Wundervölker, Monstrosität und Hässlichkeit im Mittelalter (German Edition)

Sue Bohlin offers a quiz covering Bible basics rather than trivia. That's because we're not reading and studying the Bible. Who wrote the first five books of the Old Testament? .. Probe fulfills this mission through our Mind Games conferences for youth and adults, our 3-minute daily radio program, and.

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Find People:. Get Report Control Information. Known as:. Hum G Roberts. Education Degree: Associate degree or higher. A, Broadcast Journalism. Huw Roberts Location:. You can change the for a good shoot-'em-up! And failed. Landing on The story goes that galactic menu. This menu allows you to but joysticks are more fun!

Graphics Spiders, though, love pollen tacked, without warning, by the All things considered, I've seen Value and if one catches you it'll eat Triad. The graphics Playability some. This will affect the number Your job is to save the galaxy are adequate but the 3D is nothing of points you get when you finally and you do this in two stages. They group The Bees. It plays Bach's Toccata you. Too many three-dimensional, apart There is a secret message hidhits and your shield will be totally from the box it comes in.

Graphics destroyed and you lose a life. Still, despite that, Silicon Fish ultimate mission is to discover its Value Playability It took me some time to get isn't a bad game. You play the whereabouts and contents. Everything flung part of the universe where you wish.

Bug Byte claims that moves very fast. This doesn't there is a vast supply of silicon. Manic Miner, once Bug Bytes Complex strategy games like ad, your final task is to clear a You'll find yourself in a maze pride and joy. Code Name MAT are becompath through the meteor storm, with what can only be described There is a number of screens ing even more popular by the Large meteors hurtle towards you as ponds dotted around it. Scrollwhich make up the nest and each minute—and they are bein real imitation 3D and you have ing along in these ponds is the has one or more exits on it which coming ever more difficult to to give them a quick blast of your silicon which you are after.

Stop flapping to start falling to lans and the strategy decisionpleased with myself, I waited for score. But, despite being Meanwhile, around the maze. WS Getting started: This not only covers how easy it is to load the game, but also how good the instructions on the cassette inlay are. A low mark means the game takes ages to load and the manufacturer hasn't bothered to tell you just what that fuzzy green thing in the corner of the screen is!

Woo OG OO whether you wish to be a pilot or a Oh yes, while we are at it, the would argue that the public has shoot-'em-up-but it is surpriscommander and which of three packaging is not that great either. Actually starting to play the the cassette inlay-just a blank Ultimate are one company that in the shops now for the BBC game is a daunting experience space.

I ask stick Awards.

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Equipped with long range you! I haven't said much about the Flight Simulation proscanners, warp engines and phogame Ghouls in this review. That grams are coming thick ton torpedoes, you must elimiGetting started is because very little needs to be and fast for the increasnate the aliens from each of the Graphics said except that it's a second rate ingly popular Commosolar system's sectors.

Value rip off. One thing! The Demolators have penetrat been praised by pilots for its ware for their now redundant Ghouls from Program Power ised the ship's defences and are accuracy. However, even if you a blatant copy of Manic Miner. However, the readouts on the are desperate for a game to play. Needless to say, the program Your robot is armed with a laser various instruments flash in an you should steer clear of Core!

That is not aliens. You have to steer a space to say the game is unacceptThree types of nasty must be The instructions that come with craft through various hazardsablehundreds of tapes like it dealt with in the game's 24 levels. You get a every year-but I think it is time who must be blasted before they information on how to find the high score read-out after the end software companies stopped turn into stationary, though deadbeacons I was supposed to be of each game but you only get one feeding off the ideas of the few ly, mines.

It is unbelievable that software tors who move around and whizz the same class as Solo Flight or sic and it shows. The scrolling producers can cry wolf over soft-bullets at you. Toughest of all are Flight when it comes to playmovement of the screen is slow ware piracy when they are merrily the Trackors who home in on your ability. Pilots may like it but I'm and jerky and all the graphics are churning out the 86th copy of droid with deadly precision.

