Wundervölker, Monstrosität und Hässlichkeit im Mittelalter (German Edition)

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Literary Translation and Cultural Mediators. Toward an Agent and Process-Oriented Approach. Pages Front Matter Pages Back Matter Pages Perfection never materializes. But all of this vanishes when I face someone in the flesh: I lose my intelligence, I can no longer speak. Only my ghostly and imaginary friends, only the conversations I have in my dreams, are genuinely real and substantial, and in them intelligence like an image in a mirror.

The Iliad composed by me had a structural logic in its organic linking of epodes such as Homer could never have achieved. The meticulous perfection my unwritten verses makes Virgil's precision look sloppy and Milton's power slack. My allegorical satires surpassed all of Swift's in the symbolic exactitude of their rigorously interconnected particular. How many Horaces I've been. And I wonder if my apparently negligible voice might not embody the essence of thousands of voices, the longing of self-expression of thousands of lives, the patience of millions of souls resigned like my own to their daily lot, their useless dreams and their hopeless hopes.

I realize that I was all error and deviation, that I never lived, that I existed only in so far as I filled time with consciousness and thought. But from being born into it, I'll have already died long ago. I'll be understood only in effigy, when affection can no longer compensate for the indifference that was the dead man's lot in life.

So why do I keep writing? Because I still haven't learned I haven't been able to give up my inclination to poetry and prose. I have to write, as if I were carrying out a punishment. And the greatest punishment is to know that whatever I write will be futile, flawed and uncertain. But it's all fragments, fragments, fragments View all 10 comments. I'd only ever read Pessoa's poetry and I had no idea what to expect from his prose.

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It turns out he does poetry and prose equally well. I would love to have a conversation with Pessoa, although I would probably be an annoyance to him with his desire for solitude. But having a deep, philosophical conversation with him would be like a dream. He has such fascinating thoughts! He delves into the complexity of humans and helped me to understand the reason for his several heteronyms in his poetry: "Each of us is various, many people, a prolixity of selves. I have to say that I rarely come across a writer who thinks so deeply and obsessively about certain things.

Pessoa's favourite topics seem to be dreams, solitude, writing, the futility of life was he an existentialist? He reminds me a bit of Meursault. I may share Pessoa's melancholy to some extent but I don't share his negative outlook, his depression and his misanthropic nature!

Even so, this was a brilliant book and one I'm so glad I finally read. Pessoa's writing really consumed me at times. Definitely a book to be savoured, and a candidate for a re-read. I have special rooms, remembered by someone else in the interstices of my self-representation, where I take pleasure in analyzing what I do not feel, and I examine myself as if I were a painting in the shadows.

View all 42 comments. Shelves: favorites , pessoanism , brazilian-portuguese. What I confess is unimportant, because everything is unimportant. I make landscapes out of what I feel. I make holidays of my sensations. They want to feel alive, be outside and become reality. We all have dreamed about things that, even after we woke up, we are not sure if they actually happened or never left the secure yet claustrophobic mind of ours.

And so, while those dreams are trying to abandon that place, magic can happen. When they realize they can't, tragedy awaits. This is the story of a man who lived a thousand lives and wrote about the fragile boundary between reality and dreaming with the most beautiful and heartbreaking prose I've ever encountered. I wanted to read this book for a long time. When I found it, I did something I try not to do: I skimmed it. I wanted to see something before my better judgment had control over my literary anxiety.

Before I knew, I found myself reading a mesmerizing passage that I couldn't leave until I finished it. Lucid Diary My life: a tragedy booed off stage by the gods, never getting beyond the first act. Friends: not one. Just a few acquaintances who imagine they feel something for me and who might be sorry if a train ran over me and the funeral was on a rainy day. Whoever said that reading is a passive activity, never found a book with the power of taking his soul out for a ride.

What a book. I could relate to almost every word. Every yearning for something that could never happen. Every loss that did happen. Every thought made by a restless mind. And every feeling conceived by an isolated heart longing for an endless dream. A cure. Or nothing. The melancholic beauty of his prose and the heartbreaking honesty of his sorrow made me feel too small. And relieved. Suddenly, many of my thoughts and feelings were exposed in those pages that I was never able to write. And he did it. Pessoa did it with the most exquisite language you could ever hope to find.

The atmosphere is filled with an overwhelming sense of failure and frustration. In these random impressions, and with no desire to be other than random, I indifferently narrate my factless autobiography, my lifeless history. So much rain Solitude devastates me; company oppresses me. Time dragged to its accompaniment. And so, not knowing how to believe in God and unable to believe in an aggregate of animals, I, along with other people on the fringe, kept a distance from things Could it think, the heart would stop beating.

No Christ died for me. No Buddha showed me the way. No Apollo or Athena, in my loftiest dreams, ever appeared to enlighten my soul. Devastating situations that contrast themselves with the lyrical beauty of this man's writing. His crude words are still little sunbeams that could enlighten the obscure depths of our souls, only if we let them.

In that so human selfishness of ours, we always think nobody is suffering more than we do. We are the only ones struggling to survive in this world that we never asked for. Well, we are not; that is not an extraordinary epiphany. But reading the words of a man whose thoughts are so familiar to us always represents an inspirational experience.

We feel like we just found the necessary balm to soothe our pain. That is the healing power of understanding. Of empathy. We are not alone. We never were. Like Soares in this book, I am acquainted with isolation more than I would have wanted to.

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I breathe it. I am made of it. And still, somehow, I am not alone. A breath of music or of a dream, of something that would make me almost feel, something that would make me not think. But the so-desired inability to feel resembles to being dead inside a living body. Human existence doesn't limit itself to some functional organs.

Feeling nothing is not the answer. You might as well be truly dead. So, yes. This book is my newest treasure. My diary and sanctuary. I can't help but to be grateful. It filled my head with many questions that I wish I could find the answers by myself. What to do when we are forced to leave the safe place our dreams represent?

