Wundervölker, Monstrosität und Hässlichkeit im Mittelalter (German Edition)

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Kyri Guillory has loved playing with our kittens since she was 5 yrs old. Seal Point Ragdoll "Duchess". Leslie Lothschuetz of Metarie, La. Yifan Wu of Baton Rouge, La. If kitten is 3 months or older you have 2 weeks to pick up your kitty or your deposit is forfeited.

Amanda Wheeler of DeQuincy, La. Diane Glover of New Iberia La. Lauren Owens came from Albany La. PugLife 1 year ago I'm Catman.

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Nighty fox dreemurr 1 year ago Man, the cat's face XD. Christina Waide 1 year ago Luckily the little guy was born into an English speaking country. Cat Meow 1 year ago I see a quarter faced cat. PugLife 1 year ago Snow kitty is concerned. Neeraj Jha 1 year ago Printer ran outta ink there.

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PugLife 1 year ago That's one bushy tail. Lenny Moravcova 1 year ago My true footprint. The Diamond Kat 1 year ago Its harry Purrter!! Monika Przymuszala 1 year ago 'It's behind me, isn't it? Mimis Nachbarin 1 year ago That is Hamilton the Hippster again. Scott Johnson 1 year ago Has she met the Care Bears? Mimis Nachbarin 1 year ago The Joker! PugLife 1 year ago Very intimidating. Super cute kitten, super cute heart. Christina Waide 1 year ago I give up! Neeraj Jha 1 year ago looks like a Joker smile to me..

Why so serious. Scott Johnson 1 year ago Looks like it is swimming. Nancy E 1 year ago I hope that's what your cat gives you! Maverick rudometkin 1 year ago calicato. And No Tail.

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Hellen Jojo 1 year ago "scissors". Adriana E. Henricy 1 year ago the "marking cat" looks like its about to kick something. Magpie 1 year ago All healing now :. Nancy E 1 year ago Hmmm Maverick rudometkin 1 year ago how about its a christmas tree and an assassin. Scott Johnson 1 year ago Perspective.

She Has Orange Arms. Emily Fraser 1 year ago Aww. Flatulent Panda 1 year ago Have you any Grey Poupon? JillVille Child Care 1 year ago That is really neat! Evie Heaven 1 year ago Almost batman sign on nose. Scott Johnson 1 year ago Your roots are showing. Emily Fraser 1 year ago Beautiful cat.

Tiger Claw vs. Tigress

Neeraj Jha 1 year ago Zorro! Christina Waide 1 year ago Or, the panda has a butt that looks like a cat head. Ilaria 1 year ago It also resemble Italy to me TC 1 year ago "I kill you.. Elina Kuusisto 1 year ago Squish beans!! Emma Kinnunen 1 year ago Considering it's a bunny, it's probably doing something other than hugging.. Mimis Nachbarin 1 year ago Kitler! AS Tiger Claw is being pushed off the building, he managed to save himself by activating his jetpack. Tiger Claw pulled out his pistols and proceeds to fire both red lasers and ice beams from their respected pistols.

Tigress is charging at an airborne Tiger Claw, while dodging the gunfire. She eventually managed to leap into the air and attempted to strike Tiger Claw down. She managed to hit Tiger Claw, which caused him to be pushed back towards the side of a building. As he was sent flying towards the building, he quickly deactivated his jetpack, and even fired at the wall, creating a hole, in which Tiger Claw landed in the hole. As Tigress is falling from, she managed to save herself by grabbing a clothesline, and balancing on it.

As she's preparing for Tiger Claw to jump out of the hole, a red laser is shot out of the hole. Tigress, barely managed to dodge it by leaping out of the way, but it scraps the side of her leg. As she's attempted to get out of the line of fire, Tiger Claw emerges from the hole, with a snipe rifle at hand. Tiger Claw proceeded to fire his sniper rifle at Tigress, who was attempting to get to the rooftops. Tigress: This is how you fight? You're going to gun down someone who's armless? Where's your honor. Tiger Claw: I care not for honor. I am willing to do whatever it takes to complete my goals.

As she reached Tiger Claw, Tigress performed back flip kick, and managed to disarm Tiger Claw from his sniper, and send the sniper rifle flying upwards. Eventually, Tigress spots the descending sniper rifle. Tigress managed to toss Tiger Claw and sent his crashing onto the rooftops.