The Donkey Kong and they wonder Also dotted around the ship's will remain grounded. Program Power are by no fuel dumps which you have to We reckon you'd do better to means the worst offender. They touch for bonus points. Getting started program in one of the listings would no doubt protest that BBC I enjoyed this game. S Playability: Will the game keep you up until the early hours of the morning, as you attempt to complete just one more screen in a desperate attempt to beat it? Or does it send you to sleep the moment the introscreen appears? Could you spend hours locked away in your bedroom with it?

But please. The aircraft actually behaves including birdie noises and conNice one, Anirog! This flight. Getting started like a real aircraft should-or so trol is via a joystick or the simulation puts you in the Graphics I'm told! The you have to pilot over a Playability flying games around for the Com-graphics are good and some of mountain range and land modore and the Atari range. Even better. Solo Flight is a flight simu game as they're likely to be Horace is one of the stars of it's time to come down to earth.

Iflation with a difference you can grabbed by a strange winged computer games. Like Miner you land successfully, you'll get a actually see the aeroplane you are egg-snatcher. Cuthbert, and the Piscore and a recommendation to flying. Beaky and the Egg Man, his latest games are proceed to the next skill level. The graphics are pretty good.

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Snatchers is the latest release looked forward to in the The graphics are not in the You get a display of the aircraft from Fantasy Software, the boys same way as the next instalment stunning class, but are more than instruments, plus a head-up diswho brought us The Pyramid of the Star Wars or Rocky sagas. The instrumentation is play of the aircraft itself as you You take the part of Beaky, a Of course, it's all just a marketgood and fairly easy to read.

You take off, land and cruise through small white bird, and the game is ing exercise and the fact that also get a view from the pilot's the air. The movement of the all about looking after your eggs these characters appear in a game seat too-a strip above the instruplane is really nice—with 3D efin a multi screen game. You can simegg snatchers. The eggs rest on a each game on its merits. Some of landing strip as you come back ply fly around over a variety of number of small platforms on the the Horace games are good and down again. American states-landing and screen and the egg snatchers are some are not so good.

At first I found it difficult to taking off at various airfields, get swooping down and removing My personal favourite was Horcontrol the jet. You have to keep in some landing practice, experithem. Your task is to apprehend ace Goes Skiing. This was a conone hand on the joystick and the ence instrument-only flying in the nasties in mid-flight with your siderable success when it apother on the keyboard to control thick fog-or go on a mail deliv.

The egg will then fall from peared on the Spectrum last year speed, undercarriage and flaps ery run. But with a bit of practice and If you want to deliver mail, you before it hits the ground and ends the The reason for its success is The tape comes with a fairly enough fuel and make sure you Once you have an egg, you take because the game incorporates comprehensive instruction leafreach the right airfields. In this it to the nest which is at the two separate, but equally enterlet-but it could be better. There mode, you are presented with a bottom of the screen where it taining, play elements.

For instance, the over and an itinerary of stops to screens. Cross back and take off. Once your jet is on Once you've completed your any time as long as you have at again avoiding the fast moving the correct heading, you have to mail run, you get a screen display least one egg. It took me some time—and the state. Skiing through the flags several bent —to work out The game also features emer Once you become a master at you will be awarded a bonus when exactly what I was doing wrong! The speed and the number of flags left 44 " " Have you ever plugged a brand new peripheral into your Spectrum and then found you couldn't plug anything else in?

And naturally. Even if you only have one peripheral for your computer, USLOT will protect your Spectrum's edge connector from wear and tear. It comes in its own distinctive packaging, complete with full instructions for use. To: MicroSlot Offer, P. SLOT unit s at. VAT Name please print Address please print And it Just a couple of gripes, Jack starts his adventure at the shows. The amount of work and though. The game does not ap foot of the beanstalk. With his planning that has obviously gone pear to work with a joystick as eyes peeled for gigantic spiders into this program is mind stated and could we please have and kamikaze birds, he nips up boggling.

Certain objects must be picked up ther Bird or Erving. So, dependYours sincerely, A Fan. Mutants, Baiters and Swarmers all sound dreadfully familiar and it didn't need much guesswork to decide that Guardian was going to be another version of Williams' classic space shootout. Defender A deadly swarm of Baiters and assorted nasties follow your space craft as you skim the planet's surface in a desperate bid to protect the last colony of humanoids from the fearsome Landers. Swooping in at great speed, you fire a burst, destroy the Lander and rescue the falling humanoid.