Can they make us do it? Will we ever find the strength enough to face the world? Do we have to? Do we dare? I sleep when I dream of what doesn't exist; dreaming of what might exist wakes me up. That reminds me of something I found the other day. I don't know if the following words really belong to Pizarnik—they sure sound like her—and since I couldn't find them in English, I kind of translated them.

Trust me, they are too beautiful in Spanish. So, I apologize in advance. I am simply not from this world I frenziedly dwell in the moon. I am not afraid of dying; I am afraid of this foreign, aggressive land I cannot think about specific things; I am not interested. I cannot speak like everybody else. My words are foreign, they come from far away What will I do when I plunge myself in my wildest dreams and cannot ascend? Because that is going to happen, eventually.

I will go and I won't know how to come back. Moreover, I will not know that there is a "coming back". I will not want it, perhaps. Pessoa was not alone. According to this book, Soares was not a pessimist. He was sad. He suffered and dreamed. And he complained without knowing if suffering was the norm, if he deserved it for some reason.

However, he rejoiced in the fact that he could play with his complaints and made them musical because he was an artist. He could give beauty to his complaints and dreams. But, if you can't do that, if you are not an artist What then? I prefer the English one. View all 57 comments. Jul 20, Nahed.

View all 31 comments. Loneliness makes me despair; the company of others weighs on me. View all 18 comments. Es curiosa la cadena de novelas que a veces se produce. Pero hay m Es curiosa la cadena de novelas que a veces se produce. Todo me interesa y nada me cautiva. Quiero ser una obra de arte, del alma por lo menos, ya que del cuerpo no puedo serlo. Se siente y se sienta orgulloso en su elevado trono desde el que desprecia toda vida, toda humanidad. En el fondo, nada de esto es estoico. Me quejo, como una criada enferma. Me atormento como un ama de casa.

Juzgo a veces que me gusta sufrir. View all 8 comments. La vulgaridad es un hogar. Lo cotidiano es maternal. Nada poseemos, porque ni siquiera nos poseemos a nosotros mismos. Nada tenemos porque nada somos. El objeto se vuelve realmente otro. Manufacturamos ideales. La materia prima sigue siendo la misma, pero la forma, que el arte le ha dado, la aleja de continuar siendo efectivamente la misma.


Descarado, insolente, implacable con la amalgama de aflicciones que a todos rondan y mortifican. If you're into stuff like this, you can read the full review. And this will of course continue no matter how many read Wallace or Lee Rourke or this here little chat.

So what I'm really driving at is this: what's the point -- literally; I'd really like to know -- of fiction or art of any kind that g If you're into stuff like this, you can read the full review. Of what use is void-gazing writing to some impressionable victims? And let's never forget that although Hamlet may peak with 'To be or not to be Pessoa had a grand old time. Got through a bottle of wine most evenings, had a cushy civil service job where he was allowed to spend most of the time working on his private projects.

He was friends with Aleister Crowley and I can only speculate about what they must have got up to. Honestly, we're talking about one of the world's great artists here! Too few know him outside of the Lusophone world. Surely after years or so we can ready him safely enough. I am interested in the beauty he saw in his mundane life.

I am interested in Pessoa's own intellectual sadness, yes. Not the actuality of it. How could anyone find despair beautiful? View all 23 comments. Recommended to Rakhi by: Tej. Shelves: favorites , pessoa , to-re-read. All I hear is the symphony. In my opinion, it has distinct tones of the absurd, and can be looked upon as an absurdist writing albeit on an altogether different level, though the hints of stoicism and cynicism are apparently evident too.

Suicide seems a dubious remedy, and natural death — even assuming it brings unconsciousness — an insufficient one. Rather than the cessation of my existence, which may or may not be possible, this weariness makes me long for something far more horrifying and profound: never to have existed at all, which is definitely impossible.

Nor do I care. Perhaps this is the reason he created so many personalities, so as to be able to experience different lives within him. In fact, his approach is distinct in the sense that he is not only aware of his sensations, but he also exercises a control over them which is clearly visible from the number of heteronyms he created for himself, who could each write in distinct literary styles. But the city is unknown to me, the streets are new, and the trouble has no cure.

And so, leaning over the bridge, I wait for the truth to go away and let me return to being fictitious and non-existent, intelligent and natural. And I offer you this book because I know it is beautiful and useless. It teaches nothing, inspires no faith, and stirs no feeling. A mere stream that follows towards an abyss of ashes scattered by the wind, neither helping nor harming the soil And because this book is absurd, I love it; because it is useless, I want to give it away; and because it serves no purpose to want to give it to you, I give it to you… As I conclude my review, I want to admit that this book overwhelmed me immensely, I witnessed Pessoa seeping inside me slowly, making me quiver with the words he spoke to me, more as I understood them.

Perceiving the disquiet which so fiercely plagued him, the solitude that he opted to dream to somehow conquer it, but still returning to the unrest because he understood the futility, made his thoughts trace through my mind, linger there for sometime before finally coming home to me. I am yet to complete reading Philosophical essays by Pessoa and the poems he wrote by the name of Albert Caeiro, but still I feel privileged to place him on the altar alongside Camus and Beckett.

View all 54 comments. Shelves: international-intrigue , fiction , europe , mesmerizing , the-psyche , fav-authors. Flow lightly, life that does not even feel itself, a silent, supple stream beneath forgotten trees! Flow softly, soul that does not know itself, a murmur hidden from view by great fallen branches! Flow vainly, aimlessly, consciousness conscious of nothing, a vague, distant glimmer through leafy clearings, with no known source or destination. Flow on, flow on and leave me to forget! Flow smoothly, book that does not realize its influence, supple prose poem with ignitions of profundity.

Read sl Flow lightly, life that does not even feel itself, a silent, supple stream beneath forgotten trees! Read slowly, reader who wishes never to see it end. One cannot read this book of fragmentary thoughts as quickly as one would others, for instead of plot or story, one finds style and syntax that reveal the human condition and psyche.

