Wundervölker, Monstrosität und Hässlichkeit im Mittelalter (German Edition)

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Yes, either crush them or you can also find powdered bouillon that you can scoop. Do give it another shot, this is such good comfort food! Sean, I have a small mortar and pestle that I use for crushing things like; bouillon cubes and garlic with a little salt to make a paste, herbs, whole spices…. Kimberley, Love these recipes and the raving reviews!

My husband grew up with German neighbors and they taught him to love German Cuisine!

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Thank you, Michele! Rouladen are my favorite, too. This was just great.


I had this 40 years ago in Basel as a starving, back-packing American tourist. I remember how great it was probably with veal, while I used pork and I used noodles rather than rosti or spaetzle. The only alternation I make is that I only make the sauce no pork added.

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I made this on Sunday, and it was absolutely delicious. Quite possibly the best comfort food ever. This is definitely going in the regular rotation. Easy prep, goes together quickly, and so, so, good! This is a wonderful comfort food dish for dinner on a cold night.

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The flavors are so rich and delicious. Easy to make and it taste better the second day. I served this dish over homemade spatzle which was great and red cabbage on the side. I highly recommend this dish if you enjoy German food. You will not be disappointed with the flavors!

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Just made this last night — so yummy! Like a hug on a plate! This recipe is a winner. I used bacon and creme fraiche rather than pork and cream. Worked out great! It was fun to make too! Love this recipe. Easy to follow and well explained. Just one thing though, your spelling of Geschnetzeltes is wrong. Tried this for dinner yesterday evening and loved it. Really easy to follow the recipe especially with the photos. I grew up fairly close to Stuttgart as well Villingen-Schwenningen. I will start with this recipe and cook my way through your german recipes.

Happy Cooking and Guten Appetit! Recipe Rating. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Unless otherwise stated, all images, content and recipes are original and are the sole property of Kimberly Killebrew, daringgourmet. No photographs or other content may be used without prior written consent. This post contains affiliate links. Geschnetzeltes is a popular German dish for the busy cook. It truly is. Good German comfort food. Thanks for visiting! In step three…where it says add the milk and heavy cream.

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  5. Thanks for the detail that went into these excellent meals. My wife is German so this will be a treat for her tonight! Looking for inspiration and came across this wonderful sounding recipe for Geschnetzeltes wow I am salivating already cant make it today but off the the Pork Butcher in the morning at first light Kimberly and Thanks Charlie Gardiner. Wonderful, Charles, happy cooking and let us know what you think! Roulades are his absolute favorite! Do you have a recipe that you could share?

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