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Taken Season 2 – Should You Give the Reboot of This Prequel a Chance?

Reviewed July 7, Alexander-Walker may not be able to score as much as you want to see from his position, but a defense consisting of Jrue Holiday, Lonzo Ball, Alexander-Walker, Zion Williamson and Jaxson Hayes is terrifying. A 7-footer who is listed at pounds, Bitadze has the look of the big-bodied centers of yesteryear. The most obvious area for improvement would be passing, where he has yet to show much instinct.

But he could also stand to be a more aggressive shooter. Playing with Myles Turner and Sabonis should help. His father, Marko, was a longtime professional player in Europe. If he could come anywhere close to that at the pro level he could be a major asset to any team. The problem is, he shot well from distance in his first three years of college but dropped to Boston is using its pick at No.

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Back to your regularly scheduled programming. How he fits: The Sixers will get a player who could be the highest-impact defender in this draft if the numbers he put up last season are a true indication of his ability. If the other team goes small, watch out. Clarke, whose size limits him to the 4 in some situations, is at his best when he can move over to being a small-ball 5.

His height 6-foot-8 and wingspan 6-foot Clarke rarely attempted any 3-pointers, going 6 of 24 on them in three years of college, and his development will be limited since he will turn 23 before the season starts. But a team looking for a player who can get to the hoop on offense and block some shots on defense will get a lot of bang for the buck. Got it? Clarke joins his teammate, Rui Hachimura, as first-round selections, a distinction that more typically falls to schools like North Carolina and Duke.

A good passer on offense and an even better defender at the college level, Williams stuck to his strengths and provided a lot of value. His shooting may not translate to the pro level, and even his defense may take a major step back until he adjusts his approach. Williams, though, is the best defender of the three, so perhaps the Celtics decided that should be their priority as they look to complement their stable of good wings.

As has been well chronicled , Bazley chose a highly-compensated internship with New Balance rather than a college career. The Knicks worked Robinson into live action slowly and Bazley would likely benefit from the same treatment. How he fits: This pick has moved around a little, but Bazley is headed to the Oklahoma City Thunder where he can add some depth to a team with a ton of money committed to some veteran players who all have talent but have yet to make any noise in the playoffs since Kevin Durant left.

He can ease his way in, with the Thunder having plenty of frontcourt players, and he could pay off handsomely if his ceiling is as high as it seems like it could be. At Virginia, that success came in the form of being an effective pickpocket on defense and a knockdown shooter on offense. That he also excels as a passer in the pick-and-roll should serve him quite well at the next level if he can make his game fast enough to compete with players who will have innumerable physical advantages over him.

How he fits: Another pick that moved around, with Philadelphia trading it to Boston who is trading it to Phoenix, but Jerome will end up on a Suns team that is filling out its starting lineup in a seemingly productive way. Jerome will probably struggle a bit athletically but he has Cam Johnson to help out in that regard, and with so many other options around, Jerome could end up wide open a lot more often than he would on other teams.

A top recruit out of Orlando Christian Prep, he measures 6 feet 6 inches and pounds, with long arms that give him a 7-foot-1 wingspan. The tools seem to be there for him to develop into a useful player, but the team that drafts him will need to work on his shooting, his ball handling, his court vision and will want to clean up some of his mistakes on the defensive end as well. How he fits: This is terrific value for the Trail Blazers.

Little has been the top player available for quite a while, and as a wing he should be able to get playing time almost immediately. He needs a ton of work, but drafting this late Portland got a player who at least has the potential for stardom — a huge win.

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A serious area for concern, though, is how much he seemed to fade against stiff competition. How he fits: Cleveland already added Darius Garland to Collin Sexton, so their playmaking was all set. Cedi Osman is strong in the middle and thus gives them a knockdown shooter. Or at least they hope it does.

How he fits: Once a trade becomes official, Kabengele will head to the Los Angeles Clippers where he joins a deep team that was a ton of fun in and could get even more fun now. Everyone will be waiting to see if Kawhi Leonard signs there, but in the interim, Clippers fans can look forward to some incredible highlights. Poole improved as a sophomore, hitting He was known to take over portions of games, but he was also known to occasionally disappear. His confidence is sky high and he clearly believes he has N.

He may not have much else. How he fits: The Warriors could lose Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson to free agency, and at the very least they will be without both of them for most of the upcoming season.

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Poole offers another shooter to take some of the pressure off Stephen Curry. If he can be the shooter he thinks he is, perhaps no one will have to hear the phrase box-and-one next year. Poole is a big stretch at this pick, with 20 or more players ahead of him on most draft boards, but he may be the best shooter available and Golden State clearly decided that was their priority.

Strong enough to handle the 4, while mostly playing the 3, Johnson makes good use of his length on both ends of the floor and is an aggressive player who puts in a lot of effort. His His floor is a high-energy defender who can score a little, which in this draft makes him a top prospect.

How he fits: How do the Spurs do it? Johnson has been one of the top-two picks available for ages, with several teams passing up a player who would likely be able to contribute for them next season. If Porter gets the ball in transition, watch out. The 6-foot-6, pounder is at his best with a head of steam.

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He can adjust to transition defenses with ease, slicing around them or powering through them. Unfortunately, the sample size on him is desperately small. He started in just four of his 21 games for the Trojans and averaged just He has yet to show a knack for off-ball movement, and his approach to the game is erratic, but most of his issues seem to be a need for coaching rather than anything wrong with him as a player. Despite going by Kevin Porter Jr.

The Jr. How he fits: After a few trades becomes official, Porter will head to Cleveland, a team that has restocked its cupboards quickly. He has a lot of work to do, but he was easily one of the best players left on the board and Cleveland must believe it can harness his raw talent. Griffin, who built a champion in Cleveland, is undoubtedly not done, but winning the right to select Williamson was the biggest early win he could have asked for.

With Holiday and Ball throwing Williamson lobs, the league is about to find out very quickly what it feels like to be dunked on by a pound teenager. Some second round picks have been included in trades that are not yet official. The listed team is the one that currently owns the pick, not necessarily the team that will end up with the player. Nets: Nic Claxton, C, Georgia. Nearly 7 feet tall with wide shoulders and long arms, its easy to see him putting on a great deal of muscle to help combat the physical play that teams used to beat him in college.

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He is a terrific ballhandler and could easily develop into a top-notch defender. Beyond simply filling out his body, Claxton should be locked in a gym working on his shooting. Suns: K. Okpala, SF, Stanford. Okpala has the size typically associated with a power forward but can move very effectively with the ball with a handle that makes him look like an enormous guard when he has the ball.