So I read this one intentionally, wishing it would go on and on. He has never been in love, nor has he had any friends. It is said that we learn more about life when we write, that we find ourselves within our prose especially memoir writers. As I write this, I understand more about myself, and as I read his words, I realize that he and I are nothing alike, and yet we have so much in common: I am, for the most part, the very prose that I write. I shape myself in periods and paragraphs, I punctuate myself and, in the unleashed chain of images, I make myself king, as children do, with a crown of made from a sheet of newspaper or, in finding rhythms in mere strings of words, I garland myself, as madmen do, with dried flowers that in my dreams still live.

This is the beauty of poignant prose, when we find pieces of ourselves within it. Someone should have given me this book years ago, when I was a teenager in a new country, recovering from war and struggling to find myself in a new world of structured freedom. Back then, I was living in tedium, as the narrator puts it.

My new world was invigorating, yet scary, this idea that I could walk the streets freely and not have to keep myself secluded from men and guns , that I could attend public high schools and apply for federal aid for college, that I could go to a library and read any book—better yet, buy books freely and form my very own library? Although this was great, it was also painful, to be faced with the realization that this world had existed even while I'd been in a different world of imprisonment.

My existence is all damp caves and dark catacombs. This is the core expression of this book, I believe, this art of mastering self-consciousness. And this is also why I would recommend it to anyone who is frustrated by, yet still fascinated with this thing called life.

These pages are the doodles of my intellectual consciousness of myself. I set them down in a torpor of feeling, like a cat in the sun, and re-read them at times with a dull, belated pang, as if remembering something I had always previously forgotten. View all 39 comments. The Book of Disquiet should be read slowly and thoughtfully, savored and sipped like fine wine.

These scraps were assembled into a book for the first time in the s. Pessoa, who was Portuguese, wrote the segments over the course of the last twenty years of his life, which ended in Pessoa invented mul The Book of Disquiet should be read slowly and thoughtfully, savored and sipped like fine wine. Pessoa invented multiple personas for himself that he called heteronyms, and each of his novels or collections of poetry was written from the perspective of an alter ego. He essentially invented multiple authors and wrote from their perspective.

It is as if Pessoa had a multiple personality disorder in artistic form. Soares lives a life that is almost entirely metaphysical. But in the case of what is important to Soares or to Pessoa , intellectual thought is apparently the only process that sustains his life. It is the story of his life, which was very little but intellectual.

We get glimpses of this persona at work, as an accountant poring over ledgers which is what Pessoa did as well , and walking the streets of Lisbon, but for the most part, nothing ever happens. Soares lives a life only in his mind and in his daydreams. He is scared and reluctant to say hello or even shake hands with others. It is too shocking, too much for him. Much like Proust who wrote an entire series of book triggered by the taste of a single Madeleine cookie, Soares believes that an artist must be able to wring the greatest emotional effect out of the smallest incidents. So why write of large incidents when small ones suffice?

What subjects does Soares ponder as we make our way through this book? What is the book about? Walking and weather. Fame and ambition, rain and dreams. Banality, the banality of existence. Change or the lack there of. Dreams, especially dreams. Writing and art. Identity and being. Yet other times he can seem utterly arrogant in his narcissism.

Soares believes that humans want to be enslaved not free. He has certain fascist tendencies that peek through his primarily apolitical musings. For example, he declares himself both anti-revolutionary and anti-reformist. The more the self can vanish as meaningless, the better. How can I give this book four stars when there are such disagreeable elements? Sometimes, finding a point of view that one can disagree with is just as valuable. In the end, these insights whether they be about life in general, or whether they gave me insights into certain types of people with tendencies like the narrator , were often profound enough to elevate this book to quite a high status.

All in all, this book will only appeal to those readers comfortable with deep thoughts lacking a plot, and willing to persevere, but the rewards can be great. Therefore, in fact, passively supporting the status quo is just as much a political action as resisting the status quo. Un gran sosiego en la luz deja sentir que el cielo es ya casi todo azul.

Centra su prosa en aspectos muy claros y claves de su vida. Bueno, obviamente que los tiene, pero no se guarda nada. View 2 comments. Heternonymy This be possibly the biggest, most self indulgent pre-PoMo existential angst wank fest. Who else but the Germans could conceive of an epic such as this? Huh, huh? Ay Ay Ay Caramba. Pessoa wallows in misery like a pig in shit. To suffer without suffering, to want without desire, to think without reason. To suffer without suffering.

Exactly what the hell is that supposed to mean? It unrequited. He does nothing all day, every day, except gaze upon his navel , like an overbloated narcissistic hypochondriac, and bleats about it like a little girl. Its not even two words, is it? And Oben and uten? What the fcuk is that? Some people should just stick to 50 shades of grey and leave the big boys to those e. At times ebullient with joy, at times succumbed with sadness, this understated tapestry of febrile ruminations is sure to strike a chord with everyone at certain meeting points: particularly moments when the divide between self and others runs deepest.

What idiot on this earth does not question the meaning of life and crawl into a deep hole to lick away the wounds of a quotidian existence? Pessoa is a master dissector of the soul, and its multi-faceted permutations, a paladin of negation and confirmation, a harbinger of death and phoenixing. What the hell, who cares. Pessoa manstruates, and the world is alright. View all 9 comments. View all 11 comments. Some fun, eh? What do they have in common, the characters on our guest list?

All men, yep. Men largely living without women. And many of them alone, even if they live with others. Sad, sad men. The difference? It resists coherence, completion, and is a kind of deconstructionist, meta-fictional precursor to postmodernism. Resistant to logic. Often absurd. Life wounds me. Nothing has any meaning. To be understood is to prostitute oneself. I prefer to be taken seriously for what I'm not, remaining humanly unknown, with naturalness and all due respect. Writing and reading do sustain him, in a way. There are images tucked away in books that live more vividly than many men and women.

