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Everyday Freezable Batch cooking Cheap eats Leftovers see more Ingredients Fish Fruit Meat Vegetables see more Occasions Sunday lunch Dinner party Afternoon tea Easy entertaining see more Seasonal Spring Summer Autumn Winter see more Vegetarian Iron-rich Vegan Vegetarian barbecue Vegetarian party see more Whether you're practicing moderation or simply looking to indulge in guilt-free seconds, these dinner recipes are the best of both worlds — low in calories and delicious. Discover all-time favorites now with a healthy twist or venture into new dishes that will keep you feeling great inside and out.

If you're a fan of sweet and salty, you're going to love this combo of savory soup and coconutty pita bread. If you have 25 minutes, you can have homemade ramen — complete with shiitake mushrooms, snow peas, and bok choy.

Calorie Dinners to Help You Lose Weight - Cooking Light

You'll instantly forget you're having a salad with the grilled steak mixed in. This isn't your usual lettuce wrap. Bring your steak to life with a special marinade and top it off with chopped peanuts before eating. Moral of the story: You should always have a few sweet potatoes on hand.

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Watch this video to learn five new ways to enjoy your favorite potato. Because eating chicken on skewers is way more fun. If someone says you can't have pizza and lose weight, direct them to this recipe. Sneak some salty pancetta into the healthy meal plan. At just calories per serving, your waistline won't even notice.

Zucchini Noodles! Not all salads are low in calories we're looking at you, Caesar! Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. The Rules for Flying the American Flag. Bean Right Now. Independence Day Through the Years.

Easy low-calorie meals

Danielle Occhiogrosso Daly. Roasted Salmon with Green Beans and Tomatoes. Salmon and colorful veggies are the perfect pairing for a meal that will keep you full all-day. Vegetable Ramen with Mushrooms and Bok Choy. Banana and frozen berries whip together with a little nut milk for a toppable vegan breakfast. We use fruit, nuts and seeds for topping, but feel free to experiment with whatever you like.

When you surround yourself with healthy and delicious food, losing weight is easier than you think.

Low calorie meals: 160 family dinners under 500 calories

These 7 dinners are just the start of a must-have calorie meal plan that will keep you feeling full and satisfied as you slim down. Slimming down is made easy with our delicious, low-calorie recipes for foods that help you lose weight. These 8 secret-weapon foods for weight loss include almonds, eggs, hot chile peppers, mushrooms and apples, as well as oatmeal, low-calorie soups and low-calorie desserts. To learn how these foods can help you lose weight, click here. Try one of these low-calorie recipes for 8 foods for weight loss today for a tasty way to start shedding pounds. Peanut butter, eggs, beef, chocolate, potatoes, coffee, nuts, bread and corn are 9 "bad" foods you should actually be eating.

To learn why, read more about these "bad" foods you should be eating here.

Keep these "bad" foods in your diet and still meet your weight loss goals with these healthy, delicious low-calorie recipes. Unfortunately, comfort foods are notorious diet derailers: high in calories and saturated fat. These comfort food recipes have been lightened up, but still keep their rich flavor and delicious taste. Our test kitchen added vegetables when they could, swapped in whole grains and added slightly less cheese and heavy cream to make healthier versions of all your favorites.

Dig in to fried chicken, cheesy lasagna, hearty casseroles, creamy mac and cheese, chocolate chip cookies and more foods that make you feel good. Our foods that do the weight-loss work for you include whole-wheat pasta, lentils, artichokes, raspberries, chia seeds and almonds. Curious why these foods will help you lose weight? Find out here. Eating whole grains at breakfast, soups and salads before dinner, open-faced sandwiches at lunch and snacks packed with protein and fiber in between are some of our tips for making the most of your meals.

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Here are some healthy, low-calorie recipes to help you lose weight throughout the day. These spicy recipes are packed with flavor and metabolism-boosting chile peppers. From mild to fiery, these spicy chicken recipes, spicy chili recipes and spicy vegetarian recipes can all help to increase your metabolism. Plus, chiles need not be confined to dinner recipes.

Whole30 Diet Creator Shares Her Easy Recipes and Cooking Tips

Being mindful of portions is important; even overeating healthy foods can lead to weight gain. These recipes do all the work for you and make portion-controlled servings of your favorite dishes. From frittatas with Brussels sprouts to smoothies made with chocolate and bananas, these perfectly sized foods will keep your taste buds and your waistline happy. Round out your meal with these satisfying low-calorie recipes for starches. From dinner to dessert, you can enjoy our top 50 diet recipes. These healthy recipes for every meal are an easy way to enjoy delicious food and lose weight.

Not sure what to cook?

Yummy casseroles, crock pot recipes plus seafood, chicken and more to please any appetite. Start enjoying our top 50 diet recipes today! Still hungry after you've finished a meal? This pavlova is a great way to show off fruit that's at its peak, plus it's super-adaptable.