Once safely back to earth, the patrol continues in a swift and often hair-raising flight across the planet. I smell the P poses it own problems. Jack and the Beanstalk is defiTransported light-years back! With its fast action and market to sell Daisy the cow. They may well be able seen on the Electron. With a clip round the ear, ways proved the most diffito get away with charging the The game sticks faithfully to he was sent to bed and the beans cult games to make playable equivalent of in America, but Williams' original and is comparathrown out of the window where, on a computer.

Hardly any. The keyboard controls are simgrew overnight. I would recin a game where speed and accuescape, legged it up the beanstalk sphere and tension of a real sportommend that you rush out and racy are of vital importance to and went to seek his fortune!

For those of you who can't control and manoeuvrability that remember the rest of the story is vital to a game of this kind. Getting started Getting started your chance has come to play it One on One certainly qualifies Graphics Graphics out in a superbly illustrated game.

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The nasties are about to hatch out of their giant shells and dine on duck for dinner, so you've got to break their shells before they hatch out. You move Jack by hopping from square to square, Q'bert fashion. Every time you land on a square, it disappears so you have to be careful to leave yourself a route to other parts of the screen where the next egg may begin to hatch.

Once you have the five eggs. Just about how much to pay off the ally happened in my case, some who dus dis guy tink he is? It's not Ten hoodlums gunned down guns to provide for your loyal nice being called a schmuck by a by Rocco, only customhoodlums and how many customSpectrum, I can tell you. I want big the number of loval hoodlums and nounced that Sherlock Holmes Louis from Detroit to pay Mugsy a customers. You can also buy and will not be available until visit.

No—not Fingers. Big Louis sell customers from the September. Dis time Mugsy has gone syndicate. Using a punchy, fast-moving too far. For will soon send a hit man to rub rate as Melbourne's best offering little game though it is a bit slow this reason, we have made it the vou out. All this and you still have since The Hobbit and that's sayand has poor graphics first of a great new review feature to contend with greedy cops and ing something!

Getting started Graphics your patch. When our reviewer first looked Graphics Value The arcade element of the at Mugsy, he kept calling people game appears when a hit man is Value Playability into the room to look at the despatched from Detroit. This is a Playability co " "Software R-E. S 15 UDY Livermore, the British and Commonwealth Heptathlon record holder, could be one of the strongest members of the British Olympics team in the Women's Heptathlon-a gruelling seven-event test of skill. When she's not training for CRL's Olympics contains not the Olympics, Judy likes to 10 but 14 of the events to be found in the Olympics.

Side take time out to play games one of the cassette contains either in the arcades or on eight events which are all her CBM 64 with a few held inside the stadium and side friends. She is very competitwo six events held outside the tive-even in her spare time! It's an Olympic-style slow. I definitely wouldn't buy or game where you've got to complay this game. Olympic Skier is the only Whether you're running, jumping game we asked Judy to look or throwing, the speed and angle at which didn't include track of each move has to be taken into and field events.

This game account. I'd prefer to run it than field games. It combines elesensation of racing, as you're games to hit the UK market wiggle the joystick for that length ments of a driving game as you timed throughout. The pole vault was the have to steer the skier through Graphically.

It all and very much more realistic than play it myself. One to depends on how fast you wiggle track and field events. Any game I feel it could become a cult four players can take part in the the joystick, but you can't get a lot gets monotonous if you play it game but I'm afraid I'm definitely game with each event offering a of variety with just two enough, but this one's more fun the Defender type! All hired with the consent of the publishers. Hire up to 3 tapes at a time for 2 weeks, for only. You can't afford NOT to!

If you've tried another library and are wary of our claims send a stamp and we'll gladly send you a copy of our catalogue-we're confident you'll join when you see it! Would you like to select from over programs; cassettes, cartridges, discs and utilities and educational? Would you appreciate approximately 35 new additions per month? Are you interested in interactive club schemes such as Adventure helps, newsletters, etc?

