Wundervölker, Monstrosität und Hässlichkeit im Mittelalter (German Edition)

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Upon hearing of mass conversions in Cappadocia, the Jewish authorities persuaded Pontius Pilate to send soldiers to Cappadocia to kill Longinus and his companions. They beheaded the three of them, taking the head of Longinus back to Pontius Pilate. Pilate ordered the head be thrown into a garbage heap outside of the city.

She buried the head of Saint Longinus together with her son. Some of the above information was gathered from the website of the Orthodox Church in America, or OCA, under the lives of the saints section. There are at least three lessons to take away from the story of Saint Longinus. First, even a sinful person can become a saint. Here was the man who presided over the Crucifixion of Christ, who is now remembered as a Saint, not as an executioner.

Freeing the Innocent From Behind Bars Is Centurions' Mission

Second, Longinus had a moment of conversion, when his whole life changed. Each genuine Christian will have one if not more conversion moment, when something will happen that will erase all doubt that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, our Savior. And third, Longinus seized on the moment and allowed it to change his life. We have to seize on our moments of conversion to move us to change, and to become not only loyal soldiers but devout and enthusiastic leaders.

Have mercy on us. George Papadeas. This c 3 is recognized as a leader in the Orthodox Media field and has sustained consistent growth over twenty years. OCN shares the timeless faith of Orthodoxy with the contemporary world through modern media. We are on a mission to inspire Orthodox Christians Worldwide. We have reached 5.

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Much like public radio, the Orthodox Christian Network relies on the support of our listeners, readers, and fans. The Centurion had a problem and in faith he turned to Jesus. Regardless of the variations the point remains-the Centurion humbled himself to ask Jesus for help. A Centurion is an officer in the Roman army who was in charge of a company of men.

To have that position meant you were smart, powerful and respected. It would be easy to find yourself to be a proud individual. Typically men, especially men who are in positions of authority, have a hard time asking for help. It can be construed as a weakness.

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So, for this Centurion to go to Jesus, a foreigner no less, and ask for help was a big thing. And notice that the Centurion addressed Jesus as Lord. In his humility he was able to acknowledge that the one who had the true power and authority was not himself-but Jesus.

We need to understand that we are unworthy; undeserving of Christ and salvation through him. Pride will keep us from recognizing our need for Jesus. Pride will not allow us to come to him; we will think we can do it ourselves. In order to have faith, we need to be humble. They spoke highly of the Centurion, saying that he loved the nation of Israel and even built their synagogue.

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This belief would serve as the basis for him trusting in Jesus. Jesus was willing to go with him and heal the servant on site. The Centurion understood the power of the spoken word. This Sunday, we have arrived.

The Roman Centurion's View Of The Cross

We can only assume that among the enthusiastic crowd are some who will soon shout for Jesus to be crucified and mock him as he dies. The opening verse tells us Jesus is the Messiah and Son of God. But what this means — both for Jesus and for us as his disciples — can be known only at the cross. Without seeing the centrality of suffering to his mission, and correspondingly to ours as his followers, we cannot understand Jesus or be true disciples.

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The hymn from Paul summarises the Paschal Mystery. Jesus experiences rejection, betrayal and denial by those who might support him: family, friends, religious leaders, the Jerusalem crowds, and finally those dying with him. Apart from the women disciples, everyone deserts him, leaving him friendless among his enemies. Jesus dies very much alone. Jesus fully divine and fully human, reveals God and shows what it is to be human -ultimately, dependent on God. With his dying words, Jesus identifies with all those who experience being deserted.