There are phrases from literary works that have a positively human personality. Literature is the most agreeable way of ignoring life. I never paid any attention to people who told me to go out and live. I belonged always to whatever was far from me and to whatever I could never be. Anything that was not mine, however base, always seemed to be full of poetry. It's our own concept—our own selves—that we love. In a moment of enlightenment, I realized that I'm nobody, absolutely nobody.

When the lightning flashed, I saw that what I had thought to be a city was in fact a deserted plain and, in the same sinister light that revealed me to myself, there seemed to be no sky above it. I was robbed of any possibility of having existed before the world. If I was ever reincarnated, I must have done so without myself, without a self to reincarnate. I am the outskirts of some non-existent town, the long-winded prologue to an unwritten book.

I'm nobody, nobody. I don't know how to feel or think or love. I'm a character in a novel as yet unwritten, hovering in the air and undone before I've even existed, amongst the dreams of someone who never quite managed to breathe life into me. I'm always thinking, always feeling, but my thoughts lack all reason, my emotions all feeling. I'm falling through a trapdoor, through infinite, infinitous space, in a directionless, empty fall. My soul is a black maelstrom, a great madness spinning about a vacuum, the swirling of a vast ocean around a hole in the void, and in the waters, more like whirlwinds than waters, float images of all I ever saw or heard in the world: houses, faces, books, boxes, snatches of music and fragments of voices, all caught up in a sinister, bottomless whirlpool.

Who is Pessoa? Pessoa was known primarily as a poet with several titles under several different names. He leaves us with fragments of literature and identity. Oh, God, this is amazing. I've covered the whole thing with frenzied annotations. I need to lie down and think for a moment. This is a beautiful and melancholy look into the loneliness of the dark of the human spirit. Pessoa is a genius at describing solitude and dreaming. Will come back to write something more fitting later. View all 7 comments. Decadence is the total loss of unconsciousness, which is the very basis of life.

A ship may seem to be an object whose purpose is to sail, but no, its purpose is to reach a port. We found ourselves sailing without any idea of what port we were supposed to reach. View all 6 comments. A trifecta of absolute favorites? Well, not favorites. Existence definers, then.

I'll have to say though, this self-discovery wasn't nearly as enjoyable as it was with Of Human Bondage or The Magic Mountain. I'd turn a page, and there was one of my innermost thoughts, laid out on the page in all its proud solitude. It takes one intimate with this word and all its facets of life to appreciate this book. The author created an entire world of characters in himself, seeing no journey more i A trifecta of absolute favorites?

The author created an entire world of characters in himself, seeing no journey more important than that of the one into oneself. I have not created my own host of fellow souls, but I am intimately familiar with the ever present malaise, the hesitance toward human interaction, the constant worry over ones reputation with others strangers on the streets to valued friends to all levels of knowing. Ever present dreaming, ever present distraction, ever present evaluation alongside analysis of the self. Proclaiming the uselessness of everything, yet never making the final step.

Dreaming of the novel yet knowing that the novel will never happen so long as the familiar remains itself. Playing mental games to deal with the thinking, the feeling, the hopes and desires suffocated in a soul with myriad reasons for not chasing them. What is the cause of this? What chemical pattern of brain influenced by the combination of genes sinks the self down into introversion, into deep safe waters, always craving yet disdaining yet loving yet loathing the concept and existence of the sun.

Proposal for a regulation COM has been withdrawn by the Commission following opposition from the Council, even though Parliament had adopted its own position on the matter. In the legislative procedure concerning the adoption of Regulation COM , on the labelling of textile products, no agreement was reached on the introduction of binding rules on indication of origin, again, because of opposition from the Council.

Negotiations in the Council on this latter dossier show, however, that some countries are still opposing it and there are serious risks that once again the indication of origin rules will not be adopted. Parliament has spoken out many times in favour of introducing rules on the indication of origin and traceability of products, and the general public has also shown that it wants to be aware of what it buys.

Businesses, meanwhile, would appreciate a new tool that would strengthen the fight against widespread product counterfeiting. Will it make public the reasons and arguments put forward by the governments that areopposing the introduction of rules on indication of origin and product traceability? Does it not agree that this opposition should be overcome as soon as possible, and if so, how? It is important to provide the citizens and businesses of Europe with appropriate legislation to guarantee their rights and pursue key interests that are worthy of protection, including full knowledge of the characteristics of the products people buy, and the fight against counterfeiting.

The report shows a high degree of overall convergence on this package. However, it also highlights an outstanding political issue in the package which remains unsolved, which concerns the proposed provision for establishing mandatory country of origin marking for non-food products. Georgia has not made such an application and the Commission has not prepared its position. Oggetto: Diritti della donna e fenomeno delle spose bambine in Yemen.

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Indien tot nauwere samenwerking wordt besloten, zullen die voorwaarden ten volle worden nageleefd. Tot nu toe zijn de betrokken Europese instellingen niet in kennis gesteld van een dergelijke wens van ten minste negen lidstaten. Het is aan de Commissie om zich te buigen over de argumenten van bepaalde nationale parlementen als zou de voorgestelde verordening in strijd zijn met het subsidiariteitsbeginsel.

Voorts heeft de Commissie aangegeven dat zij in een brief aan de betrokken nationale parlementen zal ingaan op de aangekaarte punten. Does the Council consider the outcome of the yellow card procedure to be a strong indication from the Member States of their desire to uphold negotiations with the Council on this matter?

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How does the latter influence the taking of a decision authorising an enhanced cooperation procedure in light of the fact that unanimity in the Council is required for such a procedure? In the event that it is decided to launch enhanced cooperation, these conditions will be fully respected. To date, no such wish of at least nine Member States has been notified to the relevant European institutions. The arguments brought forward by national parliaments on the non-compliance with the principle of subsidiarity of the proposed Regulation, have to be addressed by the Commission.

Further, the Commission indicated that it will address in letters to the national parliaments concerned the issues they have raised. The Commission said that its proposal would give creditors more certainty when it came to recovering sums they were owed, and would thus increase confidence in trading within the single market.