Before writing to the rest, try the BEST. We buy many of the popular games in multiples of 5 or 6 to give all our members a fair choice. Special introductory offer for new members; first two games free of hire charges. Send large SAE for details. If, within 28 days, I'm not delighted with your service you'll refund my membership fee. S Graphics: Are they really as mind-blowing as the adverts say they are?

Does the screen scroll effectively? Do those aliens really leap out of the screen at you? This is how this category is judged. Value: Is the game really worth all those pennies? How long will its attraction last? You control weapon will explode! The mind To start, you move a pointer up a space fighter on a mission to the boggles!

You axy where the mighty robot, you get one new pair of shears if Software then move round the screen and Zaxxon, controls armed asteroid you manage to reach 5, PRICE:. Your mission is to points. However, for the underpriviControl using the keys is fine, To do this, you have to succeed leged Vic, it's a nice addition to I think I'd rather have a quiet but for some unknown reason you in a death-defying raid on his the dwindling range of new night curled up with my up my have to press the return key fortresses-avoiding gun emgames. Beano than play this game.

Simp whenever you want to swat. Simplacements, rockets, guided misThis is another program ply passing the sandwich, for siles and deadly force fields. You Getting started which just doesn't take enough example, over a bug will not kill also have to fight a deep space advantage of the amazing capabilGraphics it-you must catch it under the battle with Zaxxon's fighter ities of the Beeb.

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Value sandwich and then press return. I squadron. Then it's time to meet The alternative title is just Playability thought that the program was not the great robot himself who has a when you thought it was safe to totally accurate in judging when few tricks up his sleeve-literally! Game play is wish you had. Microware Loading is impressive. The of losing another life. If only you ing along a white wavy line to look that arcade oldie, Astro Waron the screen.

I'd much manage to resolve the legal probThe program also manages to ordered. This is a nicely exerather watch the title sequence lems which are preventing the play Rock-A-Bye Baby while the cuted space shootem-up-not than play the game itself. I don't know that original but none the worse It's not worth the money but, if ware in this country. You have to blast away at fast Getting started If you thought that you were Graphics moving alien ships and then avoid now in for a great game then Getting started Value a fierce meteor storm which you'd be disappointed.

Graphics Playability comes zapping down the screen The main screen shows the Value at you. Your defence is in the form USA ful English country garden or a joystick. We make no apologies for draped neatly up the walls. At of leaving jam stains on the sion of the Sega arcade garden with writhing greenery! If you walk into a jam game we've seen for a home Your task should vou choose Game action is quite addictive out patch then you lose a life. However, 10 are best used for crunching bedwrangles which you've read about garden to normality.

  1. Four Seasons of Love: A Romance Anthology (The Four Seasons Series Book 1).
  2. La Entrevista (1) (Spanish Edition)?
  3. Full text of "Gurkhali Manual"!
  4. Drei Märchen für Nelly: Das unsichtbare Buch (German Edition).
  5. You are which you've read about garden to normality. You are the underprivileged Vic, it's a nice bugs. The phone is used to in Games News in previous isarmed with a trusty pair of garden addition to the dwindling range of call for help, while the sponge is sues, it's not yet available in this shears and have to trust to your new games, provided for mopping up the jam country. If you want it, you'll have luck to survive! If you allow the Getting started Although the sound effects durIf you don't know the Zaxxon flowers to grow too fast by not Graphics ing loading are quite Value good, story by now—where have you moving around quickly enough there's no sound at all during the been!?

    The SLR puts you in a different league. All prices are inclusive of VAT and delivery. Vorrak Voyager Please note Disks extra. Bike Buyer At the heart of every Rail Enthusiast is a commitment to the railway. We all want our railways future to be secure, and knowing what's happening today, can help to influence tomorrow.

    With readers' round-up, reports from on-site workers and even working railwaymen all contributing to keep Rail Enthusiast's finger on the pulse, our eyes and ears are everywhere so that we can pass on to you the most accurate and up-to-date information possible. So if you don't want pompous or supercilious reportage, but do want the facts about today's railways written by rail enthusiasts, order Rail Enthusiast, on-sale at your local newsagent on the 12th of very month.

    We have a vast range of Please rush me software and hardware I enclose a large sae. Gold is a new concept in software marketing.

