Wundervölker, Monstrosität und Hässlichkeit im Mittelalter (German Edition)

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Tuvok assisted on the bridge when Titan' s tactical officer, Lieutenant Commander Ranul Keru was injured and rendered comatose. TTN novel : Taking Wing. Tuvok was onboard the Titan when she was transported to the satellite galaxy, the Small Magellanic Cloud , home of the human offshoot known as the Neyel , whom Tuvok had encountered while serving on the Excelsior. After the evacuation of as many of the Neyel people as the Titan could carry from the growth of the proto-galaxy known to the Titan crew as the Red King, Akaar apologized to Tuvok for the way he treated him all of those years ago and for the years of friendship lost.

Captain Riker was impressed with Tuvok's performance during the crisis, and offered him a permanent position onboard the Titan as tactical officer.

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Not willing to be separated from his wife for another extended period, Tuvok only agreed after Riker approved of T'Pel's moving onto the ship with her husband. In early , he was briefly attached to the USS Enterprise -E in order to help integrate the Hazard Team into the ships operations, and was subsequently involved in the ship's battle against the Exomorphs. He also served as the ship's Chief of Security and Tactical officer while Worf was on leave, and assisted in the heroic defense of the ship from Idryll invaders. In early- , shortly after Titan began her mission of exploration of the Gum Nebula , Tuvok came under the control of the cosmozoan species known as the Star-jellies.

While under the Star-jellies influence, Tuvok assaulted shipmate Melora Pazlar and transmitted classified data to the Star-jellies. No charges were brought up against Tuvok as it was determined that he was not acting of his own accord. After the incident, Lieutenant Pazlar asked Tuvok to instruct her in various means of self-defense. TTN novel : Orion's Hounds. After the unfortunate incident between Tuvok and Pazlar, he worked with her to develop a suitable self-defense routine, mostly utilizing methods of avoidance and escape rather than return force.

Tuvok continued to serve as the Titan' s CTO and second officer into when the Borg began their invasion of Federation and surrounding space. Although the Titan was too far away to be of assistance, Tuvok analyzed the dispatches from Starfleet Command , attempting to identify any potential aid he could render. When the ship discovered a hidden planetary system, Tuvok was part of the away team that took a shuttlecraft down to the surface, where he later recognized and identified Captain Erika Hernandez , missing commanding officer of the NX Columbia , who had been living with the Caeliar on Erigol and now New Erigol.

ST - Destiny novel : Gods of Night. After Erika Hernandez issued the declaration that the away team were permanent residents of New Erigol, Turvok scouted the city of Axion with first officer Christine Vale. They observed Caeliar movements until security officers Dennisar and Sortollo joined them, revealing the constant surveillance by their captors.

Tuvok expressed the opinion that they could not trust Erika Hernandez, considering her compromised. Tuvok later initiated separate mind-melds with Christine Vale and Ranul Keru to formulate an escape plan; Tuvok found her mind to be driven by intense personal conflicts, but his was extremely disciplined. Tuvok provided the diversion by creating a harmonic pulse to shatter a crystal tower which allowed Keru to beam aboard the shuttlecraft Mance , but the Caeliar Inyx stopped Keru from lifting off the surface.

Following the failure, at the full away team debriefing, Tuvok telepathically picked up on Deanna Troi 's distress and questioned Vale about it, but was told to remain silent on the issue. ST - Destiny novel : Mere Mortals. When Captain Riker was forced to abandon the away team, the situation seemed hopeless; however, the Caeliar eventually decided to release their prisoners, allowing them to return to Titan for the final confrontation with the Borg.

Tuvok soon learned that one of his sons, Elieth, had been killed in the Borg attack on Deneva. In the wake of the Borg's dissolution at the hands of the Caeliar, he visited the ravaged planet with his wife, but struggled to cope with the emotional toll that the loss of his son had. ST - Destiny novel : Lost Souls. Tuvok served aboard the Titan during Starfleet's brief alliance with the Borg during the Voldranaii crisis. TNG comic : " Hive, Issue 3 ". In , Tuvok and a Titan away team boarded the ancient terraforming device known as Brahma-Shiva on a mission to download the artificial intelligence believed to be the Great Egg Bringer S'Yahazah herself of the device and then destroy the platform before the Gorn could use it.

Following the disabling of a data module and SecondGen White-Blue by the consciousness, Tuvok decided to Mind meld with the lifeform in order to download its knowledge into his own consciousness and to disable the device before it could terraform the planet Hranrar. Tuvok's mission was successful; however, he remained unconscious for several days following his mission.