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These creditors will need to use national procedures for the preservation of bank accounts in order to recover their cross-border claims. The use of national procedures is not a circumvention of the European rules as the European Account Preservation Order procedure is optional for the creditor. Khartabil contribuiu para numerosos projetos de Internet e foi classificado pela revista americana Foreign Policy como o His voluntary work, always non-violent in nature, was greatly valued by Syrians of all backgrounds, and it is strongly suspected that his arrest was part of an effort to restrict access to online communities and discourses and stifle free expression in Syria.

Although he has been moved from a military to a civilian jail, and although he has taken part in no military activity, he still faces a military court, and a life sentence. Despite all of this, he has still not been formally charged with any crime. If so, has she issued any public statement on the matter?

Does she agree that this represents a further abuse by the Assad regime in its attempts to block the free spread of information? She also stressed the need to respect the freedom of expression and the freedom of human rights defenders and media activists to carry out their work in line with Syria's international obligations. Moreover, Syria must protect the human rights of all persons held in its detention facilities and ensure that the conditions of detention comply with applicable international law and minimum standards.

The EU will continue to defend human rights and will remain active in ensuring accountability for the widespread and systematic violations and abuses of human rights perpetrated in Syria. It recalls that all those responsible for such violations must be held accountable. De recente nucleaire overeenkomst en de mogelijke samenwerking met de Iraanse autoriteiten de komende maanden biedt de Europese Unie de kans om de mensenrechtensituatie in Iran aan de kaak te stellen.

Wat betreft het ontwerp voor een handvest van burgerrechten dat een initiatief is van de nieuwe Iraanse president Rouhani, verwacht de Europese Unie dat de uiteindelijke versie van het handvest zal beantwoorden aan de internationale mensenrechtenverplichtingen en normen inzake de bescherming van minderheden. The recent nuclear agreement and the possible engagement with the Iranian authorities in the coming months is an opportunity for the European Union to address the human rights situation in Iran. The situation of human rights in Iran remains a serious concern for the European Union, including with regard to the rights of ethnic and religious minorities such as the Bahai'is and their leaders.

As to the new draft Charter of Citizens Rights, an initiative by the new Iranian President Rouhani, the European Union would expect the final version of the Charter to be in line with international human rights obligations and standards on protection of minorities. Ehdokkaita pyydettiin tulemaan Atakan puoluetoimistoon Helmikuun 3. In at least 39 prospective MPs from the far-right Bulgarian nationalist party Ataka signed credit guarantees from one offshore company to another.

Some 17 of these candidates went on to become MPs. There, according to their testimony, they were misled into signing the aforementioned credit guarantees along with the registration documents. Manipulating democracy in this way is a very serious crime.

Customs Officers or Smugglers?

Does the Commission intend to intervene in this matter, since apparently nobody wishes to address these serious state problems in Bulgaria? Is the Commission planning to adopt legislation at a European level that will prohibit such crimes and will provide very strict sanctions against those who continue with such practices?

The Commission has no competence to intervene in individual cases of alleged corruption in the management of national political parties or election campaigns. The Member States are responsible for the organisation of national elections and for the maintenance of law and order at national level. The Commission has no intention to propose legislation on the financing of political parties at national level. Under the Cooperation and Verification Mechanism, the Commission is monitoring Bulgaria's progress in achieving its accession commitments in the fight against corruption.

The mechanism will stay in place until all benchmarks have been satisfactorily fulfilled. The WEO report clearly confirms that energy prices can be essential to the competitiveness of energy-intensive industries and, thus, to employment stability and to wealth creation, which is so often mentioned.

The International Energy Agency in the World Energy Outlook shows clearly that the recent rise in energy prices is one of the factors that affect the competitiveness of the energy-intensive industries. This decline is linked to a globalising world, shifting demand patters and indeed different developments regarding energy. In this context, the Commission is working actively in order to minimise the negative impacts of energy costs on our society and industrial system. At the same time, it is important to recognise the role that corrective measures can temporarily have towards a competitive and low-carbon economy, such as the intention of the Commission to guarantee continuity in the composition of the carbon leakage list up to In the meantime, European chemical producers have already announced job cuts, plant closures and exits from some businesses.

The chemicals, plastics and rubber industries are among the largest and most dynamic EU industrial sectors. They generate about 3. The industry comprises a wide range of different sub-sectors, interwoven in integrated production sites and characterised by intensive partnerships in the manufacturing value chain. Regulation can have a significant impact on the chemicals industry. The recent energy and climate package underlines the need to preserve measures to maintain a global level playing field for certain energy intensive industries.

Other parts of the chemical industry depend much more on the EU's innovative capacity, and parts of it are highly competitive at international level. A host of factors influence the competitiveness of this industry including security of supply, infrastructure, logistics, human resources and environmental regulation. It will address the issue of possible cost disadvantages.

EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

Oggetto: Sottrazione internazionale di minori — Applicazione della normativa europea e internazionale in Austria. The European Parliament Mediator for International Parental Child Abductions is increasingly receiving requests from parents that hold different nationalities regarding cases of child abduction or detention in Austria. The enforcement in Austria of judgments ordering the return of children to other Member States often runs into practical difficulties, actually hindering enforcement, thus making the whole procedure followed under the abovementioned regulation a waste of time.

The regulation provides for an expeditious uniform procedure whereby the left-behind parent can obtain the return of a child who has been wrongfully removed or retained. As regards enforcement, it renders judgments issued in one Member State capable of execution in another, in line with national rules and procedures. The Commission monitors implementation of the regulation in all Member States including Austria.

To this end, it carefully assesses complaints received from citizens and works together with the Austrian central authorities designated under the regulation to assist in its application and discusses proper operation of the instrument within the framework of European Judicial Network in Civil and Commercial Matters. The Commission would like to inform the Honourable Member that it has launched a review of the Brussels IIa regulation and will adopt a report on how it has been applied in practice.