    Legacies 1x11 Rafael talks about Hope and Landon

    We are dedicated to bringing to you the best in American software at a sensible price. You will find U. Gold in all leading computer stores. Look for the U. Gold emblem It's the mark of quality software. If you think you're a whizz kid on arcade games, read was getting on. The promise of on and measure yourself against the amazing staminew sponsors gave James the na and dedication of James Thomas who played for incentive to keep playing.

    By noon on Sunday he was going strong with 65,, Some time ago, we received a points and was still on his first phone call from out of the blue game. However, the marathon from a Leicester University stuwas brought to an unexpected dent, James Thomas, informing halt at 4. Despite this warlike sounding had sufficiently recovered his During the hours, the game name, the game is based on that strength, he was able to put pen was reset 12 times in all and age old pinball favourite the to paper to tell us exactly what clocked 80 times. There is an extra flipper at the week. He was given five credits Well done, James!

    We wish top of the playfield ready to zap and was sponsored by the hour. Also at the top of the day 25th February where James food and drinks supplied by Games Championship will be held dd playfield lurks a saucer ready to go down to a disastrous start friends who watched with him later on this vear and if you tran your hall for extra points if with all but ite being lost before through those long hours.

    During missed the form in our June issue Vou manage to beat the top roll the tirst extra one was gained necessary breaks, John Brenchley You will find one on page of over buttons. From then on, scoring was fast took over at the controls. Further down is a bank of drop on and furious and James reckoned Play continued through the Just send in your high scores targets which you can hit in se-ne clocked the ce he clocked the score on average night and James showed no signs on your favourite arcade game quence to build up your every 21 minutes.

    James and people staggered in from the tery arcade game to take home light wheel rolling. If you then was kept alive and awake with rag all-night disco to see how he with you, hit the main centre target, the wheel stops and you are awarded the points value dictated by where the lights stop spinning. Your base is under an alien attack. SWAT The backflash and playfield are you have been chosen to go attractively designed and more outside the base and stop the and fighting in a more convenimportantly it's not a bad pin to enemy from docking onto the tional manner.

    Armed with a laser gun and a Also around about the moment One against thousands—can you few time bombs, your primary is another pin with a sporting survive? Laser Cue comes space scenario with hostile aliens destroying blocks which either from Williams and is well worth whom you've got to destroy. You might to raise it above the norm in the enough away from it so that find it slow to start but you can shoot-'em-up originality stakes.

    You can only ever shoot in the plenty of flashing lights! They do this by building towers of To make the game more diffidirection in which you are moving The pin seems well balanced blocks until these become high cult, the alien blocks start grow so you'll have to be very quick if and the machine played had enough to reach the underside of ing down from the bottom of your you want to avoid being hit from extremely responsive flippers the platform. Their obvious aim is base to meet those which are behind.

    It could rate with to take the base by surprise by coming up from the alien ship. Not the most exciting game I've Firepower II, given a few plays I bursting in from under the base Once they meet, the aliens have a ever played, but it is fast moving reckon. Another fuse will start to Jack, rather like a mini Super-burn in another part of the screen man complete with cloak and and this must be dealt with next.

    There are also platforms at differEach screen is superimposed ent levels of the screen which can on a still of various periods be used as a ledge from which to throughout the ages. As the game launch Jack. Should a fuse lan Jordan's astounding high OLYMPICS castle, high-rise tower blocks and be allowed to burn down, that score of over 2,, points on finally a space scene.

    The game is catch them as they start to fuse. So if you want to help hang of. This isn't as joystick. You are porating the same effects used in nearest runners-up. Manufachave a stab at beating some real travel millions of light years tured by Rediffusion Simulators. Brian, who autumn where, for a price, you never plays arcade games, found can enjoy 75 minutes which will that he could really relate to the be simply out of this world!

    Next month the Spy will be visiting arcades in the central London area to report on those arcades with the newest machines and the cheapest and most popular games. Please supply me with the following programs Enclose S. Please allow 21 days for delivery Name.. Address Cheque for BOX B1. Box B1. Hebden Bridge West Yorkshire. Soft Machine is the trading name of Fabstar Computers Ltd. Paging a special Bulletin instead of a stylus. When a graphic equaliser was a break In fact, imagine 30, pages at your through on the football pitch instead of fingertips and you've imagined what it's in music technology.

