Survey. He was the first man known to have ascended several of the highest Sierra Nevada peaks, and he gave Mount Whitney its name after Josiah D. Whitney, leader of the California survey ; another mountain in the southern Sierra would be named after him.

At the age of 25, King convinced the U. Congress to fund and appoint him geologist in charge of his own federal survey, which would cover 80, square miles of mostly inhospitable land between the Rockies and the Sierra—an mile-long rectangle that followed the route of the transcontinental railway in a swath miles wide. By the early s, King or the three dozen men under his command had surveyed, mapped and described the whole immense patch of the West within their domain, and the fieldwork for what was known as the Fortieth Parallel Survey was nearly done.

Henry [Janin] shows us some of the diamonds—pretty crystals. The news was alarming. King and his men decided that they had better inspect the diamond fields as soon as possible. On October 21, , Emmons and A. King followed the next day. After five days of hard travel, they set up camp and immediately began looking around. Before long they saw a claim notice posted by Janin. Throwing down our bridle reins we began examining the rock on our hands and knees, and in another instant I had found a small ruby.

This was indeed the spot. The diamond fever had now attacked us with vigor, and while daylight lasted we continued in this position picking up precious stones. And when a diamond was found it was quite a time before our benumbed fingers could succeed in grasping the tiny stone. But the next day, King noticed that wherever he found a diamond, he also found a dozen rubies, too neat a scheme for a natural deposit.

The men also realized that the stones were found only in disturbed ground. But there were no diamonds in it. On November 25, inspection party member Gen. General Butler was discovered to have received a thousand shares of stock for shepherding a mining act through Congress that had enabled the company to buy the federal land that held the bogus diamond fields.

John Slack was assumed to have either fled the country or died soon after leaving the diamond fields with Rubery. But in , Bruce A. Woodard, an accountant who had become obsessed with the hoax, asserted in his book, Diamonds in the Salt , that Slack had taken a job building caskets in St. Eventually, according to Woodard, Slack moved to White Oaks, New Mexico, where he became an undertaker, living alone until his death at age 76 in In July , according to court papers quoted by Woodard, Philip Arnold bought a two-story brick house in Elizabethtown, Kentucky, and moved his family into it.

A grand jury in San Francisco indicted Arnold and Slack for fraud, but the contents of the indictment were never revealed, and Woodard speculates that they were quashed by the investors to avoid further bad publicity. In , Arnold became a banker himself by putting an unknown amount of money into an Elizabethtown bank that had temporarily closed its doors.

An quarrel with another banker in town led to a shootout that injured three bystanders. Arnold took a shotgun blast in the shoulder, but was recovering when, six months later, he contracted pneumonia and, at age 49, died. Although he left his family comfortably off, several hundred thousand dollars have never been accounted for. Even before the Diamond Hoax came to light, California had had more than its fair measure of frauds—from the routine salting of land with gold nuggets during the gold rush to faked reports of oil finds costing investors millions in the s.

Earlier in , he had published a series of sketches from his time with the California survey, called Mountaineering in the Sierra Nevada. The book was a popular success on both sides of the Atlantic, and even today it is considered a classic of American nature writing. He lost more money than he made, and he lost the money of many of his friends as well, though both Henry Adams and John Hay remained loyal.

And when, deep in debt, King died of tuberculosis in a small brick house in Phoenix in , just shy of his 60th birthday, his old friend Theodore Roosevelt sent a wire of condolence from the White House. Subscribe or Give a Gift. Sign up. SmartNews History. History Archaeology. World History. Science Age of Humans.

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