In addition, a study has been requested to collect relevant data including on the child return procedure. Il governo maltese ha di recente avanzato l'idea di mettere in vendita la cittadinanza isolana al prezzo di seicentocinquantamila euro. In tal modo ci si aspetta la nazionalizzazione di circa duemila extracomunitari. Se tale proposta dovesse divenire legge, automaticamente chiunque comprasse la cittadinanza europea otterrebbe anche la cittadinanza europea e tutti i diritti a essa connessi. Risposta congiunta di Viviane Reding a nome della Commissione. Can the Commission state whether it shares the concern that the decision of the Maltese Government is effectively to put European Union passports up for sale?

And will the European Union be monitoring the effects of this policy on the European Union as a whole? Some non-EU nationals were expected to acquire citizenship in this way. If this proposal were to become law, any person purchasing Maltese citizenship would automatically obtain EU citizenship, with all the associated rights. Given that all the countries with which Greece competes for tourism have set VAT on catering services in single figures, does the European Commission realise that this is not just a budgetary question; it is, above all, a question of economic development?

The impact proved however much smaller, as the economy contracted more severely than assumed when those quantifications were made. The Commission is not aware of any specific analysis on the macroeconomic impact of the reduced VAT rates for restaurants or of its impact on tourism. While Greece has benefited from a strong tourist season in , this cannot be attributed to the reduction in VAT rates for restaurants and catering: tourist packages, which account for most of tourism receipts, were primarily sold early in the year and hence before the decision to temporarily reduce the rate was taken in The budgetary impact of a full year of reduced VAT for restaurants is significant.

The selection of the most effective way to bolster economic growth and improve competitiveness is the ultimate responsibility of the Greek Government. Oggetto: Abusi in Iran contro rifugiati afgani. Non potrebbe la Commissione farsi promotrice, a nome dell'Unione europea, di un intervento umanitario volto ad alleviare le sofferenze dei cittadini afgani rifugiati in Iran? L'UE ha esortato l'Iran a rispettare gli obblighi sottoscritti in materia di diritti umani. La relazione di Human Rights Watch del novembre riguardava principalmente i rifugiati privi di status che possono essere espulsi a norma della legislazione iraniana.

Le presunte violazioni dei diritti umani dovrebbe essere oggetto di ulteriori indagini. Un programma di rimpatrio volontario ha permesso di fornire assistenza ai rifugiati che desiderano tornare in Afghanistan. L'UE fornisce assistenza allo sviluppo a favore dei rifugiati afghani anche in questo contesto e intende continuare a farlo. As part of this hostile context, the Government recently took repressive action against Afghan refugees already present in the country. The European Union has always endeavoured to protect human rights and fundamental freedoms and cannot fail to acknowledge the need to act as a mediator to ensure that the Iranian Government undertakes to protect the rights of Afghan citizens and, in particular, individuals who, by their very nature, are disadvantaged, such as women and children.

Is the Commission aware of this situation of discrimination against Afghan refugees in Iran? What does the Commission intend to do to try and persuade the Iranian Government that it is essential to preserve the integrity and human rights of the Afghan refugees in the country? Could the Commission not promote, on behalf of the European Union, humanitarian intervention aimed at relieving the suffering of the Afghan refugees in Iran? The EU has called upon Iran to respect the international human rights obligations that Iran has signed up to. Allegations of human rights abuses should be further investigated.

Assistance has been provided to refugees who wish to return to Afghanistan through a voluntary repatriation scheme. It is important to ensure that asylum space in Iran. Humanitarian assistance is also focused on the needs of the most vulnerable refugees in terms of health and food and their life in dignity in Iran. Long-term solutions for Afghan refugees and creating conditions for sustainable return and reintegration do not lie within the scope of humanitarian action alone. Political and development assistance from the international community is required for the Solutions Strategy for Afghan Refugees to support voluntary repatriation, sustainable reintegration and assistance to host countries.

The EU has been providing developmental assistance in this regard to Afghan refugees as well and is planning to continue to do so. Could the Commission, prior to its assessment at the end of the year, say what view it takes of how this instrument is being applied in Spain, and of the effectiveness of Spanish legislation to combat intentional public incitement to violence and hatred? Before it carries out its assessment at the end of , could the Commission give its opinion on the way that this instrument is being applied in Spain and the efficacy of Spanish laws intended to fight against deliberate, public incitement to violence and hatred?

It is up to Member States and national authorities to ensure that the framework Decision is implemented at national level. The Commission has announced that during it will enter into bilateral dialogues with Member States, with a view to ensure full and correct transposition of the framework Decision into national law. The relevant procedure for this is the regulatory procedure with scrutiny by Parliament. At that meeting, a non-paper on the possible modernisation of the agreement was submitted by the Chilean party to be studied by the European party.

It was also agreed that the next meeting of the Association Committee would be held in Given that negotiations over this modernisation process have yet to begin formally, could the Council state when they will begin and how long they are expected to take? It is also engaged in negotiations with India, Thailand, Vietnam and other countries. Finally, it is in the midst of negotiations to update the Association Agreement with Mexico.

In this context, can the Council specify what degree of priority it is giving to the possible negotiations to revise and update the current Association Agreement with Chile? Reiterate their recommendation that the contents of the Association Agreement and the opportunities that it offers should be given greater protection and disseminated more widely for the benefit of entrepreneurs and citizens as a whole.

In this respect, the parties stress the need to strengthen the design of new areas of cooperation in which both parties can contribute equally; to explore shared areas of interest more deeply; and to seek new forms of association to bring about bilateral cooperation, including greater participation by civil society and the private sector or the deployment of triangular cooperation initiatives;. The Chilean proposal to review the Association Agreement is wide-ranging and covers institutional issues, sectoral dialogues and trade matters.

The EU welcomes this initiative and will soon provide an answer to the Chilean authorities. Depending on the area of cooperation, the speed of review may differ.