    Kamakan Live

    For Just a quarter and, for most It's like that with micros too. Played The only extra you need to connect out within months. Or so you thought up is a modem unit. Which is a small But imagine communicating with enough outlay for what it buys. Updating yourself less and constantly updating so why not see it in action at John Lewis stores, selected W. Smith shops and Spectrum UK dealers. Or fill in the coupon for our brochure. You'll find you won't want to play on anything else. Telephone New titles are stocked within hours of release call our friendly knowledgeable staff for details. I enclose cheque PO for Bonios at the ready Before you get to blast your first nasty in Sheep In Space, you to, is to keep an eye on your learn amongst other things that sheep's stomach.

    This is your its author believes the country fuel indicator if the tummy lacks a good rock radio station starts to rumble, head for the and that he adores Llama sweatnearest grass and let it have a ers and Pink Floyd. Yes, Minter is nibble. After Attack of the Mutant CamIf you see power charges buildels people began to wonder what ing up on one planet, use your the hi-tech hippie from BasingDJump hyperspace to get you stoke could possibly do next.

    Professor Video doesn't usualdore 64 ly bat an eyelid as he picks off Why sheep. By the time he'd finisher reply. Bonios of Doom you can only cent sincerity you Professor Video has developed fire one of these at a time 50 would expect Neil a patented method of extracting you cannot afford to miss. Bonios of Doom at them. The the target in your sights, and let Judging by our bulging mailGlowing Bonios come --literalfly taking the nasty out boobag, several of you really got your ly from the sheep's mouth afmerang-fashion.

    The idea of the game is to fly fective in the later screens when That little masterpiece was your sheep across the planet's you are chasing the running bunbrought to you by one of the surface blasting the aliens that are nies on the planet's surface. Prof's star pupils Aonghas de after your woolly space cruiser. To maximise your score, conBarra of Dublin. Now Aonghas The sheep can be made to centrate on the objects on the and his friends have mapped in scroll in both directions, can warp surface rather than the nasties in another of their favourite Specto a new sector when it has the free zone.

    Don't miss it! If you are only going to buy one game, then this is the one you should get. Pole Position gives a very strong sense of speed as you hurtle round the track. The super-realism of the three-dimensional effect adds a lot to the game. Exciting, exhilarating, excellent, Pole Position takes the lead as the best Atari race game around. Once you've mastered the earlier levels of the game which shouldn't take very long-you can skip levels using the game option feature.

    But later levels are difficult, so be warned not to skip similar to the VCS game which before you know what you are was a major hit for Activision last doing year. You'll find H. Another original game from As well as the hot air balloons, Activision who manage to enemy jets, tanks, fuel dumps, keep the VCS alive and and battleships, there are also kicking! But the dynamite is in short Theme ships and fuel dumps with ease. A speeding jet, enemy ships and The helicopter gunships appear about. In later levels of the game, fuel dumps to be bombarded and after bridge 13, spitting deadly H.

    Despite the lack of docutouch. River Raid, a classic shoot-'emRiver Raid is for one or two mentation, we soon had the game H. Your mission is to fly as far up games, high scores are rewarded. Even in these days of declining evidence. It requires a steady enemy ground positions and Activision will enlist you in the interest in the dedicated video hand on the joystick and quick crossing points as you go.

    River Raiders club. Membership game system, Activision still thinking to beat the higher levels This new version of River Raid of this elite club entities you to a manage to come up with the of the game definitely a combiis for the ColecoVision and is very River Raiders emblem. The game goods for those of you who still enjoy using your VCS. The star of H.

    His mission is to plunge into the depths of a deep and dangerous dungeon-type maze and rescue his friend. There are many hazards to confront on the way spiders, bats and other strange flying things Our hero has to explore the many levels of the dungeon fighting off the various nasties before he can get to his imprisRIVER RAID oned friend. There are hidden H. It's still a must for every Coleco Bentley the Bear is the latest The fact that the games are owner at. Trapped inside castle number was a reasonably good game, but to Zaxxon. The graphics are Action one, Bentley has to collect all the does it really rank on its own not as good, but it's a much gems to score points and move merits with the likes of Pitfall, Ms more playable game.

