Wundervölker, Monstrosität und Hässlichkeit im Mittelalter (German Edition)

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By several accounts Scorsese's included , Robert De Niro practically saved Scorsese's life when he persuaded Scorsese to kick his cocaine addiction to make his highly regarded film Raging Bull. Convinced that he would never make another movie, he poured his energies into making this violent biopic of middleweight boxing champion Jake LaMotta , calling it a kamikaze method of film-making. From this work onwards, Scorsese's films are always labeled as "A Martin Scorsese Picture" on promotional material.

Raging Bull , filmed in high contrast black and white, is where Scorsese's style reached its zenith: Taxi Driver and New York, New York had used elements of expressionism to replicate psychological points of view, but here the style was taken to new extremes, employing extensive slow-motion, complex tracking shots, and extravagant distortion of perspective for example, the size of boxing rings would change from fight to fight. Although the screenplay for Raging Bull was credited to Paul Schrader and Mardik Martin who earlier co-wrote Mean Streets , the finished script differed extensively from Schrader's original draft.

The final draft was largely written by Scorsese and Robert De Niro.

It is a satire on the world of media and celebrity, whose central character is a troubled loner who ironically becomes famous through a criminal act kidnapping. Visually, it was far less kinetic than the style Scorsese had previously developed, often using a static camera and long takes. It still bore many of Scorsese's trademarks, however. The King of Comedy failed at the box office, but has become increasingly well regarded by critics in the years since its release.

German director Wim Wenders numbered it among his 15 favorite films. With After Hours , Scorsese made an aesthetic shift back to a pared-down, almost "underground" film-making style. Filmed on an extremely low budget, on location, and at night in the SoHo neighborhood of Manhattan, the film is a black comedy about one increasingly misfortunate night for a mild New York word processor Griffin Dunne and featured cameos by such disparate actors as Teri Garr and Cheech and Chong.

Although adhering to Scorsese's established style, The Color of Money was the director's first official foray into mainstream film-making. The film finally won actor Paul Newman an Oscar and gave Scorsese the clout to finally secure backing for a project that had been a longtime goal for him: The Last Temptation of Christ. In , Scorsese began work on a long-cherished personal project, The Last Temptation of Christ , based on the novel written by Nikos Kazantzakis that retold the life of Christ in human rather than divine terms.

Barbara Hershey recalls introducing Scorsese to the book while they were filming Boxcar Bertha. In the version, these roles were played respectively by Willem Dafoe and David Bowie. However, following his mids flirtation with commercial Hollywood, Scorsese made a major return to personal filmmaking with the project, which was ultimately released in Even prior to its release, the film adapted by Taxi Driver and Raging Bull veteran Paul Schrader caused a massive furor, with worldwide protests against its perceived blasphemy effectively turning a low-budget independent film into a media sensation.

Looking past the controversy, The Last Temptation of Christ gained critical acclaim and remains an important work in Scorsese's canon: an explicit attempt to wrestle with the spirituality underpinning his films up until that point. The director went on to receive his second nomination for a Best Director Academy Award again unsuccessfully, this time losing to Barry Levinson for Rain Man.

Scorsese made a brief cameo appearance in the film Anna Pavlova also known as A Woman for All Time , originally intended to be directed by one of his heroes, Michael Powell. This led to a more significant role in Bertrand Tavernier 's jazz film Round Midnight. He also made a brief venture into television, directing an episode of Steven Spielberg 's Amazing Stories. After a decade of mostly mixed results, gangster epic Goodfellas was a return to form for Scorsese and his most confident and fully realized film since Raging Bull. De Niro and Joe Pesci offered a virtuoso display of the director's bravura cinematic technique in the film and re-established, enhanced, and consolidated his reputation.

After the film was released Roger Ebert , a friend and supporter of Scorsese, named Goodfellas "the best mob movie ever" and is ranked No. On the updated version, they moved Goodfellas up to No. In , he also released his only short-form documentary: Made in Milan about fashion designer Giorgio Armani. The following year brought Cape Fear , a remake of a cult movie of the same name and the director's seventh collaboration with De Niro.

Another foray into the mainstream, the film was a stylized thriller taking its cues heavily from Alfred Hitchcock and Charles Laughton 's The Night of the Hunter Cape Fear received a mixed critical reception and was lambasted in many quarters for its scenes depicting misogynistic violence. However, the lurid subject matter gave Scorsese a chance to experiment with visual tricks and effects.

