Wundervölker, Monstrosität und Hässlichkeit im Mittelalter (German Edition)

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Apartment in Athens. Like Wescott's extraordinary novella The Pilgrim Hawk which Susan Sontag described in The New Yorker as belonging among the treasures of 20th-century American literature , Apartment in Athens concerns an unusual triangular relationship. In this story about a Greek couple in View Product.

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Dancing Lessons for the Advanced in Age. Speaking to a group of sunbathing women who remind him of lovers past, this In books like Rebecca, My Cousin Rachel, and Jamaica Inn she transformed the small dramas of everyday life—love, grief, jealousy—into the stuff The Dud Avocado. The Dud Avocado follows the romantic and comedic adventures of a young American who heads The Dud Avocado follows the romantic and comedic adventures of a young American who heads overseas to conquer Paris in the late s.

Fair Play. Mari is a writer and Jonna is Fear and Loathing in George W. Bush's Washington. Many Democrats in the Senate are fearful of George W. Bush and "his unscrupulous political Bush and "his unscrupulous political strategist, Karl Rove," writes Elizabeth Drew.

Hadrian the Seventh. One day George Arthur Rose, hack writer and minor priest, discovers that he has been One day George Arthur Rose, hack writer and minor priest, discovers that he has been picked to be Pope. He is hardly surprised and not in the least daunted. Margaret Cavendish. An eclectic collection of poetry by one of 17th century England's boldest, smartest, and independent An eclectic collection of poetry by one of 17th century England's boldest, smartest, and independent women. Margaret Cavendish, the Duchess of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, was a groundbreaking writer—a utopian visionary, a scientist, a science-fiction pioneer.

She moved in philosophical circles that included Thomas For a novelist, such a voice can ensure an arresting and striking entry onto the literary scene. Preston; see also Davis ; and Richardson Here the voice belongs to a circle of elderly, wealthy, WASP women living in an unnamed, probably north-eastern American town; their ethno-racial background is implied in opposition to what it is not, rather than explicitly spelled out. Once again, this is a small-scale setting, perhaps because for writers, this lends a tighter focus to the collective voice.

Instead, the novel is written in a terse, pithy, elliptical manner. Its esprit de corps reflects a bravado crucial to their survival. The use of a communal voice is about their need to shore up an identity in the face of social obsolescence, impending mortality, narrow horizons and wasted opportunities without the support and company of husbands, children, and grandchildren or the benefits and pleasures of professional status.

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In these absences, their solace is to relate to other women like themselves. He is our bad son, our schemer, our rogue. He is our coward in the conflict, our liar. Thus, the narrative moves away from the unspecified present of its first-person plural voice to the distant college days of one character, Viv, and the life choices she made as a young woman.

Instead, the reader gains access to specific, rather than generalized, pain and regret. The story of the picture brides is given greater political and rhetorical power through its collective narration—its specificities requiring a special narrative voice—and also because it has been rendered fictionally. This produces an artistic, dramatic work with a wider reach than the many historical sources upon which it is based.

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Rather, it commemorates the lives of a whole generation of overlooked, oppressed women. This reflects a community in its sheer volume and renders the invisible visible to mainstream America. To that end, the novel pays tribute to the full variety of first-generation Japanese American or issei women in terms of age, regional roots in Japan, and differing experiences in s and 30s America. Such a device reflects their urgent need for solidarity and belonging in the face of suffering, hardship and loss in 20th-century America as well as the unremitting pace of life, work and the course of events leading up to the World War II internment.

As with The Virgin Suicides , the narrative distance resulting from a community portrayal replaces the psychological complexity afforded through a first- or third-person singular voice. This aspect of The Buddha in the Attic has been criticized by some commentators, arguably because it repeats the historical dehumanization of Japanese Americans through internment see, for example, Charles.

It is a fluent voice, allowing women with sometimes little English, who are silenced by mainstream society, the literary space to speak, their words gaining incremental impact through the power of shared narration. The narrative draws a blank on this, not saying anything specific about the next chapter in Japanese American communal experience, as though to comment on a continuing mainstream ignorance towards this episode in US history cf.

This alternative American voice is also the most sustained and anonymized example of those analyzed here. Yet for all the claims by reviewers that it is distancing, the communal narrator actually appears to have the opposite effect on them, since it is sufficiently involving for them to want to follow the issei into the internment camps see, for example, Becker and LeGuin.

Such works are often relatively brief. Narratives told in this difficult, risky voice often contain thematic material which is subversive, dangerous or taboo. This is especially true of US short stories. This may be because its diminutive scale intensifies the disturbing notion of people spying on and speculating about one another. Yet this has not deterred a wave of contemporary American writers from writing in just such a voice, often to critical and popular acclaim. Their choice of narrator can be linked to a different reading of the contemporary zeitgeist.

The modern relevance of this narrative voice may account for the bestselling status of some of the works I have examined and for the literary prizes and award nominations they have received. It is both the voice of established authority and of radicalism and it also relates to a more generalized need to render visible people and communities which have suffered invisibility or marginalization see Richardson 46, : for example, women, the elderly, and ethnic and sexual minorities.

In mobilizing a communal voice, a fictionalized community can gain in strength. But that show of power often hides a more precarious sense of status and belonging. How better to signal this than to speak in a plural voice? It also confronts an uncertain early life or old age.

Elsewhere it is used to communicate hidden and forgotten histories to a wider public. In the face of a rapidly changing modern age and the moral questions raised by both individualism and public memory, some US writers respond, then, by writing collectively. Despite a longer lineage in American fiction cf. It is the ideal fictional voice to examine the complexities and contradictions of contemporary America.

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Anderson, Benedict. London: Verso, Becker, Alida.

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The Virgin Suicides. London: Abacus, Foer, Jonathan Safran. Freedman, Penelope. Aldershot: Ashgate, Hogan, Ron. Johnston, Bret Anthony. LeGuin, Ursula K. Marcus, Amit. Margolin, Uri. Melczarek, Nick. Miller, Laura.

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Millhauser, Steven.