    Graphics Addiction on to the next castle. Several Pacman or Centipede? Action Theme nasties haunt the corridors, say no and this latest offer. Graphics though, intent on stopping Benting. Return of the Jedi Death Star Addiction ley making his fortune. Once the hat is on, he the Interceptors. Centipede was one of Atari's allcan kill the nasties to score bonus Every so often a gap will appear time smash hits across all their points-nasties such as Berthilda in the Death Star's force field Regular readers of Joystick Jury systems, including the arcade the Witch who is worth 3.

    Take a look at the game and it's haunts later screens. If you are intent on having a Well, I may as well come clean an not difficult to see why. It's an As well as collecting the gems complete Star Wars set, this one and admit it yes, it is my original scenario a shoot-'emwhich are worth a multiplying is in the shops now at. This is a which Bentley just can't resist for successful film is no guaranput your fire-finger on.

    It has cute breath of fresh air to the games 1, points tee of a good cartridge. But Graphics ing series of aliens whatever it is, it keeps me coming Addiction the screen before going on to the Add to this the fastest moving next level. The senHarry hangs out in the jungle e brought out a deluxe model called Crystal Castles is fun to play tences can be very severe!

    In the shops now at mate test or will you simply diles and flash floods. As he runs entirely new features. The DDT. Graphics: Did the programto gold bars and diamond rings to If you liked the arcade game, ing newcomers are the earwigs worth a grand each. Fea point in buying this one as well. Or would you dors which you can use to dodge. I had a brother-in-law called Cedric!! Watch out for the CND supporters, enemy attacks and, yes, you guessed it Cedric! This game features a six-sided crossword and free to enter competition.

    For any Spectrum. These games are only in shops in the Plymouth areaso don't miss out. Use Cedric's voucher when you buy two games or more! Cheques and POS to. Sinclair Just a small selection of our vast inventory of software is shown here. We carry all the Atari. Oric Epson. Plus educational Seikosha. Strict over 18 age restriction. Sunday 16th, Monday 17th August at 9pm.

    Mental Case By Steve Cook. Now ask a spectator to freely select and remember anyone of the 5 symbols shown. The spectator now names which symbol they have chosen. In a dramatic and entertaining fashion a prediction is now revealed from inside the box by the performer. The prediction showed perfectly matches the ESP symbol chosen by the spectator. Mental Case is a completely self contained effect which can be repeated with a different outcome each time.

    Huw Roberts Public records

    Mel Harvey starts off the new cruise season with a tribute to the Magic of the Blues Brothers or "Duckin and Divin" where he plays the part of Elwood or should that be Melwood and where "Jake, the Drake" plays himself. Mel has been booked as comedy magic headliner on board the Boudicca for Fred Olsen Cruises for their voyage next month to Norway.

    Mel will be performing his own 45 minute stage show plus two further comedy shows during the fourteen day cruise. Mel said the beauty of this cruise is that as he will be embarking from a UK port, rather than flying, so he can take the bigger comedy items. Jake the Drake is apparently already practising his writing skills for his "Derren Brown mind reading act"! Visiting magicians welcome, no booking needed.

    For more information contact Secretary Barry Martin: info leicestermagiccircle. Kai Weymes was awarded the Charles Tadman Trophy for winning the most points at monthly workshop meetings. Reported by Jon Marshall. Click Here to enlarge photo. Author and producer, Huw Roberts, has teamed up with illusionists Safire to produce a touring version of the show that premiered at Theatre Colwyn in Following rehearsals and performances at Theatre Colwyn in October the show will embark on a UK tour early next year.

    Stuart and Jayne Loughland make up Safire who, as an illusion act, perform around the world. They also work as magic and special effects consultants for The Chuckle Brothers live shows as well as working with Joe Pasquale, Ken Dodd and other major variety stars and as Magic Light Productions www. Its brilliant and suits our style perfectly. Kids are going to love it. Featuring 40 professional card tricks from Paul's repertoire.