Wundervölker, Monstrosität und Hässlichkeit im Mittelalter (German Edition)

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Toplessness is also not an indecent act under s.

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In , Gwen Jacob was arrested for walking in a street in Guelph, Ontario while topless. She was acquitted in by the Ontario Court of Appeal on the basis that the act of being topless is not in itself a sexual act or indecent. In Australia, it is a summary or criminal offence in some States and Territories to expose one's genitals also referred to as - 'his or her person' [36] in a public place or in view of a public place. In some jurisdictions exposure of the genitals alone does not constitute an offence unless accompanied by an indecent act, indecent behaviour, grossly indecent behaviour, obscenity , intention to cause offence or deliberate intention.

The applicable law is different in each jurisdiction and in several jurisdictions the offence of indecent exposure does not apply. Penalties vary between jurisdictions and are summarised below.

Specific state Acts , are as follows:. The laws of New South Wales, the Australian Capital Territory and the Northern Territory use the term "person", while in the other States the exposure refers to the genital area. It has been noted that a term such as "exposing one's person" relates back to the United Kingdom Vagrancy Act and Evans v Ewels [48] where it was said that the word "person" was a genteel synonym for "penis" or "vulva". However, it has been held that the word "person" in s5 of the NSW Summary Offences Act is not limited to "penis" or "vulva".

For example, in R v Eyles the offender was seen masturbating in his front garden and charged with obscene exposure under the NSW Act. Women in Saudi Arabia are legally required to wear robes and a headscarf when in public. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Public indecency involving nudity of some sort. For the album by George Carlin, see Indecent Exposure album. Not to be confused with Exhibitionism. This section does not cite any sources. Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

May Learn how and when to remove this template message. Left: In New York City, toplessness in public is allowed. Right: Many states in US do not allow public exposure of female nipples. Main article: Indecent exposure in the United States. Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary Tenth ed. Retrieved 2 March Topical Index: State Statutes 2. Cornell University Law School.

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Retrieved 14 September Scotland Act ". Retrieved 22 May In it's legal to breastfeed in public in all 50 states". USA Today. Huffington Post. BBC News.

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Oxford: Harcourt. Retrieved 19 May Volume 6. The National Archives. Retrieved 9 February UK Criminal Law Blog. UK Human Rights Blog. Crown Prosecution Service.


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Namespaces Page Discussion. Freemasonic Manual: Morals and Dogma page Page of Volume I of the Babylonian Talmud reveals the rules governing women who intend to bathe and may possibly be menstruating. Page of Volume I of the Babylonian Talmud expands on the Jewish reaction to menstruating women, assimilating their period to someone worshipping false idols. This is probably because their women are not in a state of pregnancy or breast-feeding which cause an interruption of the menstruation cycle.

In other words, if Jewish women are on the rag, they are not breeding Jewish babies as they should, most likely because they are worshipping idols that cause them to stray from their responsibilities to the Jewish Lord's objective of taking over the world via these people. Thine eyes as it were of doves, besides that, which lyeth hid within. Thy heares as the flocks of goats, which have come up from mount Galaad.

As a piece of a pomegranite, so are also thy cheeks, beside that which lyeth hid within. This deception is well-known among members of the occult who strive to trick normal people into saying this prayer to Satan. Below are some samples regarding the Jewish Freemason Moses and his secret collaboration with Satan:. As the unseen fire is revealed in the flame, so also the fullness of the Father dwelt in the Son, and they are one as fire is one with the flame in which it manifests.

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This is the root of all true Sun or Fire worship. John, the priests only are permitted to pronounce it. This versicle, completely kabalistic, is found in the Greek text of the Gospel according to St. Matthew, and in several Hebrew copies It has been retained by Protestants in their New Testament, but they have failed to discern its lofty and wonderful meaning, which would have unveiled to them all the Mysteries of the Apocalypse.

There is, however, a tradition in the Church that the manifestation of these mysteries is reserved till the last times. After revealing the shocking collaboration of Moses with Satan, pages of Volume I of the Babylonian Talmud continue on with pages and pages of useless Jewish laws regarding fingernail maintenance, women's hair styles, and the milking of cows - specifically the size of the cheese from the milked cow p.

The big secret of Judaism is that they pray to the spirits of their dead fathers who are their gods, then they try to pass it off to outsiders as a holy, monotheistic religion. The Lord Satan doesn't want this secret of the scriptures revealed for obvious reasons and page details the Lord's Satan's anger for letting this crucial secret get out. Secrets and secret oaths are indicative of having something to hide, and when Judaism is deconstructed, it's quite obvious why they hide what they do.

This is why so many people are confused about this strange Old-Testament Biblical Lord and 'his' confusing attributes comes like a thief in the night, speaks through fire to Jewish Freemasons, orders war, killing of women and children, etc. Below are the links to three scans of this important list. Latin Vulgate Nominum Interpretatio names interpreted Index.

This further proves the pagan origins of these Jewish scriptures. Pages of Volume II of the Babylonian Talmud reveal arguments between several Rabbis concerning whether or not to burn in the conflagration the fire non-Hebrew translations of their Scriptures the Bible. This is where a Rabbi mutilates the penis of an infant with a knife, then uses his mouth to suck the blood from the cut. The Talmud reveals on p. Page of Volume II of the Babylonian Talmud reveals the required prayer to Satan before the mutilation ritual according to the rabbis.

Pages of Volume II of the Babylonian Talmud reveals Rabbi Hisda's decrees for his daughters regarding eating, speaking and using the bathroom near the presence of their princely Jewish husbands. This seems to be a tactic designed to bury passages like these and make them harder for researchers to locate.

And the Lord said to him: By what means? And the Lord said: Thou shalt deceive him, and shalt prevail: go forth, and do so.