The EU intends to begin new sectoral dialogues that will be determined by the substance and joint interest of the parties. Establishing new Sub-Committees is not foreseen for the time being. As far as trade is concerned, the Chilean proposal is a useful contribution to the process of exploring the possibilities of modernising the trade part of the Agreement.

Finally, as the coverage of any ambitious modernisation of the Agreement would go beyond the scope of the review clauses on agriculture, services and investment , the Commission will have to respect the relevant EU procedures. It is possible that this will require an impact assessment and proposals for negotiating directives before launching any possible negotiation.

This will depend on the outcome of the consultation process with Chile as well as on the internal EU consultations. A second chance for entrepreneurial ventures is a basic measure for sustainable development and prosperity. Does it intend to take the initiative to harmonise current Greek legislation with its own second chance proposals in a country such as Greece, where the need for a second chance applies to a large proportion of entrepreneurs and self-employed people?

Although this measure was not adopted on the basis of the Greek adjustment programme, this pre-requisite is consistent with the objective of enforcing tax compliance in Greece, thereby contributing to a sustainable social security system. Removing this requirement may therefore have a significant impact on collection of social security contributions, which already suffer from low collection rates. The Commission is of the opinion that such measures should aim to reduce administrative burden and foster entrepreneurship, while remaining fuly compatible with the achievement of the fiscal targets.

The Commission acknowledges the need to improve across the European Union the conditions for entrepreneurs including self-employed persons who are unable to meet their financial obligations, as set out in the Communication on a new approach to business failure and insolvency. As a follow up, the Commission is working on a legal instrument which would support the efforts of those Member States currently undergoing or considering reforms in this area.

What assessment has been made of the potential negative social and economic consequences for Member States of introducing a cap on the right of citizens to free movement? The Commission has not carried out any assessment of the potential social and economic consequences for Member States in case of introducing a cap on the right of EU citizens to free movement.

Damit kommen auch Substanzen in den Blick, die in Ersatzteilen von historischen Fahrzeugen verwendet werden. Zudem ist nicht absehbar, wie eine Neukonzeption von einzelnen Teilen auf den Gesamtwirkungszusammenhang von Fahrzeugen wirkt. For many substances this gives rise to new requirements for authorisation. This also includes substances used in spare parts for vintage vehicles. The relatively low demand for these spare parts makes new designs and the substitution of critical substances in the spare parts wholly unrealistic. Furthermore, it is impossible to know how a new design for individual parts would affect the overall working of vehicles.

REACH provides for a number of exemptions to that requirement, but the specific case of spare parts of vintage vehicles referred to by the Honourable Member is not foreseen in the regulation. The Commission is aware of these issues, which may also concern other older motor vehicles in addition to vintage vehicles.

The authorisation requirement is not a ban and authorisations will be granted where the risks from the use of SVHC is adequately controlled or when the socioeconomic benefits outweigh the risks to human health and the environment from its use and there are no suitable alternatives. The Commission is presently in consultation with the Member States in order to identify possible ways to address the matter within the existing legal framework provided by the REACH Regulation.

Sebbene l'Ungheria abbia annunciato di celebrare l'Anno di commemorazione dell'olocausto , molti ebrei e altri osservatori nel paese temono che il problema dell'antisemitismo abbia radici profonde. Quali misure sta adottando per sostenere i gruppi e le organizzazioni ungheresi che si prefiggono di contrastare le percezioni negative degli ebrei e della cultura ebraica? La Commissione ha annunciato di voler intavolare nel corso del dialoghi bilaterali con gli Stati membri per garantire il recepimento pieno e corretto della decisione quadro negli ordinamenti nazionali.

Spetta dunque agli Stati membri prendere le misure necessarie, in particolare in termini di formazione e informazione, per evitare che la memoria della natura criminale e totalitaria del fascismo e del nazismo vada perduta o sia banalizzata. The party has been accused of vilifying Jews and Israel in speeches in the Hungarian Parliament, where it is currently the third largest party.

Hungary has announced that it will commemorate the Holocaust Memorial Year , yet many Jews, as well as other observers based in the country, suggest that the problem of anti-Semitism runs deep. What steps is the Commission adopting to support groups and organisations within Hungary that are working to challenge negative perceptions of Jews and Jewish culture? The Commission recalls that it is for the Hungarian authorities to investigate individual cases in order to determine whether they represent incitement to racial violence or hatred, and to draw the necessary conclusions under criminal law.

The Commission has announced that it will now engage in bilateral dialogues with Member States during with a view to ensuring full and correct transposition of the framework Decision into national law. It pertains to Member States to take the necessary measures, notably in terms of education and information, to ensure that, among others, the memory of the criminal and totalitarian nature of fascism and Nazism is not forgotten or banalised.

Stava cercando di prestare assistenza medica ad alcuni manifestanti, anch'essi in precedenza malmenati dalla polizia. Dopo quattro ore lui e altri otto detenuti sono stati portati al reparto penitenziario dell'ospedale per le emergenze di Kiev. Egli rischia ora di dover scontare da cinque a otto anni di reclusione. Quali provvedimenti sta adottando l'Unione europea per documentare i singoli casi di cittadini ucraini che sono stati vittime di brutali attacchi da parte della polizia, soprattutto alla luce delle numerose manifestazioni di protesta che hanno avuto luogo nella capitale? He had been trying to offer medical assistance to some of the protestors who had also been beaten up by the police.

Harahuts was stabbed a number of times in the stomach, back and head and was detained by Berkut for three hours without receiving any medical attention. After four hours, he and eight detainees were brought to the police branch of the Kiev emergency hospital. He is now facing a prison term of five to eight years. The EU Delegation in Kyiv is in close contact with all actors involved to report this and similar cases.

In addition, the European Union fully supports the idea of an Investigation Advisory Panel, proposed by the Secretary General of the Council of Europe, and accepted by the government and opposition. Oggetto: Possibili connessioni tra perfluorurati e diabete di tipo 2. I composti perfluorurati PFC sono sostanze utilizzate in molti prodotti industriali quali pentole antiaderenti, schiume antincendio, grasso e materiali idrorepellenti, materiali a contatto con alimenti, sciolina e tessuti in GoreTex.