The film garnered two Oscar nominations. The film also marked the first time Scorsese used wide-screen Panavision with an aspect ratio of 2. The Age of Innocence was a significant departure for Scorsese, a period adaptation of the Edith Wharton novel about the constrictive high society of lateth century New York. It was highly lauded by critics upon original release, but was a box office bomb , making an overall loss.

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As noted in Scorsese on Scorsese by editor—interviewer Ian Christie, the news that Scorsese wanted to make a film about a failed 19th-century romance raised many eyebrows among the film fraternity; all the more when Scorsese made it clear that it was a personal project and not a studio for-hire job. Scorsese was interested in doing a "romantic piece".

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His friend Jay Cocks gave him the Wharton novel in , suggesting that this should be the romantic piece Scorsese should film as Cocks felt it best represented his sensibility. In Scorsese on Scorsese he noted that. Although the film deals with New York aristocracy and a period of New York history that has been neglected, and although it deals with code and ritual, and with love that's not unrequited but unconsummated—which pretty much covers all the themes I usually deal with—when I read the book, I didn't say, "Oh good, all those themes are here.

Scorsese, who was strongly drawn to the characters and the story of Wharton's text, wanted his film to be as rich an emotional experience as the book was to him rather than the traditional academic adaptations of literary works. To this aim, Scorsese sought influence from diverse period films that made an emotional impact on him. Although The Age of Innocence was ultimately different from these films in terms of narrative, story, and thematic concern, the presence of a lost society, of lost values as well as detailed re-creations of social customs and rituals continues the tradition of these films.

It came back into the public eye, especially in countries such as the UK and France, but still is largely neglected in North America. Casino , like The Age of Innocence before it, focused on a tightly wound male whose well-ordered life is disrupted by the arrival of unpredictable forces. The fact that it was a violent gangster film made it more palatable to fans of the director who perhaps were baffled by the apparent departure of the earlier film. Casino was a box office success, [45] but the film received mixed notices from critics. In large part this was due to its huge stylistic similarities to his earlier Goodfellas , and its excessive violence that garnered it a reputation as possibly the most violent American gangster film ever made.

Indeed, many of the tropes and tricks of the earlier film resurfaced more or less intact, most obviously the casting of both Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci, Pesci once again playing an unbridled psychopath. During the filming Scorsese played a background part as a gambler at one of the tables. Scorsese still found time for a four-hour documentary in , titled A Personal Journey with Martin Scorsese Through American Movies , offering a thorough trek through American cinema. It covered the silent era to , a year after which Scorsese began his feature career, stating, "I wouldn't feel right commenting on myself or my contemporaries.

Griffith or F. Murnau, who created new editing techniques among other innovations that made the appearance of sound and color possible later on; 3 the director as a smuggler—filmmakers such as Douglas Sirk, Samuel Fuller, and Vincente Minnelli, who used to hide subversive messages in their films; and 4 the director as iconoclast. If The Age of Innocence alienated and confused some fans, then Kundun went several steps further, offering an account of the early life of Tenzin Gyatso, the 14th Dalai Lama , the People's Liberation Army 's entering of Tibet , and the Dalai Lama's subsequent exile to India.

Not least a departure in subject matter, Kundun also saw Scorsese employing a fresh narrative and visual approach. Traditional dramatic devices were substituted for a trance-like meditation achieved through an elaborate tableau of colorful visual images. Initially defiant in the face of pressure from Chinese officials, Disney has since distanced itself from the project, hurting Kundun ' s commercial profile.

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In the short term, the sheer eclecticism in evidence enhanced the director's reputation. In the long term, however, it generally appears Kundun has been sidelined in most critical appraisals of the director, mostly noted as a stylistic and thematic detour. Kundun was the director's second attempt to profile the life of a great religious leader, following The Last Temptation of Christ. Bringing Out the Dead was a return to familiar territory, with the director and writer Paul Schrader constructing a pitch-black comic take on their own earlier Taxi Driver.

It received generally positive reviews, [49] although not the universal critical acclaim of some of his other films. Scorsese's cameo appearance in the Robert Redford film Quiz Show is remembered for the telling line: "You see, the audience didn't tune in to watch some amazing display of intellectual ability. They just wanted to watch the money. Since the s, Scorsese has increased his role as a film producer. Like The Age of Innocence , it was set in 19th-century New York, although focusing on the other end of the social scale and like that film, also starring Daniel Day-Lewis.

The film also marked the first collaboration between Scorsese and actor Leonardo DiCaprio , who since then has become a fixture in later Scorsese films. The production was highly troubled, with many rumors referring to the director's conflict with Miramax boss Harvey Weinstein.