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She then grabbed Tiger Claw's sniper, and pointed it at Tiger Claw. Tiger Claw: You had a perfect chance to finish me, and you let your honor get the best of you? You are a disappointment. However, Tiger Claw managed to strike quicker and managed to knee Tigress in the stomach, grabbed her vest, and tossed her to the rooftop. As Tiger Claw was about to finish Tigress, by stabbing her in the chest, Tigress managed to roll out of harms way, and kicked Tiger Claw in the face, pushing him back.

Both Tigress and Tiger Claw quickly recovered from their predicaments and charged at each other. Tiger Claw attempts to strike down Tigress, but Tigress managed to block and grab Tiger Claw's sword.

It's revealed that Tiger Claw managed to pull out his laser pistol, and fired three shot into Tigress' stomach, at point blank range. As she's backing up, Tiger Claw continued to fire his pistol at Tigress, and even shot her legs, resulting in her kneeling down, and at Tiger Claw's mercy. Tigress: You A real warrior would fight with honor Wiz: This is one of the closest matches in Death Battle History.

Both Tiger Claw and Tigress were equal on multiple aspects, and this fight could've gone either way. Tigress was the better martial artist, but Tiger Claw had more weapons at his disposal. And both Tigress and Tiger Claw were evenly matched when it comes to fighting the unfair odds. Wiz: But what resulted in Tiger Claw coming out on top was his lack on honor. As he's stated before, Tiger Claw could care less about honor as long as he gets the job done.

As such he is more prone to do more dirty tactics, such as pulling out his gun, and shooting his opponent in the stomach when they aren't watching. Boomstick: And Tiger Claw is no stranger to take on multiple foe at once. In fact Tiger Claw is very similar towards Tai Lung. After all, Tai Lung managed to defeat all five members of the Furious Five with ease, which includes Tigress, and Tiger Claw was able to take on all four of the Turtles, and Karai, and come out on top.

Wiz: And while Tigress may've dealt with the unfair odds, the most dangerous weapon she's encountered was a cannon, which is less technologically advanced than alien pistols and sniper rifles. As the two are continuing their struggle, Tigress spots Tiger Claw pulling out his pistol. In a desperate act, Tigress, while still holding Tiger Claw's sword, pulled herself up, and kicked Tiger Claw in the chest, causing him to be pushed back, and being disarmed. Tiger Claw attempted to escape with his jetpack, but Tigress managed to slice open his jetpack, preventing from him from escaping.

As Tiger Claw is getting back up, he notices Tigress charging at him, with his sword at hand. Tigress managed to dodge his gunfire, and in the process, slices his pistol in half, and ends up decapitating Tiger Claw.

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Boomstick: Hmmmm Tiger Claw's death seems familiar. But I just can put my finger on it Wiz: But the reason why Tigress was able to come out on top was her hardcore nature. Since she's unable to "feel nothing" thanks to her intense training, can shrug off injuries no problem. Boomstick: And while she may rely on a Kung-Fu Style that may focus on offensive strikes and overpowering her opponents, that doesn't mean that she's unable to defend herself, or even counter her opponent's attack.

Wiz: And while it is true that Tigress has her temper to deal with, she is more than capable of controlling her anger when she's on the field of battle. Any other time is a bit questionable. A literal Sword Duel to the Death. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. Tigress: What? Tiger Claw: I always come prepared, little girl Tigress proceeded to perform a powerful pushback technique on Tiger Claw.

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Tigress: There is no way he'd be defeated this easily. Tigress waits, and watches the hole that Tiger Claw fell in. Eventually she begins to hear something Tiger Claw growling As she's preparing for Tiger Claw to jump out of the hole, a red laser is shot out of the hole. Tigress managed to avoid Tiger Claw's sniper shots, and managed to reach the rooftops. Tiger Claw: Flee all you want. I will find you. Tiger Claw then used his jetpack to make his way towards the rooftops. Eventually, He managed to reach the rooftops where Tigress was waiting for him.

Tiger Claw: There you are kitty cat. Tiger Claw points his sniper rifle at Tigress. Angered for hearing that, Tigress charges at Tiger Claw. Tiger Claw: Foolish! Tiger Claw fires his sniper at a charging Tigress. Tigress managed to avoid Tiger Claw's gunshots. She then proceeded to attack Tiger Claw with powerful strikes.