Il team di ricerca ha notato che questi sette composti perfluorurati erano rilevabili in quasi tutti gli individui coinvolti nello studio. Le analisi specifiche condotte hanno poi permesso di scoprire che alti livelli nel sangue di uno di questi composti, l'acido perfluorononanoico PFNA , erano collegati al diabete. I risultati finali dello studio, pubblicati sulla rivista Diabetologia, hanno tuttavia mostrato che non solo il PFNA era collegato al diabete, ma anche il noto PFOA acido perfluoroottanoico utilizzato nella produzione di pentole antiaderenti.

Perfluorinated compounds PFC are used in a wide variety of industrial products, including non-stick cookware, fire fighting foam, grease and water-repellent materials, food contact material, ski wax and GoreTex fabrics. They have already been the subject of many studies and investigations into their effects on human health, but a new study has been carried out by the Department of Occupational and Environmental Medicine at the University of Uppsala, Sweden, to measure the levels of 7 different types of perfluorinated compounds in the blood and assess whether these are related to diabetes.

The research team observed that these seven perfluorinated compounds were detectable in virtually all the individuals involved in the study. Specific analyses then enabled the researchers to discover that high levels of one of these compounds in the blood, perfluorononanoic acid PFNA , were linked to diabetes.

The final results of the study, published in the magazine Diabetologia, nevertheless showed that not only was PFNA linked to diabetes, but so was the well-known PFOA perfluorooctanoic acid , used in the production of non-stick cookware. This same compound was also was also found to be linked to disrupted secretion of insulin from the pancreas. However, a change of the harmonised classification of a substance can be proposed by a Member State on the basis of new information.

Due to its classification as Toxic to Reproduction Cat. In the development of a restriction proposal, all relevant data shall be considered, including from registration dossiers and other information. In 11 bottlenose dolphins were transferred from the Lithuanian Sea Museum to Attica Zoological Park in Greece, while the dolphinarium in Lithuania underwent refurbishment. The Greek authorities have confirmed that they accepted revised source codes for the dolphins for their transfer certificates to Lithuania.

What action will the Commission take in response to these irregularities in dolphin trade between Greece and Lithuania? The Lithuanian and Greek CITES Management Authorities have recently provided information to the Commission on the conditions under which the transfer of the seven dolphins to which the Honourable Member refers took place.

According to recent police investigations, Catalonia has become a focal point for the spread of Salafi-Wahhabi extremism across Europe. In the city of Reus, Islamic training conferences have been held by two Salafi organisations that have been in conflict with each other since mid in an attempt to gain control of the Salafi movement within their area of influence.

To what extent do Member States and their respective security services cooperate in fighting against terrorism in Spain? The Council has neither discussed nor taken a view on the specific situation referred to by the Honourable Member. Is the Commission aware of this situation in Denmark? What does it advise Denmark to do in order to provide an appropriate form of compensation, where necessary, for citizens who have been harmed by this? Certain aspects with regard to the prohibition of defence lawyers to pass on documents to their clients as foreseen in Danish law seem to be related to the right to a fair trial.

A limited exception from this right is foreseen only if the refusal is strictly necessary to safeguard an important public interest, such as in cases where access could seriously harm the national security of the Member State concerned. The Commission is therefore not in a legal position to take any measures against Denmark for possible non-transposition of this directive.

As regards the interpretation of Art. However, the Commission is not aware of ECHR cases which cover a legal situation comparable to the one in Denmark described in your question. The agreement focuses on copyright exceptions to facilitate the creation of accessible and affordable versions of books and other copyrighted works.

It sets a norm for countries ratifying the treaty to have a domestic copyright exception covering these activities, and allowing for the import and export of such material. Why has this treaty still not been ratified by the EU? What measures have been taken by the Council to sign and ratify this disability rights treaty as soon as possible? What are the next steps? Under Art. No such proposal has been submitted to the Council so far. According to data recently published in a Bank of Greece report on fluctuations in the pay of employees in the private and the wider state sector, it is clear that the total reduction in unit labour costs will reach As a member of the troika, is it working for the promotion of arrangements to implement measures in labour relations and collective agreements in Greece that were provisionally suspended with a view to cutting remuneration, and thus to reduce its negative consequences for the economy and social conditions?

Fine tuning wage-setting mechanisms can help in ensuring an adequate response of wages to economic activity in order to preserve existing jobs and facilitate the creation of new ones. One main objective of a statutory minimum wage is to reduce the risks of abuse in the labour market, namely wages much below productivity linked inter alia to monopsony power. Minimum wages can also reduce in-work poverty and sustain demand by low wage earners.

The goal is to analyse the issue taking into account the economic and labour market developments up to that moment and the trends expected going forward. A solid analysis should precede any recommendation. A lower tax burden on labour, and subsequently a higher take-home pay, can favour incentives to work. But those benefits have to be seen against the drag of lower tax revenues on the government accounts. As the European Parliament elections draw near, the sorts of political and ideological ideas that the people who are standing as candidates are relying on are becoming clear.

Behind the political groups is a whole spectrum of social and ideological ideas and attitudes. Some of the political parties with their sights on the election, however, represent ideas that are questionable from the perspective of European values, and, furthermore, are contrary to the criminal legislation of many EU countries. How is it possible that openly Nazi-minded or holocaust-denying candidates or candidates supporting racist attitudes and ideas are able to stand for election?

How will the Commission monitor the ideological backgrounds of European election candidates? Does it intend to take action if representatives of ideas that are against the law stand in future elections? The Commission strongly condemns all forms and manifestations of racism and xenophobia, regardless of who they come from, as they are incompatible with the values and principles on which the European Union is founded. Member States must ensure that also legal persons are liable for such conduct.

This is one of the four conditions political parties at European level must satisfy in order to apply for EU funding. The regulation provides for a specific procedure to verify that that this condition continues to be met.