The final cut of the movie ran to minutes, while the director's original cut was over minutes in length. Originally filmed for a release in the winter of to qualify for Academy Award nominations , Scorsese delayed the final production of the film until after the beginning of ; the studio consequently delayed the film for nearly a year until its release in the Oscar season of late The following year, Scorsese completed production of The Blues , an expansive seven-part documentary tracing the history of blues music from its African roots to the Mississippi Delta and beyond. Scorsese's film The Aviator is a lavish, large-scale biopic of eccentric aviation pioneer and film mogul Howard Hughes and reunited Scorsese with actor Leonardo DiCaprio.

The film received highly positive reviews. In January The Aviator became the most-nominated film of the 77th Academy Awards nominations, nominated in 11 categories including Best Picture. No Direction Home is a documentary film by Martin Scorsese that tells of the life of Bob Dylan , and his impact on American popular music and culture of the 20th century. The film does not cover Dylan's entire career; it focuses on his beginnings, his rise to fame in the s, his then- controversial transformation from an acoustic guitar—based musician and performer to an electric guitar—influenced sound and his "retirement" from touring in following an infamous motorcycle accident.

A DVD version of the film was released that same month. In addition, Scorsese received an Emmy nomination for it. The Departed opened to widespread critical acclaim, with some proclaiming it as one of the best efforts Scorsese had brought to the screen since s Goodfellas , [63] [64] and still others putting it at the same level as Scorsese's most celebrated classics Taxi Driver and Raging Bull.

While being presented with the award, Scorsese poked fun at his previous track record of nominations, asking "Could you double-check the envelope? Shine a Light is a concert film of rock and roll band The Rolling Stones ' performances at New York City's Beacon Theater on October 29 and November 1, , intercut with brief news and interview footage from throughout the band's career. The film was initially scheduled for release on September 21, , but Paramount Classics postponed its general release until April Its world premiere was at the opening of the 58th Berlinale Film Festival on February 7, At that time, he established Sikelia Productions.

Principal photography on the Laeta Kalogridis screenplay, based on the novel of the same name by Dennis Lehane , began in Massachusetts in March The film was released on February 19, In addition to directing the pilot for which he won the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Directing , Scorsese also served as an executive producer on the series. Scorsese directed the three-and-a-half-hour documentary George Harrison: Living in the Material World about the life and music of former Beatles member George Harrison , which premiered in the United States on HBO over two parts on October 5 and 6, The film has been met with critical acclaim [78] [79] and earned Scorsese his third Golden Globe Award for Best Director.

The film was also nominated for 11 Academy Awards, winning five of them and becoming tied with Michel Hazanavicius 's film The Artist for the most Academy Awards won by a single film in Scorsese's film, The Wolf of Wall Street , [81] is an American biographical black comedy based on Jordan Belfort 's memoir of the same name.

The film marked the fifth collaboration between Scorsese and DiCaprio and the second between Scorsese and Winter after Boardwalk Empire. It was released on December 25, The film tells the story of a New York stockbroker, played by DiCaprio, who engages in a large securities fraud case involving corruption on Wall Street, stock manipulation, namely the practice of " pump and dump " and the corporate banking world. The short film featured the two actors, playing fictionalized versions of themselves, competing for a role in Scorsese's next film.

It was Scorsese's first collaboration with De Niro in two decades. The series stars Bobby Cannavale as Richie Finestra, founder and president of a top-tier record label, set in s New York City 's drug-and sex-fueled music business as punk and disco were breaking out, all told through the eyes of Finestra trying to resurrect his label and find the next new sound.

On July 25, , Mick Jagger tweeted from the set, confirming that the filming had started. Scorsese had originally planned Silence as his next project following Shutter Island. By November , the film had completed post-production. Part documentary, part concert film, part fever dream, 'Rolling Thunder' is a one of a kind experience, from master filmmaker Martin Scorsese. In March , it was reported that Scorsese will direct a Mike Tyson biopic.

The film is set to star Oscar-winning actor Jamie Foxx to play Tyson. Foxx mentioned that, "This will be the first boxing movie that Martin Scorsese has done since Raging Bull.

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Paramount Television will produce. Variety reported in January that Scorsese is also producing a biopic based on the life of classical pianist Byron Janis , with Peter Glanz writing a screenplay based on Janis' own book, Chopin and Beyond: My Extraordinary Life in Music and the Paranormal. Paramount Pictures will distribute the film. On April 29, , it was announced that Scorsese was in early talks to direct The General , a film based on the life of George Washington , in which he hopes to get Leonardo DiCaprio on board.

