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Title Paradise Bay Nexus Classic.

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Author Maria Del Rey. Condition Used - Very Good. Binding type Paperback. Publisher Ebury Publishing. Year published Number of pages ISBN 10 ISBN 13 Where, again, you have no idea what you're even looking at. The mod's wiki page details quests and companions but has no information on the overall mod itself or whether or not said quests and companions are apart of TFTW or iNPC. The linked FAQ and bug forum has no information either.

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There's two stickies, one saying that anonymous posting has been disabled, and another detailing how to use the FAQ forum. Then a slew of very specific bug posts made by users. A lot of work has gone into this mod but the presentation for it is abysmal. Moksha wrote: Zanity, you are right about these mods being exceptional. Even though Kris placed the Tales from the Commonwealth mod in the Atomic Radio folder, at least he eventually moved the entire radio mod page to the Quests and Adventures section of the Nexus.

It was nice for Kris to have back to back success considering all the hard work that went into the creation and gradual improvement of these mods.

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  7. The quality of the writing and the talent of the voice acting makes these mods special. There are no neon marquees at the Nexus, but appreciative players are free to give this mod a plug throughout the forums. It helps all players when you can share what has been enjoyable. Spoiler Trent Reznor wrote: I wanted to put this on here in case anyone else has this problem and needs help.

    Mind-boggling really. I've been browsing the nexus every day basically since FO4 came out like it's my damn job, and I never saw this mod until a little while ago if I remember correctly. And you know what I did?

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    I skipped over it because I had no idea what I was looking at, maybe thinking it was just another radio mod. This supposed enormous quest mod is tacked on to a radio mod, WHAT! I've only just now returned to it due to some random reddit comment saying this is an absolute must-have mod. And even then I'm having trouble discerning what this is, and only basing it's quality on the credits. I'd figure a mod of such work would have tons of effort put into presentation as well to get as many people as possible to check it out!

    I just wanted to point out my observations of coming across this so hopefully you guys can reveal this to more people. I'm sure there are literally tens of thousands of people out there that skipped over this because of a serious lack of information. Does the author s not want people playing this? Posted 11 February - PM. Hopefully the FDI author updates it soon.

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    Posted 12 February - PM. Day 9 Ching Mai- Phuket B. This morning, fly to Phuket. This fun island provides an unbeatable combination of perfect silky soft white palm-lined beaches, superb hospitality, along with rich and colorful history.

    Paradise Bay (Nexus Classic) (English Edition) por Maria Del Rey

    Day 10 - Phuket B. Today is yours to just relax, rejuvenate and enjoy the beautiful surroundings. Enjoy swimming, sunbathing or just people-watching on the beach before returning to your hotel. Day 11 - Phuket B. Full day at leisure to explore Phuket independently. Watch the trendsetters coming in droves to the many restaurants, boutiques and luxurious spas. After breakfast, Tr ansfer to the airport and fly back to your sweet home.

    Payment Arrangement. This evening introduces you to mystical dances,Thai food and a truly Thai ambiance. It is a must see for all those who visit Bangkok. Cultural Illusion Show is the award-winning, Las Vegus-style production spectacle colorfully blending the beauty of Thai culture with magical illusions, 4-D effects, aerial ballet, acrobatics, pyrotechnics, special effects, exciting stunts and an elephant circus featuring over 30 elephants.

    All into one unforgettably unique theatrical experience guaranteed to delight visitors of all ages.

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    Download PDF Itinerary. Request a Quote.

    Other departure cities are also available by request. Price Include.


    Personal expenditures. Day 2 - Bangkok Touch down in Bangkok, Thailand's capital city.

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    Day 3 - Bangkok B Bangkok radiates modernity with a deep root in Buddhist tradition. Day 7 - Chiang Mai B This tour features a scenic drive through the most historic areas of Chiang Mai, and includes a pass through the old city walls, city gates and moat. Day 10 - Phuket B Today is yours to just relax, rejuvenate and enjoy the beautiful surroundings. Day 11 - Phuket B Full day at leisure to explore Phuket independently.