When he awoke the terraforming knowledge of Brahma-Shiva had been downloaded into his memory; but he was uncertain if that was a gift or a curse. At an unspecified date, Tuvok worked with assistant Chief engineer Wesley Crusher to decipher a data stream. During their efforts, Titan was attacked by a Klingon ship, and Tuvok took command to defend the ship. He decided not to retreat, but rather to allow the Klingons to defeat themselves, by utilizing the data stream.

While the Federation was reeling from the assassination of President Nanietta Bacco during the re-opening of Deep Space Nine , Tuvok was re-assigned to a Starfleet Intelligence black ops team known as Action Four, along with Nog and Thomas Riker , to apparently investigate the assassination. However, they soon learn that their team was actually set up to be killed as part of a plan to frame the Typhon Pact for the assassination, while eliminating the true perpetrators of the Cardassian organization the True Way.

When the Project Full Circle fleet discovered an alternate version of Janeway acting as the leader of a protracted conflict on an alien world, Tuvok temporarily transferred back to Voyager to talk with this alternate Janeway, in the hope that his long experience with the 'prime' Janeway would make a better impression on her than her counterpart had. Learning that this Janeway had a child who apparently died in birth, Tuvok was forced to face his own grief and rage over his son's death during the Borg invasion. Rear Admiral Tuvok in He commands the vessel as part of a task force composed of Federation, Klingon Empire , and Romulan Republic vessels that enters Fluidic Space to halt an invasion by the Borg Collective.

Tuvok later was part of a team sent to a facility close to the central star of the Solanae Dyson Sphere to neutralize it's ability to travel across space. During the operation, an Iconian Gateway is opened, and Tuvok and the other surviving team members pursue a Voth Citadel class vessel through it only to find themselves in the Jenolan Dyson Sphere.

A year later in , Tuvok hosts a summit at the Jenolan sphere to discuss ownership of the sphere as well as to address the threat of Species The talks are interrupted when the Undine use the Iconian gateway in the sphere to launch a massive attack on earth Spacedock. After repelling the attack, Tuvok is subjected to a psychic attack by an Undine posing as Eric Cooper. Tuvok then takes advantage of the attack to discover the Undine's true target; the Klingon homeworld. Tuvok then takes Voyager to Qo'noS and assists in stopping the Undine from destroying the planet, leading to an end to hostilities between the Federation and the Empire.

When the decision was made to initiate Operation Delta Rising , Tuvok was able to recruit his old crewmates Harry Kim, Seven of Nine and the Doctor to aid him in their return trip to the Delta Quadrant. However, not everything was so easy; Eric Cooper was busy pounding away at Tuvok's mental defenses, forcing Tuvok to recruit the captain who had aided him earlier. Through this action, they were able to drive out Cooper from Tuvok's mind and locate him within Fluidic Space, using a powerful new bioship.

The two were able to enter the ship and make its way to the bridge, where Tuvok was able to mind meld with the ship and convince it and the Undine that their continued assaults again the Alpha Quadrant powers would only make them weaker. When Cooper protested, the ship determined that it was Cooper who was weak and destroyed him. STO mission : " Mindscape ". Soon after, Tuvok went to meet up with Neelix, who was set to take the Talaxians at the asteroid base to their new home on New Talax when Kazon raiders struck.

The raiders were driven away and Tuvok and the starship captain went to meet Neelix and prepare the Talaxians for their trip. STO mission : " Reunion ". In an alternate timeline in which the Cardassian Union did not withdraw from Bajor in , Tuvok was the security chief and tactical officer of a version of Voyager which was not stranded in the Delta Quadrant by the Caretaker in While Voyager and a taskforce consisting of eight other ships were investigating recent suspicious activities being carried out by the Cardassians on the Federation border in , the ships were fired upon by Galor -class warships armed with phased polaron beam weapons.

Unbeknownst to the Federation at this time, these weapons had been provided by the Cardassians' newfound Gamma Quadrant allies, the Dominion. The Cardassians had made contact with the Dominion several years earlier via the wormhole which they discovered in the Bajoran sector , the existence of which they kept secret from the other major Alpha Quadrant powers. In the midst of the battle, Voyager was able to gather detailed sensor readings.

Moments before the ship was destroyed with all hands, Tuvok transmitted these sensor readings to Starfleet Command , enabling the Federation to develop countermeasures against the phased polaron beam weapons. In another alternate timeline, Tuvok was killed in January when he was crushed against his console during an attack on Voyager by Species which led to the ship's starboard nacelle being severed and colliding with the bridge. Template:USS Wyoming personnel. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. For the mirror universe counterpart, see Tuvok mirror.

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