On August 23, , it was reported that Scorsese would be producing a Joker origin story, to be directed by Todd Phillips. Scorsese has been married five times. His first wife was Laraine Marie Brennan; they have a daughter, Catherine. He married the writer Julia Cameron in ; they have a daughter Domenica Cameron-Scorsese , who is an actress and appeared in The Age of Innocence , but the marriage lasted only a year.

The divorce was acrimonious and served as the basis of Cameron's first feature, the dark comedy God's Will , [] which also starred their daughter, Domenica. From until , he dated actress Illeana Douglas. He lives and works in New York City. Scorsese has commented, "I'm a lapsed Catholic. But I am Roman Catholic; there's no way out of it. In , Scorsese signed a petition in support of director Roman Polanski , calling for his release from custody after he was detained in relation to his sexual abuse charges. Scorsese was recognized as an Italian citizen by birth in Scorsese, however, picked 12, which are listed below: [].

For their tenth-anniversary edition of the list , Raging Bull was moved to 4, Taxi Driver was moved to 52, and Goodfellas was moved to At a ceremony in Paris, France, on January 5, , Martin Scorsese was awarded the French Legion of Honour in recognition of his contribution to cinema. During the ceremony, Scorsese helped launch N. Jack Valenti.

1. "The Maltese Falcon" (1941) improved upon an adaptation made a decade earlier.

Scorsese received his award from Mary Margaret Valenti, Valenti's widow. Certain pieces of Scorsese's film related material and personal papers are contained in the Wesleyan University Cinema Archives, to which scholars and media experts from around the world may have full access. In , the staff of Entertainment Weekly voted Mean Streets the seventh greatest film ever made. DeMille Award. At the awards ceremony he said, "I feel like I'm a part of this school and that I attended it," paying tribute to the films of Wajda, Munk, Has, Polanski and Skolimowski.

He was the first filmmaker chosen for the honor. Such a shot is also used in Casino and The Departed His blonde leading ladies are usually seen through the eyes of the protagonist as angelic and ethereal; they wear white in their first scene and are photographed in slow motion Cybill Shepherd in Taxi Driver ; Cathy Moriarty 's white bikini in Raging Bull ; Sharon Stone 's white minidress in Casino. Also, often contributes his voice to a film without appearing on screen e. He provides the opening voice-over narration in Mean Streets and The Color of Money ; plays the off-screen dressing room attendant in the final scene of Raging Bull ; provides the voice of the unseen ambulance dispatcher in Bringing Out the Dead.

More recently, his films have featured corrupt authority figures, such as policemen in The Departed [] and politicians in Gangs of New York [] and The Aviator. He has also been known for his liberal usage of profanity, dark humor , and violence. Scorsese often casts the same actors in his films, particularly Robert De Niro , who collaborated with Scorsese for eight feature films and one short film. After the turn of the century, Scorsese found a new muse with younger actor Leonardo DiCaprio , collaborating for five feature films to date, along with one short. Before their deaths, Scorsese's parents, Charles Scorsese and Catherine Scorsese , appeared in bit parts, walk-ons or supporting roles, most notably in Goodfellas.

Academy Award for Best Actor :. Academy Award for Best Actress :. Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor :. Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress :. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This is the latest accepted revision , reviewed on 25 June American film director, screenwriter, producer and actor.

For other people with the surname, see Scorsese surname. For the King Missile song, see Martin Scorsese song. New York City , U. United States Italy [1]. Laraine Marie Brennan m. Julia Cameron m. Isabella Rossellini m. Barbara De Fina m. Helen Schermerhorn Morris m. Charles Scorsese Catherine Scorsese. Further information: Martin Scorsese filmography. See also: List of film director and actor collaborations. Full awarding list. Awarding record. Major awards received by Scorsese movies:.

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Melissa Perry Moraja. Claim of the Alien God. Taylor Neptune. Have You Seen Me? Missy Welsh. The Supernaturals. Gene Gant. Alpha Bodyguard. Erin McRae.

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The Three Hour Man. James Cox. Araton's Destiny Celestial Justice 1. Serena Yates. Tom Holloway. Taking Flight. Maggie Kavanagh. Drowning in Neptune's Pool. Zombie Kong. James Roy Daley. Behind Bars. Meredith Katz. Rita Schulz. We All Fall Down. The Prince's Surprise Bride. Devika Fernando. False Pretences. Tina Dalton. Shane Koch. Kiss Me at Midnight. Her Wolf Soulmate. JT Schultz. An Outer Banks Vacation. A Pittsburgh Caper. Death Watch. An Ocracoke Affair. Stock Boy.

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